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407 West Mary Street Apt. H

Valdosta, GA 3160
Office (229) 293-3131
Cell (229) 560-2224
Date of Birth: 07-21-1977
Social Security Number: 260-57-0110


Bachelors of Arts: Major Criminal Justice
Graduated May 2000
Masters program at Valdosta State University
in Criminology (last attended January 2008)
Current Grade Point Average: 4.0
Graduated June 1995
HONORS Graduated from the Georgia Police Corps Federal Law Enforcement Training
Program at Georgia Public Safety Training Center Forsyth, GA October 13, 2000.
Member of Valdosta Police Dept.
Tactical Operations Unit (SWAT) since July 2003.
Selected to Represent Valdosta Police Department on G-8 Summit Security Detail,
June 4-12, 2004.
Promoted to Sergeant in charge of Valdosta Police Department
Narcotics Unit
ACTIVITIES Member Police Benevolent Association Valdosta, GA
Member Peace Officers Association of Georgia Valdosta, GA
Member -- Georgia Narcotics Officers Association
Member Georgia Gang Investigators Association
Georgia State Certified Clandestine Lab Investigator
Member Park Avenue United Methodist Church-Valdosta, GA
Member Kappa Alpha Order Fraternity Valdosta, GA
SKILLS Computer: Experienced in Windows; Microsoft Office; Internet Research
Other: Strong report writing skills; Qualify in 93-96% range in handgun profic
iency; Proficient with tactical rifles and shotguns; Dedicated and hardworking;
Goal-oriented; Extremely responsible; Experience managing and supervising a team
oriented unit

State of Georgia Certification in Special Weapons And Tactics

State of Georgia Certified Less Lethal Shotgun Operator
State of Georgia Certified Marijuana Identification Expert
State of Georgia Certified Gang Investigator
WORK HISTORY Valdosta Police Dept. October 16, 2000 present
CURRENT ASSIGNMENT: Narcotics Supervisor
Supervise and oversee investigations of assigned cases to determine the nature
of criminal activity to identify and apprehend offenders of the Georgia Controll
ed Substance Act and other criminal offenses
In charge of police department allocated funds utilized to purchase evidence in
connection with criminal activity and pay informant for assistance in criminal
investigations and am tasked with the accounting and bi annual audit of these fu
Responsible for supervising relationships with Confidential Informants and util
izing these informants for various operations to benefit the Valdosta Police Dep
Supervise investigations conducted by narcotics detectives that utilize underco
ver, covert, or surveillance activities to obtain search warrants for various re
sidences and establishments engaged in illegal drug activity
Helps create a portion of the police department budget that involves the narcot
ics unit supplies and operating funds as well as the procurement of unit vehicle
Supervises person crimes detectives in an on call capacity that respond to acti
ve major cases to include homicide, armed robbery, rapes, etc
Currently assisting the Federal Bureau of Investigations in a large
scale narcotics investigation utilizing a Title 3 Wiretap spanning at least 5
states and Mexico involving the distribution of large amounts of cocaine that i
ncludes listening to and assembling vital telephonic evidence for presentation t
o the US Attorney for prosecution at the conclusion of the investigation
Investigates known or suspected criminals for illegal drug activity
Coordinate narcotics purchases utilizing confidential informants or undercover
Experience conducting videotaped interviews and interrogations with complainant
s, informants, and suspects
Ability to organize a group of individuals from separate areas into a team to s
uccessfully meet operational goals of the Narcotics Unit
Conducts briefing giving team operational assignments
Experience preparing, planning, and serving search warrants
Reviews case files and case reports of subordinates to be submitted to the Dist
rict Attorney and State Solicitor for prosecution
Work on going cases in conjunction with ATF, DEA, GBI, FBI, IRS, the US Postal
Inspectors and the U.S. Attorneys office
Assist VPD Detectives with surveillance and investigation tasks to support the
South Georgia Gang Task Force, headed by Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investi
Vast experience with the set up and operation of audio and video transmitting
devices utilized to transmit conversation and record criminal activity as it tak
es place
Proficient in the create and implementation of apparatuses used to conceal cove
rt audio and video surveillance equipment
Utilize electronic surveillance equipment during undercover, covert, and survei
llance operations including audio and video recording devices and covert microph
ones and body cameras
Experience handling illegal narcotics and packaging narcotics for transport to
Georgia Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab for testing
Extensive experience testifying in court cases ranging from Municipal to Federa
l Court and preparing case files and documents for court proceedings
Experience with Juvenile Offenders and Juvenile Court proceedings
Evidence collection and preliminary processing of fingerprint and drug evidence
Vast experience in serving misdemeanor and felony arrest warrants as well as co
ordinating with the US Marshals Service on the apprehension of numerous federal
Spent many hours conducting physical on ground surveillance utilizing ghillie s
uits, binoculars, still frame and video cameras of suspected criminals and place
s utilized for criminal activity
Also have vast experience conducting vehicle surveillance, following suspects t
o various locations as well as walking and team surveillance
Possess knowledge, training, and experience dealing with most major narcotics a
nd controlled substances including: Methamphetimine, Cocaine (crack and powder)
, and Marijuana
DEA trained in Indoor Marijuana Grow Operations and have conducted and supervis
ed investigations leading to the seizure of indoor marijuana grows to include th
e proper dismantling and disposal of materials involved
Experience in the identification, seizure, dismantling, and disposal of clandes
tine meth labs
Experience with Drug Interdiction activity that includes the execution of traff
ic stops and vehicle searches for narcotics and weapons violations, often utiliz
ing Valdosta Police Departments K-9 unit to make arrests
Participated in protecting various international and domestic dignitaries durin
g the G-8 Economic Summit
Possess working knowledge of gangs and participated in gang intelligence gather
ing activities
Participated in numerous SWAT callouts including serving high risk search and a
rrest warrants to include the arrest of several murder suspects, numerous violen
t street gang members, and other violent offenders
On-call 24 hours a day as a member of VPDs Tactical Operations Unit
Familiar with the use of Flash Bangs and other Noise Light Incendiary and Distr
actionary Devices and experience in real world deployment of these devices
Experience working with numerous Federal, State, and Local agencies including F
BI, DEA, ATF, US Secret Service, Georgia Bureau of Investigations, and The Atlan
ta Police Department
Experience working as a part of a team to achieve a common law enforcement goal
Experience operating in a supervisor capacity when organizing
large scale drug operations conducted between multiple agencies

Employed by: Valdosta Police Department
500 North Toombs Street
Valdosta, GA 31601
Supervisor: Commander Brian Childress
(229) 293-3109 Office
(229) 269-1531 Cell
Hours: 40 Hours/ week + 24 hours on call
Salary: $48,300 (2009)