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5124 M Street
Sacramento CA 95819-4128
Cell Phone: (916) 216-1394 (preferred)
Home Phone: (916) 457-3018
Web site:
OBJECTIVE: Manage governmental affairs to bring success to a forward-thinking e
nterprise with a challenging agenda.
* Over 30 years' experience in legislative, regulatory, political, and media man
agement of complex, sensitive issues.
* Highly developed analytical, policy development, and consensus building skills
inside different organizational models.
* Outstanding written, oral, and public presentation capabilities.
* Technologically savvy and conversant with data and web-based media, including
grassroots and social networking software.
2004 - 2010: Director, Government & External Affairs, California Optometric Asso
ciation, Sacramento, CA
Problem: Achieve scope of practice expansion objectives against foes with super
ior membership numbers and advocacy/political action resources.
* Realigned and bolstered political action structure to assure election of COA m
ember to Legislature - including a multiparty Independent Expenditure campaign -
and to raise and to sustain organization's political profile.
* Measured members' desires to define success through opinion polling and local,
"town hall" meetings.
* Streamlined internal decision making and external, grassroots processes and re
cruited suitable volunteer decision makers to steer and manage peers.
* Designed, sold, and executed three-year strategic plan to achieve members' def
ined objectives, using complementary legislative, regulatory, and media-based ta
* Kept both leaders and rank-and-file informed throughout to minimize variables.
2001 - 2004: Legislative & Regulatory Affairs Manager, California Dental Associa
tion, Sacramento, CA
Problem: Boost to passage and signature tax reform legislation stalled for thre
e years that ultimately saved CDA over $1,000,000 in back taxes and interest.
* Brought CDA and other, similar interests to broaden coalition supporting a leg
islative solution that had been dominated by property-casualty insurance interes
* Used prior insurance industry experience to persuade coalition members to perm
it key legislative staff to assume leadership roles in issue negotiations, in or
der to "own" results.
* Emphasized added diversity in coalition of supporters to persuade center-to-le
ft legislators that resolution had broader, more favorable economic consequences
* Employed tactical and political action skills as required to assure ultimate s
1999-2000: Deputy Commissioner-Legislation, California Department of Insurance,
Sacramento, CA
Problem: Protect the agency's legislative program and priorities during a polit
ical scandal, faced with a hostile press and Legislature.
* Reassessed all positions in play and restructured priorities, as required.
* Maintained internal communication with policy and line staff to provide assura
nce and sustain morale.
* Redoubled communication with key legislators, staff, and regulated constituent
s to sustain policy focus.
* Remained in post through end of session and gubernatorial signature period, at
professional and personal risk.
1995-1997: Senior Regional Manager, State Government Affairs, Hoffmann-La Roche,
Inc., Sacramento CA
Problem: Get the company's flagship antibiotic and other products included on t
he state's Medi-Cal prescription formulary, after a decade of failure.
* Redefined the relationship between the company and program staff from adversar
ial to collaborative by allowing them to define the path to success.
* Replaced counterproductive, "grassroots" tactics with a data-driven approach e
mphasizing need, economy, and results.
* Educated company management and sales staff on the importance of providing sol
utions rather than merely identifying problems.
* Brokered successful negotiations for long-term formulary contracts.
1990-1995: Legislative Counsel/Vice President, Personal Lines, Association of Ca
lifornia Insurance Companies, Sacramento CA
Problem: Help member companies regain process credibility after substantial init
iative defeat in 1988.
* Identified common policy and political action goals that would strengthen rath
er than weaken member companies' individual competitive positions in the Califor
nia market.
* Replaced "one-size-fits-all" policy approach to auto insurance reform with a C
alifornia-tailored, evidence-based approach.
* Encouraged members to pursue community and citizenship-based initiatives to co
mbat perceptions of selective underwriting and discrimination.
* Assisted a member company with a 6,000+ in-state agency force to build a grass
roots network over two and a half years that was instrumental in the election of
the first industry-friendly Insurance Commissioner in 1994.
Bachelor of Arts, Regis University, Denver CO (May 1970). Political Science/Ame
rican History (cum laude).
Juris Doctor, Georgetown University Law Center, Washington DC (June 1973). Clas
s rank: Upper quarter.