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ARIA CURICULARA: Limba si comunicare
CLASA A V-a , ANUL SCOLAR 2009-2010


Nr.crt. Unitatea de invatare. Content of the unit. Competente Nr. de Nr. de Observatii.
specifice. ore sapt.
1 Welcome. • Say, hello! 1.1;/ 1,2 / 1 I Speaking
I'm a blue cameleon. • Let' know each other. 2,3/ 3,1/ 3,2/ 1 14-18 Listening
• Couple of things named in English 4,1 /4,2. 1 sept
like: name, age, origin, coloure or things 1 II
that are around us. 21-25s
2 Unit 1 • Presenting yourself and introdusing 1,1/ 1,2/ 2,1/ 1 III Speaking
Hello, form 7CH! another person to your friend. 2.2/ 2,3 /3,2/ 1 28-2oct Listening.
At Kingsway Highschool. • Giving and asking personal information. 4,2. 1 IV
Practise. • Let's name in English, object that are in 1 5-9/oct
Text: Home from scool! our class and help us to study. 1 V
Topic 1 English in the • Some exerscise. 1 12-16/oct
classroom. • Grammar snapshoot about nouns' plural 1 VI
and personal pronouns. 1 19-23/oct
• Review.
3 Unit 2 • Let's present our own family and 1,1/1,2/2,1/2, 1 VII Speaking
My family and my pets. relatives; describing a person, and 2/2,3/3,1/3,2 1 26-30/oct Listening
My pet. family relationship. /4,2. 1 VIII Writimg
Practise. • Expresing possession or apartenence. 1 2-6/noi Reading
Text. Acool new friend. • Grammar snapshot - 1 XI
Topic 2. Numbers. - Possessive Adjectives(my, yours, his..) 1 9-13/noi
- Verbs(have got). X
- The Articles (Definite and Indefinite) 16-20/noi
- Genitive's.
- Let's count together and lern to dial!
A Review!!C Test paperCWorking sheet.
4 Unit 3 • Seeing houses and describing them ; or 1,1/1,2/2,1/2, 1 XI Speaking
Around the house. your own flat and room.Make someone 2/2,3/3,1/3,2 1 23-27/dec Writing
Please help me! not to do something and telling about /4,2. 1 XII Listening
Practise. running activities. 1 30-4/dec Writing
Test. The tree house. • Tell me! What time is it? 1 XIII Reading
Topic 3 . The time and What day is today? 1 7-11/dec
date. • Week´s days, year´s monthes. 1 XIV
• Grammar Snapshot. 1 14-18/ian
-Imperative (afirmativeeC negative).
- Present progresive.
- Numeral.
• ReviewCTest paperCWorking paper.
5 Unit 4 • Happy birthday!Celebration dinner, 1,1/1,2/2,1/2, 1 XV Writing
Happy birthday! present, money and prices. 2/2,3/2,4/3,1 1 4-8/ian Speaking
The Birrthday Party • Let' s say about ability C obligation C /3,2/4,1/4,2. 1 XVI Reading
Practice capacity of doing things . 1 11-15/ian Listening
Text:Twelve little cakes . • Making a request or opinion about 1
TOPIC 4 . Money, money, objects and their location. 1 XVII
money. • Giving and asking information about 17-22/ian
money and prices.
• Modality : can, must.
Nouns plural (´II˝).
• Personal pronouns .
• Preposition.(in, at, under,....).
• ReviewC Test paperC Working paper.


7 Unit 5 • Scool in Great Britain. 2.1/2.3/3.2/ 1 I Listening

Kingsway High School. • Let's speak about day activities in our 4.2 1 8-12/feb Working
Project. Your school. school, hobby, environing 1 II Speaking
Lesssons start at 19. environment. 1 15-
Practise • Let's know about Chester and his 1 19/feb
Text. The Saturday match. cultural environment. 1 III
Topic 5 Our town Chester. • Grammar snapshot. 1 22-
• Simple present (afirm-neg). 1 26/feb
• Time, place and frequency, adverbs IV
(always, usually, never...). 1-5/mar
• Simple present and progresive present
(a brief comparision between).
• Review.
8 Unit 6 • Shopping day. 1.1/1.2/ 1 V Writing
Out shopping. • Visiting a store and describing 2.1/2.3/ 1 8-12/mar Listening
Let's go shopping. clothes; expresing what you really like 2.4/3.1/ 1 VI Working
Practise. or what you don't quite like. 4.2. 1 15-19/m
Revision • Giving and asking personal 1 VII
Text. A great idea. information like physique aspect or 1 22-26/m
Topic 6 Poems, poems, moral . Telling about succesive 1 VIII
poems. actions. 1 29-2/apr
• Cultural informations - poetry.
• Grammar snapshot.
• Demonstratives, qualifying adjectives,
general and special questions.
• Simple present for action
• Review C Test paper .
9 Unit 7 • Zoo hour ! Let's know about jungle 1.1/1.2/ 1 IX Speaking
A trip to the Zoo . Our zoo. animals and which one do you prefer. 2.1/2.4/ 1 12-16/a Writimg
My favourite animal. Argue about your decision. 3.1/4.1/ 1 X Listening
Song. In Chester town there • Tell me about where and when 4.2. 1 19-23/a Reading
is a zoo. something's hapening. 1 XI
Practise. • Grammar snapshot. Simple present 1 26-30/a
Text. The end of term and progressive present – short 1 XII
party. comparision. 1 3-7/a
TOPIC. 7. • Forbiden usage of the verb at 1 XIII
Merlin's return . progressive . 1 10-14/a
A play for the classroom. • Forbiden usage of the verbs at
progresve .
• Let's have some topic'sentence.
• Spare time moment and how we
spend it .
• Let's go to screen bal!
• English legends.
• Reviews / Test paper / Work paper .
10 Unit 8 • Spending the holiday and developimg 1.1/1.2/ 1 XIV Speaking
activities. 2.1/2.3/ 1 17-21/a Writimg
• Let's speak about seasons. 2.4/3.1/ 1 XV Listening
• I'm going to do that ...(intentions and 3.2/4.1/ 1 24-28/a Reading
ways of expresing ). 4.2. 1 XVI
• Do you accept or no my proposal ? 1 31-4/iun
• I'm having guest ! How shall I do an
invitations or wishing.
• Grammar snapshot
• Some, any, viitorul „going to”.
11 Revision Review XVII
ARIA CURRICULARA : Limba si comunicare.
CLASA A VI-a 2009-2010


No. UNIT Content of the unit. Comp. No./ Week. Observe.
1 Hello again! Holiday resort through Europe: 2.1/ 2 I -They must
-describe and share emotions. 2.3/ 14-18 speak about
sept. their holiday
and visited
2 Unit 1. -First day at school. 1.1/1.2/ 1 II - Let's Know
Goodbye holidays, hello -Disciplines, school planing, happening from 1.3/2.2/ 21-25 each other.
school! the holiday- spare time spending. 3.1/4.2/ 1 SEPT. - giving and
Holidays by the sea. -European countries and their geographic III receiving
TEXT. Charlie's lucky satlement. 1 28-2 personal
day. Grammar snapshot. oct. information, or
TOPIC1. A look at -Simple past(1) (be, regular verbs, interogative 1 IV past events:
Romania and Europe. and negative form) 1 5-9 -Describing
-Adverbial of time (Yesterday, last, ago). 1 oct. wweather.
Review/ Test paper/ Working sheet.
3 Unit 2 . -British town and their personality. 1.1/2.1/ 1 V -Making a
Around town. -Let' know aboyt Chester town and his culture. 2.2/2.3/ 1 12-16 proposal and
A tour of Chester. -Gost story. 3.1/3.2/ oct. asking about
TEXT. Excuse me, I'm -Cultural information. 4.2 1 VI apologize.
looking for my head. -King Arthur' legend. 1 19-23 -Being able to
TOPIC2. The legend of GRAMAR SNAPSHOT oct. tell about
Owen and King Arthur. -Simple past(II). Verbe neregulate. 1 VII buildings,
-Possessive pronoun.(possessive determination) 1 26-30 setlements,
-Interogative pronouns and formulating oct. historic,
questions with it. 1 VIII monuments.
-Review/ Test paper/ Working sheet. 1 2-6 -How to
noi manage inside
a foreign town.

4. Unit 3. -Celebrations party and festivity dinner. 1.1/1.2/ 1 IX -Learn how to

-Bonfire and the danger implied by their using. 1.3/2.1/ 1 9-13 make an
-International celebration days . Thanksgiving 2.2/2.3/ noi. invitation or
and Diwali. 3.2/4.2/ 1 X how to put an
GRAMMAR SNAPSHOT 1 16-20 interdiction,
-Have to, want to. 1 noi. wish, opinion.
-Coutable nouns/ uncountable nouns. 1 XI -Let's compare
-The comparision of adjectives. 1 23-27 and tell about
- One/Ones, Some/Any. 1 noi. quantity.
-Review/ Test paper / Working sheet. XII
4 Unit 4 -If it happens an accident on your way to 1.1/1.2/ 1 XIII -Behaviour in
Accident. school. 2.1/2.2/ 1 7-11 accident
Accident in Hoole Road. -Awfull trafic and its danger. 2.3/3.1/ dec. casses.
White on Wednesday. -Human body. 3.2/4.2/ 1 -asking help.
TOPIC4. One more time. -Radio talk-shaw about young people 1 XIV -making
problem. 14-18 interdiction.
-About friendship and a friend describing. 1 dec. -to express
-Cultural information : poetry, songs. 1 XV their
-Adverbials of Mood. 4-8 argumentation.
-The comparision of adverbs. 1 ian.
-Should/shouldn't, 1 XVI
-Would/could/shall. 11-15
Review/ ian.

5 Review/Test paper/Working sheet. XVI


No. Unit Content of the unit. Compet. No/ Weeks. Observe

5 Unit 5. -Reglementation of schools activity. 1.1/1.2/ 1 8-12 Being able to
New Horizons! -Planing a project at Kingsway Highschool. 2.1/2.2/ 1 febr. speak about
It looks like fun. -Reserce theme like: human-animal 2.3/3.2/ 15-19 educational
TEXT. New home friends. environing environment. 4.2 1 febr. activityes.
Topic5 Story in disorder. -Thematical competition. 1 Can you
-Let's learn about aproching of disabled 1 22-26 express your
people. 1 febr. preference.
-Present perfect 1 1-5
-Adverbs of indefinite time. 1 mart.
-Review/Test paper/ Working sheet.

6 Unit 6. Environong environment and his future 1.1/1.2/ 1 8-12 Your own
Tomorow's World. problem. 1.3/2.1/ 1 mar. project
The competition. Ecological theme in competition. 2.2/2.3 1 15-19 presentation;
TEXT. Trouble in Sector 15. Cultural informations:limericks, poetry and 3.1/3.2/ 1 mar expressing
TOPIC 6. Tomorow. songs. 4.2. 1 22-26 interdiction
GRAMMAR SNAPSHOT 1 mar or capacity in
Future tense simple with will. 1 29-2 present and
Future tense with „ going to”. 1 aprl past.
Adverbial subordinate sentence.
Revison/Test paper/Working sheet.
7 Unit 7. A project about sea coast of Great Britain. 1.1/1.2/ 1 12-16/ New places
Great Britain and the sea-a A boat trip and its pleasure. 1.3/2.1/ 1 apr. and having the
project. Cultural information about Great Britain 2.2/2.3/ 1 19-23/ ability to
Interesting places. and the sea. 3.1/3.2/ 1 aprilie speak in
TEXT.The story of the Present simple and simple past through 4.2 1 26-30 english about
Solomon Rrowne. comparision. 1 aprilie it.
TOPIC 7 Messing about on Could, be able to, be allowed to. 1 3-7
the river . Revision/Test paper/Working sheet. 1 mai
A classroom play.

8 Unit 8 A trip in the U.S.A. 1.1/1.2/ 1 10-14

Atrip abroad. Booklets with resorts in U.S.A. 2.1/2.2/ 1 mai
Holidays in the U.S.A. Cultural informations about this country. 2.3/3.1/ 1 17-21
TEXT Aduck ride. GRAMAR SNAPSHOT 3.1/ 1 mai
Past progresive and questions tags. 4.2 1 24-28
Relative pronouns. 1 mai
Revision/Test paper/ Working papers. 1 31-4
1 iunie
2 7-11
ARIA CURRICULARA: Limba si comunicare


No. UNITS Content of the unit. Compet. No./ Weeks Skils

1 I'm here to work. Communication. 1.1/1.2/ 2 14-18 Speaking
Give personal informations . 1.3/2.1/ sept. Keep a
Show interest or suprise. 2.2/2.3/ conversation
Grammar. 3.1/3.2/ going.
Present simple and continuous. 4.2
Echo questions .
Infinitive of purpose.
Noun formation with „-er”, „-r” and „-or”.
Jobs and ocupations.
2 Over three hours late. Communications. 1.1/2.2/ 2 21-25 Writing.
Talk about past journeys. 1.2/1.3/ sept. Informal leters.
Grammar. 2.3/3.1/
Past simple of regular and irregular verbs. 3.2/4.2. 2
Conjunction so and because. 28-2
Linkers : first(of all), then, oct.
after (that), later, the next day, in the end.
Past time adverbials :Yesterday(afternoon),
last (week), (a month) ago, this (morning).
Means of transport.

3 A place which attracts tourists. Communications 1.1/1.2/ 2 5-9 Writing.

Talk about the future . 1.3/2.1/ oct. Collect and
Give and respond to invitations. 2.2/3.1 organise ideas.
Grammar. 3.2/4.1
Defining and non-defining relative clauses 4/2. 2 12-16
with who, which,where. oct.
Future with going to, will or present
The natural environment.
Test paper/Working sheets.

4 How long have you been here? Communications. 1.1/1.2/ 2 19-23 Writing .
Ask and talk about experiences. 2.1/2.2/ oct.
Make comparisions. 3.1/3.2/ Express
Grammar. 4.1/4.2 26-30 opinios.
Present perfect simple with for and since . 2 oct.
Comparision of adjectives.
Intensifier much + comparative adjective .
Comparision with (not) as...as.
Adjectives with negative prefixes: un-,

5 Wide angle: South Africa. Snapshot of a beautiful place . 3.1/4.2 2 2-6 Consolidations
Song – California Girls. noi. of language and
6 The car was singing. Communications. 1.1/1.2/ 2 9-13 Let's talk about
Talk about past incidents. 1.3/2.1/ noi. our past
Ask for and give directions. 2.2/2.3 hapenings .
Grammar. 3.1/3.2/ Move around
Past simple and continuous. 4.2 and put it in
Time markers : while, as, when. english!
Prepositions of motions: across, along, 2 16-20
from,towards, through, past, into, over, noi.
under, up, down.
Verbs of movement: dive, jump,etc.

7 You're Nicola, aren't you ? Communications. 1.1/1.2/ 2 23-27 Reading.

Check information. 1.3/2.1/ noi. Use visual
Grammar 2.2/2.3/ clues to help
Question tags. 3.1/3.2 you read.
Present perfect simple with time adverbials. 4.2 2 30-4
(just, already, yet.) dec.
Past simple and present perfect simple. 2 7-11
Vocabulary dec.
Clothes and part of clothes.
Revision. Test paper/ Work sheet/
8 You ough to try them. Communications 1.1/1.2/ 2 14-18
Give advise . 1.3/2.1 dec.
Talk about obligations. 2.2/2.3/
Make request with reasons. 3.1/3.2
Grammar. 4.1/4.2
Verbs should and ought to.
Verbs have to and must/mustn't.
Would you mind?+gerund
Nouns and adjectives of emotions.

9 They've been bulling me. Communications 1.1/1.2/ 2 4-8 Listen to a

Ofer, accept or refuse help. 1.3/2.1/ ian. dialogue about
Talk about past evens which continue to the 2.2/2.3 2 a household
present. 3.1/3.2/ 11-15 incident.
Grammar 4.2 ian. Read about a
Would you like me to...? hiccus attack.
Shall I...?
Present perfect continuous with for and
Nouns and adjectives of emotion.

10 Wide angle: Stowaway. Consolidation of language and skills. 1.1/1.2/ 2 17-23 Read about
Snapshot of a television 1.3/2.1/ ian. bullying.
programme 2.2/2.3/ Listen to a boy
3.1/3.2/ talking about a
4.1/4.2 bullying
Write a letter.

Revision. Test paperCWorking sheet.

2 25-30

No. UNITS Content of the unit. Compet. No./ Week Skils

1 Unless I get to bed, ... Communication 1.1/1.2/ 8-12 Write a paragraph
Talk about future possibility. 1.3/2.1/ 2 feb. about a future event .
Show surprise. 2.2/2.3/ Read an article about
Grammar 3.1/3.2/ truths and myths about
Verbs will/won't, may or might for predictions. 4.2/ your body.
First conditional: if/unless clause + ' Listen to a gymnast
II(will)/won't. talking about training.
Negative questions.
Verb get.
Parts of the body.
2 They were delivered Communications 1.1/1.2/ 2 15-19 Read about battery
today. Describe processes. 1.3/2.1/ feb. hens and factory
Complain, request and apologise. 2.2/2.3/ farming.
Grammar 3.1/3.2/ Listen to a farmer
The passive : present and past simple. 4.2 talking about modern
Vocabulary farming .
Adjectives to describe behaviour. Write a letter of protest
about animal cruelty.
3 Revision. Test paper/Working sheet. 2 22-26
4 If I had the money, ... Communication 1.1/1.2/ 2 1-5 Read about people's
Talk about imaginary situations in the future. 1.3/2.1/ mar. dreams and ambitions.
Ask for and give advice. 2.2/2.3/ Write about your
Grammar 3.1/3.2/ dreams and ambitions .
Pronouns : some -, any-, no-, every-+ 4.2 Listen to a radio
thing.one,where. programme.
Second conditional : if clause+'d Read and complete a
(would)/wouldn't. questionnaire.
Personality adjectives:
sensitive, aggresive, ect.
5 Someone had dropped Communication 1.1/1.2/ 2 8-12 Read about a visit to a
it. Talk about events before other events in the 1.3/2.1/ mar. weeked pop festival.
past. 2.2/2.3/ Listen to people
Express pleasure and thanks . 3.1/3.2/ describing a pop
Grammar. 4.2 festival.
Past perfect simple too many, too much, not Write a paragraph
enough. describing an incident.
Reported requests and commands
Types of music.

6 Revision Test paper/Working sheet. 2 15-19

7 Wide angle. A circus with a difference. 3.1/4.2/ 2 22-26
Snapshot of food and drink. mar.
Song:-When I'm sixty-four

8 They used to hide Communication 1.1/1.2/ 2 29-2 Read about smuggling

hare. Talk about past habits. 1.3/2.1/ apr. in Coenwall.
Buy tickets. 2.2/2.3/ Write about childhood
Grammar 3.1/3.2/ memories.
Verb used to, so and such a/an 4.2 Listen to a
+adjective+noun for exclamations. conversation about the
So and such with a clause of result. way a boy has change.
Word building from different parts of speech.
9 He said he'd been Communication 1.1/1.2/ 2 12-16 Read about Italian
away. Report what people said . 1.3/2.1/ apr. inventor , Marconi.
Using the telephone. 2.2/2.3/ Listen to a guided
Grammar 3.1/3.2/ tour .
Reported statements. 4.2 Write about an
Vocabulary inventor.
Nouns formation with endings.-ment,-ion,-
10 Revision. Test paper/ Working sheet. 2 19-23
11 'The Birds' Communications 1.1/1.2/ 2 26-30 Read an extract from a
Report what people said . 1.3/2.1/ apr. short story, The Birds .
Using the telephone. 2.2/2.3/ Listen to how the story
3.1/3.2/ ends.
Grammar 4.2 Write the next
Reaported questions. paragraph of the story.
Phrases of aproximate time and quantity:
a few,(minutes ago),about, a couple of,
several,lots of,(people), etc.
12 He's too good to fall. Communication 1.1/1.2/ 2 3-7 Read an interview with
Say the right thing. 1.3/2.1/ mai a film star.
Grammar 2.2/2.3/ Listen to people saying
too+adjective/adverb +to 3.1/3.2/ 'Goodbye'.
(not)+adjectives/adverb+enough to 4.2
Verb + infinitive/gerund.
Neutral and strong adjectives.
13 Revision Test paper/ Working sheet. 2 10-14
14 Wide angle: The boy Snapshot of inventions. 1.1/1.2/ 2 17-21
who has taught to talk Song: I will survive. 1.3/2.1/ mai
by dolphins. 2.2/2.3/
15 Revision Verbal Tenses. 4.2 2 24-28
16 Revision Pronunciation. 2 31-4
ARIA CURICULARA: Limba si comunicare


No. UNITS Content of the unit. Compet. No./ Week Skils

1 Families. Communication. 1.1/1.2/ 2 14-18 Listen to a girl talking
- Start and maintain a conversation. 1.3/2.1/ sept. about her stepfamily.
Grammar. 2.2/2.3/ Read about identical
- Present simple and continuous. 3.1/3.2/ twins.
- Present simple with for and since. 4.2 Write a paragraph
- Verbs not normaly used in the continuous describing your
tenses. partener.
- Phrasal verbs with get .
- Family members.
- Relationships.

2 Nepal trek. Communication. 1.1/1.2/ 2 21-25 Read about a trip to the

- Ask ,give or refuse invitations. 1.3/ sept. Himalayas.
Grammar. 2.1/2.2/ Listen to a student
Past simple and present perfect simple. 2.3/3.1/ describing a mountain
The definite article and zero article. 3.2/4.2 trek.
Vocabulary. Write a description of a
Phrasal verbs with go . trip or complicated
Travel. journey you have
3 Revision. Test paper/Working sheet. 2 28-2
4 Lucky day? Communication. 1.1/1.2/ 2 5-9 Read a newspaper
Announce and respond to good and bad news. 1.3/2.1/ oct. article about a young
Grammar. 2.2/2.3/ lottery winner.
Past simple , past continuous and past perfect. 3.1/3.2/ Listen to people talking
Time clause with when, while,as, as soon 4.2 about significant
as,before, after. events in their lives.
Word building from verbs of emotions.
Phrasal verbs with give.
5 Fancy seeing you Communication. 1.1/1.2/ 2 12-16 Read about a young
again! Give, accept or refuse invitation. 1.3/2.1/ oct. classical singer.
Grammar. 2.2/2.3/ Listen to an interview
Future with will/won't/may/might,going to or 3.1/3.2/ with the principal of a
present continuous. 4.2 theatre school.
Vocabulary. Listen to a telephone
Adjectives and preposition. conversation.

6 Revision. Test paper/Working sheets. 2 19-23

7 'The Thirty-Nine The Big Picture 1: Time off. 2.3/3.2/ 2 26-30
Steps' by John 4.2 oct.
8 Edinburgh. Communication. 1.1/1.2/ 2 2-6 Read people's opinion
- Shop for clothes. 1.3/2.1/ noi. of Edinburgh.
Grammar. 2.2/2.3/ Listen to a girl talking
-Clauses and linkers of contrast: althought, 3.1/3.2/ about her life as a
however, in spite of/ despite +gerund (-ing). 4.2 student in Edinburgh.
Vocabulary. Write a para graph
Special uncountable nouns. about your home town
Places in towns. or capital city.
9 Mind how you Communication . 1.1/1.2/ 2 9-13 Read about diferent
go! Give ,accept and question or refuse advise. 1.3/2.1/ noi. types of drivers.
Grammar. 2.2/2.3/ Listen to someone
Verbs should(n't), ought(n't) to,had better (not). 3.1/3.2/ talking about the
Comparision of adjectives and adverbs. 4.2 diference between boys
Comparision phrase : the ...the... and girls who apear on
Obligation and prohibition with verbs must, have a TV cookery
(got) to, needn't. programme.
Motorbikes and cars.
Phrasal verbs with look.

10 Revision. Test paper/Working sheet. 2 16-20

11 Ready for lift-off. Communication. 1.1/1.2/ 2 23-27 Read an article about
Agree and disagree. 1.3/2.1/ noi. how to became an
Grammar. 2.2/2.3/ astronaut.
First conditional if/unless clause+ 'II (will)/won't. 3.1/3.2/ Listen to two people
First conditional : imperative clause with 4.2 talking about a job.
conjunction or. Write about a job you
Time clauses in the future with when/soon as. would like and one you
Vocabulary. wouldn't like to do.
Personality adjectives.
Jobs and occupations.

12 Star quality. Communicare. 1.1/1.2/ 2 30-4 Read a magazine

Ask for and give positive and negative opinions. 1.3/2.1/ dec. interview with a film
Grammar. 2.2/2.3/ actress.
Defining and non-defining relative clauses with 3.1/3.2/ Listen to two peiple
who(m), which, that, where, whose. 4.2 discussing films.
Present perfect simple and continuous. Write about your
Vocabulary. favourite films or film
Adjective formation with endings -y, -ive, -ful, stars.
-ent, -ant,-(i)ous,-ic.
Phrasal verbs with take.
Types of films.
13 Revision. Test paper/Working sheet. 2 7-11
14 Christmas songs. 2 14-18
15 'The horse The big picture 2: Education for life. 3.1/4.2 2 4-9
Whisperer' by ian.
Nicholas Evans.
16 Revision. Grammar exercises 4.2/3.2 2 11-15
17 Revision. Pronunciations. 1.2 2 17-22
18 SEMESTER'S 2 25-29


No. UNITS Content of the unit. Compet. No./ Week Skils

1 I wish ... Communication. 1.1/1.2/ 2 8-12 Read a newspaper
Report faults and request action :respond. 1.3/2.1/ feb. article about
Grammar. 2.2/2.3/ teenagers and their
Causative have (have something done). 3.1/3.2/ possessions.
Second conditional : if/unless clause+'d /4.2/ Listen to a girl
(would )/(wouldn't). reporting a fault in
I wish /if only +past tense . some equipment.
Verb need +gerund (-ing form)+passive Write a note
infinitive. explaining why
Vocabulary. someone can't borrow
Noun formation with endings:-ing, -ion, -ment,- a CD player.
ance, -ence,-ness.
2 Regrets. Communication. 1.1/1.2/ 2 15-19 Read an article about
Criticise and make excuses. 1.3/2.1/ feb a boy's feelingof guilt
Apologise and talk about personality and mood. afteran accident.
Grammar. 2.2/2.3/ Write a letter giving
Verbs should have/ought to have 3.1/3.2/ you opinionabout the
Verbs make and be allowed to. 4.2 situation.
Vocabulary. Listen to a boy
Phrasal verbs and vexpresion with make. talking about an
occasion when he got
into trouble.
3 Revision. Test paper/Working paper. 2 22-26
4 Guess who? Communication. 1.1/1.2/ 2 1-5 Write a paragraph to
Ask and talk about personality and mood. 1.3/2.1/ mar. describe an individual
Grammar. 2.2/2.3/ both as an older and a
Verbs must/can't for drawing conclusion. 3.1/3.2/ younger person.
Adjectives word order. 4.2 Listen to a boy
Verbs seem, look, sound+adjectives or like/as if. talking about changes
Vocabulary. in a girl's looks and
Physical appearance. personality.
Personality and mood adjectives.
5 They emigrated Communication. 1.1/1.2/ 2 8-12 Listen to an American
in the U.S.A. Make polite request ,agree or refuse with 1.3/2.1/ mar. talking about life in
reasons. 2.2/2.3/ Japan.
Grammar. 3.1/3.2/ Read a historical
Verbs used to/be used to. 4.2 about 'The Clearance'
Clauses of purpose with to /in order (not) to,so in the Scottish
that. Highlands.
Vocabulary. Write a letter home as
Noun formation with endings -ing, -ion, -ment,- an imaginary
ance, --ence,-ness. emigrant.
6 Revision. Test paper/Working sheet. 2 29-2
7 'Heat and Dust' The Big Picture 3: 3.2/4.2 2 5-9
by Ruth Prawer Crime and punishment. apr.
8 Strugle for Communication. 1.1/1.2/ 2 12-16 Read about sea turtles
survival Ask for and make suggestions, agree and 1.3/2.1/ apr. Listen to a girl talking
disagree. 2.2/2.3/ about her work on a
Grammar. 3.1/3.2/ sea turtle project.
The passive : all tenses ; with modals, gerunds 4.2 Listen to new stories
and infinitives. from headlines.
Vocabulary. Write a short news
The environment . report.
Phrasal verbs and expressions with do.
9 Don't panic ! Communication. 1.1/1.2/ 2 19-23 Read about an atlets
Express regrets anout the past . 1.3/2.1/ apr. from the Rift Valey in
Make helpful suggestions. 2.2/2.3/ East Africa.
Grammar. 3.1/3.2/ Listen to a young man
I wish / only +past perfect . 4.2 talking about his life
Third conditional : if clause +'d (would ) / since leaving school.
might /could have. Write about a
Vocabulary. coincidence or a
Phrasal verbs and expresion with keep. regret.
Sports and sports locations.
Sports terms, verbs and people.
10 Revision Test paper/Working sheet. 2 26-30
11 I don't believe it! Communication. 1.1/1.2/ 2 3-7 Listen to a girl talking
Speculate about tne past , agree and disagree. 1.3/2.1/ mai about a blind date.
Grammar. 2.2/2.3/ Write an imaginary
Verbs must have/might have/can't have for 3.1/3.2/ letter about someone
drawing conclusions. 4.2 you meet trough a
Reported speech : statements and questions . dating agency.
Verbs of reporting : various structures.
Verbs of speaking :say, speak,talk, tell.
12 Caught in the Communication. 1.1/1.2/ 2 10-14 Read about Internet
Net. Express and accept thanks . 1.3/2.1/ mai addiction.
Grammar. 2.2/2.3/ Listen to a boy
Future continuous . 3.1/3.2/ talking about the
Future perfect. 4.2 Internet and e-mail.
Short answers with verb + so/not. Write a semi-formal
Vocabulary. and an informal letter.
Computer technology .
Phrasal verbs with run.
13 Revision Test paper/Working sheet. 2 17-21
14 'Harry' by The Big Picture 4: 3.1/4.2 2 24-28
Rosemary Is it a sport? mai
15 Revision Test paper/Working sheet. 2 31-4
MARKS iun.