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245 Buckler Road Huntingtown, MD 20639
Phone: (804) 980 - 5994 Email: dd3905f0@westpost.net
Accomplished criminal, internal, and background police investigator with 20 soli
d years of experience in Prince George County, MD. Five years Administrative and
Internal Investigative experience with extensive experience in surveillance, ap
plications for arrest and search warrants, court testimony, and case preparation
for presentation at trials.
* Continuously receives perfect 4.0 on PPA evaluations for past 19 years.
* Over thirty (30) letters of Commendation and Appreciation.
* Over (400) criminal and civil arrests.
* Possesses current knowledge of federal and state laws, administrative procedur
es, and traffic laws.
* Proficient in the applications of Microsoft Word, Excel, Power point, Intranet
, Omniform.
* Top Secret Clearance, SSBI, Department of Defense
Department of Commerce - Census Bureau (Human Resources Division) 09/2009 - Pres
* Responsible for handling all internal harassment investigations, consisting of
20 or more cases on a daily basis.
* Experienced knowledge of current HR policies, Department Administrative Orders
(DAO) and federal laws.
* Responsible for conducting subject interviews, witness interviews, and complet
e extensive fact of finding reports.
* Tasked with collecting personal and employment related record information.
* Responsible for presenting case updates to senior management and advising appr
opriate disciplinary action.
* Responsible for assisting the Federal attorney's office with case preparation.
* Responsible for assisting Employee Relations and Labor Relations Specialists o
n a daily basis.
MSM Security Services, LLC, Greenbelt, MD 04/2009 - Present
Contract Investigator
* Self-employed contract investigator performing background investigations on fe
deral contracts for MSM Security Services, LLC.
* Possess Credentials for Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), Immigration and Custo
m Enforcement (ICE), National Security Agency (NSA), pending.
* Responsible for conducting Single Scope Background Investigations (SSBI), Back
ground Investigations (BI)
* Responsible for conducting personal/subject interviews (SI), reference intervi
ews, and obtaining record information on each subject.
* Responsible for completing a comprehensive Report of Investigation (ROI) at th
e conclusion of all cases.
Office of Professional Responsibility/ Special Investigative Response Team (SIRT
) 10/2005 - 11/2009
Investigative Supervisor
* Appointed as acting Administrator in absence of superior officer on a continuo
us basis.
* Implemented and Enforced an Emergency Management Plan on a daily basis for the
* Responsible for initiating and implementing the Standard Operations Procedure
for the unit.
* Responsible for the enforcement of the Memorandum of Agreement with the Depart
ment of Defense.
* Responsible for being on-call status on a (24) hour basis.
* Responsible for the management of all criminal investigations related to polic
e and civilian involvement.
* Responsible for investigating multiple, high-profile media cases and all depar
tmental shootings.
* Responsible for crime scene processing; collection of evidence, taking photogr
aphs, gathering victim, witness and suspect statements, and drawing diagrams.
* Assisted Federal Agencies with multiple Federal investigations and court testi
* Attend autopsies of wrongful death, natural death and departmental shooting ca
* Create PowerPoint presentations for major cases and present to the Chief of Po
lice and command staff.
* Assist State's Attorney with screening of all serious cases and indictments.
* Attend major case reviews to present serious felony cases to the State's Attor
* Responsible for investigating all serious administrative cases.
* Brief the Chief of Police and members of the command staff on confidential mat
ters and investigations.
* Responsible for suspension of all active officers and active civilian employee
* Attend and participate in grand jury hearings and court testimony.
* Attend and testify at criminal and administrative trial boards.
* Complete extensive Report of Investigation (ROI) and recommend disciplinary ac
District II / Patrol Services 07/2005 - 10/2005
Patrol Supervisor
* Supervised 20-25 subordinates consecutively.
* Enforced policy to ensure complete emergency management preparedness at the St
ate and Federal level.
* Responsible for payroll for all subordinates
* Reviewed all criminal and civil reports for approval.
* Accountable for a 24 hour work schedule of all officers.
* Ensured all area of responsibilities were covered based on availability and ne
* Conducted yearly officer evaluations, writing up Past Performance Appraisals (
* Inspected in-car video systems for functionality.
* Performed multiple formal inspections on subordinates; firearms, grooming, veh
icles, property logs, and police equipment.
* Followed up internal reviews with victims and witnesses to ensure proper condu
ct of officers.
District V / Investigative Section 07/1993-07/2005
District Investigator
* Appointed as acting investigative supervisor on multiple occasions; assigned c
ases to subordinates, reviewed and approved case work, and set work schedules fo
r 24 hour coverage for the unit.
* Responsible for the initiation and enforcement of the Emergency Operations Pla
n and Standard Operation Procedure for the unit.
* Responsible for the overall daily operations of the criminal investigative sec
* Interviewed victims, witnesses and suspects for all statutes of criminal law.
* Responsible for crime scene processing; collection of evidence, taking photogr
aphs, gathering victim, witness and suspect statements, and drawing diagrams.
* Obtained multiple applications for warrants and executed and was responsible f
or the processing of over 400 criminal arrests.
* Screened felony and multiple misdemeanor cases.
* Responsible for presenting court testimony in the convictions of multiple offe
* Responsible for the completion of extensive Report of Investigation (ROI).
Action Team 08/1992 -07/1993
Special Assignment Investigator
* Managed high-profile incident investigations.
* Conducted multiple incident investigations.
* Responsible for extensive surveillance involving major cases.
* Responsible for obtaining and administering search warrants in multiple cases.
District V / Patrol Services 04/1990 -08/1992
Patrol Officer
* Responsible for numerous criminal arrests.
* Responsible for the application of civil and criminal warrants.
* Testified and prosecuted criminal cases in court.
* Responsible for the summoning of witnesses for court presentation.
* Took initiative to conduct follow-up investigations on criminal cases.
* Responsible for the collection and documentation of evidence involving crimina
l cases.
B.A., Bachelors of Arts, Criminal Justice, University of Maryland College Park,
MD 1989
* NCIC certification
* Information Security Awareness
* Title 13: Safeguarding Census Confidential Data
* Title 26 Awareness Training
* Cell Phone Forensics and Investigations 2007
* Supervisor School 2005
* Emergency Preparedness Training
* THE REID TECHNIQUE of Interviews and Interrogations 2004
* Suspect Composite Drawing Training 2004
* Taser Training 2003
* Wrap Training 2002
* Advanced Level of Interviews and Interrogations Training 1994
* Radar Training (stationary and mobile) 1990
* Police Academy (Nationally accredited training academy), Prince George County,
MD 11/1989-04/1990
References provided upon request.