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Dan S.

606 North Center Street Lena, Illinois 61048
Home - (815) 369-2842 Cell - (815) 275-3847
E-mail: dt93b02c@westpost.net
After serving public education for thirty-two years, I retired on May 30, 2010 b
ut wish to continue to utilize my experience and skills on a part time or flexib
le time basis to seek out new challenges and gain new achievements in the proces
s of helping others achieve their goals and pursuits.

As a 32-year educational professional, my experiences in the public school setti
ng include:
* 1 year as a School District Superintendent
* 17 years as a High School Principal
* 2 years as a Vocational Delivery System Director.
* 4 years as a Vocational Center Director.
* 8 years directing job placement, directing adult education, and teaching vocat
ional classes in both the public school systems and the Area Vocational Center s
* 1 additional year of starting and operating my own business, a family restaura
nt, which still operates in Elizabeth, Illinois under new ownership.
During my career as an educational administrator, I have not had a single grieva
nce filed against me, my position, or my employer from any employee working unde
r my direction and supervision.
2009 - 2010 District Superintendent
Chadwick-Milledgeville CUSD #399 Chadwick, IL
* Served as District Superintendent
* Served as Junior High Principal
* Served as grades 4/5 Principal
During my short tenure, I developed the annual budget and despite shortfalls in
state appropriations and funding, was able to keep the district fluid and balanc
ed. Much work went into developing a consistent and fair procedure of student di
scipline, providing for equal treatment for all populations of the student body
and eliminating the unequal treatment based on a variety of influences. Strong e
fforts were being made to implement a working environment with the idea that tea
chers were expected to be professionals and were accountable for their responsib
ilities while carrying out their assigned tasks.The process of building team eff
ort consisting of shared responsibility and achievement was being implemented.

1997 - 2009 High School Principal

Lena-Winslow CUSD #202 Lena, IL
* Responsible for and managed high school expenditure accounts, activity funds,
and athletic accounts. These accounts grew during my tenure as I was always unde
r budget while being able to increase growth and development for school activiti
es, both curricular and extra-curricular.
* Wrote the district's initial 403(b) plan through coordinated efforts with the
district's plan providers. Provided district staff with in-service on the plan a
nd presented a final draft for approval.
* With the high school staff, developed and maintain the High School "School Imp
rovement Plan" and was part of the administrative team that developed the distri
ct School Improvement Plan.
* Coordinated and wrote the district's Safety and Security Plan using committee
input from community law enforcement, fire protection, school personnel and pare
nt input. Under this plan, the school has not encountered a single negative safe
ty issue.
* Initiated and developed the "Guided Studies" tutoring program that provides ad
ditional academic help for students struggling in the mainstream curriculum. Thi
s program increase student achievement in the school by approximately twenty per
cent. Students achieving honor roll status rose by one third and testing improve
d by a measured degree. This program was shared as a model tutoring program with
neighboring school districts and assistance was provided to them during their i
mplementation of the program.
* Developed the district drug testing policy and procedure using district and co
mmunity committees. Organized public forums for community input and evaluation.
* Wrote and implemented the district New Teacher Mentoring program. The program
under my direction led to a zero turnover rate of teachers and other personnel s
ince its inception.
* Negotiated and implemented a dual credit program with Highland Community Colle
ge. This new and innovative program allowed approximately 15-20% of our high sch
ool students to graduate with college credits ranging from six credits up to thi
rty-two credits.
* Work with staff in the continual growth and improvement of the High School cur
riculum that matches levels of curriculum to student abilities. Competency based
materials and approaches provided students to excel from their current academic
position to desired and achievable goals set by and with the help of academic c
ounseling services.
* Responsible for all student discipline. Maintaining a strong structure and com
passionate approach, discipline was used as a teaching tool and no longer as a p
unitive punishment. The occurrence of major offenses dropped forty-three percent
and students were demonstrating accountability for their own actions.
* Developed the High School Handbook in collaboration with a community based com
mittee. By having the collaboration of community resources, discipline policies
and procedures received more wide spread acceptance and support.
* Developed increased vocational programming including rebuilding the agricultur
e program from a dormant and dead program to a program that maintains an average
of sixty students as a base enrollment.
* Developed and maintain a High School Student Assistance Team. The initiation a
nd development of this team form an academic team that could review, diagnose, a
nd recommend actions to assist students that were identified as struggling. This
team provided support for the entire staff and a plan of action for students ne
eding additional assistance with their academic achievements.
* Served as the NUIC Athletic Conference President and served as an active membe
r of several committees. During this tenure the conference grew from twelve scho
ols to sixteen schools and was able to realign itself into an efficient and cost
saving conference that produced many state qualifiers and winners.
* Collaborated with booster clubs and community organizations to improve facilit
ies and grounds, including new press box, scoreboards, upgraded weight rooms, ne
w bleachers, all-weather track resurfacing, state-of-the art theatre equipment,
and musical instruments.
October 1996 - July 1997 H.S. Assistant Principal
Sandwich Public Schools Sandwich, IL
* Responsible for all student discipline.
* Observed and evaluated teaching staff.
* Chairman of the district discipline committee.
* Member of the district technology committee.
* Member of the school's TAT and PPS committees.
Prior to being hired in the Lena-Winslow school district, I was promoted to an e
lementary principal position for the 1997-1998 school year.
May 1995 - August 1996 Owner and CEO
The Settlers Inn, Inc. Elizabeth, IL
* Formed a corporation through the development and implementation of a business
* Restored a turn-of-the-century storefront into a 120 seat family restaurant.
* Responsible for all purchasing of food and supplies.
Upon selling the business, I had gained my full return on investment and was pos
itioned at a break even status financially. I had established a family restauran
t, meeting place, and lounge while gaining a full return on my investment and pr
oviding the community an operating business that still exists today.
1991 - 1995 High School Principal
River Ridge CUSD #210 Elizabeth, IL
* Served as High School Principal and K-5 Supervising Administrator.
* Wrote and obtained grants.
* Formed and interacted with teacher committees to develop and implement school
and class schedules.

1986 - 1991 Center Director

Jo Daviess-Carroll A.V.C. Elizabeth, IL
* Developed, implemented, and managed the center's budget.
* Supervised and evaluated teaching staff and non-certified staff.
* Developed and directed the adult education program.
* Served as the contracted Director of the Eagle Ridge Regional Vocational Syste
* Supervised Special Education classes in the AVC, including the BD programs.
* Worked directly for and with the 8 member Board of Control of the AVC.
During this time, many of the State of Illinois Vocational Centers were being cl
osed and replaced with Regional Vocational Systems. I was able to develop a syst
em that allowed the Jo Daviess-Carroll Vocational Center to remain open and oper
ate a Regional Delivery System under a contract agreement. While accomplishing t
his task, I was also able to recruit an additional school as a new member of the
Vocational Center Coop. A new Adult Education program was developed and impleme
nted during my tenure that included evening and daytime programming. We wrote th
e new curriculums that met the new state requirements for all the members of the
Coop and expanded the Competency Based curriculum to include skill assessment a
nd documentation for employer inspection.
1984 - 1986 Regional Pilot Director
West Central Region Vocational Delivery System Quincy, IL
* Set up the Regional Vocational Delivery System operation in Adams and Pike Cou
* Planned budgets, completed reports, and wrote grants.
1980 -1984 Administrator
Hannibal Public Schools Hannibal, MO
* Job Placement Director & Adult Education Coordinator.
* Developed 3 state winners and a third place national finisher in DECA competit
ion, while writing the National Competitive Event in Finance.
* Initiated and secured the donation of a new diesel truck to the Auto Mechanics
program for training purposes.
* Directed and implemented the North Central Evaluation process for the vocation
al school.
1977 - 1980 Instructor
Palmyra Public Schools Palmyra, MO
* Created a new Cooperative Occupational Training Program for the district. Task
s included writing new curriculums, developing over 40 new job placements and tr
aining sites, and writing individual training plans for employers and students i
n a community of 3,000 people and high school of 300 students.
* DECA/VICA advisor.
* Assistant varsity football coach. During my tenure of coaching, I developed ni
ne All Conference linemen, six of whom earned All District, and two who achieved
All State honors.


Type 77 Superintendent Certificate
Education Administration (19 hours)
Western Illinois University ACI Program
Educational Administration (18 Graduate Hours)
University of Missouri-Columbia
Master of Science in Vocational Administration, Secondary and Adult
University of Missouri-Columbia
Bachelor of Science in Marketing Education
University of Missouri-Columbia
Illinois Certifications - Type 77, Superintendent; Type 75, Administrative; Type
09, Teacher
Missouri Teacher Certification - 21-39 Secondary Principal; 33 and 73 Secondary
and Adult Vocational Specialist and Adult Education Administration; 23-04 Market
ing and Distributive Education
* Lions Club - Past President
* Past Pastor/Parish Relations Chair, Liturgist, Sunday School Teacher, and Coun
cil on Ministries Chair
* Coordinated, operated, and coached summer baseball programs including little l
eague, pony league, and colt league teams
* 4-H club - adult volunteer
* American Field Service (AFS) - Host family
* Foster parents for 5 different children needing homes for a year
* Active with various booster clubs
* Member of the church choir and the men's quintet singing group, which performs
for other churches and community groups
* Walk 3-5 miles daily
* Gardening and Landscaping
* Woodworking and remodeling
* Fishing and Camping
* Driving my antique 1977 Corvette
Dr. James Liles Former Lena-Winslow Board Member 815-369-4815
Mr. Pete Conway Current Lena-Winslow Board Member 815-369-2343
Mr. Gerald Koertner President Lena-Winslow Non-Cert. Union 815-369-5396
Mr. Scott Stich Music Teacher: Lena-Winslow Schools 815-369-4988