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6708 Norway Ct.
Plano, TX 75023
phone: 214-412-8195
email: lf8ebfe0@westpost.net
A Senior Level or Technical Manager Position in engineering; with emphasis in so
ftware systems engineering, product development, or network communications; focu
sing on a life-cycle process such as: proposal development, requirements, design
, development, test, and maintenance and support.
Highly motivated individual, that is energetic, creative, and positive-thinking;
with good communication and presentation skills, and works well with others. H
as a diverse background with 24 years of experience in areas of software, system
s, and test engineering, software and engineering management, product developmen
t in wireless communication networks, and messaging and protocol development for
frequencies 2400 MHz and below; with proposal involvement managing cost estimat
es, cost volumes, and process creation using a common level structure, and CMMI
capture. Worked on programs for defense, international, and commercial products
; using life cycle models, and software development methods that fit each custom
er product; with proven success either as an individual contributor, or as a tec
hnical leader managing projects, subcontractors, customers, and multi-discipline
engineers on-site and off-site, including outsourced consultants (US and Intern
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, Milwaukee School of Engineering, Mi
lwaukee, WI 1986
Active Top Secret Clearance, US Department of Defense Ending April 29, 2012
* Cost Engineering Lead, on a Modeling and Simulation team, for a Homeland Secur
ity product, with resources from multiple company locations, and work-share acro
ss multiple companies. The Modeling Team created an automated modeling process
tool, where cost, performance, and simulation models were used to depict the be
st cost or performance of a selected quantified input (i.e., FLIR sensor), in a
simulated environment. Cost as an Independent Variable was used to modify borde
r control coverage, and varying cost. (Patent created).
* Co-Established a proprietary protocol for customers to send, and receive, long
-distance, customer specific data, by using a wireless, distributed network. Th
is technology secured 100% market share, in 2002, for customers that had no way
to communicate to their equipment due to distance, or in hazardous environments.
Additionally, a low power version was created for customers that needed this
protocol, and hardware design in an OEM device, for customer embedded use.
* Managed the rewrite of application software using object-oriented programming.
A generic-based framework was established for each type of device: handheld,
personal computing (PC), and mobile tracking (MT) devices. For each specific ty
pe of device, the characteristic software inherited the framework. The rewrite
in application software support, in 1 year, increased from 7 to 16 for handheld
devices, 2 to 8 for PC devices, and 0 to 1 for MT devices. (Enfora Quality Award
- 2002)
* Managed a team that created a generic set of standard test set equipment, soft
ware interface functions, and test suite software written in Lab Windows, where
each different Line Replaceable Unit would start with the generic test station,
and build upon it. A set of generic software Interface functions were used to ta
lk to each piece of equipment located in each type of ATE Functional Test Statio
n. (TI DSEG Teaming Award )
* Lead to a software team (3 engineers in US, and 3 in Bangalore, India) that d
eveloped the software product interface and tool called ASSET that is used to vi
ew Boundary Scan (JTAG) connections at real-time by implementing the ASSET libra
ry into a software application. (TI DSEG Teaming Award for the development of A
* Scheduling - Earned Value Management (EVM) (Windows Program Manager, Suretract
, Phaselink)
* Risk and Opportunity Management
* Product Development
* Product Management
* Scenario Generation - Cost as an Independent Variable (CAIV)
* Proposal Cost Lead (Estimating, Analysis)
Client/Server Architecture & Distributed Networking (Multithreaded, Queues, Time
rs, Schedulers)
* Communication Data Transfers (RS232, Compact Flash, PCMCIA, Dial-up Networking
, PPP, TCP/IP, UDP, Sockets, Tokens)
* Messaging (TCP/IP,COM/DCOM, CORBA)
* Wireless Networking (802.11/Bluetooth/CDMA /CDPD/GPRS)
* Boundary Scan (ASSET), JTAG
* RF Protocol Development (Analysis, Communication, Development & Architecture)
* Mobile Security (Password Management, Public Key infrastructure (PKI)
* Requirements Analysis & Generation (Requirements Tracking (DOORs), Specificati
on Preparation)
* Unified Modeling Language (UML)
* Object-Oriented Architecture and Development (OOA, OOD) RF Analysis and Commun
* Configuration, and Test Management (Clearcase, Visual SourceSafe, PVCS, Synerg
* Interface Control Documents (ICDs)
* Automated Test Equipment (Test Requirements Specification, Test Design Documen
* Test Equipment Instrumentation (Spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, signal sour
ces, signal generators, logic analyzers, AC/DC Power Supplies, Calibration)
* Test Program Sets - Diagnostic Development (AITEST)
* Software-development life-cycle methodologies
* SW Development (Real-time/Embedded SW System, Firmware, and Application)
* SW Programming Language (C++, C, Fortran, Microsoft SQL, Assembly, Basic, Micr
osoft Visual Basic, VBScript, Java)
* SW Application Development (Rational Rose, CodeWarrier, QTEmbedded, Greenhill
* Test SW Development (Labview, LabWindows CVI, Genrad VXI Encompass, GPIB Drive
rs IEEE-488, XVT, Tool.H++)
* SW Operating Systems (BeOS, BSD, MS-DOS, HP-UX Openview, IRIX, QNX, Linux, Pal
mOS, RISC OS, Windows CE, Mac OS, NetWare, OS/2, RISC OS, Solaris, Unix, Window
s 95/98/2000/XP/ME/NT, Convex OS, VxWorks, EPOC, Symbian OS, GNU, Novell, Silic
on Graphics, Sun Microstation, ThreadX, Pharlap, IBM PC-DOS, OpenVMS, VME, VMS)
NAGER - Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Cost Estimation and Program Engineering s
upporting Proposals for Engineering, creating cost estimates, Cost Volume docum
ents, analyzing proposal cost estimate inputs from the engineering team, prepari
ng proposal presentations for upper management review, creating and verifying pr
oposal schedules are met, and proposal process is followed.
* Program Engineering SME representative for the Engineering Process Group, ass
igned to create, present, train, and support multiple programs/products for the
engineering common process launch, process tailoring, process planning, and CMMI
* Systems Engineering Cost Engineer, creating cost models and calibration for mu
ltiple programs, using functional cost estimation tools to forecast Total Owners
hip Cost (TOC program development, production, or operation and support cost; cr
eating cost models for proposals, trade studies, as-like scenarios, and Cost as
an Independent Variable (CAIV).
* Sr. SW Systems Engineer successfully created a Logistics port from a web-based
field application to a C++ application that resides on the field support repres
entative's (FSRs) laptop; documenting field repairs in areas where the internet
is not accessible.
ENFORA, INC, PLANO, TX 1999 - 2003
ment of the software and system integration for the product development and prot
otype of a proprietary wireless data protocol, and a long-distance wireless dist
ributed network using MULTI-C running on ARM.
* Developed authentication and encryption software for use with proprietary prot
ocol used in the networking software.
* Created a low power wireless proprietary protocol for use in an OEM device, fo
r customer embedded use.
* Worked with imagery file formats using the National Imagery Transmission Forma
t (NITF) while implementing GPS coordinates derived from a commercial geospatial
OEM device implemented into the hardware of a GPRS modem.
nd 5 Consultants to establish an application having a generic OO framework using
import libraries as downloads to various products.
* Increased the number of supported handheld device operating systems from seven
to sixteen within one year.
* Implemented a strategy for a generic product upgrade application to be used on
all operating systems.
DIR. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT - WIRELESS NETWORKS - Product Manager to all new Blueto
oth and 802.11 wireless products; create feature list, analyze competitors, defi
ne requirements, staff, dollars, and patent documentation.
* Direct interface to key strategic customers (NEC, Sony, Ericsson, Phillips, an
d Sharp) for Bluetooth and 802.11.
* Managed a team of ten multi-discipline engineers to Implement and prototype a
Wireless Tablet and Dongle using 802.11 or Bluetooth HW and SW protocol.
* Created an implementation plan for Bluetooth incorporation into current CDPD a
nd GPRS products.
* Created embedded Bluetooth Interface software C++ using ARM processor to talk
between two Bluetooth devices.
COMPANY SW MANAGER - Facilitate and coordinate teams (60 SW Developers) to plan
and establish processes, templates, guidelines, specifications, and process impr
ovement plan tracking. Software Control Process established using SourceSafe, a
nd Visual Intercept for bug tracking.
MANAGER OF SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT - Hands-on SW Manager leading a team of 15 SW e
ngineers and international contractors to produce C++ application and embedded s
oftware for Personal911 product; which includes a transmitter, receivers, networ
k application, GUI display, diagnostic testing, and a Network Operations Center
* Created all diagnostic message commands using COM/DCOM; used to monitor remote
software at the Network Operation Center.
* Created the algorithms, and simulation software needed for CDMA software; used
for tracking a transmitter's location using a pseudorandom pattern input from m
ultiple receivers.
* Created company coding standards, development templates, and guidelines to sup
port the product development life cycle.
COST ACCOUNT MANAGER (CAM) - test engineering supervisor to six multi-discipline
engineers for the development of an Automatic Test Program Set (TPS), and test
station; diagnosing errors down to Line Replaceable Units (LRUs), or Shop Replac
eable Units (SRUs) for each Unit under Test (UUT).
* Created extensive diagnostic requirements with minimal personnel support for d
irect and depot ITAS and IBAS TPSs.
* Created all possible test scenarios using AITEST for both IBAS and ITAS LRUs,
and their Secondary Replaceable Units (SRUs); which identified all possible diag
nostics down to the SRU.
* Extremely versed in the program's BIT software (ADA) to prevent multiple testi
* Direct interface to US Army Logistics for TPS status, and to subcontractor for
the electro-optic collimator and target.
SR. TEST ENGINEER - test software lead to six engineers for ASSET(tm), and indiv
idual contributor for ATE
* Development of a software product interface tool called ASSET(tm), that is use
d to view Boundary Scan (JTAG) connections in real-time, integrating the library
into customer software applications.
* Development of Factory Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)
2009 - Recognition from Supervisor, Richard Stonich - Program Engineering Busine
ss Operations Manager "Lisa is the 'go-to person' in the NCS TX Cost Estimation
group, learning the cost estimation process, being a SME for cost estimation, Bi
d Coordination expert, and process improvement specialist. Lisa has worked extr
emely hard at being perfect in this job. She strives to do the right thing. Sh
e accepts personal responsibility to meet commitments and is accountable."
2008 - Email Recognition from Raytheon LRAS3 Program Engineering Department Mana
ger to myself, "concerning my effort as the Cost Volume Manager for the Engineer
ing proposal effort "I am taking a moment to say thanks for your help with the L
RAS3 production ramp-up proposal earlier this fall. After much fact-finding, ne
gotiating and other delays, that contract has finally been awarded for $XM. Ev
en more important than the award, the program is now able to accelerate producti
on deliveries of the LRAS3 to meet the US Army's 2009 fielding plan. Your abil
ity and willingness to take ownership of the test equipment part of this proposa
l was a big part of the success."
Testimonial from Tom Shields - Raytheon's Homeland Security, Modeling and Simula
tion Sr. Manager, "Lisa is a highly motivated, energetic, and customer focused e
mployee. She puts in the time and effort necessary to do the job well and on ti
me. She works extremely well with others, and listens to ideas, and implements t
hem using excellent task coordination and requirements management skills. In one
year, Lisa took on a difficult (maybe even impossible) challenge in trying to l
earn everything on cost and system engineering from her manager prior to his ret
irement, and did a creditable job absorbing the essentials of her manager's expe
rience. She is outgoing and willing to jump in to any new situation. She made s
trong contributions to the Homeland Security Enterprise Campaign, and led the so
ftware development and integration of performance and cost models running in a m
odel center, and was a key player assigned as the System Cost Model lead, workin
g in a dynamic cross-organizational team, with multiple companies.
Endorsement from Pete Fleming - Raytheon NCS Operations and Engineering Tech. Di
rector, "Lisa has successfully proven herself as a software system engineer, and
has received excellent feedback meeting high performance demands from her custo
mers and suppliers (of a technical nature). She also has good experience in po
rtable maintenance aids and tools as well as field support and automated testing
, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Opportunities and Requirements (O&
R). I've worked with Lisa for many years and she is a top notch employee. Lisa
is an engineer who has done program/project management and loves working with c
ustomers and suppliers. She would be an excellent candidate overseeing design,
and integration of COTS software. Lisa would also be great overseeing technical
requirements, and interfaces with subcontractors, customers, and the Technical
Requirements Management (TRM) team."
Endorsement from Jim Marischen - Raytheon NCS Future Combat Systems Program Mana
ger, and Program Management Director - "I have known Lisa for over 19 years, fir
st as an aspiring engineer at Texas Instruments and then as a project lead for N
CS Combat Systems here in McKinney. Throughout that time, I have been very impr
essed with her tenacity to get the job done. It didn't matter whether the task
was her direct assignment, if it was important to the team she made sure it got
done. As a self motivator, I have seen her pick up some of the most complex cir
cuit designs on her own and bring them to a success. She especially impressed m
e with the way she completed the IEEE 1149.1 (JTAG) control emulators. She has
since moved into project management and systems engineering tasks that she has e
qually conquered. I believe she will bring some added excitement to your team th
at you won't regret. Please give Lisa top consideration for this position."
2004-2006 - Co-Chair - Cost Engineering Technical Interchange Group (TIG) - main
tained cost engineering Technical Interchange Group (TIG) between multiple locat
ions, and business divisions, and created Cost Engineering Use Cases that descri
be the Cost Engineering interface between multiple tools, and disciplines.
October, 2006. Patent - Analyzing System Performance, Operational Performance, a
nd Costs Of a Surveillance System - Inventors: Bruce C. Munro, Richard B. Moe,
Lisa A. Fillebrown, Nickolia L. Coombs - Raytheon PD No.: 06E102.
September, 2005. Paper - "Automated Design for Affordability and Performance for
Mission Assurance", SESW Conference, Ft. Wayne, IN.
November 2005. Six Sigma Project - "Automated Design for Affordability".
November 2004. Six Sigma Project - "BCT Maintenance and Repair Tool for the Fie
ld Engineer".
August 2001. Award - Enfora Employee Quarterly Recognition Award
June 2001. Enfora Patent - Wireless Tablet in a Wireless Environment - Inventors
: Lisa Fillebrown, Russ Kautz
November 1996. Award - Texas Instruments Defense Systems and Electronics Group T
eaming Award - Horizontal Technology Test Equipment.
November 1992. Award - Texas Instruments Defense Systems and Electronics Group T
eaming Award - ASSET(tm).
November 1992. Award - Texas Instruments Design Automation Division Team Award -
October 1990. Paper - "An 1149.1 Software Development Process", Rockon Conferenc
e, Colorado Springs, CO.