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5322 NW 92nd Way * Gainesville, Florida 32653 * (352) 514-1712 * hs8a7bce@westpo


Versatile, results-centric, and organized leader offering demonstrated expertise
in elevating the performance of sales teams and ensuring revenue goals are met
in ever-evolving markets. Accomplishments include capturing and maintaining mark
et share for major product for 7 consecutive years, arming trainers and sales re
presentatives with the skills needed to excel, and facilitating on-boarding of n
ew hires. Noted for having key personal attributes, including self-disciplined m
otivation, competitive nature, and team spirit, to be successful in high pressur
e settings and forge strong relationships with physician specialists in both hos
pital and private practice settings. Areas of expertise:
Training Initiatives * Sales Management * Regional/District Sales Training * Neg
otiations * Product Line Sales
Profitability * Market Penetration * Productivity * General Business Management
* Resource Management
Marketing Collateral Support * Strategic Planning * Team Building & Leadership *
Competitive Analysis
Cold Calling * Prospecting * Product Demonstrations * Market Trends * Account De


* Progressed up the ranks of Takeda Pharmaceuticals America, Inc. over 10 years
through promotions; proving the capacity to take on increasingly responsible rol
* Played a key role in maximizing product line sales and market share year-after
-year by arming sales representatives with the right mix of skills and insights
to outperform, while strengthening relationships with physician specialists in D
iabetes, Cardiology, Internal Medicine, and Endocrinology.
* Achieved long-term success for product market; securing and maintaining 50% +
market share from 2003-2010.
* Honored with multiple awards for outstanding performance, including several Ta
keda Recognition Awards for Leadership, Teamwork, Managing Change and Results Dr
iven (2003-2010), a Takeda Circle Award for Outstanding Leadership (2006), and m
ultiple Commitment Awards (2003-2010).
* Fostered an environment conducive to learning; adjusted training to meet the d
iverse developmental levels of sales representatives.
* Optimized product sales and market share; securing #1 ranking in District Sale
s for Market Share Change.
TAKEDA PHARMACEUTICALS AMERICA, INC., Deerfield, IL * 8/2000 - Present
District Manager - North Central Florida and South Georgia (8/2003 - Present): D
eliver training on business productivity tools to personnel; oversee Computer Ex
perts in the region. Keep track of performance by reviewing sales and activity r
eports. Serve in multiple concurrent roles including Regional Managed Care Liais
on Leader; work in collaboration with Medical & Scientific Liaison and the Gover
nment Affairs Manager. Maximize resources.
Selected Contributions:
* Enabled 12 representatives to receive key promotions to Senior Sales Represent
atives, Specialty Representatives, and other Leadership Development roles throug
h advanced training and development.
* Remained on the pulse of new market developments, changes, and competition to
define counter strategies to boost sales results.

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Selected Contributions:
* Recognized with key honors including 2010 Winner South Atlantic Region Champio
nship Bowl largest increase in product market share compared to market and Regio
nal Achievement Award 2008 for increased OAD Share Change.
* Moved the district up the ranks in terms of performance; ranking #21 out of a
total of 250.
* Outpaced goals; 111% of quota for primary product and 102% of quota for second
ary/tertiary products.
* Played a pivotal role in adding main product line to the CHP formulary.
Regional Sales Trainer (1/2003-8/2003): Traveled throughout the region to provid
e comprehensive sales training to equip new and current representatives with the
right tools, product knowledge, and skills to excel in their endeavors. Created
a multi-pronged training curriculum which covered selling skills, product knowl
edge, and marketing strategy. Conducted workshops for Regional Managers at produ
ct launches and national meetings.
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative & District Sales Trainer (8/2000-1/2003): Im
proved district disease state knowledge by orchestrating quarterly Journal Club.
Authored Miami Premier and Select handbook for sales representatives. Streamlin
ed processes and systematized sample accountability, targeting, routing, call-en
try, and vehicle organization.
Selected Contributions:
* Identified for leadership and chosen by the District Manager to oversee develo
pment of messaging, organizational, and selling skills with new representatives,
including conducting meetings on the creation of marketing materials and sales
* Exceeded monthly sales quotas with regularity, most recently 108% in October 2
001, 102% in November 2001, and 105% in December 2001.
Additional accomplishments included accelerating market penetration in competiti
ve territories, launching multiple product lines, acquiring new accounts, expand
ing customer business, and surpassing quotas by as much as 200% to 365% as Pharm
aceutical Sales Representative with Innovex (1997 - 2000).
Earlier roles included General Manager with Bennigan's Restaurant - Florida and
Georgia and Director of Operations (promoted) Discovery Zone, Inc. - Fort Lauder
Bachelor of Science in Business Management, University of Phoenix