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30/05/2011 Windows admin interview questions | …

Windows admin interview questions

By adm in | Septem ber 3 , 2 004

1 . Describe how t he DHCP lease is obt ained. It’s a four-step process consisting of (a) IP request, (b) IP
offer, © IP selection and (d) acknowledgem ent.

2 . I can’t seem t o access t he Int ernet , don’t have any access t o t he corporat e net work and on
ipconfig my address is 169.254.*.*. What happened? The 1 6 9 .2 54 .*.* netm ask is assigned to
Windows m achines running 98/2 000/XP if the DHCP serv er is not av ailable. The nam e for the technology
is APIPA (Autom atic Priv ate Internet Protocol Addressing).
3 . We’v e inst alled a new Windows-based DHCP serv er, howev er, t he users do not seem t o be
get t ing DHCP leases off of it . The serv er m ust be authorized first with the Activ e Directory .
4 . How can you force t he client t o giv e up t he dhcp lease if y ou hav e access t o t he client PC?
ipconfig /release
5. What aut hent icat ion opt ions do Windows 2000 Serv ers hav e for remot e client s? PAP, SPAP,
6 . What are t he net working prot ocol opt ions for t he Windows client s if for some reason y ou do not
want t o use TCP/IP? NWLink (Nov ell), NetBEUI, AppleTalk (Apple).
7 . What is dat a link lay er in t he OSI reference model responsible for? Dat a link lay er is locat ed
abov e t he physical lay er, but below t he net work layer. Taking raw data bits and packaging them
into fram es. The network lay er will be responsible for addressing the fram es, while the phy sical lay er is
reponsible for retriev ing and sending raw data bits.
8. What is binding order? The order by which the network protocols are used for client-serv er
com m unications. The m ost frequently used protocols should be at the top.
9 . How do cry pt ography -based key s ensure t he v alidit y of dat a t ransferred across t he net work?
Each IP packet is assigned a checksum , so if the checksum s do not m atch on both receiv ing and
transm itting ends, the data was m odified or corrupted.
1 0. Should we deploy IPSEC-based securit y or cert ificat e-based securit y ? They are really two different
technologies. IPSec secures the TCP/IP com m unication and protects the integrity of the packets.
Certificate-based security ensures the v alidity of authenticated clients and serv ers.
1 1 . What is LMHOSTS file? It’s a file stored on a host m achine that is used to resolv e NetBIOS to specific IP
1 2 . What ’s t he difference bet ween forward lookup and rev erse lookup in DNS? Forward lookup is
nam e-to-address, the rev erse lookup is address-to-nam e.
1 3 . How can you recov er a file encrypt ed using EFS? Use the dom ain recov ery agent.

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