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Career Summary As an engineer, I have utilized technical, business and managemen

t skills to solve a variety of issues, and to make improvements for products, se

rvices and process within different organizations. I have implemented Six Sigma
methodologies throughout the workplace to streamline processes and make them saf
er as well as to provide a better quality end product. I have also been customer
focused and have established close relationships to ensure their satisfaction.
I am pursuing a challenging and rewarding career in which I can make positive im
pacts on the business and for all stakeholders involved.
MG International
Dallas, Georgia
February 2010 - Current
Quality Engineer
* Represent 5 customer accounts for products involving plastic injection molding
, paint application and final assembly.
* Interact with customers (internally and externally) to address various quality
concerns. Perform root cause analysis and implement appropriate countermeasures
within process to correct issue.
* Perform capability study on new and existing equipment.
(Continued) Coldwater Group,
Inc. Atlanta, Georgia
March 2008 - August 2008
Engineering Manager
* Managed Field Service and Engineering departments to design and manufacture cu
stomized components for paper making machinery.
* Conversed with customers to gather information, answer questions, solve proble
ms and to determine and plan further action as required.
* Assisted Engineering and Manufacturing team(s) with identifying and implementi
ng improvements in areas such as part identification, material handling, tooling
, process/machine efficiency and product quality.

Gahanna, Ohio
February 2007 - November 2007

Automation Controls Specialist

* Worked with customers and internal team to facilitate concrete batching automa
tion for different plants.
* Programmed customer specific controls into an Allen Bradley based PLC and conf
igured the Human Machine Interface to control the plant accordingly.
* Serviced customers via telephone and remote access into their computers to dia
gnose and troubleshoot issues.
* Completed field installs consisting of setting up and configuring the PC, netw
ork, scales, and plant control wiring; integrating them together to control and
automate the process. Fine tuned the programs to achieve better efficiency and c
onsistency while providing overall project guidance and training.
* Created an Access database to make data entry and retrieval of customer specif
ic information easier and faster to speed the process of diagnosing problems and
remotely accessing the client.
* Loaded and configured PC's with all of the programs needed and automated much
of that process to decrease the time required to create an annual savings of $60

General Products
Columbus, Ohio
September 2005 - September 2006
Manufacturing Engineer/Project Manager
* Assisted in planning, implementation and management of the relocation and star
tup of piston manufacturing facility, (totaling 100+ machines).
* Laid out and setup machinery, provided training for personnel, controlled engi
neering documentation in accordance with ISO standards.
* Managed/supervised various day to day production activities and personnel. Tro
ubleshot equipment and machinery and made repairs as necessary. Created/changed
machine programs as required.
* Utilized Six Sigma methodologies to assist production. Investigated and implem
ented new tooling/technology to produce cost savings over current methods used a
nd made improvements to the process and equipment leading to decreased scrap and
increased efficiencies.

Heath, Ohio
September 2002 - August 2005
Intern: Summers 1998-2001
Winters 2000, 2001
Manufacturing Engineer/Project Man
* Identified business needs and project requirements, provided estimations and c
ost/benefit analysis, helped to prepare and track the annual operating budget.
* Coordinated with all levels of the organization and managed inside and outside
resources as required to meet and exceed the demands of both internal and exter
nal customers.
* Planned, implemented and managed various Six Sigma/Improvement initiatives as
well as new business ventures.
* Setup transfer case assembly area per government contract which yielded the co
mpany $2.75M that fiscal year with capacity to yield $12.5M (per year per shift)
* Coordinated and managed installation, setup and training for new Transfer case
tester, (complete with soundproof room and noise testing) to provide a better q
uality product. Project exceeded $1M for finalization
* Investigated and implemented new technology and equipment and had existing too
ls and equipment serviced and/or upgraded to make manufacturing safer, more effi
cient, and/or to provide a better quality end product.
* Identified and corrected quality conformance issues through applying statistic
al analysis, identifying root cause(s), and mitigation of risks.
Education Ohio University
Athens, Ohio
* B.S., Mechanical Engineering.
* Major GPA: 3.1 Cumulative GPA: 3.01
* Passed the Fundamentals of Engineering Examination (EIT)
Currently in MBA program at the University of Phoenix with 4 classes remaining f
or completion. GPA: 3.9
Education Experience
* AutoCad/SolidEdge/Solidworks
* C Programming
* CNC Programming
* Matlab
* Microsoft Office/Project
* MiniTab
* PLC Programming
Available upon request