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Hopkins High School High School Diploma 1997

Normandale Community College Computer Science Studies August 1997-June 1998
Globe College Networking Support Specialist Program July 1999-December 1999
US Army/General Dynamics MOS 31R Mobile Subscriber Equipment (MSE) Communicatio
ns Systems - US Army Signal Center Signal Corps School, Fort Gordon GA February
-May 2001
Colorado Technical University Associate of Science in Information Technology
January 2009-July 2010
GPA: 3.64
Highlights of Qualifications:
Windows 3.x, 95, 98, NT, XP, Vista, Windows 7
MS Word, MS Access, MS Excel,
Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Outlook,
Mastermind Business, Mastermind Monitoring.
Government Secret Security Clearance
Military tactical radio systems, communications security keys and military secur
e and non-secure telephone systems
Ensured the Mobile Subscriber Equipment communications system had no interruptio
ns in both voice and data communications
Work Experience:
ADT Security Services February 2006-Present
Special Operations
Aurora CO
Alarm Dispatch Operator
Monitor different alarm system at various high profile areas. Conduct Video and
Audio escorts for high-end jewelry stores and check cashing stores. Monitor al
arm systems for Department Of Defense locations and subcontractors. . Create w
ork orders through Mastermind Business application for problems with alarms. As
sist customers with questions about specific signals. Notify proper authorities
i.e.; local police departments, local fire departments regarding alarm activity.
ADT Security Services October 2005-February 2006
National Account Monitoring Center
Aurora CO
Alarm Dispatch Operator.
Monitor and respond to alarms from commercial and retail stores in various locat
ions. Notify proper authorities regarding Holdup, Burglar alarm, Fire Alarm, an
d Medical alarm activations. Attempt to help customers with questions or resett
ing alarm panels.
US Army - A CO 141st Signal Battalion 1st Armored Division (1AD) - Wiesbaden Ger
many - March 2003-September 2005
Deployed to Baghdad, Iraq July 2003-July 2004 in support of Operation Iraqi Fre
edom and Operation Iron Saber,
Installed and maintained Mobile Subscriber Equipment/Communications for 1AD, Tro
ubleshooting both tactical radio systems, Digital non-secure voice terminal tele
phone systems, non-secure internet protocol and secure internet protocol in orde
r to prevent communication downtime. Performed security detail entailing tower g
uard watch, front gate access for local workers and routine convoys. Performed
security access control point in conjunction with 501st Military Police Company,
local German Polizei authorities and United States Secret Service for a Preside
ntial visit to Wiesbaden Army Airfield. Supervised 2 soldiers on a team in sett
ing up the backbone of the Mobile Subscriber Equipment communications system.
Minnesota Army National Guard - 134th Signal Battalion -May 2000-March 2003
Multi-channel Transmission Systems Operator-Maintainer, Install, operate and per
form unit level maintenance on Multi-channel line of site and tropospheric scatt
er communications systems, communication security devices, antennas and associat
ed equipment. Analyzes BIT/BITE diagnostics to isolate faults to the Line Repla
ceable Unit. Installs, operates, performs strapping, re-strapping, preventive m
aintenance checks and services and unit level maintenance on communication secur
ity devices, Operates and performs Preventative Maintenance checks and services
on assigned vehicles, equipment and power generators.
TekSystems/Qwest Communication - July 2001-December 2001
Comm-Links Technician. Troubleshoot communications link from a Sun Microsystems
terminal. Re-establish communications with equipment on distant end through NM
A communications software. Utilized both software in conjunction with NMA Commu
nications. Used WFA software to send work tickets to Central Offices to have te
chnicians repair equipment and aid in any repairs to the communications network.
Utilized TIRKS programs to find specific circuit IDs of faulty equipment and/o
r circuits.
US Army Training - October 2000-June 2001.