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William G.

(951) 674-7652 27051 Featherhill Drive
wla0a34a@westpost.net Corona, CA 92883
Seeking Position As:
Field Superintendent/CEO/Management Professional
Intelligent, thorough, and educated professional has over 40 years of extensive
leadership experience in the construction industry; 14 years of which has been d
edicated to project management, field and research development in the decorative
concrete arena. Focused expert seeks greater challenging position in a reputab
le and high integrity company to share vast knowledge and best practices in comm
itment to excellence. Has coordinated and facilitated on-site adult-learning pr
ograms including management, key tradesmen concepts, safety, job management, and
environmental safety.
Driven leader has gained knowledge and respect in the Southern California Buildi
ng arena with an extraordinary quality of getting quickly acquainted with subord
inates. Perfect knowledge of quality and quantity of construction materials use
d at various processes. Great flexibility in terms of working conditions; has e
xcellent management skills with the ability to handle diverse people with any wo
rk profile. Creative go-getter is skillful in decorative concrete flatwork and t
raining people from all levels with expertise on residential and commercial proj
ects. Has broad proficiency in field supervision, training, customer service, an
d Human Resources. Possesses excellent interpersonal skills and the determinatio
n to successfully guide, drive and inspire multiple employees and staff to perfo
rm in the industry. Dynamic aspirant has been recognized multiple times for cons
istently achieving excellent results.
* Superior Leadership Talent * Responsible Managing Employee (RME) in C
A, AZ, & NV
* Exceptional Management Strategies * Skillful in Work Planning, Organizing
& Execution
* Outstanding Communication Skills * Creative in Problem Solving & Confl
ict Resolution
Professional Experience
Peterson Brothers Construction 1996 - Present
Director of Quality Assurance and Field Development
Brea, CA
* Performed various roles such Field Superintendent, Human Resources, Customer S
ervice, Training and Field development, Research and Development, and Special Pr
oject managers.
* Oversaw field management, hiring, safety, training, customer service, testing
and implementation of new products and methods for increased productivity.
* Accomplished the development of Human Resource Employee information database,
customer service department database, and company training programs.
* Participated as a member of the NAHB/ NHQ, Home Builders quality assurance pro
grams; developed and conducted various training classes and seminars presentatio
* Established the overall requirements for QA specifications and standards for m
aterials, processes and finished products.
* Reviewed business statistics; determined and documented any areas that may nee
d improvement; reviewed and analyzed the effectiveness of the modifications made
* Ensured that all procedures within the company conform to health and safety re
gulations, financial policies and legislation such as equal opportunity.
* Took pride in serving as the site superintendent for an ongoing 18 month proje
ct for a five million dollar renovation of the Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego.
Other Work Experience
CDR Concrete 1990 - 1996
Foreman, Superintendent
Anaheim, CA
James Mock Inc. 1976 - 1990
Anaheim, CA
Larson Construction 1982 - 1996
Owner, Operator
Riverside, CA
Education & Technical Skills
University of Phoenix, Diamond Bar, GPA: 3.8, Bachelor of Science in Business Ma
nagement, 2005
Microsoft Office Suite: Word * Outlook * PowerPoint * Excel * Access
HR Database Program Development * Customer Service Data Programs Development *
Productivity Tracking Programs * Over 60 PowerPoint Training Presentations

Peterson Brothers Construction, Training Classes & Seminars Presentations Develo

ped and Conducted
Apprenticeship Programs in Concrete, Interlocking Pavers and Masonry *
Field Management and Organization * Blue Print Reading * Specific Trade Knowledg
SWPPP's and Compliance Awareness Programs * Safety Awareness and Compliance Prog
Environmental Awareness Training * Specialty Training Programs
Tradesmen, Foremen and Superintendent Development Training
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), OSHA 40 Hour Safety Traini
ng, 2009
AEI - CASC Engineering, Storm Water Pollution and Protection Program, Irvine, 20
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), OSHA 10 Hour Safety Traini
ng, 2007
Improving Construction Productivity, Dallas, TX, 2000
PBC Management Education Programs, Brea, CA, 1998 - 2008
Job Profits Program, Fort Worth, TX, 1998
How to Interview People, Palm Springs, 1997
Stamped Concrete Two-Day Training Program, 1995
Scofield Contractor Workshop Five-Day Training Program, Sacramento, CA
School for Continuing Education, Construction Field Supervision, 1988
Cement Masons Local 52, Santa Ana, CA, Cement Masons Apprenticeship Program, 197
6 - 1979
Training on Microsoft Office/Word/Excel /PowerPoint/Outlook/Access, In Progress

Other Notable Highlights

Concrete Polishing Certification, Santa Ana, 2009
California National Swimming Pool Foundation, Certified Pool/Spa Operator, 2008
NRMCA, Pervious Concrete Technician, 2007
Pervious Concrete Technician, NRMCA, Brea, CA, 2006
Chapman University, Brea, CA, Management Certificate Program, 2005
Customer Service Certificate of Merit, 2003
SWPPP'S/Certifications, Yearly Updates From 1998
Chaffey College, Rancho Cucamonga, Small Business Management Certificate, 1994
Customer Service Builders Council, Irvine, CA, 2006
Understanding Architectural Concrete, Speaker
Contractors License Board (NV), Concrete * RME, 2008 - 2011
Contractors License Board (AZ), Concrete *Masonry, 2008 - 2011
Contractors License Board (CA), General B-1*Concrete *Masonry *RME/Larson Constr
uction, 1981 - 2011

PBC Companies, Concrete Decor Magazine, Eugene, OR, Jan 2009 Issue, pp 38 - 41
"Architectural Concrete Flatwork in the Residential and Commercial Community"
References Gladly Provided Upon Request