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Issue 13 Tuesday 24th May 2011


We welcome to our school Brain involved in the Classroom helpers
McKay. Brian is a trained program. These sessions will be Wednesday 25th May
Reading Recovery Teacher who held at school and the purpose of Lightning Premiership.
has commenced working at Ashby these session is to explain the
Primary School today. The reading support, writing support Friday 27th May
Reading Recovery program is Walkathon postponed till
designed to support students and numeracy work that is being later in the year.
usually in grade one who have taught at school.
not as yet gained the necessary Friday 10th June
reading and writing skills. The Please indicate your preference: Report Writing Day School
program is designed to give these Wednesday 9.00 - 10.00 Closed.
children individual attention in Thursday 9.00 - 10.00
the form of half an hour a day, Friday 9.00 - 10.00 Monday June 13th
each day, to support learning in Queen’s Birthday Holiday
reading and writing. Students School Closed.
reading daily and reading at
home is a very important part of Saturday 25th June
this program. Attending school Jenny Omachen Trivia Night & Silent
daily and being on time are also Principal Auction.
aspects of this program. If the
students aren’t at school, on time
they can’t engaged with their
learning. So that parent support We need material scraps, lids,
is really important in helping ART NEWS small boxes, old jewellery,
with the reading at home. Daily margarine containers and lots of
reading for all students makes a wood scraps. Any soft old wood
huge difference to the students Our clay firing is well and truly especially pine would be fantastic
reading ability, regardless of the underway with all grades making for woodwork and the children
age of the students. and firing clay pots. This week go through it very quickly.
we are putting the finishing
Brian has commenced working glazes on these masterpieces. Thank you,
this term in the afternoons but
during term 3 and term 4 he will The grade five sixes are doing
be working with children that are claymation and woodwork, and at KATHY HYLAND
in need of support with their the moment are looking for
reading and writing skills daily donations of recycled materials
and during the week. for both.
Please fill out the form on page 4
if you are interested in being

Principal: Jenny Omachen www.ashbyps.vic.edu.au School email - ashby.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au

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CLASSROOM Seeking Silent Auction and Trivia Night

Critical to the success of our annual Silent Auction and Trivia Night Event are donations
--- ---------------- for the Auction, raffles and mystery envelopes. While businesses are our primary
PLEASE RETURN TO SCHOOL AS donors, there are a number of creative ways that YOU, our parent community, can get
involved in providing items for the auction:
1) Distribute the Donation Solicitation Packet to local businesses - You can find
I am interested in participating in the targeted list of local businesses on the FOA board outside the staff office. Simply list
the Classroom Helpers Program. your name by businesses you are willing to drop the Donation Solicitation Packet off at
and take the required number of packets. If a business isn’t on the list just write it in at
the end of the list. You can also request a PDF version of the Packet by sending an
NAME: _____________________ email to friendsofashby@ashbyps.vic.edu.au or visiting the FOA Blog http://
2) Donate an item from your place of business – if you own or work for a
business, consider donating an item. You can pick up a Packet from the FOA board
outside the staff office, send an email to friendsofashby@ashbyps.vic.edu.au to request
Please circle your preference: a PDF version or visit the FOA Blog http://friendsofashby.blogspot.com/.

Wednesday morning 3) Donate an item you don’t want/need anymore – Do have something that is new
or still in “as new” condition that you think might make a good auction item? Maybe you
received a second slow cooker for Christmas, just never got around to opening that new
9.00 - 10.00 fan, or now don’t think those cushions you purchased for your lounge room really look
the way you imagined. Well, donate them for the auction! If you have something that is
Thursday morning new or in as new condition, complete the Donation Form from the Packet and bring the
item in to the school office. If you have questions about whether something is
appropriate, email friendsofashby@ashbyps.vic.edu.au or contact Cyndy Scherer 0438-
9.00 - 10.00 172-949.

Friday morning 4) Donate an item you have made - Are you the creative sort? Do you crochet, knit,
make cards, scrapbook, sew, paint, cook, etc? Well, make something to donate for
auction, or donate a voucher for a custom item! If you have something you have made
9.00 - 10.00 or a voucher for a custom item, complete the Donation Form from the Packet and bring
the item in to the school office. If you have questions about whether something is
appropriate, email friendsofashby@ashbyps.vic.edu.au or contact Cyndy Scherer 0438-
WALKING SCHOOL 5) Donate an item with a group – get together with a group of friends or parents
BUS NEWS from your child’s classroom and create an item for the auction. Below are some ideas of
things you might do with groups, where each individual donation is low cost ($5-10 per
person), but it will create an interesting item for auction:

A big thankyou to everyone who • Arts and Crafts Package – have each member of the group donate art supplies
e.g. paints, brushes, paper, glue, stickers
made that extra effort to walk to
school on Friday, especially as the • Family Fun Beach Package – have each member of the group donate an beach
morning was a bit bitey. Great related item e.g. towels, sunscreen, beach toys
• Cooking with kids package – have each member of the group donate a cooking
related item e.g. cookie cutters, spatulas, wooden spoons, mixing bowl
Also thanks to Di for ferrying the
Walking School Bus children in to • A case of wine – get together a group of 12 people and have each member of the
school, the Active Travel group donate a bottle of wine
Committee for greeting walkers at
The ideas are really endless and as suggested above don’t have to be expensive for
the gates and gathering the each individual, but when you put them together they make a wonderful item for auction.
numbers for the Hands Up Survey If you have a group item to donate, complete the Donation Form from the Packet and
that morning, and for Steve bring the item in to the school office. If you have questions about whether something is
(Wolfe and Arlo’s dad) for appropriate, email friendsofashby@ashbyps.vic.edu.au or contact Cyndy Scherer 0438-
helping out on the day too. 172-949.

Please note all donations must be received by June 3, 2011 to be

Thanks included in the Auction Catalogue!

Ashby Primary School Page 3


Visit the FOA Blog http://friendsofashby.blogspot.com/ for more updates!

Next FOA Meeting

The next monthly FOA meeting will be held on Friday, June 3rdth right after Fresh Fruit
Friday or 9:30amish in the staff room. We encourage those planning to attend to help
with Fresh Fruit prior to the meeting as the sooner the fruit is prepared the sooner we
can start (and complete the FOA meeting). Remember, all are welcome!

2011 Friendship Lists

Thank you to everyone who submitted information for the 2011 Friendship lists. The
lists are being sent home today. Please note while we tried to read everyone’s handwriting, we may have gotten
something wrong. If you find an error, please submit to your child’s teacher and we will update your classrooms list.

A Swim with the Dolphins?

Have you begun making plans to attend the annual Silent Auction and Trivia Night? The event is shaping up nicely with
auction items beginning to come in including:

• A 3.5 hour snorkelling tour with Sea All Dolphins Swim for one adult and one child
• A gift voucher for a cleanse and conditioning facial from Brooke’s Body and Skincare
• A family gift voucher for a 40 minute Scenic Cruise of Corio Bay from Freedom Bay Cruises
• One month’s membership to Curves

We hope families and friends are beginning to make their plans to attend our largest fundraiser of the
year which will be held on Saturday, June 25th from 6:30-10:30pm in the school Hall. This should be a fun
and lively evening, and remember this event is an adult only event, so now is a good time to start lining up
a babysitter! A separate Information sheet regarding details on how to organize a table and pre-purchase your
tickets is included with the newsletter.

2011 McCAIN Veggie Patch Promotion for Schools

Ashby Primary School has registered again for this program to support work in our
school garden. Through the program primary schools around Australia and New
Zealand have been invited to build their own veggie patches and grow their own
vegetables. To lend a helping hand, McCAIN is giving away over $500,000 worth of
veggie patch equipment to primary schools during 2011.

To support our school simply collect barcodes from your McCAIN vegetable packs
between now and September 30, 2011. You can give your barcodes to your child’s
teacher or place them collection box at the school office.

And don’t forget to ask your family and friends for their McCain vegetable packs barcodes! Every barcode earns
McCAIN Veggie Patch points for our school which can then be redeemed for gardening tools and seeds.

Can You Help?

There are many ways you can get involved at Ashby. Below are some current activities we are
seeking assistance with:

• Fresh Fruit Friday, Friday, Every Friday, 9-10am – Volunteers are needed to prepare
and deliver fruit and vegetable trays for the classrooms. If you can assist, please join us
this Friday and every Friday in the new classroom kitchen off the Hall.
• Classroom Kitchen Clean-up, Monday, May 31, 9-11am – Now that the classroom kitchen is ready
for use, it needs a good clean and an equipment inventory. Volunteers are needed next Monday, May
31 right after drop off to assist with these tasks. If you can help for even a little bit during this time,
please join us in the classroom kitchen.
Ashby Primary School Page 4


Yay!! We are back in the hall.
There is a suggestion box on the table in the hall for Before and After
School Care kids to suggest ideas for cooking, craft and activities.
Everyone at Before and After School Care could also like to wish Steve
and Chris happiness for their wedding on Saturday.
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