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Brittany Giselle Haynes

1110 Kenton Road 847-840-3981

Deerfield, Illinois 60015 bha35e0a@westpost.net
* Demonstrated communication, teamwork, and networking skills; independent probl
em-solving and leadership; abilities in analysis, research, critical thinking, a
ttention to detail, composition
* Experience with transparency and security working in the foreign and civil ser
vices of the U.S. Government
* Experienced in independent global travel and living abroad
* Self-aware with an interest in supporting respect for diversity and intercultu
ral communication
* Intermediate Turkish and French language proficiencies
Census Taker U.S. Census Bureau-Chicago, Illinois
April 2010-Present
* Independently plan work schedule and conduct in-person interviews * Resolve p
roblems including reluctant individuals and inaccessible addresses * Protect co
nfidential information
Paralegal Haynes, Studnicka LLC-Chicago, Illinois Jan. 2010-Present
* Summarize and abstract deposition testimonies using listening, composition, an
d editing skills * Request records
Refugee Legal Aid Intern Helsinki Citizens' Assembly-Istanbul, Turkey
Sept.-Dec. 2009 Refugee Advocacy and Support Program
* Researched funding options for a non-profit by evaluating prospective funders
* Assisted refugees with UNHCR procedures and made referrals to organizations fo
r other aid * Supported legal advisory team by performing country of origin res
earch for refugee clients' claims, drafting legal submissions, editing, and inte
rviewing refugees * Used critical thinking and analysis to build arguments in o
rder to reopen claims with UNHCR on behalf of refugee clients * Enhanced global
perspective by researching migration, development, diversity, and human rights
issues in clients' places of origin (Iran, Afghanistan, Africa) as well as in Tu
rkey and the E.U.
* Interviewed at-risk individuals, including many LGBT and minor clients, who ha
d experienced traumatic events * Collaborated with a multinational office team
* Kept abreast of migration and asylum news in the media
Political/Economic Intern U.S. Department of State-Istanbul, Turkey June-Aug.
2009 U.S. Consulate General Istanbul
* Worked in highly formal, diplomatic, security-oriented settings * Obtained an
d maintained a secret security clearance * Exercised interpersonal and networki
ng skills at official events, meetings, and conferences * Drafted official repo
rts that provided U.S. Government agencies with information concerning the situa
tion in Turkey
* Conducted independent research on human rights, democratization, nationalism,
and minority issues * Performed media analysis
English Language Teacher Self-Employed-Istanbul, Turkey
June 2008-Nov. 2009
* Used leadership and patience to effectively teach small groups of adults
* Independently organized and planned weekly lessons
Archaeological Field Worker
Sept.-Oct. 2008 University of Chicago-Gjirokaster, Albania
Aug.-Sept. 2008 Ankara University-Gaziantep, Turkey
June-July 2007 San Francisco State University-Constanta, Romania
June-July 2006 Purdue University-Ankara, Turkey
* Used teamwork and communication skills to effectively collaborate on research
projects with multinational teams * Employed attention to detail to excavate an
d survey archaeological sites * Identified, photographed, and measured artifact
* Prepared sites for photographs * Cataloged and processed materials and data
* Selected soil and water samples and conducted tests of samples * Operated GPS
and total station equipment
Law Office Assistant Haynes, Studnicka LLC-Chicago, Illinois Summers 2001-200
* Independently executed projects organizing research * Analyzed, summarized, a
nd entered data * Constructed graphical representations of data
Purdue University-West Lafayette, Indiana May 2008
Bachelor of Arts with Majors in Anthropology and History
Focus: Middle Eastern studies and archaeology
Bilkent University-Ankara, Turkey Spring 2007
Semester Study Abroad with courses in Turkish language, political science, and a