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2258 Riverwood Trails
Florissant, Mo. 63031
H: 314 918-5121
C: 314 753-8519
E-Mail: rla4e39c@westpost.net
To obtain a position with an organization that he can make use of his broad expe
rience in Contract Formation and Contracts Management. Over 25 years experience
with complex engineered systems including the commercial process for procuremen
t activity from solicitation and selection, through project closing.
* Management of the contracting function, qualification of bidders, solicitation
of bids, analysis of bids, execution of agreements, administration of payments,

* Conduct strategic discussions and advise the Project Team regarding work execu
tion and recommended contract forms.
* Contracts manager with hands on experience with commercial aspects for acquisi
tion of engineered products, engineering and construction services both domestic
and international. While not an attorney, works closely with attorneys to prov
ide support skills in problem solving, and contributes innovative approaches to
successfully complete difficult negotiations.
* Supervised a staff of 8 for preparation, negotiation, resolution of terms and
interpretation and compliance of engineering and construction contracts on capit
al projects for approximately 1000 open agreements totaling over One Billion dol
a Has pioneered the introduction of a turnkey contract approach for managing and
controlling installation of complex equipment systems both in the USA and abroa
d. Approach requires obtaining or providing:
a Utilize drawings, plans and specifications to establish a base contract.
a Utilizes basic math and statistical skills to establish performance criteria.
a Assess work environment, hindrances and necessary resources needed for securit
y, power, snow removal, de-watering, and storage, and job administration.
a Determine availability of craftsmen and any potential jurisdictional conflicts
a Prepare parties for first contact.
a Provide feedback and/or act as a liaison where necessary.
a Determine that the sequence of work fits the job circumstances. Schedule of w
ork to be prepared and reviewed with site, and agreed upon.
a Administer progress evaluaton process for billings so as to avoid unearned pay
a Periodic status updates on all progress.
a Effective verbal and written communications.
a Determine need for reporting and issue reports as necessary.
* Relied upon by Legal, Risk Management and Tax departments to represent and obt
ain the best terms possible.
* Controls issuance of bid packages, receipt and opening of all competitive bids
of the Contract and the administration of the contract in SAP and the SAP purch
asing module.
* Maintain Insurance program for verification of insurance for all open contract
* Developed and Implemented a reliable system to obtain and analyze labor rates
used in pricing extra work on contracts.
* Controls temporary workforce as relates to acquisition, hourly rates and admin
istration for approximately 350 temporary employees. Has introduced innovative a
pproaches in contracting for scarce professional temporary employees.


B.S. Business Administration

Major: Economics and Finance University of New Orleans - 1971
Abener Engineering and Construction Services, Inc.
April 2008
Positions Career Highlights
Senior Buyer Solicit, analyze, negotiate commercial terms and execute agreements
with vendors, contractors and engineers.

Anheuser Busch Cos.,Inc. - 27 years July 1979 to retirement in July 2006

Positions Career Highlights
Contracts Manager
Supervisor Construction Accounting and Control
Administrative Assistant to Corporate Controller
Senior Internal Auditor
Internal Auditor
Retired as an executive in the Engineering division of Anheuser Busch, Manages t
he bid process, issuance of contracts and bid packages, negotiation of commerci
al terms in agreements as well as payments and insurance compliance for 1000 ope
n contracts.
Fruin Colnon Corporation - 7 Years
Dravo Corporation a" 2 Years
Jan 1971 to Sep 1975
and Sep 1977 to Jul 1979
Career Highlights
Business Manager Administrative Assistant
Job Accountant
While with Fruin Colnon Corporation in 1977 was sent to Kuwait to troubleshoot a
ccounting and administrative problems that were evident. During the assignment e
ncountered and resolved problems relating to back charges for half million dolla
As accounting supervisor for Dravo Corporation on a project in Canada, supervise
d a staff of 6 accountants and clerical personnel on a project of over 200 Milli
on dollars. The project was thought to have a very competent accounting departme