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Jonathan D.

6707 Thornwood Street Unit 20 * San Diego, CA 92111 * (619)838-7921
School of Business and Management
National University
San Diego, CA
Graduate: November, 2010
M.S. Corporate and International Finance
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Daytona, FL
Graduated: May, 2008
B.S. Professional Aeronautics with a focus in Management
Fourth Baptist Christian School
Plymouth, MN
Graduated: June 2001
High School Diploma
First Investors Corporation
San Diego, CA
June 2010- August 2010
Summer Financial Representative Intern
* Analyzed financial investment statements for clients, prepared investment prop
osals, and computed complex financial problems using financial formulas for seni
or management.
* Met and excelled in all internship requirements. One in particular, passing th
e Kaplan Series 6 practice exam with an 85 percent.
* Assisted in the organization of files, updating excel spreadsheets, and other
administrative tasks
Woods Real Estate Service
San Diego, CA
May 2009-Present
Part-time Real Estate Agent
* Established positive flow of communication with other agents, buyers and selle
rs, mortgage officers, title personnel and attorneys involved in the home buying
and selling process.
* Presented purchase offers and negotiated contracts on client's behalf.
* Coordinated property closings, overseeing signing of documents and disbursemen
t of funds.
United States Navy
San Diego, CA
June 2005-June 2009
Air Traffic Controller
* Started as an Air Traffic Controller Airman and promoted early to E-5 Petty Of
ficer for outstanding leadership and mentorship.
* Extremely detail oriented and was chosen to manage a budget of over $10,000 in
order to pay for military deployment expenses. Purchased, managed and invoiced
deployment equipment for military personnel.
* Held a senior management role as a Command Financial Advisor. Analyzed subordi
nate's financial conditions, maintained employee confidentiality and recommended
advice to meet their personal objectives.
* Researched, recruited, trained, budgeted and managed a Command Color Guard tea
m consisting of 20 personnel that won numerous awards and participated in variou
s Color Guard ceremonies in the San Diego area.
* Administered over 100 training presentations for Command significantly contrib
uting to 100% mission readiness status. Conducted training on numerous topics in
cluding: "Risk Management" and "Safety at the Workplace".
* Developed a rapport with superiors and reported to them on a daily basis regar
ding high-stress Air Traffic Control duties, disciplinary actions for subordinat
es, and semi-annual performance reviews for junior personnel.
* PC and Windows 95/98/Vista literate; Proficient in MS Word (100 wpm), Received
certificates for "Advanced Excel" from Computer Etc and "Certificate in QuickBo
oks" from Intuit