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Physical Therapist/PTA for 19 years, with 9 years of managing experience directi
ng and overseeing quality assurance processes in the physical therapy and nursin
g environment. Experience includes maintaining specifications, producing vital d
ocumentation and communicating with senior-level managers regarding ever-changin
g quality issues. Provide supervision and training to quality team members. I am
looking for an administrative / managerial position in healthcare, I can't over
see Physical Therapists because I hasn't pass my PT board yet, but I do have a l
ong experience in management/administration in the healthcare field.
Highlights of Qualifications
Effective management, technical, and supervisory skills. Mediation and problem s
olving skills. Demonstrated ability to meet the needs of patrons, dependable, ha
rd working, reliable, and punctual. Recognized for long hours, commitment to cus
tomers, attention to detail, professionalism, and follow-up. Work well as a team
member or independently. Resourceful, energetic, competent, multi-task and resu
lts-oriented. Developed and implemented improved policies and procedures, result
ing in improved efficiency and productivity. Use clear, concise communication sk
ills in conjunction with organizational skills to perform daily duties. Consiste
ntly meet/exceed expectations, combining cost with quality improvement and custo
mer service.
ICMCF - Iosco County Medical Care Facility, Tawas City, Mi
2001 to 02/2010
Physical Therapy Department Manager
Lead the physical therapy and restorative programs. Responsible for optimizing r
esource utilization for 82 beds facility. Improved revenue and efficiency of the
department through improving Medicare and Medicaid referrals. Established the f
irst ever safety patient transfers and pressure sores prevention programs in thi
s Skill Nursing Facility and lead the department through federal and state surve
ys with no citations. Served actively in quality assurance planning (Monthly, qu
arterly and annually) and development committees (Weekly risk management meeting
) and daily department manager report. Deciding for the selection and purchase o
f rehabilitation equipment. Experience treating patients in Alzheimer's/ Dementi
a care unit.
* The Physical Therapy department made our skill nursing facility, the facility
of choice in the entire North - East region of the state, recommended by physici
ans, local hospitals and the most important by the public.
* Our Physical Therapy department holds the highest level of success and rep
utation, from all the Skill Nursing Facilities in the area.
* Experience with electronic data charting (MDS - Minimum Date Set), the only on
e local skill nursing facility with complete electronic, networking data chartin
g by using a state-of-the-art system.
Prime Rehab Services, Inc, Harbor Springs, MI & Tawas City, MI 1994 to 2001
Physical Therapist/PTA
Responsible for treatment of clients with various medical conditions, identify f
unctional goals and outcomes that will best ensure improvement in client's quali
ty of life. Delivered physical therapy services to geriatric inpatients. Served
in supervisory role with patient care team. Monitor patient progress and review
with the rest of the medical team. Work closely with medical and administrative
staff to modify rehab strategies to ensure state-of-the-art approach. Lead nurse
s and CNA's in-service training for patient safety transfers, range of motion ex
ercises and other patient related activities of daily living. Collaborated with
the interdisciplinary team for enhancing patient care and referrals for rehab.
General Hospital, Cracow - Poland 1992 to 1994
Physical Therapist
Responsible for treating patients referred from various departments like Orthope
dics, Reumathologic and Traumatology. During this period also worked with pediat
ric patients.
Worked with orthopedic surgeons to promote rehabilitation program after THR, TKR
and spinal surgeries.
Academy Of Physical Education, Cracow - Poland 1991
Masters, Physical Therapy
Academy Of Physical Education, Cracow - Poland 1992
Bachelors, Physical Education
National Academy For Health And Fitness, Cleveland, OH 1998
Certified Medical Exercise Therapist
Certified Instructor Of Cardiovascular Training
Certified Personal Trainer
Delta College, Saginaw, MI 2004
Certificate, Massage Therapy
Western Governors University Masters student in healthcare management, started i
n 2010.
Additional Skills
* CPT and Documentation for rehabilitation reimbursement.
* SNF PPS update.
* Received training by the state in guidelines and treatment for pressure ulcers
and management of spasticity.
* Received training at Delta College in Saginaw, Michigan for holistic therapies
for the health professional.
* Received diverse award certificates from the National Institutes Of Health, re
cognized by the American Medical Association and the Institute For Continuing He
althcare Education in spasticity management.
* Eden certified associated
* Certified in Kinesio Taping.
* Speak and write also fluently in Spanish and Polish. Speak fairly in Italian.
APTA - American Physical Therapy Association, Since 1996
ACSM - American College Of Sports Medicine, 1996 to 2003
NSCA - National Strength and Conditioning Association, 1996 to 2003
NAHF - National Academy For Health And Fitness, Since 1998
Community Affiliations
USSF - United States Soccer Federation. Coach and Referee
MSYSA - Michigan State Youth Soccer Association. Coach and Referee
MHSAA - Michigan High School Athletic Association. Referee and Assignor
Knight Of Columbus Member. Tawas City, MI
Moose Lodge Member. Tawas City, MI
Available upon request