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Breandon M.


I have more than 15 years of experience in the aerospace industry, with proficie
ncy in numerous areas of the aerospace field. Highly motivated, strong work ethi
c, strong leadership and problem solving skills.
Im proficient on a computer, can type 70 wpm, team player, fast learner, work we
ll with people, highly self
disciplined, highly dedicated, and excellent at finding more efficient and cost
effective ways in mfg. processes. Can read at highest level of 1300 words per mi
nute with a 90% comprehension. I enjoy working in the aerospace industry and enj
oy the day to day challenges presented. I strived to learn all that I could in t
he companies I have worked for. I take pride to be the best and fastest at whate
ver the task is. Every aerospace co. that I have worked for I have accelled to b
ecome a key employee.
4/6/10-Present Verify, Inc. Wichita, KS

Boeing-Supplier Quality-Field Rep.

I am currently an off site Supplier Quality Rep. on the Spirit Aerosystems groun
ds overseeing the 787 program contracted from Boeing. I work closely with Spiri
ts Quality team in support to insure they perform per the 787s quality program m
odel. I mentor the Spirit Inspection Shake team on what to look for and share w
hat we (Boeing SQ) find on the 787 as far as non-conforming items. There is onl
y 2 other Boeing SQs that work on the 787 Quality Program with me. Also a Boei
ng SQ plans, organizes and leads audits of complex suppliers systems, processes
and products. Documents and reports audit results. Inspects or verifies products
for compliance with applicable requirements. Delegates product acceptance respo
nsibility to suppliers in accordance with established processes and regulatory r
equirements. Assesses capability and capacity of suppliers to perform current or
potential future work. Develops training materials and other resources to suppo
rt improvements in supplier performance and productivity. Provides education and
coaching on quality systems, regulatory compliance issues and company initiativ
es to develop and improve supplier performance and productivity. Acts as focal t
o resolve issues and concerns involving suppliers and company organizations. Wor
ks under minimal direction.

7/15/08-1/5/09 Kaman Aerostructures Wichita, KS

Final Inspection
Was a final inspector on a small elite inspection team for their Sikorsky milita
ry project.
I was doing final inspection, f.a.i.s, Deltas and putting together the complete
package for the Sikorsky
source inspectors for review and buy off.
Worked closely with Sikorsky on these large first build assemblies.
The revisions on these parts are in constant review and revisions are made on pa
rts on a frequent basis due to this being a first make.
So we were constantly making sure all new rev. requirements are being implemente
d on the parts and rework if necessary on mostly composite and some metal parts.
We are being held to the highest of standards in making sure we comply with all
Sikorsky specs.
We inspected for FOD, checked for core crushing, proper trimming and drill jigs
were properly placed. Reviewed all the Cure, Autoclave, NDI, CMM, Faro Arm, and
lay-up reports for the composite parts, to make sure each part falls within all
print specifications.
Worked with laser projection systems to ensure placement of plys and honeycomb c
Wrote up all non-conformance reports and decided whether to scrap out a part or
disposition to Sikorsky for non-conformance review. If submitted to Sikorsky for
non-conformance, made sure all requirements have been made and documented for c
Inspected and bought off every operation to all Sikorsky parts in production thr
ough to final inspection.
7/03-7/08 Nance Manufacturing, Inc. Wichita, KS
Cmm programmer/operator, quality assurance, and sheet metal fab/assembly lead.
The company put me through the Basic cmm training course for operating a Zeiss c
mm in aug. 2007, after purchasing a new Zeiss/Calypso cmm.
In December of 2007 I also completed the advanced cmm training course.
I log in and submit non-conformance parts and help with cause and corrective act
I also released work orders, which consisted of making a work order, printing ou
t the manufacturing instructions, pull the print and all dcns, make an operator
inspection check sheet, and look at the outside processing to see if any of it w
ill change the dimensions, and if so see if any close tolerance dimensions need
to be adjusted to make up for the processing and flag those dimensions.
I performed first part buy off inspections that came off the cncs.
I have gone through the f.a.i.net training for submitting Fais directly to the c
ustomer from the Internet.
I have also gone through the I.T.A.R. (International Trade of Arms Regulations)
training for U.S.Homeland Security.
I prepped the shop and helped maintain standards for audits.
Helped the co. pass all FAA, ISO, and ASO audits.
Communicated with customers if there was an issue or any concerns with a part.
Certified personal measuring equipment, material, hardware, and various chemical
s issued for jobs.
Performed first article inspections, final inspections, part marking, and serial
ize critical parts.
I can perform/use:
Cmm programmer, cmm operator, sheet metal fabrication, cnc operator, hydraulic b
rake press, and assemble parts.
Tooling design, tool maker, design and make form dies and brake press bars, desi
gn and make drill jigs.
Design and make form dies. Part quoting, comparator, bore gauges, boramatics, a
ir gauge, height gauge, Rockwell hardness tester, Conductivity tester, penetrant
testing, depth gauge, micrometer, calipers.
Protractor, radius gauges, gauge pins, scales, I.D./O.D. thread gauges, mill and
lathe finish gauges, block gauges, thread pitch micrometers, hole micrometers,
countersink gauges, torque gauges, fastener gauges, pressure test gauges..
Mylars, rotex punch, nibbler, box brake, hydraulic shear, manual shear, hand-chu
Conventional mill, conventional lathe, cnc mill, cnc lathe, roll form, hand brak
e, band saw, auto-feed saw. Shrinker stretcher, shot blast, centerless grinder,
surface grinder, hone machine, rivet gun, c-squeeze. Alligator jaws, hydraulic p
ress, arbor press, hydraulic punch, pneumatic nibbler, rotex punch.
Flat pattern layout, auto feed lathe, auto clave, die grinders, rivet shaver, an
d certified for fork lift operating.
Worked with numerous software programs such as: Enovia, ASAP, VisiQual, Redars,
Excel, Power Point, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office Works, Visio, Fox Pro, sprea
d sheets, Job-Scope, Q-Pulse, Kip Request, Photoshop, etc.
Was the only person in the co. that knew how to program/operate the cmm, sheet m
etal fab, assembly, bonding parts and other misc. operations.
Before I worked there, they were strictly a cnc machine shop.
I have changed the co. so they are capable of doing various types of other work
in the aircraft field and dont have to rely solely on cnc machining and farming
out parts for any other operations.
All contracts that the co. bid on and was not cnc related was given to me to quo
te, and was solely my responsibility to assure that they were completed on time,
and within all print specifications.
When given a chance I tried to learn all I could about cmm programming and cncs.
I can perform my own cnc set-ups, and some basic cnc program editing.
Was part of a group that trouble shoots and suggests different approaches to mak
ing a problematic part and ways to cut down mfg time and make more it more effic
ient, cost effective, or improve quality. (lean mfg)
I worked for the following two companies on a part time basis while still with N
ance Mfg, Inc.:
3/01/08-5/01/08 Electromech Technologies Wichita, KS
CMM Programmer/ Quality Assurance Part time basis
I was brought in to program parts on the Cmm and teach others how to run the pro
grams and basic use and programming of the Cmm.
Also inspected various parts with manual precision measuring equipment for final
Went through the I.T.A.R training for Homeland Security.
5/01/08-7/01/08 United Machining, Inc. Wichita, Ks
CMM programmer/Quality Assurance Part time basis
I programmed parts to be inspected on the cmm for every machining operation up t
o completion of the part. Help train Inspection Manager on how to program and se
t up parts.
Showed the Quality Assurance some of the capabilities of the Cmm in ways to make
their first part buy offs more efficient and with more accurate results.
9/01-7/03 Artisan Metalworks, Inc. Rose Hill, KS
Owner/President of Operations
Trained and managed employees
purchasing, and billed customers
Finished parts from customers to meet print specifications that they were unable
to complete on the cnc.
4/00-9/01 Nance Manufacturing, Inc. Wichita, KS
Machine Operator/Assembler
Auto feed lathe operator, cnc mill operator, conventional mill operator
Sheet metal fabrication, hydraulic brake press, assembled all parts.
Center-less grinder, conventional lathe, hydraulic shear.
3/95-4/00 D-J Engineering, Inc. Augusta, KS
Supervisor of Grind Shop/Assembly Shop
Supervised approx. 25-30 employees from two different shops.
Helped train all new employees.
Purchaser for my two departments.
Interviewed, and hired all applicants for my departments.
Was made the witness for all terminations within the company for legal purposes.
Documented all known instances of disgruntled employees for legal purposes.
Final inspected parts, assembled parts, hand formed, hot joggled, roll formed.
Designed and built drill jigs, designed and built various tooling/form dies.
Hot formed, painted parts, alodine and anodize parts, penetrant inspect.
Final inspection, followed all expedites and special projects through to complet
Worked with many types of machinery, batwing, shrinker stretcher, Horizontal mil
Conventional mill, conventional lathe, hydraulic roll form, Hydraulic press, Win
slow drill, c-squeeze.
Alligator jaws, rivet gun, sealant gun, heating elements, honing machine, and ha
nd router.
Installed various bearings and bushings, swaged, staked, shrink fit, fillet radi
us, fay seal.
Pressure tested all the bushings and bearings to part specifications.
Worked with various types of chemicals such as epoxies, sealants, bonding agents
, liquid nitrogen, and touch up paint.
Was sent into different departments to find more efficient processes, to assess
actual manpower needed in the area, improve quality, or to lower scrap-rate.
One of five appointed to the safety board committee, where we went through train
ing sessions every month with an advisor who previously was employed by OSHA to
make sure we stayed within OSHA regulations.
Was in charge of preventing and reviewing all accidents.
In charge of making sure all employees in the co. followed all safety guidelines
Was in training to become general manager.
Education and Certification:
Zeiss/Calypso cmm operating basics course
Zeiss/Calypso cmm advanced course
Trained on Catia and Master Cam cad models for cmm programming
I.T.A.R (International Trade of Arms Regulations) training
F.A.I.NET training
G.D.&T classes
Hole tolerance classes
Handling of hazardous materials and chemicals training
Was trained OSHA Aerospace standards by an OSHA advisor
Forklift operating certification
Butler County Community College
Maize High school