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7902 Herndon Road h Durham, North Carolina 27713

Cell/mobile Contact Number: 919-656-6775 h kpaecf7e@westpost.net
Immediate hiring opportunity so act quickly
MANAGEMENT: Change Management Lead, ITSM Team Lead for Duke University Health
Technology Solutions (DHTS), DHTS SR IT Manager, IBM Software Development
Manager, Customer Advocate, Project Management, Product Development
Award-winning IT management professional with senior management experience in th
e Duke
University IT medical business (2.5+ years) and an extensive 20 year global/inte
assignment career experience with IBM in RTP, NC, contributing to customer and c
performance leadership through skillful alignment of technical resources with bu
siness objectives.
Adept at elevating organizational productivity, change management across broad 2
4x7 medical IT
support teams, and efficiency through effective leadership of application and ne
twork software
development, cloud computing Citrix technology implementations, and customer eng
Expertise in best practices, business development, and product management. Able
to lead full
software development life cycle (SDLC) initiatives. Excellent problem-solving sk
ills. Unique
experience in managing both on the software development and customer perspective
s with IBM
mainframes, Cisco systems and HP Servers in a 24x7 data center environments (Ope
rational and
buying influence roles).
IT Operations h Infrastructure Change Management for 9 ACIOs at Duke University
Medicine h
ITSM Experienced h Rapid Application Development h Project Management h SDLC Lea
Budget/Cost Control h Business Development h Relationship Management
Network Applications h Negotiations h Product Delivery h Strategic Planning h Qu
ality Assurance
Best Practices h Team Development h Client Relations h Process Improvement h Sal
es Support
System & Business Analysis h Product Testing h Recruiting/Hiring for Growth
Duke University Health Technology Solutions, 2424 Erwin Road Durham, NC 27710 h
(September 2008-August 2010)
Senior IT Business Analyst
Senior IT Business Analyst of Duke University Medicines Operations 24x7 Teams fo
r Duke
University Medical Center, Durham Regional Hospital, Duke Raleigh Hospital and 1
00+ regional
clinics responsible for ALL change management in a non-disruptive patient enviro
nment across all
Duke medical and university IT system ensiles;
Duke University Health Technology Solutions, 2424 Erwin Road Durham, NC 27710 h
(February 2008-September 2008)
Senior IT Manager of Duke University Health Technology Solutions Teams
Senior IT Manager of Duke University Medicines Operations 24x7 Teams for Duke Un
Medical Center, Durham Regional Hospital, Duke Raleigh Hospital and 100+ regiona
l clinics
responsible for growth of personnel, technical skills enhancements, and continui
ty of operations
across all Duke related entities at a moments notice. Recognized for moving a da
ta center to make
way for Dukes new future Cancer Center seamlessly uninterrupted to patient care.
Also noted as a
systems change management leader in the medical IT system for Dukes 9 ACIOS (cov
hospitals, labs, clinics, and all connecting networks). Technical lead on deploy
ing a new Operations
Team desktop to consolidate teams from Durham Regional Hospital to Duke Hospital
to save money
leveraging Citrix/VMware technologies.
7902 Herndon Road h Durham, North Carolina 27713
Cell/mobile Contact Number: 919-656-6775 h kpaecf7e@westpost.net
IBM CORPORATION, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina h 1987-2007
Program Director (2006-2007)
Software Product and Project Manager of Development and Marketing, IBM Retail St
ore Solutions
Network Systems Management. Charged with developing sole network systems managem
strategy and product offering to support $680M business plan. Coordinated develo
pment, marketing,
and sales functions. Formulated R&D delivery plan. Oversaw launch and event plan
ning, and all
levels of post-launch support.
h Delivered more than $10M above plan by creating plan to support free network s
management application for all IBM hardware.
h Produced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) strategy that outperformed competitors.
Program Director (2005-2006)
Business Product and Market Manager for Tivoli Network Systems Management and Se
curity. Also
served as Portfolio Business Manager, Product Strategy for Development and Marke
ting. Planned
and led revitalization and growth for Tivolis mainframe (System z/390) market. M
anaged crossdivisional
software and technology systems management team to support dual Tivoli and IBM
hardware strategies, including development, service, sales, and marketing.
h Directed sales and marketing of zSeries systems management, storage, and secur
ity products.
h Coordinated design and delivery of new strategy initiatives.
Program Director, Lotus Marketing (2004-2005)
Manager of Worldwide Software Subscriptions and Renewals. Prepared marketing pla
ns for support
$500M Lotus WorkPlace maintenance revenue stream.
h Conducted training for sales renewal staff in areas such as sales processes, o
ffers, promotions,
marketing communications, and ibm.com telesales web resources.
h Lotus Representative on IBM Software Group Worldwide Maintenance Board. Worked
global sales business unit executives and software group annuity executives on s
trategic plans.
Program Director & Product Manager of Marketing and Development (2001-2004)
Led Product Management team for Networking Middleware Software Products. Project
Manager for
Development and Marketing of WebSphere and Lotus lines. Oversaw customer require
determination, packaging, integration, and delivery for one of IBMs fastest-grow
ing lines.
Supervised 7 direct and 20 indirect reports.
h Played key role in growing product line from $0 to $170M in less than 4 years.
h Developed and implemented WebSphere Portal Beta Program. Acquired and supporte
d 50
platinum customers and 100 business partners worldwide.
h Facilitated several million dollars in revenue from WebSphere Portal Family pr
Senior Product Market Manager & Development Manager (2000-2001)
Managed introduction of WebSphere Site Analyzer business intelligence tool, whic
h went on to
produce over $10M during IBM lifecycle.
h Directed product marketing and development for WebSphere Application Server. O
complete SDLC, from requirements determination through to post-launch customer s
7902 Herndon Road h Durham, North Carolina 27713
Cell/mobile Contact Number: 919-656-6775 h kpaecf7e@westpost.net
Advisory Product Marketing Manager (1999-2000)
h Served as Country Program Marketing Manager for Europe region. Held responsibi
lity for
Network Control and CommServer/390 zSeries product families, among others.
(IBM Corp., continued)
Advisory Network Software Development Release Manager (1996-1999)
h Led development of host-based networking software solutions for multiple mainf
rame platforms.
h Delivered superior levels of customer satisfaction and product quality.
h Supervised ~20 direct and 50 indirect reports
Functional & System Test Manager, Network Control Program (1993-1996)
NCP Functional Verification Tester & Team Leader (1987-1993)
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, summa cum laude
Florida A&M University, Tallahassee, Florida (1984 V 1987)
IBM Management training, Diversity, Leadership, Technical Vitality, Innovation,
Defect Prevention,
Business Finance, Export Regulations, IBM technologies, Project Management
Working Knowledge of Citrix VMware Implementations/Cloud Computing at Duke Unive
rsity and
Duke Medicine, Windows OSs, Linux, OS 390, AIX, UNIX, MS Office, MS Project, Lot
us Notes,
Oracle, WebSphere Application Servers and Portals, Tivoli applications, DB2, SOA
DNS, DHCP, VoIP, ISDN, NCP, LAN/WAN, ITIL, Quality Analysis/Systems Testing, SDL
waterfall methodology
Awards: 2 IBM Bravo Management Awards, 2 IBM Team Awards, 3 IBM Individual Award
s, Author
Recognition Award, IBM Thanks Award, multiple recognitions for performance
Affiliations: Triangle Product Marketing Association, Black Data Processing Asso
Community: Durham NC Jordan High School Parent Booster Reprehensive for Girls an
d Boys
Track and Field; Active Member of the Beta Phi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi
7902 Herndon Road h Durham, North Carolina 27713
Cell/mobile Contact Number: 919-656-6775 h kpaecf7e@westpost.net
Dear IT Hiring Sir/ Madam:
Immediate hiring opportunity so act quickly
Dear Hiring Manager,
Facilitating business and customer IT implementation growth and productivity thr
ough the effective
alignment of technology development and product implementations are just a few o
f the many ways
I was successful in impacting operational performance, profitability, and compet
itiveness during my
extensive career with industry leaders Duke University Health Technology Solutio
ns (DHTS) and
IBM Corporation. With 23 years of IT experience in directing technology, product
development, IT
change management leadership, marketing programs and projects, I offer a unique
combination of
managerial, customer perspective, and technical expertise. I am seeking to contr
ibute to an
organization such as yours in an IT management position; Ive included my resume
for your
Recently, as of August 2010, I worked with the DHTS team playing a key role of 2
4x7 Senior IT
Operations Manager, Senior IT Business Operations Analyst, and Change Management
lead for all
Duke Medical systems enforcing IT continuity focused on patient care and staff I
T systems for all
supported vendor hardware and software and for all Duke owned software and hardw
are in their
data centers. I also had the task of leading disaster recovery plans and configu
ration management
database updates (CMDB). I recently left Duke to find a new opportunity to get b
ack into
management that leverages my recent Duke customer experience with my Duke and IB
management experience.
In the past with IBM, I played an instrumental role in the enhancement of techno
logies and business
performance in roles such as Software Development Release Manager, Product Marke
Manager, Project Manager, and Program Director. During my time with IBM, I playe
d a key role in
the success of multi-million dollar products and programs with IBM Lotus, Web Sp
here, Tivoli, and
others. A sample of my many achievements includes:
h Facilitating over $690M through the effective development and deployment of a
and product offering strategy for IBMs network systems management product.
h Serving as Business Product and Market Manager for the highly successful Tivol
i line.
h Producing marketing plans to support the $500M Lotus Workplace program.
h Building a new product line from $0 to $170M in only 3 years.
h Managing the introduction of a new product that eventually delivered $10M in r
h Directing software development, product testing, and quality teams.
I am adept at leading technical teams, and serving as the liaison between busine
ss and technical
groups. My work has included conducting training, coordinating design and delive
ry of new
initiatives, leading program revitalization activities, and implementing best pr
actices. Throughout my
career, Ive ensured IBMs ability to outperform its competitors and delivered Duk
e Medicine IT
technical contacts and leadership expertise.
For a more detailed presentation of my skills and background, please review the
enclosed resume
and feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.
Kenneth Lowell Perry (kpaecf7e@westpost.net) (919) 656-6775