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An engineering management professional with project management, facility managem
ent and operations experience. Demonstrated skills in identifying opportunities
for improvement and innovation in an organization through the monitoring of proj
ect performance, key performance indicators and people development.
* Strategic planning * Planning and priority setting
* Project management * Contract negotiations
* Managing and coaching people * Team and relationship building
* Customer focused * Analytical decision making

Manager, Technology Operations Engineering (1997-2009)

Colgate's Global Technology Center is a 75 acre, 450,000 sq. ft. facility that s
upports R&D, Pilot Plant, Global Data Center and Global Supply Chain activities.
Directed a $10mm per year capital improvement program and had $5mm operating b
udget responsibility. Responsible for all site maintenance executed through a t
hird party outsourced maintenance provider (Sodexo). Administered performance ma
nagement and career development activities for 5 engineers and 3 designers. Man
aged data center infrastructure that supported SAP systems in 106 countries, glo
bal e-mail and information interface to 15,000+ business partners.
* Developed managed and controlled all phases of capital projects including sche
duling, planning, cost estimating and project execution. Managed multiple comple
x projects at different sites. Developed work breakdown structure and critical p
ath and communicated critical milestones to project teams. Resolved conflicts on
construction sites and with construction contracts. Kept senior management info
rmed on project status and presented project updates periodically.
* Colgate's Technology Center had outdated laboratories and cafeteria and meetin
g space was inadequate. Assembled a series of one off projects into a Strategic
Site Plan that linked Colgate's business goals of getting closer to the profess
ion, trade and consumer with the outcomes of the project. Presented technical a
nd business rational to management and got approval for the $60mm, 5 year projec
t. Demonstrated cross functional team leadership during lab, cafeteria and inno
vation center design. Project is currently under construction.
* Conducted an audit of newly configured Global Data Center. Identified 5 singl
e points of failure that could have resulted in the shutting down of Colgate's G
lobal Data Center with business interruptions and lost revenue of $55mm per day.
Presented problem and solution to the CIO of the corporation. Led this $10mm
project to improve Colgate's Global Data Center's reliability to a level Tier 4
with 99.999% reliability. Completed the project without any data center downtim
e or business interruptions.
* Reduced construction project contractor accidents to zero. Developed program
to review and qualify contractors based on their EMR rate, documented safety pla
ns and insurance levels. Instituted stringent guidelines for contractor selecti
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Operations Manager (Acquired The Mennen Co.), Morristown, NJ (1992-1997)

Managed production of Mennen Speed Stick products for distribution in the US and
globally. Annual revenue value shipped of $500mm with an expense budget of $17
2mm. Direct span of control over 400 hourly and 55 exempt employees in quality,
manufacturing, engineering, procurement and maintenance. Developed the vision f
or the facility in safety, quality, customer service, team development and fisca
l responsibility and communicated it clearly and simply.
* Developed safety program with feedback of unsafe behaviors at its' core that r
esulted in a 50% drop in accidents the first year and a steady decrease in succe
eding years.
* Drove team development model of 5 stages of team development. Empowered teams
to be self directed and gave them the tools to drive continuous improvement effo
* Implemented Funding the Growth Program that identified areas to focus on to re
duce waste. Established teams, brainstormed and implemented ideas that resulted
in a $1.5mm savings in the first year.
* Instituted a Gain Sharing program. This rewards and recognition program estab
lished baseline key performance indicators in safety, quality and customer servi
ce levels. As the organization improved its' performance and generated savings
50% was paid to the associates in the form of a bonus. The hourly associates re
ceived a 7% bonus the first year of the program and an 11% bonus the second.
Facility Manager
Led the Project Engineering Team and Maintenance Department that supported Menne
n Speed Stick production globally. Provided clear direction and defined priorit
ies to 4 supervisors and 55 craftsmen in four trades groups that supported the 5
0 acre, 500,000 sq. ft. production and office campus. During a period of rapid
growth following the acquisition of the Mennen Co. by Colgate Palmolive in 1992,
developed plans and strategies to support the business and translated objective
s into action plans.
* A consent decree issued by the Department of Environmental Protection ordered
the Mennen Company to design and construct a waste water treatment plant to cont
rol effluent prior to discharging it the local public owned treatment works. De
veloped scope and costs. Employed the services of a competent waste water desig
n firm to conduct a treatability study. Analyzed results and evaluated treatmen
t technologies. Made decisions on means and methods for treatment and managed t
he design and construction of the $7mm treatment plant. The plant went on line
in 1991 one month ahead of schedule and met all parameters issued by the DEP.
* Reduced down time in the production area by 19% and improved line efficiency b
y 11% by establishing a computerized maintenance management and predictive maint
enance program.
Project Engineer
Executed capital projects in the aluminum powders production areas during this r
apid growth period for the company due to increased activity in NASA's space shu
ttle program and other Department of Defense programs. Managed $2mm per year in
capital projects and directed maintenance personnel during construction activit
* Designed, developed and installed modified aluminum power collection equipment
that increased collection efficiency by 4% and reduced scrap losses by 11%.
Professional Development Programs: Center for Creative Leadership
Advanced Project Management AMA
Managing Multiple Projects AMA