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Address: 15623 East 51st Place

Denver CO 80239
Cell: 720-560-8009
I am a US citizen. I have worked in the USA with the Government at State and Fed
eral levels. I have also worked in the Banking Industry (both commercial and mer
chant) and in the Oil-industry. I have passed the USA SF85P (Public Trust Positi
on form - equivalent to Security Clearance). I am a skilled Oracle DBA and Devel
oper with over fifteen years industry experience. Certified as Oracle developer,
certified DBA on all Oracle platforms up to 11g and also certified in J2EE Web-
Development. My work had involved Database administration, systems design, data-
modeling and applications development. As a DBA I have been involved with Backup
/Recovery strategic planning and implementations, Database Tuning, Local and Rem
ote Database monitoring, maintenance and support (24x7). Database Installation,
Patching, Security-level issues and user-roles, Data-Loads, Data-migration and e
xtensive PL/SQL Programming, dynamic SQL, also using OEM, DBA studio, SQL*Loader
, Data-Loads, etc. As a developer, the tools and Languages I have applied includ
e PL/SQL, TOAD, JAVA, J2EE, JSP, EJB, STRUTS, ODBC, JDBC, Oracle Forms, Reports,
Cold-Fusion, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, etc. I have worked on UNIX, LINUX, Windows
and LAN Network platforms. I have a wealth of experience in SQL, Functions and
Stored Procedure programming to support Web-developer-teams, returning structure
d parameters and REF-Cursors, also involved in the web-programming writing Data-
Objects, SERVLETS, etc. Have used several utilities to extract, transform and tr
ansfer legacy data. Other tools and languages I have used are JavaScript, HTML,
XML, Debugger, PL/SQL Developer, VISIO and Erwin for Entity Relationship Diagram
Certified Oracle DBA Certified Oracle Developer Certified Web Developer
Oracle DBA, some DataGuard Oracle Developer, JAVA /J2EE Developer
Oracle 6.0/7.0/8.0/8i/9i/10g/11g Oracle Developer 2000 HTML, Java Script, CSS
Strong PL/SQL Developer Oracle Forms 3.0/4.5/6.0/9i XML, Ref-Cursors
Data-Loads, import/export Oracle Reports 2.5/6.0/9i JSP, EJB, STRUTS,
Oracle Installations, Patching Oracle Designer 10g Resource Bundle
Database Connectivity PL/SQL, SQL, dynamic SQL Cold Fusion,
Backup/Recovery Strategies TOAD, SQL-Developer TOMCAT, WEBLOGIC
Database Tuning, Statspack OWI PLSQL Developer, Triggers, Jarkarta ANT
Data Modeling Parameterized Cursors Servlets, DataObjects
ERD, Erwin 9iAS, APEX 3.0, APEX 4.0 Dreamweaver
Oracle DBA Studio VISIO, ERWIN Macromedia, Fireworks
RDB, RDBMS Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP PC Network, LAN
Database Monitoring 24x7 IBM Mainframes, VMS, VAX PC Anywhere
Metalink, Tar, Service requests IBM 34/36, RPG Telnet, FTP
DataGuard, Exposed to RAC Forms/Reports Builder
BS, Computer Sciences (1st class Hon), OCP
Oracle Developer certified
Oracle DBA certified (Oracle 8, 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g)
Sun Certified Professional (Java, J2ee, Web-components)
1. Advantica - GL Group (Oracle DBA/Developer/Support) 08:2008 - 09:2010
* Working on oil/gas supplies systems using Oracle Databases and Oracle software
* Supporting about 10 Oracle databases including Development, Test and Productio
n Databases
* Ensuring good performances on the Databases supporting the ESRI, ArcGIS, Uptim
e Geo/Graphical GIS mapping software
* Installing Oracle 9, 10g and 11g Databases on Windows, Linux and Solaris Machi
* High Technical Support to team members and remote customers
* Maintaining, Monitoring and Tuning the databases
* Patching databases for update Oracle versions
* Applying Unix and Windows scripts with PL/SQL to ensure database performances
* Configuring Oracle Enterprise Manager to send out emails and alerts to ensure
the health of the databases
* Programming PL/SQL and APEX 3.0, APEX 4.0 (Oracle Application Express). Callin
g multiple Forms and Reports.
* Programming Packages, Procedures, Functions and Triggers using PL/SQL
* DataGuard, Exposed to RAC.
Tools: Oracle9i, Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g, DataGuard, OEM, STATSPACK, Oracle Wait
Interface, 10g EM, RMAN, SQL-Developer, PL/SQL,
SQL, Stored procedures, Oracle Installer, Patches, APEX, SVN


1. United States Department of Transportation (DBA/Web-Developers Support) 04:2
007 - 05:2008
* Oracle Databases (Local and Remote) installations and configuring, Patching an
d Administration (on Windows and Linux)
* Reversed Engineer the ERD for the Production and Development databases using O
racle Designer 10g
* Installed Linux and Oracle 11g, Exposed to DataGuard
* Design Backup strategy. Used RMAN and RMAN scripts
* Maintained the databases, Planned and Performed Backup, Recovery. Extensive PL
/SQL Programming
* Designed, modeled, normalized and implemented logical and physical models
* Support to Web Developers writing stored procedures and returning data to appl
* Programmed using SQL, PL/SQL
Tools: Oracle 9i, 10g, Linux 11g, DataGuard, OEM, STATSPACK, Oracle Wait Interf
ace, 10g EM, RMAN, TOAD, SQL-Developer, 10g EM, PL/SQL, SQL, Stored procedures,
Oracle Installer, Patches, Installed Dataguard on Linux.
2. Colorado State Bureau of Investigation (DBA/Web-Developer) 10:2003 - 03:200
* One of the team of DBAs in charge of the Background Checking in Colorado State
(Equivalent to CRB in the UK)
* Oracle Databases (Local and Remote) installations and configuring, Patching an
d Administration
* Maintained the databases, Planned and Performed Backup, Recovery. Extensive PL
/SQL Programming
* Designed, modeled, normalized and implemented logical and physical models
* Installed Oracle Developer 2000 products (forms and reports).
* Programmed using SQL, PL/SQL, JAVA, J2EE, JSP, HTML, EJB
* Designed and developed the NIBRS Query Application using HTML, Java, J2ee, Web
logic, Servlets, Structs, JavaBeans and Resource-Bundle
* Designed and developed the TWA application using HTML, Java, J2ee, Tomcat, St
ructs, EJB and Resource-Bundle
* Designed and developed the Grant Management Application using Oracle Developer
2000 and Oracle 9iAS with OC4J container
Tools: Oracle 9i, 10g, OEM, DBA-Studio, TOAD, PL/SQL, SQL, Stored procedures, J
ava, J2ee, JSP, EJB, Struts, HttpServlets, SQLLDR, Oracle Forms 9i, Reports 9i,
Oracle Installer, Oracle Developer, Oracle 9i, 10g, OEM
3. COMCAST Telecommunications (DBA/Web-Developer) 04:2003 - 10:2003
* Several Oracle Databases supporting satellite broadcasting in the USA, Latin A
merica and Canada
* Database Installations, configuring, Tuning and Administration. Backup/Recover
y, Data-Loads
* Backup/Recovery, Extensive PL/SQL Programming to support the Web-developers
* Designed, modeled, normalized and implemented logical and physical models
* Programmed using SQL, PL/SQL, JAVA, J2EE, JSP, HTML, EJB
Tools: OEM, DBA studio, TOAD, SQLLDR, UTL_FILE, PL/SQL, SQL, Java, J2ee, JSP, E
JB, Servlets, Oracle Installer, Oracle 8i, Oracle 9i
4. UNIVANCE Telecommunications (DBA/Analyst Programmer) 04:2002 - 03:2003
* Working within a team of Oracle database Architects, Analysts and developers o
n integrating existing Oracle applications to the Web-based internet server (Ora
cle 9iAS).
* Analyzing existing systems, conducting surveys, interviewing
* Writing business requirements, functional specifications and planning implemen
* Planning approach to integrate RAIM-Inventory system, Payables, Receivables an
d the CORE, UPC pricing system.
* Drawing processing flows using VISIO and documenting strategies for Backup and
recovery and Data Warehousing.
* Plan to write PL/SQL code, implement Oracle Apps 11i, Forms 6i and Report 6i.
Tools: PL/SQL, SQL, Forms 6i and Report 6i, Oracle 9iAS, Apps 11i, MS Word, Pow
erpoint, Excel, VISIO
5. Compuware Corporation (Professional Staff) 08:1998 - 03:2002
- On Project @ University of Illinois (ORACLE DBA / PL/SQL Programmer)
- On Project @ Compuware Main Office (ORACLE DBA / Forms Programmer)
- On Project @ Chordiant/Prime Response (ORACLE Technical Support)
- On Project @ ICG (ORACLE PL/SQL Programmer)
- On Project @ Epidemic Marketing (ORACLE PL/SQL Programmer)
- On Project @ Fairway Systems (Forms Programmer)
- On Project @MCI and @ ICG (Analyst/Tester)
* Worked within a team of JAVA/JSP/HTML Programmers and testers on several web-b
ased system.
* Enhanced many JSP programs, PL/SQL, Stored Procedures and Functions
* Installed Oracle databases 8.1.5, 8.1.7, 9.1, 9.2
* Administered the databases, performed Backup, Recovery, Maintained, Monitored,
* Designed, developed, normalized and implemented many logical and physical mode
* Wrote SQL, PL/SQL Stored procedures, Triggers, REF-Cursors, User-Type Structur
es, etc
* Data-Loads, Import/Export, UTL_FILE, SQL-Loader, Transform, Transfer
* Created tablespaces, datafiles, tables, views, users, sequences and other obje
cts to support users applications.
* Installed Oracle Developer 2000 products (forms, reports and graphics) and pro
grammed them
* Provide high-level technical support to Clients in the USA, Canada, South Amer
ica and Britain
* Carried out system tests, mal-functions, tracked case information and provided
technical solutions to Clients
* Programmed Server side SQL, PL/SQL pulling data from the Data WareHouse/Legacy
* Applied ODBC to link ACCESS database to Oracle database tables and views
* Worked on the Entity Relationship Models. Documented using Word, Excel and Vis
* Worked within a team of analysts and testers for a Y2K compliant project.
Tools: Oracle Installer, Oracle Developer, Oracle 8I, SQL*DBA, PL/SQL, SQL*LOAD
, SQL,
TOAD, Export, Import, Oracle Forms 6.0, Report 6.0, Oracle Installer, Orac
le Developer, Oracle 8I,
SQL*DBA, PL/SQL, SQL, SQL-Loader, PL/SQL Developer, Windows NT, TOAD, VISIO, JAV
ASCRIPT, HTML, Forms 3.0, Report Writer, Microsoft Word, and Excel, PC, UNIX, LA
N, DOS/WINDOWS 98, PC Network LAN, UNIX, Windows NT, Microsoft-Outlook, Word, Ex
cel, Remote dial-in tools, PC Anywhere, Connect-Care, Telnet, FTP
6. (IT) Federal Mortgage Bank and (IT) Unipetrol Aug 1994 - Jun 1998
7. Financial Republic Group Jun 1991 - Jun 1994
8. NAL Merchant Bank (affiliated to AMEX Bank) Mar 1989 - Jun 1994
9. Berger Paints Manufacturing Jun 1984 - Mar 1989
10. Shell Oil / Schlumberger Jul 1979 - Jun 1984
*Designed, developed and implemented various software namely National Mortgage,
Loans administration, Federal Bank and Branches, Payroll, GL Accounting and Stoc
k control, SBS banking systems (Savings, Checking, Loans and Forex), Invoicing,
Accounts receivables, Accounts payables, Fixed Assets and the Production Systems
Tools: Oracle 6, Oracle 7, PL/SQL, SQL-Loader, SQL-Report Writer, SQL-Menu, SQ
L Forms 3.0, SQL Plus, SQL Report, RPG II, COBOL, SQL Menu, FORTRAN, BASIC, MARK
IV, LOTUS 123, Word Perfect, IBM-PC, IBM/34, IBM/36, IBM Mainframe and Bull DPS
6 mini, Oracle SQL Server 6.0, SCO/AIX UNIX, XENIX, DOS, Windows