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William R.

1304 Rachel Court * Pearland, Texas 77581
Home: (281) 992-7466 * Cell: (713) 992-2978 * whb66bbc@westpost.net

Safety Director / Manager

15 years of experience optimizing operations of diverse companies and a large Po
rt Authority organization through outstanding management, technical, and consult
ing expertise. Accomplished and versatile safety professional with proven abilit
y to champion creation of innovative behavior-based health and safety programs f
rom concept through implementation and re-design troubled programs to generate i
mpressive reductions in recordable injuries and reduce workers' compensation pre
miums. Recognized contributor with knowledge and skill needed to embrace difficu
lt health and safety challenges and develop realistic solutions that improve wor
king conditions and enhance safety awareness while managing costs. Articulate an
d collaborative communicator and leader with talent for securing support from di
verse stakeholders regarding health and safety programs and issues and providing
state-of-the-art training and development to staff and contractors to minimize
Behavior-based Safety Programs * Training / Development * Workers' Compensation
Cost Reduction
Policies / Procedures Development * Emergency Preparedness Plans * Recordable In
jury Reduction
Program Start-up / Redesign * Regulatory Compliance * Hazardous Material Handlin

MOHAWK FIELD SERVICES, INC., Tulsa, Oklahoma * 2009
Company that specializes in erection, revamp, and repair of process heaters, inc
inerators, process plant equipment, and piping system installation for petro-che
mical industry.
Project Safety Manager
Charged with directing all aspects of site safety program including job analyses
, daily safety audits, and safety meetings. Spearheaded incident investigations
to determine issues and causes, creating detailed reports and recommending / enf
orcing corrective actions. Conducted forklift and man lift training.
* Optimized company's operations and safety by achieving zero recordable injurie
s and first aid injuries during entire construction project life span which tota
led 25K+ man hours.
ABS CONSULTING, Houston, Texas * 2007-2008
Global engineering and consulting company that is pioneer in probabilistic risk
assessment, process safety management, and hazard modeling for clients within hi
gh technical and regulated industries.
Safety Consultant
Identified and created programs to facilitate implementation of process safety m
anagement criteria for refineries and chemical plants. Conducted PSM audits for
natural gas plants and refineries and prepared oil refineries for National Empha
sis Program audits conducted by OSHA.
* Championed creation of comprehensive health and safety program for all major c
ompany offices within U.S., providing staff training and developing safety handb
ook with relevant policies and procedures for oil refineries.
SELF-EMPLOYED, Pearland, Texas * 2005-2007
Safety representative for oil refinery terminals.
Safety Consultant
Accountable for representing catalyst removal and tower field service companies
and consulting with roofing construction companies during reconstruction at Nava
l Seabee base in Gulfport, Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina. Completed safety
audits and meetings and provided confined space entry, fall protection, persona
l protective equipment requirements, forklift safety, respiratory, and fit testi
ng training.
* Maximized operations for numerous companies by achieving zero recordable injur
ies during turnarounds and zero recordable injuries during reconstruction.
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PORT OF HOUSTON AUTHORITY, Houston, Texas * 2000-2005

Organization that provides administrative and operational support for Port ranke
d 1st within U.S. in foreign waterborne tonnage and in U.S. imports and 2nd in U
.S. export tonnage and total tonnage.
Safety Manager
Spearheaded creation of health and safety program for organization; developing S
afety Handbook including drafting, editing, and implementing of relevant policie
s and procedures. Formed health and safety committees at 2 locations to ensure p
olicies and procedures were followed and revised as needed. Provided health and
safety training to staff and contractors and created auditing program.
* Strengthened Authority's health and safety capabilities and record by promotin
g need and creating comprehensive program where none existed previously, realiz
ing highly successful results.
* Reduced recordable injuries by 26% within 2 years of program's inception while
generating workers' compensation cost savings of 28% during same period. Recor
dable injury reduction had expanded by 51% after 4 years with workers' compensat
ion costs being reduced by 58%.
Major operating unit of Lockheed Martin Corporation that designs, develops, test
s, manufactures, and operates full spectrum of advanced-technology systems for n
ational security, civil, and commercial customers.
Senior Safety Engineer
Directed development and implementation of internal Self-Assessment program to a
udit and evaluate environmental, health, and safety programs; training multi-dis
ciplinary teams to conduct self- assessments. Conducted area audits and employee
/ management interviews and reviewed injury and cost statistics for individual
* Generated reduction of recordable injuries of 17% and workers' compensation co
sts by 21% over 2-year period by performing effective audits and proposing corre
ctive actions to senior management.
SIMPSON PASADENA PAPER COMPANY, Pasadena, Texas * 1995-1998
Shepherded development of targeted safety program for paper mill, organizing hea
lth and safety committee to provide management and employee input into process a
nd creating Area Safety Representative position to monitor working conditions an
d operations. Created Employee Safety Handbook, distributing it to all employees
, and implemented effective auditing program to track program's progress.
* Lowered mill's extra hazardous rating assigned by Texas Workers' Compensation
Commission by reducing recordable injuries by 21% over 2- year period and reduci
ng workers' compensation costs by 12% over same period.
* Enhanced participation of both employees and management in health and safety p
rogram by creating proactive committee and championing development of Area Safet
y Representative position that gave 4 union employees opportunity to receive 2 y
ears of college-level coursework toward Occupational Health and Safety Technicia
n status.
Bachelor of Science in Economics
University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah
* Certified Safety Professional - 240 hours * OSHA - 570 hours
* American Society of Safety Engineers - 264 hours * Fire Protection (NFPA)
- 168 hours
* National Safety Council - 396 hours * Hazardous Waste Management - 108 hou
* National Fire Academy - 100 hours * First Aid / CPR Certification - 240 ho
* U.S. Air Force Safety - 852 hours (American Red