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South Barrington, IL, 60010
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(Email) khbb0e88@westpost.net
City Colleges of Chicago, Chicago, IL.
December 20, 2004 to Present
Independent PeopleSoft/Oracle Consultant
Worked as the Technical Project Manager in the implementation of a PeopleSof
t Student Administration 8.0 (HP-Unix/Oracle platform) system. Managed a staff o
f six developers in completion of numerous Customization, Conversion, and Report
ing tasks. The technical tasks covered several Student Administration modules th
at included Student Records, Campus Community, Student Financials, and Financial
Aid. Worked closely with senior level client personnel in determining project p
lans, deliverables, milestones, and goals. Led project status meetings in an eff
ort to track progress, issues, and identify areas of need. Provided weekly forma
l status reports to senior client representatives in order to gauge progress. Le
d Requirements gathering sessions with client representatives in order to determ
ine Customization and Reporting needs.
Worked directly on numerous customization technical tasks in an effort to e
ffectively meet timelines and project milestones. Using Oracle PL/SQL and People
Code, developed a process to determine student Home Campus depending on majority
enrollment and academic career. Other technical tasks included development and
implementation of a custom Class Roster, custom Grade Roster, several customizat
ions to Schedule of Classes and Schedule New Course Components, determination of
Aggregate Attendance, custom Student Bio-Demo pages and sub-pages, customizatio
n of Student Billing process, Illinois Veterans Grant processing, Student Refund
Check customization, determination of Academic Standing, and development of num
erous Service Indicator related processes. All customizations were developed usi
ng a combination of PeopleTools, PeopleCode, SQR, Application Engine, and Oracle
PL/SQL. Worked directly with functional team in determining project milestones,
goals, timelines, and clarification of functional specifications.
Led a custom Report Development project managing a staff of three developer
s. Report development involved utilizing PeopleTools, PeopleCode, SQL, and SQR a
nd covered all of the above-mentioned Student Administration modules. Numerous r
eporting fronts were managed during this effort. Requests were generated and man
aged from the seven different City College Campus users, the Research and Evalua
tion Office, ICCB (Illinois Community College Board), and District Office users.
Reporting items included annual Degree and Enrollment data, Credit Hours for Re
stricted/Unrestricted funding, Student Disability data, Student Financial Aid Aw
ard categories, Program/Plan assignment data, and Mid-Term/Final Grading data.
Led a Data Conversion project that required migrating 85 Gigabytes of data
from the Legacy Mainframe Student Administration system to an Oracle 10G databas
e environment. Managed relationship with a third party vendor engaged to complet
e the technical aspects of data conversion. Managed a staff of four internal res
ources covering Database Administration, Unix Administration, and Legacy system
Subject Matter Expertise.
ABN AMRO Bank, Chicago, IL. No
vember 5, 2001 to December 17, 2004
Independent PeopleSoft/Oracle Consultant
Worked as the Technical Project Manager in implementing a BancWare Insight
based Funds Transfer Pricing (FTP) module with an interface to PeopleSoft 7.5 E
nterprise Performance Management Data Warehouse (Oracle 8i / HP UNIX environmen
t). As part of the FTP project, worked closely with the Finance staff in conduc
ting design sessions to determine detailed requirements as well as overall proje
ct milestones and goals. Worked directly with the Vendor, Sungard, in clarifying
and identifying key system features as related to the ABN AMRO environment. Use
d the CASE methodology for Project Management in completing all implementation r
elated tasks. Directed three off-shore and two local technical team members in c
ompletion of all PeopleSoft and BancWare related technical tasks. Directly invol
ved in completing numerous technical tasks related to the PeopleSoft and BancWa
re system environments. Tasks included completing all database sizing estimates
for PeopleSoft objects, creating new tablespaces for data and indexes, SQLLOADE
R scripts, Oracle Stored Procedures, and Unix scripts to populate the PeopleSoft
environment from the various BancWare system feeds.
Worked on a variety of different assignments in a PeopleSoft Senior Develop
er role. Worked on two application Upgrades for the PeopleSoft ABM (Activity Bas
ed Management) module (HP-Unix/Oracle platform). The first Upgrade was from v.7.
5 to v.8.0 (PeopleTools v.8.13) and the second was from v.8.0 to v.8.8 (PeopleTo
ols v.8.43). Completed numerous technical tasks related to the upgrade projects
that included all customizations for PeopleTools, PeopleCode, SQR/SQL, Tree Mana
ger, and Application Engine. Completed the PeopleTools upgrades from v.7.57 to v
.8.01 as well as from v.8.01 to v.8.43.14. Used the Upgrade Assistant tool in co
mpleting all PeopleTools Upgrade related tasks. Completed modifications for nume
rous custom Oracle PL/SQL Stored Procedures, Packages, and Triggers built outsid
e of the ABM application. Worked with the Finance User community in tracking and
resolving all Upgrade related issues using Test Director. Worked on complete Pr
oduction Support (24x7) of the ABM module after the Upgrades. Modified numerous
Unix Schell Scripts and Python processes as part of the Upgrades and overall Pr
oduction Support. Completed Mass Compile, Model Copy, and Table Partitioning tas
ks for year-end processing for two consecutive years. Routinely configured numer
ous PeopleSoft environments (Development, QA, Production) for Application Server
, Process Scheduler, and Web Server settings. Worked closely with the DBA and U
NIX groups in monitoring Tablespace and File system space usage and Requirements
in order to keep the ABM system running efficiently. Worked closely with the DB
A group to fine-tune and optimize numerous ABM custom Oracle processes. Prepared
yearly disk requests based on data trends to ensure smooth transition into foll
owing year.
Worked on Development and Production Support of the PeopleSoft Accounts Rec
eivables/Billing module (v.8.0, PeopleTools v.8.18, SQL/Server and Windows NT Pl
atform). Completed numerous AR/Billing related technical tasks using PeopleTools
, PeopleCode, and SQR/SQL. Implemented several PeopleTools, PeopleCode, and SQR
customizations related to the AR/Billing module. Worked closely with the Finance
user community in tracking and resolving defects related to the AR/Billing syst
em. Using the Upgrade Assistant tool, implemented numerous Service Pack Applicat
ion Upgrades/Patches as well as PeopleTools Upgrades/Patches for the AR/Billing
module. Provided complete Production Support for the AR/Billing system. Complete
d database restores routinely to refresh the Development and QA environments wit
h a copy of Production to accommodate user testing for new projects and Service
Pack Upgrades/Patches.
Worked as a Senior Oracle Developer in the Development and Support of a Fin
ancial Analysis Portal (FAP) application. As part of the FAP project, completed
numerous Oracle Development tasks including creation of Oracle PL/SQL Stored Pr
ocedures and Packages to populate FAP tables from various data sources, fine-tu
ning and optimizing of SQL processes and queries, partitioning large tables for
performance improvement and ensuring partition pruning, modifying and testing P
ython and Unix Korn Shell scripts to ensure partitioned tables are being loaded
correctly, Exporting/Importing tablespaces and schemas as part of data refreshes
and migrations, ensuring various Oracle Triggers and Constraints are disabled b
efore the Export/Import process is executed in order to avoid out of sequence da
ta conditions for certain tables. Worked extensively with the Embarcadero DB Art
isan software product which is used for data management, database administration
, and querying.
U.S. Government, Department of Veterans Affairs, Washington D.C. Ma
y 6, 2001 to November 1, 2001
Independent PeopleSoft Consultant
Worked as a Senior Developer on a PeopleSoft 8.0 Time & Labor implementation
(DB2 UDB platform). Using PeopleCode, Application Engine, and SQL Objects, compl
eted numerous complex customizations and modifications related to the Time & Lab
or module. Customizations included creating new Pages/Panels to incorporate an e
mployee's consolidated Work Schedule, adding new Time Reporting Code functionali
ty to the delivered Punch Time and Schedule Shift Pages/Panels, and adding new f
unctionality to determine the various Schedule Types for Employees. Additional m
odifications included using Application Engine and SQL Objects to complete sever
al Time & Labor Rules for properly handling Alternative Work Schedules for emplo
yees, handling Overtime specifications for employees, and handling Holiday sched
ules. Conducted detailed design sessions with the Functional team to clearly def
ine requirements and deliverables related to all Customizations and Modification
s. Worked extensively with the Employee Self Service as well as the Manager Self
Service pieces of PeopleSoft as part of the Customization/Modification work. Wo
rked with the HRMS/Payroll 7.5 team to determine integration/setup issues as wel
l as expectations and requirements between Time & Labor and HRMS/Payroll. Worked
closely with the DBAs and System Administrators to resolve Time & Labor process
ing issues as well as implementing solutions to fine-tune and optimize various p
rocesses. Worked on applying numerous PeopleTools and Application patches for th
e Time and Labor module. Routinely configured numerous PeopleSoft environments (
Development, QA, Production) for Application Server, Process Scheduler, and Web
Server settings.
Leo Burnett Corporation, Chicago, IL. October 9,
2000 to April 20, 2001
Independent PeopleSoft Consultant
Worked as a Senior Developer in completing the full life-cycle implementation
of a critical Time and Expense Reporting interface (Captura) to PeopleSoft ver.
7.5 (Oracle 8.0 / HP Unix platform). Developed numerous new Panels, Records, Qu
eries, Crystal Reports, PeopleCode programs, and SQR programs as part of the Cap
tura project, affecting several PeopleSoft modules including General Ledger, Acc
ounts Payables, Projects, Order Management, HRMS, and Time & Labor. Worked close
ly with Finance, as well as Human Resources personnel, in gathering requirements
, setting task priorities, and completing user acceptance testing, related to th
e Captura project. Responsible for standard Production Support for all above-me
ntioned PeopleSoft modules, as well as the Purchasing and HRMS Payroll modules.
Implemented numerous SQL, SQR, Oracle PL/SQL, and PeopleCode enhancements to the
Financials and HRMS modules to improve process efficiency, accuracy, and databa
se tuning. As part of Production Support for all above-mentioned modules, implem
ented a variety of solutions on an as-needed basis. Solutions included debugging
existing SQR interface programs as well as writing new ones, debugging and enha
ncing numerous PL/SQL Packages and Procedures, debugging existing PeopleCode pro
grams as well as writing new ones, completing numerous PeopleTools related enhan
cements, modifying and enhancing several Korn Shell Unix scripts, and creating a
nd modifying several PeopleSoft Queries and Crystal Reports. Worked on applying
numerous PeopleTools and Application patches for the HRMS and Projects modules.
Zurich Kemper Life Company, Schaumburg, IL. February 22, 1999 to Octobe
r 6, 2000
Technical Development Manager
Worked as Technical Development Manager in successfully completing Y2K system
testing for release 5.10 of the General Ledger and Accounts Payables modules (O
racle / HP UNIX platform). Directed 5 technical team members in successf
ul completion of several Y2K compliance related tasks, using the CASE methodolog
y for Project Management. Directly involved in the analysis, modification, testi
ng, and implementation of several custom SQR programs, PeopleCode programs, Crys
tal Reports, Queries, and PeopleSoft delivered panels, to ensure Y2K compliance.
Analyzed several Y2K PeopleTools patches, as well as General Ledger and Account
s Payables Application patches, to assess applicability in the Zurich Kemper Lif
e environment. Delivered recommendations to senior management regarding Y2K patc
h applicability. Worked with Peoplesoft, Inc. in applying the PeopleTools 5.12.
50 patch to the Production General Ledger and Accounts Payables environment. The
PeopleTools 5.12.50 patch utilized PeopleSoft's 50/50 Date Windowing logic to e
nsure Y2K compliance. Conducted user training in the use of Crystal Reports 7.0
SQL Designer, as a replacement for the non-Y2K compliant, PeopleSoft 5.12.20 Que
ry tool. Worked closely with Financial Operations personnel in completing Y2K te
sting, as well as determining all other project priorities. Using SQR, created,
tested, and implemented several new Accounts Payables and General Ledger interfa
ce feeds to the Production environment. Responsible for 24x7 technical Productio
n Support for the General Ledger and Accounts Payables systems. Implemented a va
riety of solutions on as as-needed basis for Production Support of the General L
edger and Accounts Payables systems. Solutions included debugging existing SQR i
nterface programs for error conditions and performance efficiency, modifying Kor
n Shell Unix scripts for error conditions, making PeopleTools and Peoplecode rel
ated changes, resolving issues with General Ledger and Accounts Payables interfa
ce files, enhancing and fine-tuning Oracle PL/SQL Packages and Procedures, resol
ving issues with the Maestro Job Scheduler tool as well as the File Transfer Pro
tocol (FTP) process, ensuring system availability and stability, and working wit
h DBAs to fine-tune and optimize several General Ledger and Accounts Payables re
lated SQR processes, queries, and Crystal reports. In addition, coordinated with
the technical and functional teams all system maintenance projects such as Peop
leSoft patch application, Oracle patch application, Oracle database backups, Ora
cle database recycling, Oracle run statistics and index rebuilds, and Unix patch
application. Created and executed a Project Plan for each system maintenance pr
oject to ensure successful and timely completion.
CNA Corporation, (Chicago, IL). December 29, 1997 to
December 31, 1998
Technical Team Leader
Successfully led an Upgrade of PeopleSoft's Asset Management module from rele
ase 5.1 to 7.0 (Oracle / HP UNIX platform). Directed 3 technical team me
mbers in successful completion of several Upgrade related technical tasks, using
the CASE methodology for Project Management. Directly involved in migrating all
Panels, Records, Queries, Trees, SQR and PeopleCode Customizations, as part of
the Upgrade. Applied PeopleTools 7.01.30 patch and several Asset Management Appl
ication patches as part of the Upgrade. Designed and developed interface program
s using SQR to feed the Asset Management system from PeopleSoft General Ledger 5
.1, the Mainframe, and the Web. Designed Korn shell UNIX scripts to execute the
newly created interface SQR programs that would populate the Shared tables betwe
en Asset management and General Ledger on a nightly basis. Worked with the Sched
ulers to create an AUTOSYS job scheduling script that would execute the newly cr
eated Korn Shell scripts on a nightly basis. Worked with the DBAs to implement n
umerous SQR, SQL, and Oracle PL/SQL related enhancements to fine tune and optimi
ze the Asset Management system. Responsible for keeping up to date and implement
ing PeopleSoft code fixes and patches. Involved in Y2K compliance testing for re
lease 7.0 of the Asset Management System. Responsible for standard Production Su
pport of the Asset Management system. As part of PeopleSoft Accounts Payables an
d Purchasing 7.5 implementation, added 13 new Chart Fields for the two modules,
using PeopleSoft's recommended procedures for Chart Field Customizations that co
nsisted of two panels - Project Outline and Project Results. As part of the Char
tfield Customization process, modified numerous Records, Panels, Queries, People
Code programs, SQR programs, and Application Engine Statements in accordance wit
h the Project Results panel. Worked as a team resource in the use of relational
AAR Corp., (Wood Dale, IL). December 23, 1996
to December 22, 1997
Business Solutions Analyst
Communicated and resolved Oracle Data Warehouse related Information Technolog
y issues, between the IT department and the User community. Developed Oracle Dat
a Warehouse based Performance Metrics to enable senior management to track backl
og, turnaround time, and inventory levels. Worked with DBAs to fine-tune and opt
imize numerous user queries and reports. Created and maintained numerous Oracle
Data Warehouse based reports, using several Oracle tools. Converted numerous mai
nframe reports into the Oracle environment utilizing PL/SQL, SQLLOADER, Summary
tables, and Data Browser software. Conducted user training in use of the Oracle
Data Warehouse and Discoverer 2000 (Data Browser, Data Query) software. Worked o
n converting several stand-alone Access databases into the Oracle Data Warehouse
environment. Completed training in the use of Oracle Express OLAP tool. Worked
with the Oracle Corporation to configure and install the Oracle Express software
for several users. Responsible for overall Production Support and Maintenance o
f the Oracle Data Warehouse system.
Motorola, Inc., Land Mobile Products Sector, (Schaumburg, IL).
June 22, 1992 to December 20, 1996
Senior Programmer/Analyst
Responsible for Development, Maintenance, and Global User Support for a DB2 a
nd COBOL based Sales/Marketing Data Warehouse system, as well as a Teradata and
COBOL based Sales/Marketing Data Warehouse system. Developed an interface to fee
d the DB2 Data Warehouse system from an Oracle Data Warehouse system. Using the
ERwin Data Modeling tool, assisted in the Data Modeling effort for the Oracle Da
ta Warehouse system that provided a Sales/Marketing feed to the DB2 Data Warehou
se. Completed Oracle's Data Modeling & Database Design course. Determined new pr
ogramming requirements in conjunction with user personnel for the DB2 and Terada
ta Data Warehouses. Modified existing DB2/COBOL and Teradata/COBOL programs to c
onform to efficiency improvements, user requirements, and to correct errors. Per
formed unit and system testing for programs affecting the DB2 and Teradata Data
Warehouse systems. Developed Performance metrics, based off the DB2 and Teradat
a Data Warehouses, to ensure data accuracy and reliability. Worked with DB2 and
Teradata DBAs to fine-tune and optimize numerous user queries and reports. Perfo
rmed standard Extraction/Transfer/Load (ETL) functions utilizing DB2 and Teradat
a utilities. Responsible for 24x7 Production Support for the DB2 and Teradata D
ata Warehouse systems. Assisted in the Data Modeling and Development effort for
an Operational Data Store (ODS) system that contained Sales/Marketing informatio
n received from numerous global interface feeds. Completed training in the use o
f BRIO ETL tool which was used as the front-end for the ODS. Provided user suppo
rt in use of the BRIO ETL tool.
SOFTWARE PeopleSoft Skills: Development in the PeopleTools 8.43.14, 8.18, 8.13,
7.51, 7.02, and 5.12 environments. Programming in SQR, PeopleCode. Solid knowled
ge of Application Engine 8.0, PeopleCode 8.0 Debugger, Data Mover, Process Sched
uler, Import Manager, Tree Manager, Mass Change, PeopleSoft Query, Crystal Repor
ts, Configuration Manager, Upgrade Assistant, and Security Admininstrator. Knowl
edgeable in starting, stopping, and monitoring status of Process Scheduler in al
l PeopleTools environments. Training completed for PeopleTools I release 8.0, P
eopleTools I release 7.5, PeopleTools II release 7.5, PeopleTools 8 Delta, Peopl
eCode, Business Process Design, Data Management Tools, PeopleSoft Payables I and
PeopleSoft Purchasing.
Data Warehousing Skills: Development in Oracle, DB2, and Teradata based Data War
ehouse systems. Solid knowledge of Oracle SQL, DB2 SQL, and Teradata SQL. Profic
ient with SQLLOADER, Embarcadero DBArtisan and ERStudio, Oracle Data Browser 2.0
, and Oracle Data Query 4.0. Solid knowledge of BRIO ETL Tool, DB2 Utilities inc
luding Query Management Facility (QMF), SPUFI, and IKJEFT01.Solid knowledge of T
eradata Utilities including Batch Teradata Query (BTEQ), Interactive Teradata Qu
ery (ITEQ), ITBMAIN, BLKMAIN, and FASTMAIN. NCR administered Teradata technical
training completed. Oracle administered Data Modeling and Database Design, as we
ll as Oracle Express training completed.
Other Technical Skills: Programming in COBOL, SPSS-X, and PASCAL. Knowledgeable
in recycling Oracle databases for performance efficiency. Knowledge of Maestro,
Cron, and AUTOSYS job scheduling software. Knowledge of MVS, TSO/ISPF, JCL, IMS,
and various IBM utilities. Exposure to C, Powerbuilder, PL/SQL, AS400.
Miscellaneous Software: Microsoft Project, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Mi
crosoft Word, Visio, Microsoft Power Point, Dbase III Plus, BriefCase 2.0, Lotus
123, Minitab, SAS.
Operating Systems: HP-UNIX, AIX-UNIX, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT,
Windows 3.1. Familiar with CMS and MS DOS 3.0.
University of Illinois at Chicago. Bachelor of Science. Information & Decision
May 1992, (4.0/5.0).
Concentration: Management Information Systems.
Dean's List, University Of Illinois at Chicago. Two quarters.
Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society. Member since my freshman year.