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Anthony DeLeonardis
12449 Senda Road
San Diego, CA92163
Phone: 858-521-9140
Cell: 858-413-6662
Email : adbe6506@westpost.net


Mr. DeLeonardis has 17 years of experience in the planning, development and con
struction of commercial and engineering projects and spent another eight years
working on government and military programs. He holds both a California General
Engineering Contractor's license (A266061) as well as a California General Bui
lding Contractor's license (B266061). He also has a B.S. degree in business adm
inistration and economics.
Mr. DeLeonardis is a multi-tasker, thoroughly experienced in managing numerous
projects at one time, ranging from smaller construction jobs to large-scale eff
orts. (See Partial Construction List below.) He has won several awards for outst
anding design and quality of his projects. His experience covers the entire de
velopment and construction cycle from start to finish.
Directed numerous horizontal and vertical construction projects as an independen
t general building and engineering contractor running Karwin Company, a real est
ate development firm.
Civil engineering projects included the construction of streets and roadways,
curbs, gutters and sidewalks, street lighting, traffic signals and electrical
substations. Others required mapping and surveying, demolition, excavation, g
rading, trenching, and backfilling to install piping for sewer and storm drain
systems and for underground electric, gas, water and telephone/cable utilities
lines. Also directed programs for environmental cleanups, water runoff projec
ts, oil well abandonment programs, and excavation and disposal of contaminated
Commercial vertical design-build projects included retail centers, steel-framed
office buildings, industrial complexes, medical offices, schools, motels, and s
olar-powered housing tracts, apartments and condominiums. Also did extensive
rehab and tenant improvements.
Preconstruction Planning and Development
* Directed concept studies, feasibility analyses, and cost workups to determine
the viability of proposed projects.
* Identified potential construction sites and arranged for land acquisitions.
* Drew up design specifications and worked closely with architects and engineer
s (civil, structural, electrical, mechanical, geological, and environmental) d
uring space planning and the drafting of construction drawings.
* Reviewed all A&E blueprints for reliability and accuracy before final approval
* Guided proposed projects through the maze of city, county, state and federal
agencies during the approval process. Made presentations before city councils
, planning commissions, neighborhood groups and private organizations to obtai
n the support necessary to secure construction approvals and building permits.
* Handled all contract management in the bidding and proposal process. Drew u
p subcontractor lists, assembled competitive bids and reviewed them for complian
ce and accuracy to stated specs. Negotiated all contracts and awarded final cont
* Compiled extensive pro forma operating income and expense projections for incl
usion in detailed follow-on proposals to obtain interim and long-term construct
ion financing from lending institutions.
On-Site Construction
* Directed and supervised all construction in the field, from original demo and
grading to completion of the final punchlist to obtain a Certificate of Occupan
* Recruited, trained and managed fresh construction teams of several hundred tec
hnicians and workmen for each new project. Multi-tasked by directing several con
struction projects simultaneously.
* Scheduled labor, materials and resources for delivery on site and on time to
keep the job moving on schedule. Applied critical path analyses to detect troubl
e spots well in advance.
* Inspected subcontractor work daily for timely performance and for quality con
trol, safety and environmental requirements.
* Enforced the reconstruction and redo of any work not up to specifications.
* Prepared weekly progress reports.
* Administered all subcontractor and supplier contracts. Reviewed and negotiated
proposed change agreements.
* Authorized all progress payments to subcontractors and suppliers when the work
was completed satisfactorily.
Civilian Government Projects.
* Developed affordable housing projects for the cities of Long Beach and Carlsba
Marketing of Finished Projects.
* Worked with real estate agents to obtain tenants and buyers. Conducted sales
presentations and negotiated all leases and sales contracts. Directed follow-o
n space planning and tenant improvement construction for retail, industrial and
office clients.
As a management analyst and new business acquisitions specialist, Mr. DeLeonardi
s directed proposal efforts to acquire new construction projects required to
produce commercial and military aircraft as well as airport and launch facilit
ies. Systems included those for the Air Force and Navy (attack aircraft, stealth
programs, ICBM's, ABM's, and reconnaissance satellites) as well as for NASA aer
ospace programs(Shuttle, Space Station)
* Coordinated space planning and design with architects and engineers for const
ruction of major new facilities for manufacturing, administration, laboratories
, clean rooms, test sites, and final assembly and launch areas.
* Oversaw planning and rehab of existing facilities, including rerouting and pr
ovision of mechanical and electrical utilities lines and equipment, as well as
design and installation of reconfigured manufacturing work stations with motors
, generators, stampers, presses, welders, lathes, overhead cranes, etc.
* Worked with pricing and procurement specialists in the drafting of cost estima
tes of the work to be done. Coordinated the inputs of both in-house engineerin
g and outside contractors.
* Incorporated quality control and safety requirements into final plans.
* Prepared schedules and established milestones for work completion.
COMPUTER/TECHNICAL CAPABILITIES: MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook and
Publisher; Shipley proposal guides.


LUSK INDUSRIAL COMPLEX. This award-winning 54,000-square-foot R&D/industrial
building required tricky hillside construction.
The project was built on Oberlin Drive in the Lusk Industrial Park in San Diego.
The pad was hewn from a steep slope with a daylight cut that bisected the si
te. Half the building would have to rest on cut soil and the other half on fill
. Caissons and extra-deep footings were used on the fill side to support the fo
undation, and a post-tension slab 12 inches thick with heavy-duty rebar top an
d bottom was installed in a monolithic pour.
Extensive use was made of Hilfiker-type retaining walls more than thirty feet i
n height around two sides of the site in order to reinforce the hillside. To avo
id an ugly block wall type of appearance, the open block pattern allowed the use
of plantings that completely covered the block walls.
The end product proved to be a particularly attractive complex which belied its
concrete tiltup walls. The walls were stepped and heavy use made of exterior gl
ass paneling to give the building a shimmering appearance. To help anchor the s
ite a reinforced concrete entry courtyard was created with heavy tropical lands
caping and a fountain with impressive block sculpture and flowing water.
The San Diego Museum of Modern Art named it one of the ten best buildings constr
ucted that year.
BRIARWOOD SQUARE. This project was built on the site of a former oil field and
required extensive environmental cleanup.
It was a 40-unit solar-powered residential fourplex complex located on Hunting
ton Street in Huntington Beach, CA. Old oil wells had to be capped and derric
ks, pumps and filtration systems removed. Sumps and oil-drenched soils had becom
e contaminated over the years. These had to be excavated and removed, and r
eplaced with six-inch lifts of fresh dirt brought in and compacted.
The project required the construction of an electrical substation, new roads,
curbs, gutters and sidewalks. Underground utilities for electric, gas, water, t
elephone and cable had to be built as well as sewer and storm drain systems inst
alled and street lighting and traffic lights provided.
RB TECHNOLOGY PLAZA. This project required rehabbing a drab six-year-old sin
gle story industrial building with bare concrete walls. The interior was total
ly gutted and the exterior was extensively remodeled to create a highly attr
active two-story R&D/office complex.
The 75,000-square-foot facility is located at Bernardo Center Drive and Techno
logy Road in the Rancho Bernardo Industrial Park in San Diego. The remodeled b
uilding featured the use of mirrored glass exterior siding with an impressive
portico entry and lobby.
The first floor was set aside for manufacturing and laboratory space. Large clea
n rooms with controlled access and heavy-duty HEPA filtering systems were inst
alled for production of sensitive components. A second floor was added to provi
de 30,000 square feet of office space.
The company leasing the building was extremely sensitive about its exclusive p
atented production facilities and its advanced research and so an extensive secu
rity system was installed with controlled access, television cameras and heavy
duty locks and doors throughout.
SCRIPPS RANCH TECHNOLOGY PLAZA. This 70,000-square foot R&D office/ indust
rial complex was built in the Scripps Ranch Industrial Park at Scripps Ranch Bl
vd. and Scripps Lake Road in San Diego, CA.
Extensive grading, shoring and installation of retaining walls were required to
develop the three-acre sloped site and fit a building to it. As with all Mr. De
Leonardis' commercial undertakings, this one was a total construction project fr
om start to finish, employing several hundred workmen from all the trades ove
r the course of construction.
The finished building, with its mirrored glass siding exterior and its pond, wa
terscaping, and bermed and lush landscaping, which screened parking areas so th
at they were not visible from the street, received a commendation from San Diego
Gas & Electric for its appearance.
Following completion of the shell and upon leaseup, Mr. DeLeonardis did all the
interior tenant improvement work. Marbled lobbies featuring live landscaping an
d paneled elevators were installed and attractive reception areas were built fo
r individual suites. Heavy use was made of floor-to-ceiling glass walls to open
up suite interiors and provide an airy and well-lit ambience.
LUSK OFFICE PARK. This was a steel-framed office building constructed on Sor
rento Boulevard in the Lusk Industrial Park in San Diego, CA. The three-story st
ructure had lively fenestration, with stepped-back construction, twin entry tow
ers, and exterior balconies for most suites. The exterior of the 50,000-squar
e-foot building was clad with clear redwood T&G three-inch-wide sheathing.
The building surrounded an atrium with a 100-foot-long stream constructed with
a flowing waterfall and heavy landscaping. A dramatic elevator with glass sides
was installed to rise up out of this landscaping to service the upper floors.
OCEAN TERRACE. This was a three-story customized solar-powered condominium bui
lding constructed over a subterranean garage at 1400 Ocean Boulevard in Long B
each, CA. Each unit had its own set of solar panels so that it had total contro
l over its space heating and hot water supply.
LOW-INCOME RESIDENCES. A 20-unit complex of residential homes built for the Ci
ty of Long Beach on Twenty-Third Street in Long Beach, CA. Three-bedroom and fou
r-bedroom homes fronted on their private playground area that was built with s
wings, slides and sandboxes.
VILLA FRANCESCA. A 41-unit affordable senior citizen project developed for 22
42 Jefferson Street in Carlsbad, CA.
QUEEN'S WAY APARTMENTS. A sixty-unit apartment project at 333 Magnolia in down
town Long Beach California. The project was built around an interior atrium wit
h swimming pool. The building featured a three-story glassed-in lobby which ove
rlooked the swimming and recreation area.
The city of Long Beach found the building so attractive that it leased a quarter
of the space for subsidized housing for the elderly.
ALAMITOS BAY HOMES. A beach community tract of homes built in the Alamitos Ba
y area in Long Beach, CA. This area was also the site of old oil fields and req
uired all the cleanup, decontamination, reclamation and new infrastructure as
sociated with such sites. New underground utilities, roads, alleys, sidewalks,
and street lighting were built, along with electrical substation and sewer and
storm drain systems.
SCRIPPS RANCH LEARNING ACADEMY. Pre-school complex featuring classrooms, adm
inistrative facilities and playground on Treena Street in the Scripps Ranch Indu
strial Park.
CUMBERLAND SHOPPING PLAZA. A 48,000-square-foot center containing retail shops
, fast-food restaurants and gas station designed and developed for construction
at the intersection of Bridge Road and U.S Highway 40 in Lavale, Md.
BEACH BOULEVARD MEDICAL CENTER. A 68,000-square-foot medical office center d
eveloped for Huntington Beach, CA. The building contained a glass ceiling suppo
rted by steel framing to throw light into an interior atrium off which the docto
r's suites were entered.
LOS ALAMITOS MEDICAL COMPLEX A 64,000-square-foot complex of medical laboratori
es and doctors' offices on Los Alamitos Boulevard in Los Alamitos, CA.
COMFORT INN SUITES MOTEL - An 82-unit motel built at the intersection of the I-5
and 76 Freeways in Oceanside, CA.
QUALITY INN MOTEL - Remodel and upgrade of a 100-unit motel at Mission Road and
the I-5 Freeway in Oceanside, CA.
MISCELLANEOUS - Numerous smaller retail strip centers, shops, offices, single-
family residences and apartment buildings in Southern California.