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Krishna Borges

Medical Assistant

To obtain a certified MEDICAL ASSISTANT position with a hospital, physician's o
ffice or other health care-facility.
MedVance Institute, Fort Lauderdale, FL Gr
aduation: 07, 2008
Medical Assistant Program GPA: 3.75
* American Heart Association (Adult / Child, Professional CPR), expires 09/10
* HIV/AIDS Certified
* Domestic Violence Certified
* NCMA-National Certified Medical Assistant
* OSHA Certificate
Olympic Heights High School, Boca Raton, FL Graduati
on: 06, 1998

Phlebotomy Vital Signs
Patient Scheduling X-Ray Develo
Nerve conduction study ICG
EKG Patie
nt Assessment
Injection Administration Spirometry
Urinalysis and Clinical Rotation Ear Irrigation Techn

Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, and English

Medical Assistant 5/09-9/10

Personal Physician Care Delray Beach, Florida
Busy seven physician internal medicine facility
Proficient in using E-MDs electronic medical record system
Phlebotomist/Lab Supervisor
* Collected blood specimen as per lab orders given by physician
* Collected fungal and bacterial culture specimens
* Contacted corresponding lab based patient insurance to verify and obtain blood
* Labeled specimen for identification purposes and entered specimen data into co
* Prepared specimens for reference laboratory by using centrifuge to spin blood
* Emailed or scanned test results to the patient's individual physician
* Inventory and requisitions medical laboratory supplies; stocks work area as ne
* Keep work areas clean and orderly
Nurses Station
* Scanned and faxed prescription electronically using E-MDs Electronic Software
* Scheduled stat diagnostic procedures such as ultrasounds, xrays, stress tests
and bone densities
* Provided and explained educational materials for patients
* Answered telephone calls from pharmacies and physicians
* Sent medical clearance to hospitals for pre-op patients
* Provided and created lab slips and prescriptions for checkout patients
* Triaged patients
* Responded to stat emails from doctors and pharmacies
* Recorded patient's medical history, vital statistics and read lab results.
* Prepared and administered medication as directed by a physician.
* Collected blood, other lab specimens, log specimen and sent out to labs.
* Helped physicians examine and treat patient

Performed testing including but not limited to:

ECG, ICG, Nerve Conduction (EMG testing), spirometry/pulmonary funct

Medical Assistant
Strax rejuvenation
* Sterilized instruments
* Performed Velashape treatment smoke laser treatment
* Recorded vitals, other medical history/chief complaint.
* Served as translator for Portuguese and Spanish speaking patients.
* Removed drains, cleaned infected wound and removed sutures after surgery.
* Assisted physician with examinations and other procedures.
* Performed other front office duties including calling in prescriptions, schedu
ling appointments and gave post op surgery instructions over the phone.
* Performed routine test as ordered by the physician such as cultures and urinal
* Register patients and requisition lab tests via computer
* EKG/ Phlebotomy
* Provided prescription information to pharmacies.
* Demonstrated proper handling and sterilization of instruments.
* Specialized in wound care, and suture and staple removal
* Referrals request, insurance verification, filing and faxing of medical record
Interviewed patients to obtain medical information and measured vital signs,
weight and height
Showed patients to examination rooms and prepared them for physicia
Ensured proper documentation and coding using E-meds software for o

Chiropractor's Assistant
06/05-06/07 Sun Coast Health, Sunrise, FL
* Performed routine reception and clerical duties such as answered telephone, sc
heduled appointments, maintained health records and ordered supplies.
* Helped patients complete chiropractic health records.
* Applied ice and heat pack.
* Kept examining rooms clean and organized.
* Accepted payments for health products.
* Developed X-rays.
* Interviewed patients and charted their pain level.
* Marketing for attorneys to send out referrals to our official
testing, nebulizer treatments, ear irrigations, injections, INR and glucose moni
toring finger sticks, collected fungal smears, wound culture and stool sample
***Reference will be furnished upon request.