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Vilma Restrepo

63 Webster Street Ap.1 Pawtucket RI, 02861

(401) 722 28 24 (401) 524 3362

a...she has a comprehensive understanding of the process and would certainly ser
ve as a powerful role model for students of someone who has successfully gone tr
ough the process of learning English...."
Dr. Nancy Cloud, RIC, TESL Program Coordinator
a...she would be a tremendous asset to a School Department because of her expert
ise in World Languages and her personal dedication to the education students ...
Hilda M. Potrzeba, Office of Educator Quality Certification
a..her Spanish writing and reading skills are excellent; she speaks global Spani
sh perfectly denoting also a superior knowledge of World Literature and Culturea
Gina Canepa, Ph.D. Lecturer at Providence College
aashe has high expectations for her students and she is always willing to assist
them whenever they need additional help.a
Paulo J. Silva,
Assistant Principal, Calcutt Middle School

aI believe all teachers should be willing to expand educational experiences thro

ugh Developing unit objectives and lesson plans for target language, conducting
advanced classes, Implementing activities that promote learning language in cont
ext. Therefore, if a teacher is willing to create thought provoking lessons that
challenge all students, there really should be constructed lesson plans with s
tudent centered, activities that promote cooperative learning and engage all stu
dents, as well as, present authentic cultural materials to research and introduc
e culture. Lastly all teachers should be willing to constantly be upgrading thei
r knowledge because we are learners too.a
Vilma Restrepo
Educational Philosophy

Professional Profile
Eager to bring students into the twenty-first century using a unique combination
of education experience coupled with twenty yearsa academic background in Forei
gn Languages.
a Hold Bachelors Degree in Education.
a Experienced in use of the Internet and educational software.
a Dedicated to enthusiastic and dynamic teaching as a means of creating and nurt
uring a lifelong love of knowledge in students.
Education and Certifications, and Honors
B.A. Foreign Languages / Education
Universidad Pedagogica Nacional, Bogota, Colombia. 1982.
MA. Administration and Supervision
Universidad Externado de Colombia, Bogota, Colombia. 1989.
Providence College
a Deanas List distinction
RI State Education. # 41378
MA Certification # 444636
Secondary Education / Middle School Endorsement (French/English)
Secondary Education Endorsement (ESL/ Content ESL)
Professional Teacher of English/French/Spanish/Secretarial business
Professional ESL Specialist
Professional Middle/Secondary School Principal
Key Qualifications
a Planned and instructed each subject area using wide variety of teaching aids,
motivational and implementation strategies to engage students in active learning
a Incorporated learning modality principles into classroom and individual instru
ction. Developed and conduct inter-grade activities.
a Implemented technological approaches to subject material. Research educational
resources on the internet.
a Ability to plan and instruct Languages curriculum including diverse background
and culture using technology including Web-based instruction and Internet resea
rch to engage students in active learning.
a Engaged in conferences with parents, school personnel, occupational, speech, a
nd physical therapists.
a Met all district, IEP, and 504 curricular goals.
a Engaged in interdisciplinary team teaching and taught with diverse linguists.

Vilma Restrepo

a Central Falls High School, Central Falls, RI. English Teacher- 2008-present.
a Progreso Latino Adult Education, Central Falls, RI. ESOL Teacher 2005-present
a Calcutt Middle School, Central Falls, RI. French Teacher 2004-2008.
a Beacon Charter High School, Woonsocket, RI. Spanish Teacher-2004.
a Saint Joseph School, West Warwick, RI. Spanish Teacher- 2003-2004.
a Classical High School, Providence, RI. Substitute Teacher- Spring 2003.
a Board of Education. Bogota, Colombia. Foreign Languages Teacher- 1982 - 2000

Professional Affiliations & Development

a CF Mentoring Program 2004-2007
a CF Champions of Teaching 08/2007
a CF Literacy Strategies 2007-2010
a CF Differentiated Instruction 06/2008
a CF Curriculum Mapping 2010
a RI Federation of Teachers. Igniting Student Motivation and High Performance 20
a RI Board of Governors for Higher Education. Cultural Competency I,II,III 2008
a RI Dep. Of Education. The Best of TESOL 05/2008.
a RI Dep. Of Education. Supporting Immigrant Students and Families in an Anti-Im
migrant Political Climate. 10/2008.
a RI Dep. Of Education. Teaching ESL Through the Arts. 04/2009.
a RI Dep. Of Education. Strategies for Promoting Academic Language and Literacy.
a RI Board of Governors for Higher Education. Electronic Portfolio Design 04/200