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Randolph, NJ 07869
(973) 906-8445 dac44a7a@westpost.net
Accounting, Finance, Marketing & Trade Finance Auditing
Consumer Products Manufacturing and Corporate Accounting experience with a prove
n ability to increase revenues, reduce inventories and waste, improve efficienci
es, effectively analyze financial statements, coordinate financial system change
s and implement accounting controls and procedures according to corporate goals
and objectives. Areas of expertise include Financial Statement Reporting & Anal
ysis, Cash Flow Forecasting, Accounting Systems Implementation, Inventory & Cost
Accounting, Marketing & Trade Finance Auditing, Control Procedure Implementatio
Systems/Software: M&D-G/L, SAP (Catalyst) Trade, Nielsen Consumer Database & Ess
base/OFA, P&L Reporting, Excel, Word, PowerPoint
KRAFT FOODS, East Hanover, NJ 1986 - 2010
Finance Manager - Trade Finance (2006-2010)
Maintain and control Direct Trade Budgeting System; develop and analyze Customer
Marketing Budgets; implement Direct Trade policies and procedures; monitor and
analyze Trade Spending vs. Budget.
* Improved allocation of $180M Trade Expense budget by brand to provide more acc
urate financial analysis: Utilized Nielsen Database to pull Promotion price det
ail to identify trade activity by brand. Built Excel spreadsheet to incorporate
Nielsen data to adjust trade allocations. Formatted spreadsheets to properly l
oad actuals into P&L reporting system OFA.
* Increased Average Gross Revenue per SKU by $1.0M, while reducing inventory DOH
by 1 day: Identified lower volume/lower gross margin SKUs to be deleted and/or
replaced. Organized meetings to link cross-functional teams and identify key p
arameters. Laid out and built Excel worksheet to analyze lower performing SKUs
and their impact on flow back, waste and competition. Developed a "phase-out" s
trategy to minimize waste and provide customers a smooth transition.
* Managed $60M trade budget to maintain evaporating share position during time o
f product recall and against stiff competition: Identified brand clusters and m
easured trade spending cost to implement pricing strategy. Developed plan to de
liver strategy to field sales teams. Reviewed Nielsen database to audit custome
r refection of price reduction on shelf. Measured final trade spending and shar
e growth.
* Reduced waste related to dated or discontinued inventory by $2.0M: Reviewed i
nventory records to identify SKU waste risk. Performed break-even analysis to g
ather liquidator pricing. Implemented Trade strategies to move "out-of-code" in
ventory through alternate channels. Implemented production planning strategies
to reduce finished goods and raw materials costs.
* Provided well documented Trade P&L and B/S data to auditors and prospective bu
yers, which led to the successful sale of the Post Cereals and Nutrition Energy
Bars businesses: Met with management and auditors to outline pertinent Trade da
ta. Reviewed customer checkbook balances to identify areas of insolvency and ot
her risks. Supplied auditors with 3-year trade activity/balances and forecast t
o predict "on-going" concerns. Developed Trade plan for transition period.

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(973) 906-8445 dac44a7a@westpost.net
Kraft Foods...(Continued)
* Reduced customer deductions by $1.0M and improved trade spending efficiency:
Reviewed customer activity/invoices to track customer deductions. Calculated ra
tes by business to determine program standard rates. Reviewed and introduced "F
reshness Efficiency Program" to customer teams. Implemented program and perform
ed monthly analysis to track deduction activity. Performed year-end reconciliat
ion by team to determine trade funding exposure.
* Reduced monthly accrual errors and reconciliation process time, which helped s
hrink the monthly closing process by 1 day: Reviewed Trade tracker and compared
to system input. Developed worksheet to reconcile trade funds to system. Trai
ned Sales Planning on uses and benefits of worksheet. Utilized worksheet to acc
urately perform reconciliations.
* Improved effectiveness of $6.0M "New Item" funding and increased TDPs for core
brands: Reviewed new item funding details by customer and compared to ACV%. C
alculated New Item funding needed to implement program metrics changes. Impleme
nted revised program and reviewed Nielsen database to measure TDP's by customer.
Performed final review/reconciliation by customer.
* Converted Trade KTIPS/Score to SAP (Catalyst) on time: Reviewed system and pr
ocesses to outline SAP requirements. Reviewed system structure with IT, Sales P
lanning and management. Linked Trade SAP to DemandTech/Planner. Rolled-out tes
t template and debugged areas of concern.
* Migrated Customer Marketing Spending budget of $12.0M into Trade systems to al
low increased control of funds and the ability to measure return on investment:
Reviewed current customer marketing tracking processes. Identified issues and
developed revised plan. Integrated customer marketing funding and tracking into
Trade system. Reviewed and addressed audit issues.
Senior Financial Analyst (2000-2006)
Financial Analyst (1995-2000)
Senior Financial Accountant (1990-1995)
Cost Analyst (1986-1990)
CIT FINANCIAL CORPORATION, Livingston, NJ 1983 - 1985
Staff Accountant
M.B.A., Corporate Finance/International Business, Fairleigh Dickinson University
B.S., Accounting/Economics, Kean College of New Jersey