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JUNE 2011 Monday Tuesday

LSF Group Fitness Schedule • 1320 W. Fullerton • 773. FITNESS x148 • Group Fitness Director: Marcelo Ehrhardt • www.lakeshoresf.com

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

5:45-6:45 Full Body Architect 5:45-:”6:45 Studio Cycling 5:45-6:45 Full Body Architect 6:00-7:00 fundamentalYOGA 5:45-6:45 ATHLETEzone! 7:00-8:00 Full Body Architect 8:30-9:55 Studio Cycling
MS Carla Fabbri CS Marcelo Ehrhardt MS Sarah Urbanowski YS Mark Kater MS Carla Fabbri MS Marilyn Livran CS Larry & Bob
5:45-6:45 Studio Cycling 6:00-7:00 fundamentalYOGA 5:45-6:45 Studio Cycling 8:15-8:45 Tread It! 5:45-6:45 Studio Cycling 7:30-9:00 hathaYOGA 8:30-9:55 vinyasaYOGA
CS Marilyn Livra n YS Mark Kater CS Kate Nolan WA Marcelo Ehrhardt CS Marilyn Livren YS Mellody Bose YS Cindy Huston
7:00-8:00 Pilates Mat 6:45-7:30 TREAD IT! 8:00-9:00 Masters Swim L2/L3 8:45-9:30 sportPer4MANce 6:00-7:00 Master Swim L2/L3 7:30-9:30 Master Swim L2/L3 8:30-9:30 stepEVOLUTION
YS Gil Weston TA Marcelo Ehrhardt LP John Morrison MS Marcelo Ehrhardt LP John Morrison LP Trina Kakacek MS Julie Jones
8:00-9:00 RestorativeYOGA 8:30-9:30 TABATAfusion 8:00-9:00 RestorativeYOGA 9:00-10:00 Core Flexibility 8:30-9:30 Pilates Mat L1/L2 8:00-9:00 Aqua Fit 9:30-10:30 Full Body Architect
LP Cindy Huston MS Carla Coehlo YS Cindy Huston YS Lisa Hunter YS Zineb Charibi RP Lynette Larsen MS Julie Jones
8:15-9:15 Masters Swim: L1 9:00-10:00 Aqua Fit 8:30-9:30 Cardio Pump 9:00-10:00 Aqua Fit 8:30-9:30 ATHLETEzone! 8:00-9:00 Zumba 10:00-11:00 Pilates Mat (not offered
LP Trina Kakacek RP Lisa Hunter MS Mark Kater RP Lisa Payovich MS Marilyn Livran MS Jenny Terlinden YS 6/18, 7/16, 8/20)
Pam Hargrove
8:30-9:30 Cardio Kickboxing 9:00-10:00 hathaYOGA L1-L3 9:00-10:00 Aqua Fit 9:00-10:00 Cardio Tennis 9:15-10:15 Operation Bootcamp 8:00-9:00 Studio Cycling
MS Nicole Thomas YS Joseph Ensign RP Lisa Hunter TC TBA $ LA Mike Hagans CS Marilyn Livran YogaFMO (only 6/18,
10:00-11:00 7/16, 8/20)
9:15-10:15 Operation Bootcamp 9:00-10:00 Cardio Tennis 9:15-10:15 Operation Bootcamp 9:15-10:40 Masters Swim L2/L3 9:15-10:15 9:00-10:00 ATHLETEzone! YS Mark Kater
LA Mike Hagans TC TBA $ LA Mike Hagans LP Trina Kakacek CS Studio Cycling MS Stacey Slater
Bob Wilems Cardio Tennis
9:15-10:15 Aqua Fit 9:15-10:15 Studio Cycling 9:15-10:15 Studio Cycling 9:15-10:15 Studio Cycling 9:30-10:30 9:00-10:00 Pilates Mat 10:00-11:00 TBA: $
RP Jean Barker CS Larry Garfen CS Bob Wilems CS Larry Garfen MS YS Vickey Mittel TC
Full Body Architect Bounce! (hi/lo)
9:15-10:15 Masters Swim: L2/L3 9:30-10:30 Full Body Architect 9:30-10:15 TREAD IT! 9:30-10:30 Full Body Architect Lacessa Corry 9:15-10:15 Studio Cycling 10:30-11:45 Lisa Hunter
LP Trina Kakacek MS Jacob Greathouse TA Marcelo Ehrhardt MS Nicole Thomas CS Larry Garfen MS
Prenatal Yoga
9:15-10:15 Studio Cycling 10:30-11:30 Pilates Mat L1-L3 9:30-10:30 stepEVOLUTION 10:30-11:15 stepDAZZLE! 10:00-11:00 FUERZAcadioKickboxing 11:00-12:00 NMH**$
CS Marcelo Ehrhardt YS Jacob Greathouse MS Lisa Payovich MS Jon Gestl MS Marcelo Ehrhardt YS

9:30-10:30 Pilates Mat 10:00-11:00 vinyasaYOGA L1-L3 11:15-12:00 STRUCTURE 10:00-11:00 restorativeYOGA
YS Zineb Chraibi YS Rhonda Duffault MS Jon Gestl YS Cindy Huston
9:30-10:30 Power Sets 10:30-11:30 Mommy and Baby 10:00-11:00 Cardio Tennis
MS Mark Kater MS NMH**$ TC TBD
10:30-11:30 Mommy and Baby 11:00-12:00 power-vinyasaYOGA 11:00-12:00 Full Body Architect
MS NMH**$ YS Mark Kater MS Karen / Maya
11:00-12:25 vinyasaYOGA
YS Kathy Wild

12:00-1:00 Below d’belt architect 4:30-5:30 Below d’Belt architect 12:00-:125 funamentalYOGA 12:00-1:00 Pilates Mat 12:00-1:25 Yoga Boot camp 4:00-5:25 Yoga L2/L3
MS Lisa Hunter MS Lisa Hunter YS Mark Kater YS Laurel Silverman MS Mark Kater YS Kathy Wild
12:00-1:25 HathaYoga L1-L3 4:30-5:55 flowYOGA 4:30-5:30 ATHLETE zone! 12:05-12:50 Full Body Architect 4:30-5:15 Zumba
YS Mark Kater YS Cindy Huston MS Stacey Slater MS Mark Kater MS Jean Barker
4:30-5:30 Core Flexibility
YS Lisa Hunter
4:30-5:30 ATHLETEzone!
MS Stacey Slater
5:30-6:55 fundamentalYOGA 5:30-6:30 Studio Cycling 5:30-6:30 BRICK! Cycle/Tread 5:00-6:00 Cardio Pump 5:30-6:55 vinyasaYOGA Studio Legend
YS Kathy Wild CS Marcelo Ehrhardt CS Marcelo Ehrhardt & MS Katy Arnold YS Kathy Wild
Lara Mele MS: Main Studio
\5:30-6:30 StudioCycling 6:00-6:45 vinyasaYOGA L2/L3 6:00-7:30 Giordano Dance 6:45-7:30 TREAD IT!
CS Lara Mele YS Devin Bercaw TABATAfusion MS Experience TA Jordan Parker CS: Cycling Studio
5:30-6:30 Carla Coehlo Giordano Dance YS: Yoga Studio
6:30-7:30 FUERZAcardio 6:30-6:45 powerBALL abs MS 6:30-7:30 Operation Bootcamp
MS kickboxing MS Marcelo Ehrhardt Full Body Architect 6:00-7:30 powerCoreYogaL1-3 MS Mike Hagans LA: Lounge Area
Marcelo Ehrhardt 6:30-7:30 Karen Covy YS Devin Bercaw WA: Workout Area
7:00-8:25 6:45-7:30 eLement! MS
TA: Treadmill Area
LP Masters Swim: L2/L3 MS Marcelo Ehrhardt Budokon Yoga 6:00-7:25 Studio Cycling
Trina Kakacek 7:00-8:15 Joseph Ensign CS Jordan Parker TC: Tennis Court
7:30-8:00 6:45-7:30 TREAD IT! YS LP: First Floor Pool
MS PowerBALLAbs TA Jordan Parker Prenatal Aerobics 7:00-8:25 Masters Swim L2/L3
Marcelo Ehrhardt 7:00-8:00 NMH**$ LP Trina Kakacek RP: Rooftop Pool
7:30-8:30 sportPer4MANce RP
MS Jordan Parker
Aqua Fit: Strengthen and build muscular and aerobic endurance with water FUERZAcadio Kickboxing: developed by fitness leader Marcelo Ehrhardt, this class is a powerYOGA: The yoga strength workout. Not for beginners.
resistance. Water shoes recommended. fusion of American kickboxing and karate with easy to follow technique and choreography
set to energizing music. All levels welcome. restorativeYOGA: This is a great class for the beginner who needs gentle exercise or athletes
Aqua Zumba: Hit the water dancing to the hot Latin rhythms for a burnin’ the calories who need to “restore” the body after competition.
workout sure to please. Full Body Architect: Total body resistance training class focusing on form repetition and
overload necessary for gaining strength and endurance. sportPer4MANce!: created by industry leader Marcelo Ehrhardt, this class is a multi-directional
ATHLETEzone! This advanced class features any mix of athletic drills, plyometrics running class that focuses on fast twitch and slow twitch muscle training. Cones are used
work, strength, cardiovascular and flexibility training for an intense workout. fundamentalYOGA: Yoga made simple! An intro to the series of poses and deep breathing as diagrams to work on agility, speed and endurance. The second half of the class is core
involved in the yoga discipline. Ideal of members new to yoga, but also appropriate for all training that uses BOSU, medicine balls, body bars and more. A full cardio training experience.
Below D’belt Architect: This class is designed to target the strengthening and reshaping experience levels. Intermediate to advanced cardiovascular endurance.
of those “trouble zones” such as inner/outer thigh, gluteus, hamstrings and abdominals.
GIORDANO Dance Experience! Conducted by The GIordano Dance Company this hour stepDAZZLE!: Fun and energetic, easy to follow step class. Choreography is set to trendy music.
BODYformula: developed by fitness presenter Marcelo Ehrhardt, this class is unique in and half class is for all to experience training like “real” dancers do. Begin with full body Intermediate to advanced cardiovascular endurance.
that all exercises flow in a seamless transition pattern. Its execution targets all muscle execution of dance exercises including elongating muscle groups, dynamic stretching and
groups and follows the order of using your entire body to warm up, followed by the use sculpting exercises used by dancers to build stamina and endurance, continue learning stepEVOLUTION: A cardiovascular step workout mixed with intervals of strength training.
of the medicine ball, body bar and finally dumbbells. All levels welcome. an easy to follow combination and end the experience with hard core training of the
abdominals and lower back. You do not need to be a dancer to experience this unique STRUCTURE: a full body experience, its structure composed of sculpting building blocks using
Bounce! (hi/lo): a fun cardiovascular workout using classic hi impact and low impact class exclusive to LSF. All levels everything but the kitchen sink. All levels welcome.
moves set to high energy music. A short core-strengthening segment may follow.
hathaYOGA: The umbrella term for all schools of yoga. Classic postures combined with Studio Cycling: a cardiovascular class done on a cutting edge stationary bike. Classes can differ
BRICK! cycle/tread: for the triathlete within you, this class allows you to experience deep breathing to build strength and flexibility. in style in that profiles can include hills, flat roads, springs and endurance set to dynamic music.
layered training just like a triathlete does. The 2 disciplines involved are Cycling and Some instructors will use Heart rate Monitors and RPMs to make the rides more efficient. Please
Running. Meet at the Cycling Studio, divide into two teams. One team starts on the Master Swim: Improve your swim technique and speed. This multi-level workout is perfect arrive early if you are new to cycling in order for our instructors to set you up properly. All levels
Treadmills, the other on the Cycling Bikes- 15 minutes of work with 1 of 2 coaches for doing laps team style. Open to novice to advanced swimmers. welcome.
then swap. This is done 4 times with fast transitions between disciplines. Not just for
triathletes, this is a fitness class that involves interval training with 2 disciplines. Join Master’s Swim Beginner: Practices will be gauged to needs of the group; distances will be TABATAzone!: An hour long class that focuses on interval training. The first half of the class
creators Marcelo Ehrhardt & Lara Mele for this LSF Signature Class. All levels between 500 and 2,000 meters. targets cardio training while the second half targets endurance and strength. Multi-planar
exercises are set in 20 seconds on 10 seconds off intervals of 8. A challenging workout that will
Budokon Yoga: This class is breaking molds and traditional perceptions of hatha yoga. Master’s Swim Training: Intermediate and Advanced swim with average distances make you ask for more. All levels.
Budokon’s dynamic blend of traditional and contemporary yoga asana and martial arts between 3,000 and 4,000 meters, all four strokes in preparation for competition or just for
builds upon the yoga practitioner’s base knowledge of traditional hatha yoga while endurance. Meets are not mandatory but are encouraged. TREAD IT!: A 45 minute treadmill class that follows real outdoor training for all level runners.
challenging the practitioner to push past conventional yoga practices. If you love Experience flats, springs, hills and endurance training while being coached on technique and
power or vinyasa flow yoga and want to see their evolutionary potential, this is the Operation Bootcamp: Mike is one of LSF’s premier trainers. His pure athletic approach to breathing. All levels welcome. You do not need to be a runner to take this class.
class for you. All levels. this specialty class will reward you with results in a few short weeks. See how the pro’s
train! vinyasaYOGA: Experience the oldest form of yoga, often considered to be the most physically
Cardio Kickboxing: Choreographed moves using a combination of aerobics, martial arts demanding of all Hatha yoga schools. Vinyasa means “breathe connected movement.” This
and boxing creating a vigorous cardio workout. Pilates: This class focuses on the classical repertoire of Joseph Pilates’ principles. yoga offers an athletic, flowing, challenging practice that emphasizes breath, core strength and
Strengthen your core and lengthen your muscles while improving your balance and concentration. Link movement with breath work through challenging and soothing poses, and
Cardio Pump / Cross Training: A hybrid cardio workout combining Kickboxing, HiLo, coordination. increase your flexibility and strength.
Plyomterics and more for a fun way to improve heart strength and burn calories.
Pilates Reformer Beg / Int: Address physical injury and alignment, build strength and Yoga Boot Camp: This class will challenge you in ways you never thought possible. Vinyasa
Cardio Tennis: Hit the court to strengthen your heart and improve your on court flexibility in a small group setting. Fee applies. flow sequencing is interspersed with Strength Moves. Use of weights, balance, interval and core
endurance. Lot’s of continuous movement drills. training.
powerBall abs: a 30 minute class using medicine and BOSU balls to develop the
Core Flexibility: Concentrated abdominal and back work followed by a deep stretch. abdominal wall and back. Exercises build in intensity with different levels to chose from. All Yoga FMO: FMO is For Men Only and this guys only class is an introductory program to show
levels welcome. the male species the many benefits of this incredible exercise. Yoga is known to alleviate
coreYoga: A class combining various yoga and core training techniques to build everything from stiff backs and sore muscles to low energy and work-related stress. But guy’s
abdominal and center strength. powerFlow Yoga: a vinyasa based flow through powerful sun salutation, warrior, triangle, bodies move differently than women’s so this class features no impossible posses, no pressure
balancing, back-bending, inversion, hip opening, forward bending, and surrender to gravity to keep up with the mat next to you, and absolutely no women! Class meets every third Sunday
eLement!: a Marcelo Ehrhardt creation, this class fuses the old with the new. 15 series. This class also incorporates a strong focus to breathe practice, ideal alignment and of the month- (next sessions 6/19,7/17 & 8/21)
minutes of cardio medicine ball work, 15 minutes of punching, chambering and striking, power of body and mind.
15 minutes of hi/lo aerobics and 15 minutes of deep thoracic core training completes Zumba: Join the party! Latin music leads the way in this fun cardio workout through simple
your full body workout. Power Sets: A format to push you where you’ve never gone before. Using various power choreography.
moves and techniques including Plyometrics, yoga, pilates, kettle bell, core and weight
Fit Moms: Lakeshore SF’s Fit Mom’s Program is now part of Northwestern Memorial training
Hospitals Pre/Post Natal Program. For information please visit/enroll at http://classes.

Club hours: Monday-Friday 4:30 AM – 11 PM • Saturday & Sunday 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM • Contact Marcelo at marceloe@lakeshoresf.com