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John Fowler

706 Rock Wood Drive, Saugus, MA 01906

752 Shorehaven, Poinciana, FL 34759
Phone: (781) 558-1528/(863) 852-8244
Email: jf837b30@westpost.net
Operations/Warehouse Management
Exceutive Summary
* Extensive experience creating and implementing warehousing, operational, logis
tics, production and inventory practices. Highly qualified in team building and
customer satisfaction resulting in significant cost savings/avoidance.
o Operational analysis and management
o Production plant operations
o Inventory and material control
o Transportation and logistics
o Warehousing and distribution
o Domestic and International shipping
o Project management
o Oracle/SAP/Mapics/PeopleSoft ERP platforms
o Warehouse management software (WMS)
o Lean practices
o Six Sigma
o HAACP/food safety
o RFID/Bar code scanning
o APICS/DOT/IATA certified
o Microsoft office/Project management/excel/access
Select Accomplishments
* Achieved $1M in cost reductions implementing efficiency programs that attai
ned 99%+ inventory accuracy.
* Trained/instructed 1,000+ employees at 15+ locations in ISO and quality ini
* Spearheaded bar-code processes that improved inventory accuracy by 17% and o
rder-to-ship cycle times by 33%.
* Initiated and implemented plant layout changes that have saved >$200K.
* Implemented changes that increased customer satisfaction by 98%.

Plant/Production Manager, Traditiional Bakery, Lynn, MA 2010 - Present
Manage complete facility; production, costs, food health and safety and P&L.
* Developed new production layout that produced a 20% gain in efficiency.
* Developed and implemented automated processes resulting in improved traceab
ility of product.
* Reduced waste by 30% resulting in $15K/month savings.
Warehouse Manager, HaasTCM, Salem, MA 01970 2004 - 2009
Managed third party (3PL) union operation activities; streamlined and managed c
hemical life cycle chain, processes and information management systems.
* Reorganized warehouse and production flow, while utilizing Lean and Six Sig
ma techniques that increased efficiency by 30%.
* Improved product/material location accuracy by 20%, reducing fulfillment cy
cle time by 33% to less than eight hours from twelve hours.
* Initiated cycle count programs, within an Oracle platform that increased wa
rehouse order fulfillment from 80% to 99.2% in four months. Implemented continuo
us Improvement Processes that determined root causes with permanent fixes.
* Implemented new processes, including a cycle count program that reduced inv
entory from $3.2M to $2.6M, increased inventory turns by 20% and saved ove $100K
/year in inventory losses.
Director of Operations/Distribution, PictureTel, Andover, MA 1996 - 2003
Managed operations/supply chain functionsfor $500M technology firm; oversaw $13M
/year staff, operation and freight budgets, which included 150+ employees, wareh
ouse operations, stockroom, freight & transportation, order management, enginee
ring and development of a new facility.
* Restored profitability within the first year, while revitalizing training p
rocesses, improved morale and efficiency.
* Developed/implemented electronic bar coding process including RFID and scan
ning of SKU's that improved on-time deliveries from 90% - 99% within four months
while saving the company over $200K/year.
* Attained $400K/year in cost reductions while implementing RFID/Bar Code pro
* Doubled volume and improved inventory accuracy from 82% to 99% within six m
* Achieved 3 month payback for $100K software expense; improved customer sati
sfaction by 98%.
* Developed 3rd party inspection process for key Hong Kong customer; saved
$100K/year in freight costs.
* Increased efficiency by 30% after obtaining management buy-in for developm
ent of new 100K sq warehouse facility. Instituted Lean techniques that improved
product flow and reduced wasted travel and process steps.
* Managed Planner and Master Scheduling departments, which resulted in instal
ling new metrics for vendor evaluations (score cards), reduction of approved ven
dors and onsite quality inspections and standards.
Additional Experience
Inventory Control/Distribution Manager, Modicon, N. Andover, MA 1984 - 1996
Managed $10.5M/year operating budget; including capital equipment, stockroom, wa
rehouse, manufacturing and a staff of greater than 100 employees on a three shif
t operation.
* Played a key role in the acquisition for design of a new, updated manufactu
ring, stockroom and finished goods facility.
* Established seamless relocation of $30M of inventory in the warehouse, stoc
krooms and manufacturing, while achieving and maintaining 99%+ on time delivery.
* Drove efficiencies that saved $300K in operational expenses within one year
; realigned 30% of key resources and improved shipping volume 125% and inventory
accuracy to greater than 99%.
Business Administration/Bachelor of Science, Lesley University (3.7 GPA), Cambri
dge, MA