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= JUNE i x . 25 CENTS cL eee oN ee an [= >. i ec: a ' iC) 3 N ee) Remember when... you could say: Gfill er up... and gel il ? HAT was when Sunday Driving was the Great American Sport, and automobile vacation trips were a "must" for most of us. Then, tires were valued in dollars—now For the Battle of Rubbet is not yet won—driving too much, coo fast and too carelessly is s/#il just like shooting an American soldier in the back. Every ounce of rubber in every tire on every car in America is ffi a war weapon! their worth is measured in lives. Contrary to popular opinion, satisfactory synthetic tires are wor yet available in sufficient numbers to satisfy both military and civilian needs, No one knows when you will be able to replace your present tires, Those you have must last—and will last if you observe these simple precautions: Start and stop slowly. Ge easy on curves. Don't bang into curbs. ruts and stones. Keep air pressure up to 32 pounds. And keep your speedometer dawn to 33! By Jengrbening the life of your tires. you may save the life of a fighting man! * * * Rememaer WHEN you found the left rear fire flat that Sunday morning? Whe was it who came over and changed it in tinte for you to get ta church? Chances are it was your INDEPENDENT fire desler who has a real interest in pleasing yau because be owns his own business. Seiberling believes in the initiative of INDEPENDENT bresiness that bas always made good jobs and good opportunities plentiful in America. That is why Setherling Tires always have been and will continue to be sold through INDEPENDENT dealers only. SEIBERLING “