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Established in 1991, we employ twenty-four

people including brand and management

consultants, marketers, writers, behavioural
psychologists and designers. We work with
many well-known UK and international corporates,
charities and institutions, including 12 FTSE 100
and 11 Fortune 500 global companies.

We are recognised for stunning and effective

brand building that helps our clients to positively
influence and transform their businesses and,
in turn, their markets.
Glazer is much more than a branding agency.
Our consultancy work begins with a thorough
analysis of what your brand should stand
for, and considers how the structure of your
business and its operations will influence
brand implementation and communication.
We don’t deal with cosmetic solutions or
quick makeovers.
How can you maximise
the value of your corporate
brand? Not just by changing
your logo, that’s for sure.
A brand is more than a pretty logo. It’s the sum of Even when you’ve built the brand into the fabric of
the experience, attitudes, behaviours, competencies, your organisation, it will dissipate if it is not actively
aspirations and perceptions of everyone in the managed. So it is also essential to devise strategies
organisation. that keep people engaged and involved with the
brand as it develops.
It’s a promise to your customers that they will
consistently receive a certain quality of product or Successful brand identities inspire fierce loyalty to
service. If you want to grow real brand value – value the group. You see it in tribes, sports teams, armies.
that delivers to the bottom line – you can’t impose They’re united by shared traditions, history and
change from outside. It must be organic, and the will ownership of the identity, symbolised by a flag, an
to change must come from within. But that doesn’t emblem – or a logo. They know who they are, what
mean it can’t be stimulated. In fact, that’s exactly they stand for and where they’re going. They know
where our expertise can pay dividends. that, together, they can achieve more than they ever
could as individuals – and, in a corporate context,
We start by helping you determine what makes your that spells competitive edge.
organisation unique. The next stage is to create a
set of principles that define the brand to the internal Cromwell declared that his army won the Civil War
audience. Typically, this entails creating an ambition because “they knew what they were fighting for and
statement that lays down precisely what your loved what they knew”: belief in their ambition made
organisation is trying to achieve. This is supported them more motivated and so more effective. If you
by a set of behaviours which are characteristic of the can develop this kind of dynamic in your organisation,
organisation. Everyone in the organisation should be your external audiences may not realise immediately
encouraged to incorporate these behaviours into their where it’s coming from. But they’ll feel the benefits –
working lives. The HR team can help to promote this, in consistency of service, or quality, or attitude, or
by developing appropriate appraisals, reward and professionalism.
recognition programmes and initiatives for staff, such
as leadership coaching and internal team briefings. In short, they will recognise that the brand promise is
being delivered.
These behaviours define the ‘letter of the law’. The
next step is to communicate the spirit of the brand. As brand consultants, we measure brand effectiveness
You can’t force people to buy into the behaviours. It and help clients to enhance this vital commercial asset
has to be voluntary. And it is up to senior management – particularly by supporting the brand inside the
to set an example that forcefully demonstrates their company. Every client’s needs are different, so we
own adherence to the behaviours. Only then can cover a range of disciplines and develop bespoke
they inspire their people to follow. programmes involving one or more of these elements.
Brand audit
A thorough audit of all manifestations of the brand,
across internal divisions, helps you improve brand
guardianship and plan any necessary change. We

• Consistency of brand presentation

• Coherence of brand message
• Communications effectiveness
• Cost-effectiveness.
Brand promise
How well do your people understand your brand

Our litmus test research measures their awareness

and understanding of the message, and checks the
consistency of understanding across different locations
or divisions. This allows you to set benchmarks and
identify areas for improving brand communication. It
is a cost-effective way to measure performance at
the start of an identity project or after a new identity
is launched.

Brand message
To get right to the essence of the company, we closely
observe daily business practice and behaviour – what
the company does, how it operates, its persona. We
track customers’ experience to see how the company
delivers its promise and identify the unique benefits it
offers. Then we can start to express what really makes
the company different and special.

Brand delivery
How effective is your company's brand? How
highly do your clients value it? Our in-depth research
compares internal and external perceptions of the
brand and the company.

We examine how you are currently perceived,

and how effectively you’re serving the needs and
motivations of internal and external stakeholders.
By comparing the experience inside and outside the
company, we measure how effectively the brand
promise is being delivered.
Brand strategy
Exactly how will you communicate the brand
promise, internally and externally? By identifying the
most appropriate systems and vehicles – through
paper, digital media or face-to-face communication.
And by helping you to manage the cascade inside
the company, organise training and seminars,
develop advertising and direct marketing
programmes, and measure the effectiveness of
internal and external communication.
Brand essence
Your brand should define what you do, how you do it,
who you are, and what you stand for. We express the
brand promise in just a few words and create a simple
mantra to inspire people throughout the company.

Spirit of the brand

Once you have a new brand identity, how can you rally
people behind it? A ‘Spirit of the Brand’ handbook will
explain the brand promise – and the behaviour and
standards required to deliver that promise. It will help
to inspire and inform your people, engendering shared
ownership of the identity and commitment to making
it work.

Spirit of the brand workshop

Internal communication of the brand message needs
to be kick-started with a series of cross-company
workshops that generate a sense of pride and
genuine commitment. They are designed to establish
a deep and clear understanding of the brand
personality, empowering and enabling participants
to act as catalysts for change throughout the
Brand management
Once the new brand is established, and
communications are in place to support it, the goal
becomes sustainability. We offer bespoke services
to ensure the brand is communicated consistently
and successfully. These include:
Leadership coaching Internal communications: Forward Focus document
A diffuse corporate identity often reflects The Forward Focus document is an annual publication
fragmentation at board level – the behaviour of top illustrating to all members of staff where the company
decision-makers inevitably affects the behaviour of is going, how it will get there, and what they are all
the brand. Corporate psychologists and high-level part of. We have found that it plays a valuable role in
performance coaches can help you tackle internal informing and inspiring across all divisions and levels.
issues arising from ‘fiefdoms’, and in the context of
mergers and acquisitions. Aligning the leaders’ vision Internal communications: strategy update
has been shown to have a profound effect on the Another powerful tool is a quarterly update to all
clarity of a company’s identity as it cascades through staff highlighting major successes, key figures and
the organisation. local/regional/divisional heroes.

Human Resource support Brand healthcheck

Working with the HR team, we can help you to You need to be sure that the brand and communications
manage the difficult and sensitive task of changing programme is delivering the promise, motivating
staff attitudes and behaviours to support the brand. audiences and delivering value. We will conduct annual
This may involve, for example, building personal or bi-annual reviews of brand performance, alignment
accountability for the brand into your appraisal, of brand message, consistency of communication, and
reward and recognition schemes. It is a vital aspect style of presentation against competitors. We can also
of implementing a new brand identity and creating audit all your company’s published output (divisionally
long-term value from the investment. or internationally) to make sure that the brand is being
implemented correctly, addressing any new aspects
Internal communications: team briefings of branding, and action required to sustain the brand.
A bespoke team briefing system and format for senior
or divisional managers will help to keep staff informed Measuring effectiveness
of brand issues that have an impact on their daily work. We will maintain regular or ongoing research to
check the effectiveness of brand communication,
Internal communications: training workshops with appropriate benchmarking, among internal
Managers will need to cascade information and and external stakeholders.
make team briefings sharp and effective in order to
keep the brand ethos fresh in your people’s minds. We Brand protection
will help them formulate a clear message, encourage We will ensure that brand names and marks are
their teams to see its relevance to their work, and show registered internationally as trademarks, and that
people how to act on it. Our practical and pragmatic relevant URL addresses are protected. We liaise
approach – addressing preparation, written and verbal with the Patents Office and a specialist intellectual
style and presentation – helps companies to apply copyright legal practice to make sure that clients’
the principles we use in our own work: inform, rights are covered by both statutory law and act of
inspire, involve. precedent against infringement or passing off. As
well as the brand mark, we ensure that imagery,
straplines and copy are similarly protected.
Brand Strategy and Identity
The background The researchers worked with several levels of Mind’s
Mind is the leading mental health charity in England organisation to define the charity’s purpose, vision
and Wales in an increasingly crowded and and values. This provided valuable feedback, which
competitive sector. It has evolved into a large helped to determine how a new logo and strapline
organisation with a network of national branches and could encapsulate Mind’s values and distinguish it
departments, including Mind shops, Mindlink, Diverse from other mental health charities.
Minds, Rural Minds and Mind Cymru.
The solution
Over the years many of these various divisions had Mental health covers a wide range of issues of varying
modified Mind’s dove logo, or simply created their severity. Mind’s new brand image had to be appropriate
own, diluting the organisation’s image and making it for all uses and messages, and at the same time, be
appear disjointed, unprofessional and lacking focus. dynamic, intriguing and emotionally engaging.
There was also criticism from inside and outside It had to meet difficult criteria, needing to be pan-
Mind, that the existing dove logo did not clearly cultural and non-discriminatory, but at the same time
express what Mind stood for. powerful and memorable, to put Mind in the forefront
of government bodies, MPs and health professionals.
The challenge
Having convinced senior management that Mind The new Mind logo is a visual metaphor reflecting the
needed to be rebranded and revitalised, Glazer organisation’s mission to help people find solutions to
needed to find an identity that was simple, strong and difficult, often emotionally challenging problems.
sufficiently adaptable to work throughout the Mind The ‘scribble’ leading to the lower case word
network. ‘mind’ represents a sense of order out of chaos,
of informality, calmness and friendliness. It is open
The brand image had to win over the hearts and and inclusive, and has passion and humanity. It
minds not only of the public, health professionals, acknowledges people face mental health problems,
government bodies and the media, but also of the which Mind can understand and help resolve.
Mind staff. Many of them had strong and long-held
opinions on the status and direction of Mind. The brand now clearly has equal relevance to all
people affected by mental health problems – from the
Our approach person looking for an escape from manic depression,
Glazer carried out in-depth surveys within Mind, to the employer having to deal with stressed
including the offshoot organisations such as Mindlink employees.
and Rural Minds, and amongst their external
audiences – from ordinary users to health workers, The logo works effectively across a range of
journalists and MPs. Some very strong and frequently communications and media, ensuring it will build unity
polarised opinions appeared, yet the common thread across the organisation. Having created a new logo,
was that the Mind branding was confused and a fresh Glazer developed guidelines to help Mind’s central
start was needed. and local management adhere to the brand identity,
eliminating the disparate brand messages of the past.
Glazer was concerned not only with the visual identity, In addition to the new logo, the brand message is
but also with Mind’s positioning statement: the mental reinforced by a new strapline, which simply and
health charity. Research showed this was considered powerfully states the aims and purpose of Mind:
too dry, and was not engaging, as it simply described For better mental health.
what the charity is, not what it does.
Welsh Development Agency.
Brand strategy and identity
The background Our approach
The Welsh Development Agency (WDA) was formed To fully understand the issues facing the WDA brand,
in 1976 to regenerate the prosperity of Wales after we conducted in-depth research and analysis both
heavy industry decline in the 70’s. Since then, it has inside and outside the organisation. This involved
played a pivotal role in Wales’ successful economic brand awareness days, internal and external
development to the tune of more than £12 billion of telephone research, and face-to-face interviews with
investment. It’s mission: to help existing businesses directors, staff and clients. The feedback was pretty
expand and thrive and to encourage inward clear – while everyone knew who the WDA was, there
investment, the relocation of industry, and to create was confusion and complexity surrounding exactly
jobs. Headquartered in Cardiff, the Agency also has what it did and the services it offered.
numerous offices throughout Wales, Asia, Europe and
North America. Comments such as “We can’t be consistent while
we have so many faces” and “We can’t live WDA
After a 5-way credentials pitch, Glazer was values until we can agree on what they are” were
commissioned to undertake a full analysis of the WDA commonplace internally, while perceptions outside
brand and sub branding, as well as a comprehensive the organisation ranged from, “I get confused about
review of its current values, visual identity and style who’s running the programme”, and “I had no idea
guidelines. what was there, it was all so complicated.”

The challenge We also carried out a detailed assessment of how

As part of our initial stage of work to define the scope the brand was being used across the organisation,
of the project, Glazer conducted internal and external mapping the numerous sub-brands to determine who
research which highlighted the following: owned what. A Visual Audit of all the stationery and
corporate, sub-brand and partner brochure-ware
• Only 47% of staff felt part of the ‘WDA’ rather than followed. We also focused on WDA environments
their region or department/programme such as reception areas, meet & greet areas, offices
• 82% of staff suggested that the WDA’s many and notice boards.
identities cause confusion in the market and that
customers didn’t know what it had a hand in The solution
• 72% of businesses/customers approached the In response to the findings, Glazer developed a series
WDA rather than being approached by the WDA. of proposals to re-establish a strong, focused identity.
Working closely with the Agency we redefined the
These issues were further exacerbated by the fact WDA’s purpose, vision and core values, rationalised
that visually, there was no clear, unifying visual style. the sub-brands and developed a corporate identity
with its own visual language, including detailed
The rapid growth of the WDA created dozens of niche templates for all on-line and off-line collateral.
functions across the organisation covering the entire
range of economic activities. This led to numerous Branding tasks undertaken by Glazer:
sub-brands which unsurprisingly, obscured the WDA’s • Visual audit
brand and made it difficult for staff, clients, business • Rationalised sub-brands
partners and the public to recognise the Agency’s • Vision, mission & value statements
central position in effecting economic development. • Brand environment
The damage was extensive. Over 25 years, the WDA • Organisational re-structuring
had spawned an astonishing 90 sub-brands, each • Refreshed logo
with its own visual language. Furthermore, with so • Communications collateral
many uncoordinated brochures and marketing • Visual language
collateral, printing costs had skyrocketed. Enter
Strategy and Identity graphics
The background We ran a series of workshops with key stakeholders,
Monsoon is a design-led retailer operating two highly using images and interviews to help us define what
successful chains – Monsoon and Accessorize – Monsoon is and what it is not. Although there were
selling a wide range of women’s clothing, men’s strongly held and very definite opinions about
clothing, children’s wear and home accessories. It Monsoon’s image, the overall conclusion about the
combines modern design expertise and beautiful brand’s strength is that its essence is indefinable!
fabrics with traditional materials and techniques, and
is both people and product focused. We concluded that being indefinable and individual
were benefits – women feel confident they can make
Monsoon was seen as a very distinctive brand and a Monsoon’s style their own, creating a look that will
highly individual place to shop. Its heritage, attitude, always feel personal, not off the peg or ‘another
product range and the experience customers enjoy, fashion clone’.
all set it apart from its competitors.
The solution
The challenge Throughout our workshops and interviews, certain
Despite its success, the Monsoon brand had lost its words were consistently associated with Monsoon:
sense of differentiation, as other fashion brands
copied its look and feel. The brand structure had • Feminine
become diluted and brand communications were • Sensual
inconsistent. • Beautiful
• Chi
Our task was to develop an image and visual • Individual
language for Monsoon that would instantly convey • Bohemian
how different and special Monsoon is from any other
design-led retailer. Using these key words as our inspiration and
checklist, we created a new image for Monsoon,
Our approach based around a fresh brand icon that conveyed all
We started by actively involving Monsoon staff. these desirable and distinctive qualities.
We did not simply want to conduct cold research
and then hand a report to the company and our This gave us the freedom to develop designs instantly
designers. Nor did we want to commit to designs, recognisable as belonging to Monsoon, yet not
without understanding the truth and passion behind restrictive or prescriptive.
the company.
The new icon is used across a range of brand
So we set about understanding what makes architecture, to create ‘sub-brands’ which help
Monsoon live and breathe. We talked to the people shoppers (women, children and men) easily find the
who shape the company, to see what motivates them types and styles of clothes they are looking for. It also
and discover what makes Monsoon such an inspiring forms the basis for new shop interiors, changing room
brand. decor and signage.
Brand Strategy and Identity
The background The solution
The business travel management industry has been Our solution drew on Portman’s feisty maverick nature
undergoing a sea-change as airlines cut or abolish – a characteristic already recognised in the
commission on ticket sales. In this new era, travel has marketplace – and used it to establish a clear and
become a commodity, where the market price is positive identity, by highlighting Portman’s ‘different
determined by demand and availability, rather than and better’ approach. The solution was based around
the underlying cost. the word ‘Smart’ – a simple but apt description of the
Portman ethos. Smart accurately describes the way
The challenge Portman consultants approach their job, and provides
With travel consultancies adopting new and more the evidence that Portman delivers a service worth
aggressive marketing tactics, the need to differentiate paying for.
Portman – the largest independent business travel
management company in the UK – from its rivals was With Smart, Portman does not have
more urgent than ever. Moreover, Portman needed to to attempt to be the largest or the cheapest in the
establish an instantly recognisable yet campaignable travel management market. Instead, it can be
brand identity, as the brand image presented by its outstanding as the Smartest.
disparate group communications was at risk of
becoming diluted and confused. For Portman, Smart applies to their thinking, their
people and their business approach, with the promise
Our approach they will help their customers ‘buy Smart’ too. Where
Glazer worked closely with Portman’s marketing team travel management communications tend to be rather
to undertake a comprehensive review of their cold and impersonal, Glazer’s Smart approach has
corporate identity and communications, and develop created a persona that’s confident, clear, distinctive
a coherent and powerful brand development strategy. and approachable.
The project involved one-to-one discussions with
Board Directors as well as workshops with over 10%
of Portmans 580 staff across 27 branches – and
auditing all the communications material, both internal
and external.
Corporate and Consumer Identity
The background Our approach
Bluewater is a regional shopping and leisure In response to this brief, we set out to present
destination in Kent, created by international property Bluewater as a tranquil, modern, cool and orderly
developers Lend Lease of Australia. It features an environment. Our brand audit identified four core
attractive triangular mall with a major anchor attributes - that Bluewater was a totally new concept;
department store in each corner, and houses over it was to be a special destination with its own
300 other shops, plus three leisure villages hosting personality; its parking and access, and safe, clean
restaurants, cafes and a multiplex cinema. amenities would offer a real guest service culture; and
its offer would be unique in terms of the size and
Bluewater is the largest centre of its kind in the UK, variety of experiences available.
and is surrounded by parkland, boating lakes, walking
and cycle paths. Ten million people live within an The solution
hour's drive, with a further seven million within what is These core differentiating attributes are represented
considered its total catchment area. by the now familiar Bluewater brand – one that
reflects the uniqueness and prestigious nature of the
The challenge UK’s largest shopping and leisure destination. To
As Lend Lease's flagship project in Europe, and the ensure its consistent application, we also created a
primary development for the Thames Gateway region, comprehensive brand manual to explain the thinking
the scheme was distinctly high profile. There was the behind the brand, and show clearly how to implement
small matter of the £460 million investment in building it successfully.
costs to be recouped also.
Recognising that staff at Bluewater would be the
The challenge for Glazer, called in before a brick was human representation of the brand, the HR team
laid, was to position Bluewater as much more than a decided to publish a grooming guide, and we worked
new shopping centre - Bluewater was to be a major with them on the booklet. We used a photographic
retail, leisure and entertainment destination approach to get across what could sometimes be
guaranteeing a great day out for discerning sensitive messages about standards of dress and
consumers. It was also to be a real alternative to hygiene in a light hearted manner.
shopping in London's West End.
Branding tasks undertaken by Glazer:
The Bluewater brand had to create and support
commercial success by: • name generation
• new logo
• stimulating demand among high quality, • communications collateral
mainstream retailers • vision, mission & value statements
• creating a preference for Bluewater among • visual language
consumers, and thereby establishing brand loyalty • brand environment
• generating positive local community relationships • brand management.
as a precursor to future local regeneration projects
• creating an asset which would be recognised and
could be used successfully across merchandise
and customer communications
• establishing trust and confidence in the project
and its customer offerings.
Taymouth Scotland.
Building a unique brand
The background Our approach
Located on the banks of Scotland’s River Tay, Glazer researched the positioning of the Taymouth
Taymouth Castle was once the baronial seat of the development amongst the principal parties involved,
Campbells of Breadalbane. At its height their estate and produced a convincing recommendation based
extended to 437,696 acres over 100 miles, and the on the development’s unique location and history.
grandeur of the Castle, largely dating from the 19th Rather than confuse or dilute the communication with
century, reflects that extraordinary affluence. suffixes such as ‘castle’, ‘estate’ or ‘resort’, Glazer
suggested that the entire development should be
Taymouth’s opulent public rooms, cloistered referred to simply as Taymouth, Scotland – taking
colonnade and corner towers were created by the advantage of the fact that understatement is often
leading architects and craftsmen of the early 19th synonymous with confidence and perceived quality.
century, including Francis Bernasconi, regarded as
the greatest fine plasterwork designer of his era. His Glazer identified the brand values that were desirable
work features in the central tower, where a from both the investors’ and guests’ point of view.
magnificent and literally breathtaking staircase rises These values led to an overall brand vision which
100 feet through all four storeys. steers the development of the entire project, and
provides a checklist to ensure standards and
Today Taymouth Castle, together with its rather more aspirations are being met.
manageable 450-acre estate, is being developed as a
unique lifestyle destination. Due to open in spring The solution
2008, the 16th Century, A-listed castle is to become a Having established the brand essence and vocabulary
highly prestigious hotel. for all communication and associated materials,
Glazer created a new logo based on existing historic
The multi-million pound development will also include imagery, and designed and wrote the investor
an extensive upgrade to the 18-hole golf course brochure.
designed by James Braid, exceptionally fine river and
loch fishing, spa, and an Activity Centre. The logo, inspired by a painting of four knights on the
ceiling of the Castle’s Chinese Room, shows a single
The challenge knight on a charger, reflecting Taymouth’s heritage
Taymouth Castle is acknowledged as the most and exemplary standards.
important Scottish castle remaining in private
ownership, and it became imperative to save it with a Branding tasks undertaken by Glazer:
project that had sufficient funds to properly preserve
its unique fabric and architectural features, while • Vision, mission & value statements
providing a secure future. • Name generation
• New logo
Glazer was asked to create and establish a distinctive • Brand environment
and prestigious brand and brand proposition for • Communications collateral
Taymouth Scotland, to attract a luxury hotel operator • Visual & verbal language
and investors to the scheme.
The way your company presents itself,
and the way it communicates itself to the
world at large is an integral part of your
brand. The physical process of conveying
these characteristics is a matter of
careful and thoughtful design.
We have developed a reputation for creative
design work that not only supports and enhances
the strength of your brand, but also contributes
to your company’s competitive advantage. It is no
coincidence that we have won awards for design
effectiveness every year for over 10 years –
including the Grand Prix. That is a prestigious
independent endorsement that our work ‘had
a measurable effect on business performance’.

Put simply, our designs actually do a job of work

and contribute to your bottom line.

Our design team can deliver a broad range

of solutions, from implementing your brand identity,
developing your visual style, creating a web site,
designing a brochure or annual report, devising a
campaign or simply working with you to produce
effective on-line or off-line communications.
Brand identity Corporate guidelines
Our brand consultancy work frequently results in To maintain the strength and purity of your brand, it
design projects that aim to realize new strategic is essential that your people teams consistently apply
concepts in a graphic form. The team is also skilled the behaviours and styles that are characteristic of
at refining existing brand or visual identity, moving it your organisation.
forwards without losing the essence that made it
valuable in the first place. We can develop and produce comprehensive,
detailed and foolproof guide to the company’s
Internal communications corporate style, from letterheads to dress code, so
Internal communications have an important role to that everyone in the company knows what is expected
play in the development and maintenance of your of them in their behaviour and style of communication.
brand. Whether it’s a quarterly newsletter, an annual
focus document or an intranet-based forum, each These guidelines will help to ensure consistency
of these communication channels represents a of visual communications and widespread internal
proven tool for informing and inspiring across communication of the company’s ambitions and values.
divisions and levels.
Interior design
With both print and web knowledge available A company’s visual style should go beyond its printed
in-house, we can create effective communications or web-based publications. It should also extend into
rapidly and economically. the office environment. Our designers can adapt the
essence of the style so that the same qualities and
External communications values are evoked throughout the company’s offices
External communications literature, such as and operations.
corporate brochures and annual reports, represents
an opportunity to remind external audiences of the
strategies and values that define your organisation.

Our knowledge of brand identity, combined with

outstanding visual flair, can help to display those
qualities to best effect. In the online arena, our
specialist New Media team is equipped to develop
websites that accurately reflect your brand values
within a medium rich in functionality.
GE SeaCo.
Brand Strategy and Identity

GE SeaCo is one of the world’s leading container

leasing companies, operating a fleet of approximately
one million TEU for customers in over 80 countries.

Formed in 1998 by Sea Containers Ltd and the

General Electric Capital Corporation, GE SeaCo
is now entirely independent, with headquarters
in Barbados, and 24 sales and support offices
worldwide. Their UK subsidiary, GE SeaCo Services
Ltd, provides administrative and other services to
the GE SeaCo group.

GE SeaCo asked us to conduct a brand audit

and produce a positioning statement that would be
meaningful and help unite all their stakeholders, both
internal and external. They also asked us to help them
establish a set of behaviours for all their staff across
the world. These guidelines were not intended to be
rules, but simply inspiring advice, to help staff be
confident and consistent in the way they met their
business objectives.

Having helped GE SeaCo anchor their organisation,

they then appointed us to roll out their branding

Brand Strategy and Identity
In an increasingly competitive sector, Mind (the leading
mental health charity in England and Wales) recognised
that it needed to project a strong and focused identity
in order to communicate its messages effectively to
external and internal audiences. They asked us to help.

Our initial research revealed that many of Mind’s own

local branches were adapting the existing Mind logo
to suit their own purposes, and diluting the brand
promise in the process. Far from being a united,
dependable body with shared vision and values,
the organisation as a whole appeared disjointed
and unprofessional.

We worked with Mind’s own team to define the

charity’s purpose, vision and values, and implement
a powerful new brand identity. At its heart was a
new Mind logo, a visual metaphor reflecting the
organisation’s mission to help its users create answers
and solutions to complex problems. We subsequently
developed formal brand identity guidelines and helped
Mind to communicate the new identity, both centrally
and to its local branches.

Donations increased from £8m - £17m per annum,

Mind became the media’s ‘spokes people’ of choice
on mental health issues and our logo won a
prestigious D&AD award.
Welsh Development Agency.
Brand strategy and identity What if?
We connect you
The Welsh Development Agency (WDA) has been with 2 million
highly successful in stimulating economic growth in potential customers
Wales. A by-product of that success had been the
growth of the WDA itself, which had spawned dozens
of niche functions covering the entire gamut of
economic activity. The resulting welter of sub-brands
obscured the WDA’s own brand, making it difficult for
clients and business partners to recognise the
Agency’s central position, as well as creating over-
complex relationships and duplication within the

WALES (International)
At the WDA’s invitation, we analysed the current status
of the brand and developed a series of proposals to What if?
Wales helped you connect with Europe
re-establish a strong, focused identity. Through careful
research and two-way dialogue, we defined the COMMUNITIES

Agency’s purpose, vision and core values. We

rationalised the sub-brands and developed a corporate
What if?
Communities are given a new lease of life
identity with its own visual language, including detailed
templates for all on-line and off-line collateral BUSINESS

What if?
The results of our work were improved brand Your business is given a head start
awareness, excellent buy-in across the organisation –
and savings of £700,000 a year on print alone. INDIVIDUALS

What if?
You’re given a chance


What if?
Your community were given a helping hand

What if?
We help you make
your mark

The Welsh Development Agency

is a sponsored body of the
Welsh Assembly Government.
St John Ambulance.
Corporate Identity

St John Ambulance, who’s origins date back over 900

years to the Knights Hospitaller, is a modern, vigorous
pre-hospital healthcare organisation and the UK’s
leading first aid charity, with over 44,000 volunteers
and a local group in most towns.

St John Ambulance had made significant investments

over the last five years to enhance its charitable work,
and needed a new visual style so people could easily
identify the organisation.

Glazer was given a wide remit to assess and overhaul

St John Ambulance’s visual identity. The task was to
create a new logo, strapline and visual language, ready
for St John Ambulance volunteers to work alongside
the London Ambulance Service, providing medical
cover at the London 2012 Olympics.
Glazer worked with the in-house St John Ambulance
team for 12 months, reviewing the use of the logotype
(colours, typefaces and images) as applied to
stationery, literature, website, uniforms, signage and

The new identity brings a fresher, livelier look to the

organisation, better reflecting its place in modern
society and its mission: to provide an effective and
efficient charitable first aid service to local
taymouth is transformational A different world. A world of breathtaking

landscapes, historic ambience, exceptional facilities and the highest possible

standards of service. Taymouth not only relaxes, it replenishes the soul.

Taymouth Scotland.
Building a unique brand
Glazer have created the brand and are developing the
identity for Taymouth Scotland.

Located in the Scottish Highlands on the banks of the

River Tay, Taymouth Castle, together with its 450-acre
estate, is being developed as a unique lifestyle
destination, due to open in the spring of 2008. The
16th Century, A-listed castle is being developed into a
highly prestigious hotel, while outdoor activities will
include a James Braid designed 18-hole golf course,
exceptionally fine river and loch fishing, and an Activity

The logo, a mounted knight, has been developed from

a painting depicting four knights, on the ceiling of the
Castle’s Chinese Room. A brochure to support
competitive tendering has been produced, using the
very best of materials, print and binding techniques, to
reflect the uniquely prestigious quality of the project.
Glazer has also designed a website, and a bi-monthly
newsletter for the local community.

Mike Holl, Director at Taymouth Group said:

“On completion, Taymouth will be a brand apart –
offering guests an outstanding combination of
luxurious accommodation, fine cuisine and activities,
amid some of the most romantic scenery in the world.”
Heathrow Express.
Corporate Identity
Heathrow Express is the high-speed rail link between
Heathrow airport and London Paddington. The client
approached us to implement a wide- ranging
corporate identity programme.

The extent and complexity of this programme displays

our considerable ability and knowledge in managing an
identity project of this scale. We handled all corporate
applications and promotional communications for the
brand, including train livery, directional signage,
brochures, stationery and marketing material.

The sub-brands we created for the First Class service,

Quiet Zone, Baggage Express, Hotel Express and
Express TV ensured consistency and coherence within
the brand as a whole.

In recognition of our contribution to the success of

Heathrow Express, we were awarded the Grand Prix at
the Design Business Association’s Design Effectiveness
Strategy and Identity graphics
Monsoon is a design-led fashion retailer operating two
highly successful chains – Monsoon and Accessorize.
Despite its success, the Monsoon brand had lost its
sense of differentiation, as other fashion brands
colonised its look and feel. The brand structure had
become diluted and brand communications had
become inconsistent. Our efforts to restore both vigour
and rigour to the brand began with a series of
interviews with people from throughout the Monsoon
business, from the directors to customer contact staff,
to develop a broad perspective.

Armed with this information, our designers developed

a new campaignable style for the Monsoon brand. It is
an evolution from the former style, not a revolution,
since the company’s fundamental ethos has remained
largely the same. Our work included the development
of ad campaigns, a signature bag, rationalised sub-
brands and a new brand icon – the orchid – and
environmental graphics. With the new brand structure
in position, Monsoon is now expanding smoothly into
other areas such as Menswear. And following launch,
Monsson saw an increase in sales of 15% at a time
when competitors were averaging 1.5%
Brand Strategy and Identity
The business travel management industry has been
undergoing a sea-change as airlines cut or abolish
commission on ticket sales. In this new era, travel has
become a commodity, where the market price is
determined by demand and availability, rather than the
underlying cost. This has forced travel consultancies to
adopt new marketing tactics.

Portman Travel, the largest independent business

travel management consultancy in the UK, has always
positioned itself as something of a maverick – very
efficient, very knowledgeable, very personable, yet
slightly quirky in its customer communications. Looking
to evolve this brand characteristic for the new era, we
came up with the word ‘Smart’ – a simple but apt
description of the Portman ethos. It accurately
describes the way that Portman consultants approach
their job, and answers the external demand for
evidence that a service is worth paying for. It is also
campaignable: it can be used for naming Portman’s
sub-brands, and as a running element in the
company’s ad campaigns.

Following implementation Portman has seen its

turnover increase from £179m to £210m per annum.

The world is a

If you look like

Portman Hotels

book, and those your passport

who do not travel photo, you aren’t
read only a page. well enough
to travel.

Sir Vivian Fuchs

85% of New
York City taxi
drivers can’t read
road signs.
Smart people.

Stuck 23º16’N/1º43’E
24 hour expert helpline for emergency
travel assistance.

Get Smart 0800 731 1627

Investors in People.
Brand Strategy and Visual Identity
Investors in People UK is the non-departmental
government body responsible for developing and
delivering the Investors in People Standard, the
UK’s leading business improvement tool for people

Following the changes in the assessment process

Investors in People wanted to signal change and re-
position the organisations proposition. The aim was to
align the many accreditations that Investors in People
offer, rationalise the brand hierarchy and product
offering and strengthen the brand mark to create more
clarity for customers and stakeholders. Working closely
with the Investors in People senior management team.

We developed the Investors in People brand mark

ensuring that the ‘laurel’ would work both small and
large with maximum impact and created a new visual
language adopting fresh and bold colours and new
photography. We also implemented the identity
across a range of applications including the website,
online tools, graphics for print and online, brochures
and publications, leaflets and flyers, exhibition
stands and accreditation awards including plaques
and certificates.
Corporate and Consumer Identity
Since it opened in 1999, Bluewater, Kent’s retail leisure
destination, has changed the pattern and dynamics of
retailing in the South East of England. Our involvement
with Bluewater began when Lend Lease, the
developers, were trying to persuade ‘high quality’
retailers to lease space in the development. Lend
Lease wanted to position Bluewater as a real
alternative to shopping in London’s West End.

It did not want to be positioned as ‘just another

shopping centre’. Responding to the Bluewater Brand
Brief, we would present Bluewater as a tranquil,
modern, cool and orderly environment, a leisure
destination that would attract upmarket mainstream
retailers and a broad spectrum of customers
throughout the catchment area. With this in mind, we
worked with Lend Lease to develop a credible,
differentiated identity based on brand values such as
innovation, excellence, integrity and customer focus.

The launch package is regarded in the industry as a

‘classic’, the project is now valued at £1.6 billion (build
cost £460m) and our work won 14 Marketing and
Design awards.
red roses by Bluewater
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