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CosmoPrint Silk is a nearly woodfree, fully coated fine paper for text and image printing
offering high whiteness and opacity.

Text/Image Certified management systems and product

CosmoPrint Silk is ideal for printing high quality images certificates
in combination with text. The quality system of the mill is certified according
to ISO 9001 (No 04100 980385).
Prepress OHSAS 18001 (certificate No. 04 116 980385)
Screen rulings max 80 lines/cm (200 lines/inch), with
care this limits can be exceeded. AM, FM and hybrid
This paper is approved for contact with food
screens can be used. according to BGA and fulfils the European
Standard for Safety of toys EN 71-3:2006 (ISEGA
Certificate No 25249 U07).
Printing and finishing
Sheet fed offset, letterpress are suitable. Avoid for silk
screen printing. This paper is suitable for varnishing. Environmental certificates
Thread wire and adhesive binding can be used. The environmental system of the mill is certified
according to ISO 14001 (certificate No 04-104-
Producing mill 010053).
The paper is produced at Kabel Mill. PEFC (certificate No. 04 702 980385)
FSC (certificate No. SGS-COC-003784)

This paper is available in grammages from 80 to
90 g/m2.

Production target values

Grammage Caliper Whiteness Brightness Opacity Gloss Surface
g/m2 µm CIE D65/10 D65/10 D65/10 TAPPI 75 roughness
% % % % PPS 1.0

ISO 536 ISO 534 ISO 11475 ISO 2470-2 ISO 2471 ISO 8245-1 ISO 8791-4

80 74 101 95 95 33 2.4
90 80 101 95 96 35 2.4
Updated March 2010

Why CosmoPrint Silk?

Customer benefits Thanks to

• Attractive paper appearance and • Optimized whiteness and opacity

profit. High whiteness combined with • Minimal print show-through
high yield for profitable quality printing

• High print quality. Excellent print • Print smoothness and evenness

evenness, good ink transfer and dot

• Excellent runnability and finishing • Optimal ink setting and drying

performance. Fast turnaround and high • High rub resistance

CosmoPrint Silk is ideal for:

• School books
• Editorial books
• Magazines
• Promotional prints and direct mail