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3. Lessons about what not to do

Broken hyperlinks
Inconsistent design
Irritating background color
Too crowded web page
Too much advertisement (pop-up windows etc.)

B. Target Market Ecommerce Analysis

This section of the report analyses the main customer groups of Travellary and their specific
Ecommerce requirements.

The main customer groups are:

 Eco-tourists
 Families
 Groups
 Individuals
 Over 60s

General requirements:
Booking information
Cancellation policy
Contact Information
Different search possibilities
Information about:
o Accommodation
o Destination
 Visa
 Safety
 Health
 Culture
 Climate
 Infrastructure
 Local attractions
o Insurance
o Travel possibilities (Train, bus, plane…)
Own Account
StudentID: 201012718 Date: 13.12.2010

Payment Methods
Suitability (Degree of difficulty…)
Terms and Conditions

Group requirements:
Due to sub-groups: Possibility to split the group/book different activities
Forum to discuss questions (No repetition of questions)
Information about discounts
Maximum number of participants
Possibility of separate arrivals and departures
Separate payment possibilities (Different methods, different times)

New customer requirements

o Help-number
o Online chat
o Interactive assistant
Security (See above)
Special welcome offers
Store locator

Specific Ecommerce content

Group of Value adding Ecommerce

Customer content
Helen (45) is very keen on Activities in the UK (Lower
ecological/sustainable acting. Normally pollution due to less far travel)
she would spend her holidays in the UK  Information about:
because she is concerned about the - Carbon footprint
Eco- pollution a long flight would cause. - Helping communities
Tourist However, this year she plans to make an - Getting involved
exception and travel through South  Paper-free-booking
America. To soothe her conscience she  Travel options (Train instead of
wants to work in communities on her plane due to pollution issues)
John (30), his wife Emma (28) and their  Degree of difficulty
Families son Harry (5) want to experience a great  Information about:
and adventurous family holiday which is - On-site child care options

StudentID: 201012718 Date: 13.12.2010

fun for everyone. As Harry is the centre - Health (Distance to

of their lives, John and Emma want to hospital, required
make sure that Harry is not put on risk at vaccinations)
all and enjoys the holiday. However, they  Suitability:
want to spend some time as a couple as - Accommodation
well. - Trips
- Area
Leslie, Hannah, Jenny, Tom and Harry
(all 30) want to enjoy an adventurous
holiday together. The group has planned
two 3-day-trips. As Leslie and Tom are
very busy they can only arrive two days
later than the rest. In order to avoid
boredom on their day alone they want to See above
book a 1-day-activity. However for the
rest of their holidays the group wants to
stay together.
Janet (26) works fulltime in a consultant  Information about:
agency. She has always been very active - Accommodation (Single
and sports help her to relax so she is room or share the room
looking for a challenging holiday. Janet with a foreigner)
wants to treat herself and have some - Safety (Especially for
quality time alone. She has no interest in female travelers)
sharing a room or depending on fellow  Specific locations and
travelers. However, she is a little bit suitability for solo travelers
worried about travelling alone as a
Harold and Marge, both 68, are very  Degree of difficulty
active and want to enjoy their retirement.  FAQ
As they want to experience a real  Help service/assistance
adventure, they are looking for a  Possibility to
challenging holiday in a far away country. - Change the font size
Over 60s
Investing parts of their savings they want - Get to know fellow
to be absolutely sure to buy the right travelers
product. Therefore, they take advantage  Reviews/recommendations
of as much help as possible. They both  Suitability
are familiar with the internet. However,

StudentID: 201012718 Date: 13.12.2010

Harold has a slight reading disorder

which makes it difficult for him to read
web pages.

C. Stage-of-Relationship Ecommerce Analysis

This section will specify the Ecommerce features needed in each of the 5 phases of
Travellary’s relationship with its customers. It will analyse the required Ecommerce features
in general and for each specific customer category.

Stage of Required Ecommerce Features

General Specific
 Country-information Eco-Tourist:
 FAQ  Alternative travel
 Information about the company options
 Own account  Carbon-footprint/
 Possibility to get in touch with sustainability
former customers (community)  Possibilities to get
 Possibility to involved (Help
- Search for holidays differently (by communities)
weather/ interest…)  Reviews from like-
- Watch videos/pictures of former minded people
 Prices Family:

 
1 Required level of fitness Child care

 
Reviews Prices for children

 Search assistance  Suitability for children

 Security (Contact details, terms Groups:

and conditions…)  Maximum number of

 Store locator participants

 Possibilities to split the
group (payments,
activities, arrivals)
 Possibility to meet
other solo travelers