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Tavis Chaffin

(907) 227-3313
221 Ridgecrest Dr
W Carrollton, OH 45449
OBJECTIVE: To obtain a full-time position with benefits that encourages gaining
knowledge and experience in operating heavy equipment and driving commercial ve
Class A CDL
HAZMAT endorsement
Tanker endorsement
Doubles and triples endorsement
40 hour HAZWOPER
HAZCOM Training
CPR and First Aid
Forklift S09 Training
Professional Experience:
Bell Tech Consultants, Mobile, AL
June 2010 - Sept 2010
Task Force Manager
Oversee task force crew in operations of decontaminating vessels, trailers, skim
mers, vehicles and all contaminated equipment.
Constructing decontamination sites throughout Mississippi, Alabama and Florida's
coastal regions.
Mechanically maintained Bellvac Equipment, used in pressure washing and recovery
of oil contaminants.
Alaska Maritime Services, Valdez, AK
Oct 2009 - Present
Seasonal, private and commercial snow removal using various sized equipment (I.E
. 966 Front-end Loaders).
Performed preventative maintenance with pre and post trip inspections.
Recorded daily log-ins.
Crowley Petroleum, Valdez, AK
May 2009 - June 2010
Operate tanker trucks to deliver fuel and propane commercially and residentially
Deck hand on the "Alaska Challenger", deliver fuel to villages in Prince William
Sound with custom-built off-road six wheel drive fuel truck.
Refurbish and re-certify propane tanks.
Operate Hyster forklifts in warehouse to move pallets of various oils.
Alaska West Express, Whittier, AK
May 2008 - January 2009
Operate SVETRUCKS and other various types of equipment to unload barges from Sea
ttle carrying 1/3 of Alaska's surplus of goods.
Chained various pieces of equipment to platforms, chassis, and barge decks.
Loaded and unloaded equipment, cargo machines, modules and more to railcars for
the Alaska Railroad.
Worked long hours in below-freezing, windy conditions.


Valdez High School, Valdez, AK 99686 High School Diploma

Focused mainly on vocational classes including IT1 & 11, Auto mechanics,
General shop, drafting, wood manufacturing 1 & 11. Completed Marine Technology
course which employed ocean survival techniques, CPR and First
Aid training, HAZWOPER, and various outdoor survival techniques.
Northern Industrial Training: Completed two-week Pro Truck Driver course of whi
ch 8 days were hands-on driving experience with an instructor, learning skills i
ncluding double-clutching, backing, pre-trip inspections, air brake tests and ma
neuvering in traffic.

Eric Williams, Lead Operations of Bell Tech (907) 529
Dave Duncan, Mechanic of Bell Tech (386) 546
Mark Delozier, CEO of Alaska Maritime Service (907) 831-06
Gary Schliesing, Valdez Crowley Manager (907) 831-00
Rick McKinley, Alaska West Express (907) 748

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