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Matthew C.

Mordovanec (714) 264-0107 Tustin, CA

* 2 years experience in all aspects building engineering, operations, maintenanc
e including HVAC, pneumatics, plumbing, electrical, compressed air systems, wate
r cooled and air cooled chillers, water treatment, construction, painting, light
ing, and fire and life safety systems.
* Extensive security and engineering background for commercial and industrial bu
* 5 years of strong and comprehensive experience in the customer service field,
covering all aspects, management, phone skills, computer skills, interpersonal s
kills, scheduling, and operations.
* Excellent oral communication. Relates well with all levels of authority. Parti
cipated in the bimonthly safety training. Conduct monthly company training to sm
all groups. Great organizational skills and computer literate.
* Experienced with the Siemens Apogee building controls and energy management sy
* Self motivated and great problem solving capabilities.
* Security experience in CCTV systems and access controls.
* Fast learner and works well alone or with others to complete tasks. Eager to l
* Great network of different vendors and contractors and a good relationship wit
h them.
* Fair-minded, loyal, and principled.
* Overtime and extra shifts are welcomed.
608 Universally Certified by the EPA, DOT hazardous materials trained, Lock out/
tag out training program, Arc Flash Safety Training and Electrical Safety, Asbes
tos safety trained. Red Cross trained in First aid, CPR, and use of AED.
June 2008-Present
Able Engineering/Tishman Speyer, Newport Beach CA
Chief Engineer/Engineer/Utility Engineer
* Responsible for engineering, maintenance and daily operation of large office b
* Participated in preventative maintenance programs for air handlers, raised flo
or server room cooling units, fan coil units, boilers, different types of air co
mpressors, AC split systems, CDA dryers, diesel generators, water pumps, and gol
f carts, exhaust fans.
* Facilities manager duties: ordering, data entry, pricing and working with cont
* Worked daily with the Siemens Apogee building controls System.
* Lighting and electrical training and experience.
* Conducted cooling tower maintenance and water treatment on a daily basis.
* Monitor and service air cooled and water cooled chillers.
* Dealt with all aspects of plumbing and piping.
* Hazardous materials handling and disposal.
* Used soft soldering, brazing, and welding skill frequently.
* Daily report writing and logging mechanical equipment.
* Passing along information to the next shift.
* Working with construction managers tenant coordinators on projects.
* Knowledgeable in painting and patching, as well as roofing.
South Coast Plaza Security, Costa Mesa, CA
* Responsible for public safety and operations of multiple Office buildings.
* Responsible for running night and day shift operations.
* In charge of scheduling for shifts of 10-15 people.
* General Manager of entire division at night during non-business hours.
* Extensive report writing and correcting experience.
* Experience in worker compensation claims.
* Implementer of corrective actions to subordinates.
* Enforcement of rules and policies.
* Trained in major disaster and event crisis management.
* Fire and life safety trained in the proper use of fire systems.