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11/2009 to Present ; 40 hours per Week; Program Support Assistant; YB-0303-02; l

ast promoted Not Specified; permanent employee; not on a temporary promotion; NC

IS SWFO SAN DIEGO, 3405 Welles st suite 1; Mary Crumbley , 619-556-1419 ; may co
ntact supervisor.
Receives and reviews correspondence, directives, regulations, instructions, publ
ications and other written materials. Provides advice and guidance on administra
tive problems that arise, to include interpretation of governing regulations. Co
ntinually keeps abreast of current requirements and developments related to day-
to-day administrative operations in such areas as requests for personnel actions
, pay issues, correspondence, mail, filing systems, and other administrative act
ions. Enters Time and Attendance information into SLDCADA and prepares required
reports for managers and NCIS headquarters. Prepare travel orders for assigned p
ersonnel, coordinates funding and approval and maintains files of liquidated cla
ims and other reimbursement documents for obligation against appropriated funds.
Coordinates supply requests and administrative support requirements for staff.
Prepares requisitions for supplies, equipment, repairs and forms for the office
to ensure that an adequate working level is maintained. Places service calls for
maintenance and repair to office spaces and ensures problems are reported and r
epaired in a timely manner. Prepares maintenance agreements for office equipment
. Enters and maintains database to track vehicles, maintenance, costs, accident
reports etc. Prepares monthly payments for contractual professional's services.
Maintains up-to-date files of all contracts, records of payments and available b
alances. Tracks and maintains database for cellular phones, pagers, and blackber
ries. Establishes office priorities, ensuring due dates, developing and maintain
ing efficient and effective office procedures, anticipating office problems and
developing solutions for same. Handles complaints and serves as a point of conta
ct for all documentation flowing into or out of the office.

05/2008 to 11/2009; 40 hours per Week; PD/PM Administrative Assistant; $41,000 p

er Annum; last promoted Not Specified; permanent employee; not on a temporary pr
omotion; Navy Region Southwest , 4297 Pacific Hway San Diego, CA 92110; Dusty Rh
odes , 619-524-3918 ; may contact supervisor.
Perform Security Assistant duties and responsibilities. Excellent organization,
research and communications skills. Demonstrated ability to prioritize tasks, me
et time-sensitive deadlines, and work independently to achieve goals. First in l
ine for Admin Support. Comprehensive executive-level administrative and technica
l expertise. Skilled in developing, implementing and managing instructions, stan
dard operating procedures, post orders, operational plans, office procedures and
systems. Effective problem solver, able to multitask and handle multiple positi
ons in fast paced positions. Receives visitors and telephone calls for senior ma
nagement and take detailed messages. Conduct facility tours. Distribute mail, re
view correspondence and compose administrative documents, forms, reports, requis
itions and statistical data/reports. Research, develop and process financial doc
uments and Purchase Card Requests (PCR). Arranged conferences and meetings for s
enior management. Manage and maintain calendars and schedule appointments for se
nior management, ensuring 100% attendance at planned meetings. Coordinate and pr
ocess visitor requests. Expertise in creating excels spreadsheets, tables, graph
s, charts, correspondence and multimedia presentations. Trained in use of Defens
e Travel System (DTS). Valued for ability to organize computer data files to imp
rove productivity and manage information. Detail oriented in data entry. Excelle
nt communication skills. Updated and maintained command directory and databases
for senior management. Process a high degree of standard office administrative s
kills such as faxing, copying, scanning and document collating and processing. T
rack numerous Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) and Memorandums of Agreement (M
OA). Create and process all retirement letters and awards with the highest degre
e of accuracy. Process supply orders for Directors and management. Call vendors
to get quotes and estimates on supplies for placing orders. Take inventory of su
pply and create excel spreadsheets to determine what is needed and what is in th
e budget. Pick up MWR funds for end of year bonuses. Research inventory prices t
o save money through different vendors. Obtain and maintain data for supply orde
rs. Prepare requisitions for material/equipment/supplies. Establishes or revises
stock levels for authorized items obtained through the supply system according
to regulations and procedures. Performs duties to include receipts, storage, iss
ue and replenishment of a wide variety of supplies, forms, publications and spec
ialized items requiring special handling. Maintain perpetual inventory of non-ex
pendable property. Follow up with pending actions. Prepare related reports and a
nswers inquiries. Team player, able to build strong rapport with diverse range o
f management, coworkers, and customers through functions and meetings. Fast lear
ner, adapt at quickly learned new procedures and implementing best practices in
numerous departments. Well-developed interpersonal skills and handle other dutie
s as assigned. Polished oral and written communication skills. Proficient in a v
ariety of business software applications to include Microsoft Word, Excel, Power
Point and Access.

08/2006 to 05/2008; 40 hours per Week; Workcenter Supervisor Performance Report;

$30,000 per Annum; last promoted Not Specified; permanent employee; not on a te
mporary promotion; Naval Medical Center San Diego, 34800 BOB WILSON DR SAN DIEGO
, CA 92134; WILLIAM CORREA , 619-532-6522 ; may contact supervisor.
Serves as Work Center Supervisor with responsibility for overseeing the organiza
tion and the subordinate staff by leading, process data and performing clerical
and administrative support activities. Pleasant, professional interface with oth
er departments and staff within the Command, providing advice on procedures, rep
orts, and requirements for implementing the Commandas policies, directives, and
instructions. Create interoffice memos, correspondence and spreadsheets. Distrib
utes clerical workload and advising supervisors and other secretaries within the
department on clerical and administrative processes. Anticipates supervisoras n
eed for information and prepares materials accordingly. Excellent written and ve
rbal communication/organizational skills. Extremely detail orientated. Manage an
d prioritize multiple tasks responding with a strong sense of urgency, working a
s a team player with the ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
Extremely computer literate with knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Power poin
t and Access. Reviews incoming mail and correspondence for the supervisor. Compo
ses non-technical correspondence and reports from instructions, information obta
ined from files, and data obtained from staff members. Establishes response due
dates and suspense files. Receives and distributes mail and correspondence for t
he organization, determining which items should go to the supervisor and which s
hould go to other employees. Screens visitors and calls to the Work center and p
ersonally handles a variety of inquiries or requests for information. Schedules
appointments, meetings and reschedules appointments on own initiative as necessa
ry. Organizes and maintains complex file systems for the Command, ensuring compl
iance with Federal records management requirements. Maintains necessary office s
upplies and furnishings.

05/2006 to 07/2006; 40 hours per Week; Administrative Separation Assistant/Legal

man Clerk; $30,000 per Annum; last promoted Not Specified; permanent employee; n
ot on a temporary promotion; Naval Medical Center San Diego, 34800 BOB WILSON DR
SAN DIEGO, CA 92134; LN1 Barbara Nahulak , 619-532-6475 ; may contact superviso
Performed various tasks necessary to give 110% customer service. Provided parale
gal/ admin support to 3 attorneys. Mentored 3 junior personnel, provided over 20
0 Powers of Attorney, advance health care directives and counseled over 3,500 Sa
ilors. Prepare all documents for administrative separation board and Non Judicia
l Punishment (NJP). Organized and conducted gift reports for NMCSD and NMW consi
sting of 10 subordinate commands. Assisted with the processing and tracking of n
umerous Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and Memorandums of Understand
ing (MOU). Created a tracker and database to improve all administrative processe

02/2004 to 04/2006; 40 hours per Week; Temporary Additional Duty Travel Supervis
or; $30,000 per Annum; last promoted Not Specified; permanent employee; not on a
hone 252-3892 ; may contact supervisor.
Managed over $1.2 Million of commandas Temporary Additional Duty Travel Target (
TADTAR) budget. Outstanding Windows Automated Travel Operating System (WINATOS)
Administrator. Expertly trained in preparation of Temporary Additional Duty orde
rs using WINATOS program for 4,000 Sailors and Marines, enabling duty personnel
to expeditiously process emergency leave requests during off duty hours. Coordin
ate lodging, rental cars, plane tickets, country clearance and travel card. Moni
tored and processed over 2,500 travel requests and liquidated travel claims with
100% accuracy. Streamlined the process of filing and liquidation of the travel
requests resulting in outstanding customer service and expeditious payment of cl
aims. Created/updated excel spreadsheets to track the in and outs of TADTAR budg
et. Fluent in word-processing packages, spreadsheets, database and emails. Ident
ified and corrected travel claim discrepancies resulting in thousands of dollars
in cost savings and dramatically improved quality assurance. Achieved 100% comp
liance with all configuration management regulations and guidelines.

03/2003 to 01/2004; 40 hours per Week; Customer Service Representative ; $30,000

per Annum; last promoted Not Specified; permanent employee; not on a temporary
promotion; USS ESSEX (LHD2) , SASEBO, JAPAN; PS1 THOMAS HOWELL , DSN Phone 252-3
892 ; may contact supervisor.
Courteous, respectful, hardworking and well-organized. Effective at balancing wo
rkplace priorities. Performed various tasks necessary to give 110% customer serv
ice, handle ID card applications, and Dependent Emergency data. Performs routine
office functions; maintains files; performs receptionist duties; prepares and m
aintains personnel records; operates office equipment; keys and reports; prepare
travel and other personnel documents. Process 1,400 leave request and entitleme
nts. Provided military pay, travel, disbursal services to over 3,000 Soldiers an
d 200 civilians.