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July, 2010


PO Box 342
Spring House, PA 19477-0342
267.210.7432 (mobile) (primary email)
Business development, health, healthcare, marketing, sales, university, college,
higher education, managed care, consumer-driven health plans, HMO, PPO, insuran
ce, mergers, acquisitions, venture capital, special projects, business strategy,
strategic alliance, investment banking, director, president, chairman, CEO, COO
Managing Director and CEO, David R. Vaughn & Associates Special projects consul
ting in managed health care, medical economics and e-health technology. Spring
House, PA (2007-present) and Scottsdale, AZ (1996-2002). Interrupted by perio
d of employment as Managing Director with Devon Health Services, Inc. (2002-2007
). Returned to engage in major consulting assignments with the new Resource Hol
dings, Ltd. And D. R. Vaughn & Associates in 2007 to present July, 2010 Select
ed projects and assignments included:
- Senior Director for Global Sourcing - Vee Technologies - Developed US leader
ship team for this India-based firm which has holding in several key sectors, in
cluding higher education (Sona University Group); Vee Insure; Vee Bill; and the
US brand introduced as Vee Source. Vee handles over 12 million transactions per
month totaling over $1B USD annually. January, 2010 to present. Retainer base
d-compensation plus bonus.
- Senior Advisor, Strategic Industry Initiatives ECBM Insurance Brokers and Con
sultants Focus is on medical benefit cost reduction programs for self-funded em
ployers with more than 25,000 employees for whom the organization serves as Plan
Sponsor. Also leads special initiatives in Energy Solutions and Employee Benef
it Structure and Self Funding. Retainer-based compensation plus bonus.
- Senior Advisor to the Board Salient Business Solutions USA, LLC US strategy
leader for this unit of Avantha Group, a $5 billion USD global conglomerate base
d in India for nearly a century (former name through 2007 was The Thapar Group).
Provides industry knowledge and strategy options in health care and medical ser
vice sectors.
( ( Spring House, PA 2007
-2008 - D.R. Vaughn and Associates.
- Consultant and Vice President for Strategic Industry Initiatives: Health Care,
Medical Services, Insurance & Risk Management Sectors. Symphoni Interactive, L
LC of the IGate Capital Initiated business development and strategic alliance p
rojects among and between the CEOs of Igates portfolio companies and the chief e
xecutives of major HMOs, health care systems, and medical service organizations.
Headquarters executive staff consultant -New York, Pittsburgh and San Francisc
o. (2000 to 2002). ( ( - D.R. Vaughn &
- Consultant and Director, Business Development - Healthcare, Higher Education a
nd Insurance Sectors. Keane, Inc. (Pittsburgh and Philadelphia) A senior memb
er of Keanes National Healthcare Practice. Specialized on issues relating to th
e Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the impact of
Administrative Simplification (AS) on health care information and electronic tra
nsactions. (1998-2000) D.R. Vaughn and Associates
- Assistant to the Chairman, National Risk Management Group (NRM) - Provided st
rategic marketing services/advice to the CEO and Chairman of this third-party ad
ministrator of self-funded Workers Compensation plans for not-for-profit organiz
ations such as universities and hospitals. 1996-1998 D.R. Vaughn & Associates
- Acting Chairman, National Health and Safety Corporation Served as Acting Chai
rman at the request of major Bermuda-based and US institutional investors. The
company provided medical and health care discount programs for prescription drug
s, vision plans, travel programs and other affinity marketing offerings in coope
ration with employer groups, trade associations, unions and direct-mail marketin
g organizations. .1996-1997 D.R. Vaughn & Associates
Managing Director. Devon Health Services, Inc. A national health care cost mana
gement and managed health care firm. Operates a regional Preferred Provider Org
anization in the mid-Atlantic region with more than 3,000,000 million total memb
ers. Provides multiple medical cost control programs for self-funded employers
and for Taft-Hartley Funds on a national basis. (King of Prussia, PA ) 2002-2
007. Selected projects include:
- Formation of strategic alliances and business partnerships among and between D
evon Health Services (DHS) and regional national service providers.
- Lead project manager for Preferred Medical Claim Solutions (,
EvergreenReinsurance (
- Leads national, C-level (CEO,CFO, COO) marketing programs targeting potential
large clients in the 4,000 employee/member and larger category for Devon Health
and alliance partner project consulting engagements.
- Co-founder of Informed Health Choices. Built and developed a national hospit
al medical quality decision support product marketed to employers, unions, TPAs,
PPOs and associations. Powered by HealthShare Technologys (now WebMD) highly r
egarded consumer decision support program.
Chairman, Resource Holdings, Ltd., (Exton, PA; Scottsdale, AZ) 1992-1996
A private healthcare holding company with emphasis on managed care and health
care information technology. Funded at $15,000,000 by J.P. Morgan & Company and
Mutual Risk Management (Bermuda). Purchased by QuadraMed Corporation at a seve
ral hundred percent profit (approximately $60,000,000) to all investor groups.
Companies in the portfolio of Resource Holdings Ltd. Included. InterGroup Select
Provider Network ( regional PPO with 1.5 million members and 17,000 medical pro
viders) ; EZ-CAP (capitation software market leader); and an early-stage medical
quality outcome and research company (HRA).
President, Chairman and CEO - InterGroup Services Corporation, (Malvern, PA; Pi
ttsburgh, PA) 1982-1992 Founder and CEO of InterGroup. This start-up Select
Provider Network became one of the largest and most successful preferred provide
r organizations (PPOs) in the US. More than 1,500,000 individuals, 4000+ employ
er groups, 17,000 physicians and 200 hospitals. The organization had a better
than 97 percent client and provider retention rate during his tenure at CEO. Mer
ged into Resource Holdings, Ltd. in 1992.
Vice President and Director, American Health Management and Consulting Corporati
on (AHMAC) (Wayne, PA) 1975-1982. Advisor in medical plan management, health
economics and corporate health care management for 15 of the Fortune 500. Serv
ed under multi-year contract(s) as Director of Health and Medical Programs and D
irector of Preventive Medical projects for major US companies, including Sun Com
pany, Westinghouse, ALCOA, and INA (now CIGNA). AHMAC served as consulting lead
on the formation of several dozen Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) during
the mid 1970s through 1982, when the company was purchased by Travelers Insuran
ce Company.
Temple University, Philadelphia, PA Bachelor of Science (Health Education) 1970
Temple University Graduate School Doctor Fellow in Physiology (with research em
phasis in cardiology (aortic valve disease) and metabolism ( diabetes). 1971-74
;Harvard University, School of Public Health, Executive Program in Managed Ca
re (Inaugural Invited CEO Class) 1991-92 (Sabbatical year from InterGroup)


Legion of Cornelius Award, Outstanding Christian College Athlete (1967) Temple U
niversity (1964-67) (football and track); Philadelphia Eagles farm system (1968)
and Baltimore Colts organization (reserve squad 1968 and 1969). Defensive end
and linebacker; Director/Trustee: Chestnut Hill College, (2 terms, Finance Com
mittee, Student Life Committee, Executive Committee); InterGroup Services Corp.
(Chairman), Resource Holdings, Ltd. (Chairman); Foundation for Independent Coll
Recently served as Senior Advisor to the Board of Salient Business Solutions (ww, a unit of The Avantha Group - formerly Thapar Group- (www.ava a $5 billion USD global firm, with a history of leadership
in technology, power generation, textiles and chemicals extending back over mor
e than 9 decades. Avantha, is often referred to as the GE of Asia. (see biogra
phy and CV for details)