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Topic : Brand equity measurement of Radio Mirchi

Brand Equity :

A well managed brand is an asset to an organization. The value of this asset is often referred to as brand
equity. A brand equity is the marketing and financial value associated with a brand’s strength in a market.
Besides the actual proprietary brand assets, such as patent and trademarks, four major elements underlie
brand equity:

Brand name awareness

Perceived Brand Quality
Brand Associations
Brand loyalty
Brand Equity Measurement Model
In this model we tried to basically cover all the factors which influences the buying decision of the
consumer which in turn constituted the brand equity.
Parameters taken
Brand Knowledge
Brand Vitality
Brand Association
Brand Leveragability
Buying Behaviour

Brand Knowledge : Will be analysing percentage of respondents aware of the brand and giving scores
based on the rank the brand has got among the brands the customer is aware of.

Brand Vitality : In this we would be analyzing the attribute that the customer perceives to be there in the
product and buys it then would move on to the brands which has got that most important attribute as per
the customer perception.

Brand Association: In this we would be analysing what and how much are the intangible factors that a
particular brand has compared to the other brands the customer is aware of which pulls the customer
towards it.

Brand Leveragability : We would be analysing the potential of the brand to extend to related, or even
unrelated, product categories.

Buying Behaviour : We would basically be judging the customer loyalty towards a particular brand by
having availability as a factor.
Significance of the research :

To determine the brand value of Radio Mirchi in view of the listenership and among the competitors

Objective of the research :

1. To know brand value of Radio Mirchi

2. To evaluate the brand with other competitors

3. To determine what else can be done to improve the brand value

Hypothesis :

Ho There is no significant impact of band equity on Listenership

Research Design :

Descriptive Research

The research will be exploratory in nature. The sources of the information would be both primary as well
as secondary. Structured questionnaire will be the source of primary data.

Sampling methodology :

Universe : Jaipur City

Sample size : sample size is to be restricted to 100 respondents, which comprises of mainly people from
different locations of Jaipur city.

Sample Unit : Respondents will be the listeners of FM channels

Data Analysis : for each of the question the responses will be analyzed in SPSS ( Statistical Package
for social science) on different parameters
Normality test of the questionnaire (mean, sd, range)
Factor analysis

1. Name five brands that comes to your mind when you think of FM channels? (Brand Knowledge)

2. Identify the FM channels from the taglines mentioned below? (Brand Knowledge)

3.Identify the brands logos from the respective FM channels. (Brand Knowledge)

4. Rank the following attributes in order of importance to listen a radio channel (Attribute

5. Which is the one attribute you strongly associate with each of the following brands. (Attribute

6. Which of these qualities will you associate with the following brands?

7. Which of the following products will you buy if offered by the following brands (leveragability
And brand extension)

8. if Radio Mirchi is not available what will be the most preferred radio station listen to (listening
behavior )