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Versatile professional adept at creating detailed Office Documents, rapidly addr

essing client needs, and working closely with contractors and vendors to ensure
on-time and under-budget project completion. Able to implement highly efficient
Office policies/procedures and effectively train staff. Expert in managing proje
ct costs, conducting field survey analyses, and Business Forms.
Project Management * Design Studies/Presentation Graphics * Construction Documen
Staff Collaboration * Field Survey Analysis * Budgeting, Cost Estimating * Vendo
r Management
Client Relationships * Issue Resolution * Regulatory Compliance *

LANDMARK EDUCATION, Dania Beach, Florida * 2007- Present
Team Leader: Seminar Fulfillment Phone Team
Assistant Logistics Supervisor: Seminar Team Production & Management
R.E. TRUSKOWSKI, Palm Beach, Florida/Santa Barbara, California * 2005-2009
Provider of upscale landscape architecture services to High-end Clientele.
Project Manager (2006-2009) My availability occurs due to recession layoff.
Provided dedicated project support from Conceptual phase through preparation of
Construction Documents (CDs) and successful Construction Implementation. Generat
ed targeted plans for California-based projects, as well as extensive Irrigation
Plans in NV and FL. Ensured conformance to applicable codes and regulations. Li
aised closely with clients and representatives, addressing issues and recommendi
ng solutions. Controlled budget and crafted cost estimates, and ensured timely i
nvoicing. Built lasting vendor relationships and approved products delivering ma
rked cost efficiencies.
Key Accomplishments:
Applied AutoCAD expertise towards developing training manual utilized across 4 o
Ensured construction project adherence to established timeframes through effecti
vely coordinating with contractors, sub-contractors and consultants.
Landscape Designer (2005-2006)
Provided dedicated oversight of construction projects, maintaining detailed docu
mentation and liaising closely with clients, contractors and vendors to ensure c
ompletion within established deadlines. Noted for exceptional maintenance of CAD
libraries and hands-on staff training.
Key Accomplishments:
Established new CAD program and procedures, obtained senior staff buy-in, and ma
naged introduction, resulting in significant productivity gains.
Applied far-ranging project management and technical skills towards rapidly reso
lving project issues and identifying improvements.
GEORGE GIRVIN & ASSOCIATES, Santa Barbara, California * 2004-2005
Comprehensive landscape architecture and site planning firm.
Landscape Designer
Aided Senior Staff in developing viable plans from Conceptual and Design Develop
ment(DD) through Construction Documentation (CD) phases. Delivered key insights
and stressed compliance with client requirements. Noted for attention to detail,
exemplary communication skills, and diverse technical expertise including AutoC
AD and Photoshop.

RGA LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS, INC., Palm Springs, California * 2003-2004

Provider of landscape architecture services to developers.
Landscape Designer
Offered dedicated CAD support, with particular specializations in Layout, Hardsc
ape, Irrigation, and Planting Plans. Worked closely with developer clients in ad
dressing issues and rapidly executing changes. Adhered to aggressive timeframes
and maintained up-to-the-minute knowledge of applicable codes/regulations.

Key Accomplishments:
Spurred successful project completion through producing 11 sets of plans within
1 year.
Forged lasting developer relationships and interfaced with local jurisdictions a
s needed.
Career Note: Additional experience as Landscape Designer and Commercial/Resident
ial Pool Designer for Patio Pools & Spas (2001-2003), providing hands-on project
support and executing challenging grading plans resulting in city approval.
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Studies - Iowa State Univer
sity, Iowa
Site Grading & Drainage Workshop - Cornell University School of Continuing Ed. I
thaca, NY
Landscape Irrigation Design- Rain Bird Academy, Florida
Mike Lin Graphic Workshop - Kansas
MS Office Suite
AutoCAD 2009
Nemetschek Vectorworks Landmark
Adobe Suite
Google SketchUp
* Fluent in Spanish