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JUNE 3, 2011

JUNE 3, 2011 • Volume 9, Issue 32 Published for those serving in the Republic of Korea

Find out how changes
in purchase limits at
commissary affect you
From U.S. Forces Korea J1


tion Control Policy has been revised
and approved as of May 23 and posted
to the USFK Web-site at
The changes are effective immediately.
Here are some of the key highlights
that have changed in the regulation:
1. Commissary monthly ration limits
were increased as following. All family
members, including dependents un-
der the age of ten, must be registered in
DBIDS to be counted towards a family
size for the monthly commissary dollar
spending limit. Once individuals reg-
ister in DBIDS, they will automatically
be registered in ration control, but still

Forging Friendship
must visit an issuing agent office to re-
quest ration control cards.
‹‹ One Person - $650
‹‹ Two Persons - $950
‹‹ Three Persons - $1,200
‹‹ Four Persons - $1,500
‹‹ Five Persons - $1,700
‹‹ 6 Persons or More - $2,000 Yongsan members celebrate Korean culture with locals
2. Beer monthly ration limits - No See story on Page 9
daily purchase limit but eight cases per
month based on data shown below. All Col. William Huber, U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan Commander, participates in a Korean traditional dance with members
quantities of beer now count towards from the Bupyeong Pungmul Team during the Korea and America Intercultural Program. The program was part of the
your beer limit. 2011 Incheon Bupyeong Pungmul Festival at Camp Market, May 25. Pungmul is the Korean word for instruments used
‹‹ 24 pack of 12oz bottle/can = 1 case in traditional percussion music. — U.S. Army photo by Cpl. Hong Moo-sun
— See RATIONS, Page 2 —

Don’t Catch a ‘Break’ Medic! Privileged Shoppers Spring Fest 2011 GARRISONS

Commissaries in Korea Defense News P02

See what Yongsan grocery shopping USAG Red Cloud P05
recognized as just got better: Page 9

some will go USAG Casey P05
through for USAG Yongsan P09
USAG Humphreys P21
‘The Badge’

USAG Daegu P25
Page 7

Sports, pools, heritage, dance: Sights & Sounds P03

Heed caution on two Command Perspective P04
wheels, Page 22 See Page 2 find them all on Page 21
Photo Feature Page P16

The Morning Calm

Published by
Installation Management Command Korea 8th Army addresses DeCA stores
Agent Orange claims in Korea nab
Commanding General/Publisher:
Brig. Gen. David G. Fox
Public Affairs Chief: Dan Thompson
Editor: Russell Wicke

top awards
Layout Assistant: Pfc. Jeong Yee-taek

By Walter T. Ham IV Subcommittee met for the first time to
Commander: Col. Hank Dodge 8th Army Public Affairs discuss the joint assessment May 26 on
Public Affairs Officer: Kevin Jackson Yongsan Garrison. The initial meeting By DeCA Public Affairs
Staff Writers: Pfc. Mardicio Barrot, Pfc. Jin Choe SEOUL — The American Army is to determine the scope for the joint
USAG-YONGSAN general leading the investigation into assessment survey, the monitoring of NORFOLK, Va. – Two De-
Commander: Col. William P. Huber claims that U.S. troops buried Agent the site and how assessment informa- fense Department commissaries
Public Affairs Officer: Jane Lee Orange on Camp Carroll in 1978 ad- tion will be shared. in Korea took “Best Commis-
Staff Writers: Sgt. Choe Yong-joon,
Cpl. Hong Moo-sun, Pfc. Choi Sung-il dressed the Korean public on the prog- During his drive time interview, sary” awards during the Defense
ress of the probe during a May 26 MBC Johnson corrected the record on previ- Commissary Agency’s 2011
USAG-HUMPHREYS Radio interview here. ous reports about the Conference and Training Event
Commander: Col. Joseph P. Moore
Eighth Army Com- amount of dioxin dis- May 24.
Public Affairs Officer: Lori Yerdon
CI Officer: Steven Hoover manding General Lt. covered on the post in The Osan Air Base Commis-
Writer/Layout Editor: Wayne Marlow Gen. John D. John- a routine test in 2004. sary was recognized with the
Staff Writer: Pvt. Han Jae-ho
son, who is heading “Dioxin can come Dan Daniel Award for the Best
USAG-DAEGU the Camp Carroll Task from burning tires, Large Commissary Overseas,
Commander: Col. Kathleen A. Gavle Force, said the joint as- burning plastics and and the Camp Casey Commis-
Public Affairs Officer: Philip Molter sessment is being con- it’s included in some sary won the L. Mendel Rivers
CI Officer: Mary Grimes
Staff Writers: Cpl. Jang Bong-seok, Cpl. Kim Min-jae ducted together with kinds of herbicides,” Award for the Best Small Com-
Interns: Im Hae-na, Lee Seung-bin, Republic of Korea gov- said Johnson. “The missary Overseas.
Hana Noguchi and Mokihana Laysa ernment officials. report that was origi- The Defense Commissary
This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for “We’ve been work- nally reported, 1.7 per Agency boasts 249 stores, where
members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The ing very closely with billion, was misread. they said employees do their best
Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views
the Korean govern- It was actually 1.7 per to deliver an efficient and effec-
ment since we had the Eighth Army Commander Lt. Gen. trillion, in other words
of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of
Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content tive benefit to the millions of
of this weekly publication is the responsibility of the IMCOM- initial claims through John D. Johnson addresses the much, much less.” customers authorized to receive
the media,” said John- Korean public on the progress
Korea, Public Affairs, APO AP 96205. Circulation: 9,500
The amount discov- it. The finest of those endeavors
Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way connected son. of the investigation into claims ered poses no risk to were honored May 24 at the Best
with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written contract
with the Contracting Command-Korea. The civilian printer Johnson said 8th that U.S. troops buried Agent Or- human health. Commissary Awards. The awards
is responsible for commercial advertising. The appearance Army officials were in ange on Camp Carroll in 1978. Johnson reaffirmed symbolize an ideal of customer
of advertising in this publication, including inserts or
the United States talk- The public address took place the Camp Carroll Task service that patrons can also en-
supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the
U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or services ing with the veterans during a drive-time interview on Force’s commitment joy, said DeCA Director and CEO
advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall who claimed to bury MBC Radio May 26. — U.S. Army to thoroughly inves- Joseph H. Jeu.
be made available for purchase, use or patronage without
regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital Agent Orange to pin- photo by Pfc. Hong Joon-sung tigate the more than “When a store wins a best
status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other point the location on 30-year-old claims and commissary award, the glory goes
non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a
Camp Carroll where they claim to have to take the necessary steps to remedy beyond that store’s employees,”
violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by
an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print buried the herbicide. any health or environmental risks if he said. “That store’s customers
advertising from that source until the violation of the equal “As early as next week, we’ll have they are discovered in the process. share the wealth [through access
opportunity policy is corrected.
ground penetrating radar that we can “If we get at evidence that there is a to] a commissary acknowledged
Oriental Press President: Charles Chong put over the location that will be able risk to health, we are going to fix it,” said as one of our best.
Commercial Advertising
to see barrels or anything else that was Johnson. “My immediate focus is on The awards are named in
Telephone: 738-5005
Fax: (02) 790-5795 buried there,” Johnson said May 26, making sure there is not a risk to their honor of government officials
E-mail: “and we’re meeting with Korean officials health and we can continue the safe- who protected the commissary
Mail address: PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP 96206-0758
Location: Bldg. 1440, Yongsan, Main Post today to determine what testing should guard the health of our Soldiers, our benefit and championed quality-
be done if we find something there.” Korean workforce and the Koreans who — See DECA, Page 4 —
Phone: DSN 738-4068 The ROK-U.S. SOFA Environmental live as our neighbors in the area.” x

Ration control limits change for purchases at commissary

RATIONS from Page 1 7. Dual status retirees serving as 13. ACofS, Acquisition Management
Visit us online contractors to use their logistical sup- takes appropriate action against ration
The Morning Calm ‹‹ 12 pack of 12oz bottle/can = 0.5 case port status as the basis for registering in violations by Invited Contractor/Tech-
‹‹ 6 pack of 12oz bottle/can = 0.25 case DBIDS, not their retiree status. nical Representative (IC/TR) personnel. ‹‹ Half barrel or half keg = 3.5 case 8. Unit Ration Control Card (URCC): 14. Defined the difference between
3. High Value Controlled Items - No ‹‹ The URCC is required to be used to Shelf Limits and Purchasing Limits.
longer high value controlled items since support any approved official purchases ‹‹ Shelf limits are imposed as a tool
all AAFES sales items are able to track. at duty-free sales facilities to prevent and deter over purchasing of
4. The sponsor is the only person ‹‹ Local national employees who are a items popular on the black market. All
who can request Ration Control Cards Government Purchase Card (GPC) hold- shelf limits recommendations must be
(RCCs) from the Issuing Agent. However er may be granted the use of a URCC but submitted to the USFK J1 (FKJ1-12) by 1
the sponsor may authorized (in writ- cannot be the registered URCC holder. July for coordination through PACOM J1.
ing) his/her dependent(s) to pick up the 9. Required supporting documents ‹‹ Purchase limits are a sales facil-
RCC(s). for Retiree/Widow/Widower are: ity manager’s tool to guarantee product
5. Unauthorized ration control for ‹‹ Passport with visa expiration date availability. Sales facilities managers may
family members visiting in the ROK no earlier than 90 days impose purchase limits IAW applicable
without their sponsor including but not ‹‹ Retiree ID AAFES or DeCA guidelines to assure the
limited to dependents of service mem- 10. If an eligible ration card holder is availability of merchandise to customers
Submitting to
bers deployed to a combat zone and de- between 18 and 21 years old, a regular 15. Ration Monitor Tool: The Mis-
The Morning Calm Weekly pendents of environmental morale leave sponsor or dependent ration card will be sion Unit Commanders (Battalion and
Send Letters to the Editor, guest commentaries, (EML). issued with “No Alcohol” printed on the below) use the Ration Control Monitor
story submissions and other items: 6. All incoming sponsors and autho- front to denote their access to alcoholic Tool to track and document ration viola- rized family members are allowed access products. tions. The purpose of this tool is to pro-
to duty-free facilities for up to 30 days fol- 11. After ration control revocation, vide unit commanders with direct access
For all submitted items include a point of con- lowing arrival to the ROK. Sponsors and
tact name and telephone number. All items are
the garrison or wing commander shall to ration limit violations. The unit com-
subject to editing for content and to insure they
their authorized family members must confiscate and turn-in the RCC to the mander or appointed unit POCs must
conform with DoD guidelines. present an individual DoD ID card and supporting IA for destruction and an- address the violations within 60 days
copy of their sponsors’ (PCS, TDY/TAD) notation in the Personnel Information and document their actions within the
IMCOM-K Public Affairs orders to gain access. Upon expiration of Management Systems, Korea (PIMS-K) Ration Monitor Tool via PIMS-K.
and the Morning Calm Weekly staff are located the 30 days, family members must either 12. Dual Sponsorship: In cases of dual For questions contact your Area Sup-
at IMCOM-K, Yongsan Garrison. present a temporary or permanent RCC sponsorship in which the couple shares porting Issuing Agent by calling DSN
For information, call 738-4068.
in order to gain access to facilities with the same household, only one person 723-6123 or e-mail to FKJ1DM@korea.
duty-free goods. shall be appointed as the sponsor. x

Police Blotter
The following entries were ex-
cerpted from the police blotters
the previous week. These entries
may be incomplete and do not
imply guilt or innocence.
USAG Red Cloud
Assault and Battery: Subjects
1 and 2 were involved in a verbal
altercation which turned physi-
cal when Subject 1 struck Subject
2 in Club Empire, Dongducheon
Entertainment District. Sub-
ject 2 then struck Subject 1 in
the face with a closed hand two
times. Both were apprehended
by Korean National Police and
transported to the Joonang KNP
Station. Subject 2 was processed
and released into military police
custody and transported to the
provost marshal’s office where
he was administered a portable
breath test, with a result of .144
percent blood alcohol content.
Subject 1, a Korean citizen, was
charged and released on her own
recognizance. She stated that she
would seek medical attention at
a later time.
Larceny: Subject was observed
via security camera at the Post
Exchange removing one pack of
Sour Punch Straws, two Honey
Buns and one box of Sour Patch
Kids, concealing them in his left
pocket and exiting the building
without rendering payment. He
was detained until military police
arrived at the scene. A search of
the Subject met with positive re-
sults. He was then apprehended
and transported to the provost
marshal’s office where he admit-
ted to the offense. All property
was returned to the Exchange.

USAG Yongsan
Assault and Battery: Sub-
jects 1, 2, 3 and 4 were involved
Yeonjudae: Summit of Gwanaksan
in a verbal altercation which Gwanaksan (Mountain) is located south of Seoul, and is renowned for its magnificent scenery. The very summit of the moun-
turned physical when Subject tain has earned its historic name, Yeonjudae, since the fall of the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392). According to lore, many Goryeo
1 punched Subject 2 in the face loyalists fled deep into the mountain and lamented their lost capital city, Songdo (now Gaeseong province in North Korea)
several times. Subjects 2, 3 and after the Joseon Dynasty conquered Goryeo in 1392. Yeonjuam is a Buddhist temple located at the summit of the mountain
4, (non-USFK members) then which was founded by Uisangdaesa, a famous Buddhist monk from the Silla Dynasty. Originally called Gwanaksa Temple, it
pursued Subject 1 while he was was later recognized as a national temple by King Taejo during the Joseon Dynasty. —HDR photo by Russell Wicke
on the ground and began kicking
him in the body, head and neck
several times. All four were ap-
prehended by Korean National SIGHTS AND SOUNDS: Off–post events and activities
Police and transported to the
Mapo KNP Station. Subject 1 Gwangtonggyo (Bridge) pendence in 1945, and remained so un- bridge was sited close to the market area,
was processed and released into The second-most important land- til being renovated into its present form it was always crowded during the day,
military police custody and was mark in Cheonggycheon district, in 2005. Since this painstaking restora- and more importantly, heavily popu-
then transported to the provost Gwangtonggyo (Bridge), stands halfway tion work was undertaken, Cheonggye- lated during festivals, especially the full
marshal’s office, processed and up the main stream. It was originally cheon has been completely refurbished moon festival (Jeongwol Daeboleum in
released to his unit. built from wood and coarse soil, but as a cultural and arts venue, providing Korean: the 15th day of the New Year ac-
Assault on Law Enforcement: in 1410 it was reconstructed with stone various areas for recreation, includ- cording to the lunar calendar, the day
Investigation revealed Subject bricks on the orders of King Taejong ing the beautiful promenade alongside of the first full moon of the lunar year).
was observed unconscious at (the 3rd king of the Joseon Dynasty) the stream. The stream passes under a Korean folklore maintains that anyone
in Itaewon, Seoul. Upon arrival during the 10th year of his reign, af- total of 22 bridges before flowing into who crosses as many bridges as possible
of Korean National Police the ter massive floods had demolished the the Hangang (River) and boasts many during the night of the full moon festi-
Subject became belligerent and bridge. As part of the Cheonggyecheon attractions along its length. Its other val will never get ill and will be protect-
punched a KNP officer, causing restoration project, it was moved to its designation “Cheonggye pal-gyeong” in ed from bad luck all year round. Thus
his prescription eyeglasses to current location on the upper reaches of Korean, indicates the eight most impor- the bridge has provided opportunities
break. Subject was apprehended the stream, in order to smooth the flow tant and beautiful sights in the Cheong- for social gathering as well as entertain-
by KNP and given into military of traffic. gyecheon district. ment for all classes of society, from the
police custody when MP detect- Cheonggyecheon is an urban stream Gwangtonggyo is the largest of 22 past and still now in the present.
ed an odor of alcohol emitting nearly 11 kilometers long running bridges over the Cheonggyecheon For more information, visit
from the Subject. A check of his through Seoul that once served as a (stream) and is known by two different
ID card revealed he was under sewege channel during the Joseon Dy- names, “Daegwangtonggyo” (the bridge Content/index.html (English) or call
the legal age. He was adminis- nasty (1392-1910). Cheonggyecheon was located in Gwangtongbang in Korean) 02)2290-7111. To get there take Subway
tered a blood-alcohol test with enclosed during the Stream Coverage or Gwanggyo (as a shorter version) be- Line 1 to Jonggak Station, walk 150 me-
results pending. Cost of damage Project after Korea regained her inde- cause of its location and size. Since the ters from Exit 4 or 5. x
is unknown.
Source:;,, — No endorsement implied.

Upgraded Hanson pool reopens

By Col. Hank Dodge to remember. We also celebrated Asian
Garrison Red Cloud Commander Pacific American Heritage Month with
traditional dances and a luau, and had
CAMP RED CLOUD – Three times an array of carnival games and inflat-
in the past four months I’ve used this col- ables for children. Area 1 and Warrior
umn to talk about how Warrior Country Country have several other “Tour Norm”
is evolving and for a very projects in the works. A
good reason. Our com- renovation of the Camp
munity has become the Stanley physical fitness
“New Place to Live, Work center is in progress and
and Play in South Korea” work will begin on the
over the past year. Hanson Field House reno-
Just this weekend, dur- vation that includes a new
ing our May Festival at basketball court and up-
Camp Casey, we unveiled graded locker rooms later
yet another spectacular this month. The indoor
facility for families. A sig- pools at Camp Hovey and
nificant upgrade to the Camp Red Cloud are also
outdoor swimming pool scheduled for functional
at Hanson Field House and aesthetic renovations
has transformed an “ade- — Col. Hank Dodge — this summer, as well.
quate” facility into a pseu- These facilities are all
do water park with a “splish and splash” being provided to make your tour in
and water slides that promise to provide Warrior Country as enjoyable as pos-
families with many hours of enjoyment sible. Chris Bradford, our Directorate of
during the hot summer months. Family and Morale, Welfare and Recre-
Ground was broken on the $1.5 mil- ation chief, and his staff are doing a phe-
lion project last fall and was just com- nomenal job upgrading our facilities to
pleted in time for the Memorial Day better meet the needs of our Soldiers, ci-
weekend opening. In addition to putting vilian employees and families who have
a new liner and water filtration system in begun arriving in Warrior Country since
the pool, a new “splish and splash” that tour normalization was introduced in
can be used by anyone at least 42 inches December 2008. I am not impartial, but
tall was built adjacent to the pool. We’ve I can tell you that Maj. Gen. Michael S.
also added a wooden deck with tables Tucker, commanding general of the 2nd
and chairs around the perimeter, and Infantry Division, was effusive with his
installed a new speaker system that per- praise during our last Area I Town Hall
mits music to be piped throughout the at Camp Red Cloud April 5 when he said
facility. Not only did we open another the transformation that has occurred in
renovated facility, we again combined Area I is “unbelievable.”
it with a community-wide festival that We’re proud to be The Army’s Home
offered something for everyone. Live and all these renovated facilities clearly
bands, car models and even Korea’s in- demonstrate that Warrior Country is
ternationally acclaimed non-verbal co- changing and becoming more family
medic show – Nanta – made it an event friendly by the day! x

DECA from Page 2

of-life issues for the military and their Overseas commissary honorable
families. mention award winners:
Other winning commissaries by Daniel Award – Camp Foster Com-
category for the competition were: missary, Japan; Royal Air Force Base
Marine Corps Base Hawaii Kaneohe Lakenheath, England; and U.S. Army
Bay Commissary, winner of the Bill Garrison Yongsan, South Korea; Rivers
Nichols Award for the Best Large Com- Award – Camp Stanley Commissary,
missary in the United States; South Korea; Fleet Activities Chinhae
Minot Air Force Base Commissary, Commissary, South Korea; and Naval
N.D., winner of the Richard M. Paget Station Rota, Spain.
Award for the Best Small Commissary Honorable mention award winners
in the United States; for the Continental United States:
Schofield Barracks Commissary, Nichols Award – Ellsworth Air Force
Hawaii, winner of the Director’s Award Base Commissary, S.D.; Fort Sill Com-
for the Best Superstore. missary, Okla.; and Fort Wainwright,
Runners-up and noteworthy per- Alaska; Paget Award – Naval Air Weap-
formers were: ons Station China Lake Commissary,
‹‹ Nichols Award runner-up: Keesler Calif.; Fort Greely, Alaska; and White
Air Force Base Commissary, Miss. Sands Missile Range Commissary,
‹‹ Paget Award runner-up: Cannon N.M.; and Director’s Award – Naval
Air Force Base Commissary, N.M. Base San Diego, Calif.
‹‹ Daniel Award runner-up: U.S. DeCA’s Best Commissary awards
Army Garrison Grafenwoehr Commis- recognize overall excellence in com-
sary, Germany. missary operations and service. Win-
‹‹ Rivers Award runner-up: Camp ning stores are objectively evaluated
Carroll, South Korea. in four areas: accountability, unit cost,
‹‹ Director’s Award runner-up: Na- commissary customer service survey
val Station Norfolk Commissary, Va. and sales. x

Sixth grade students from Uijeongbu run to determine who is the fastest May 24 during the inaugural Boo! English Camp at Camp Red Cloud. — U.S. Army photo by Pvt. Ro Jin-hwan

Garrison, city launch first English Camp

By Cpl. Jin Choi in sports, toured the 2nd Infantry Headquarters and Headquarters Division Museum, post library and fire Company, USAG Red Cloud, on the
station, spent an entire day at the Paju second day of the camp. “They are
CAMP RED CLOUD – Like millions English Village and were treated to the all intelligent and talented. Most of
of English obsessed students in South animated movie “Rango” by the Army them are 13 years old, but they are all
Korea, this 6th grader from Geumo and Air Force Exchange Service – all good with English. I’m glad I had the
Elementary School in Uijeongbu just with the intent to give them insight opportunity to make an imprint on
wanted an opportunity to practice his into American culture and the life of a their lives. They definitely made an
newfound second language with native Soldier. imprint on mine.”
speakers. Last week he realized his Kil Kwang-chun, USAG Red Cloud At the conclusion of the camp,
dream at the first ever English Camp community relations officer and camp Richard Davis, USAG Red Cloud
hosted by the U.S. Army here. coordinator, was proud of how the deputy to the garrison commander,
“I always wanted to practice my Soldier volunteers bonded with the and Roh Man-kyun, City of Uijeongbu
English, but there’s no place to students. public affairs officer, congratulated
practice,” Jeon Jae-hyeok said during “It was good to see the Soldiers the students during a ceremony at
the second day. “My friends and I are and the students learn each other’s Mitchell’s Club.
interested in meeting western people culture and become friends,” he said. “Through this English Camp our
to talk.” “The way the Soldiers were so actively students were able to experience
Jeon was one of the 31 6th grade involved with the students ensured everyday English with U.S. and
students representing each of that everyone had fun and learned KATUSA Soldiers,” Roh said in Korean.
Uijeongbu’s elementary schools at something new at the same time.” “It helped ease their burden of learning
the inaugural Boo! English Camp co- The feeling was mutual among English, which will really help them
hosted by the City of Uijeongbu and the Soldiers, some of whom noted further improve their English skills.”
Choi Moon-il, a 6th grader from Uijeongbu U.S. Army Garrison Red Cloud May how enjoyable it was to work with Davis thanked the parents and
Elementary School, gives a presentation 24-27. the students and possibly make a teachers for sending the children.
May 24 during the free talking portion of In addition to practicing and difference in their lives. Kil said he hopes to hold the camp
the English Camp at Camp Red Cloud. — improving their English speaking “It’s amazing working with the several times a year to give more
U.S. Army photo by Pvt. Ro Jin-hwan skills, the students also participated kids,” said 1st Sgt. Trinette Robinson, students an opportunity to attend. x

1st Sgt. Trinette Robinson, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, U.S. Army One of the students from the 31 elementary schools in Uijeongbu who attended the
Garrison Red Cloud, talks with some of the 6th graders attending the first ever four-day Boo! English Camp tries on personal protective equipment used by firefighters during
Boo! English Camp at Camp Red Cloud May 24. — U.S. Army photo by Cpl. Jin Choi a tour of the Camp Red Cloud fire station. — U.S. Army photo by Pvt. Ro Jin-hwan

News & Notes Spouses finish first dental course

By Cpl. Jin Choi
Special Forces Recruiting
Special Forces Recruiters
from Honolulu will be in CAMP CASEY – School is out for
Warrior Country June 8-10 to the summer, at least it is for three
recruit E-3 to E-7 and YG 2009 recent graduates of the American Red
officers. Interested Soldiers Cross Dental Assistant Education
can attend briefings at noon Program here who are now qualified
or 4:30 p.m., June 8-9 in the to seek full-time employment in their
Camp Casey Education Center new career field.
or noon or 4:30 p.m., June 10 at Three of the seven students who
the Camp Red Cloud Education began the free program run by the
Center. The qualifying Army American Red Cross and 618th Dental
physical fitness test will be Company at Camp Casey received
administered at 6:30 a.m., June their certificates of training during an
10 at Camp Casey’s Schoonover informal graduation ceremony at the
Bowl. Applicants are required dental clinic May 19. The graduates can
to wear the standard seasonal seek employment with Army dental
APFT uniform with reflective clinics or other dental facilities off The first ever graduates of American Red Cross Dental Assistant Education Program in
belt. For more information, call post, but plan to continue volunteering Warrior Country (left to right) Breanne Barney, Michelle Lessa and Maria Galella assist
010-8690-7810 or send e-mail to until they get employment. Col. Hunter Clouse in treating a patient with a decayed tooth at the Camp Casey dental “I’m really proud of the three clinic May 19. — U.S. Army photo by Cpl. Jin Choi
who completed our dental assistant
Army Birthday Ball program,” said Col. Hunter Clouse, “It was a really amazing program,” in September and that the ARC and
Eighth U.S. Army will hold Camp Casey dental officer-in-charge. said Michelle Lessa, a graduate and dental clinic are looking into the
the 236th Army Birthday Ball “They deserve this certification cause spouse of Pfc. Andre Lessa, Company A, possibility of expanding the program
at 5 p.m., June 10 in the Grand they contributed over 500 hours their 2nd Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment. to Camp Red Cloud and Camp Stanley
Ballroom, Grand Hyatt Hotel personal time for the last five months.” “I was interested in the dental field. so more spouses can participate.
in Seoul. The event is open to To complete the course, which That’s why I applied for this and made “I would say more spouses should
active duty, National Guard, Clouse said would cost about $7,500 it, even though it was quite tough and take advantage next time to have ability
reserve, Department of the if taken from a college or university took a lot of time.” to work in this field,” said graduate
Army Civilians, government in the states, each student received Lessa said she plans to apply to Maria Galella, whose husband Sgt.
contractors, family members, more than 500 hours of instruction, a dental school when she returns John Galella serves with Company B,
retirees, veterans and invited including 120 hours in the classroom stateside. 302nd Brigade Support Battalion.
guests. The tickets range from where they learned about X-rays, Clouse said the program doesn’t Libby Worman, American Red
$45-$65. For more information, radiation safety, microbiology, oral just benefit the spouses by providing Cross station manager in Area I, said
contact your unit Army Birthday surgery, periodontics and other them a new skill set and making the ARC offers the course at various
Ball coordinator or your unit subjects. them employable, it also benefits the installations worldwide to help
command sergeant major. They also completed 80 hours of community because their hands-on spouses get jobs.
observation in the clinic and 300 hours training enabled the clinic to treat The other graduate is Breanne
Ten Miler of self-paced hands-on training under more Soldiers. Barney, spouse of Cpl. Shane Barney, 6th
The 2011 Army in Korea Ten the supervision of the dental clinic staff. He said the next course may begin Battalion, 52nd Air Defense Artillery. x
Miler will be held at 7:45 a.m.,

2ID rededicates courtroom to late judge

June 11 at Camp Casey’s Carey
Fitness Center. It is a qualifying
event for the men’s and women’s
active duty military teams
that will represent Eighth U.S. By Kevin Jackson
Army at the Army Ten Miler.
Registration will be held from
6:30 a.m.-7:15 a.m. on race day. CAMP CASEY – The 2nd Infantry
For more information, contact Division rededicated its newly
the garrison sports office or remodeled Brigadier General Bruce C.
installation sports director. Babbitt Memorial Courtroom in honor
Course maps are available by of one of its past staff judge advocates
calling Randy Behr at 732-6276. during a ceremony here May 25.
The late Babbitt served as the staff
Operational Security Course judge advocate for the 2nd Inf. Div.
A formal course designed for at Fort Lewis, Wash. in 1950 before
operational security officers, commanding an infantry battalion
including program managers during the Korean War. He retired in
and coordinators, will be held 1973 and passed away in Niceville, Fla.,
at 7:45 a.m., June 14-17 in the March 29, 1999.
Camp Hovey Digital Training “Brigadier General Babbitt’s life as a
Facility, bldg. 3671. The course citizen, husband, Soldier and attorney
will train and certify appointed is the model we all should strive to
OPSEC officers in all aspects achieve,” said Col. Jeffery Pedersen,
of the operational security 2nd Inf. Div. staff judge advocate, to Col. Jeffery Pederson, 2nd Infantry Division staff judge advocate, addresses guests
and provide useful tips and the nearly 50 people gathered for the during the rededication of the Brig. Gen. Bruce C. Babbitt Memorial Courtroom at
procedures for establishing, rededication ceremony. Camp Casey May 25. — U.S. Army photo by Cpl. Hong Sang-woon
maintaining and assessing “Let all those who enter and practice
unit-level programs. It will also (law) in this courtroom do so with his served with the 32nd Infantry Division native continued to practice law for
provide tools and methods to example at the forefront of their minds in the Philippines and elsewhere in the 3rd Infantry Division, U.S. Army
administer effective training and and may his example of service lead the Pacific theater from 1942-1945. He Europe and for Military Assistance
awareness campaigns. For more the way for future Soldiers, officers and received the Silver Star for gallantry Command Vietnam, where he advised
information, contact Master Sgt. staff judge advocates.” in action on Kwajalein Island and the Gen. Creighton W. Abrams.
Carter at 732-7807. The courtroom serves as the Bronze Star with two Oak Leaf Clusters Babbitt received the Distinguished
chamber of all military justice actions for other actions in the Pacific. Service Medal in 1969 for his work with
Last Day of School for the division and the $35,000 At the end of World War II he the MACV and an Oak Leaf Cluster
The last day for Casey renovation has transformed it into attended and graduated with honors when he retired as the assistant judge
Elementary School students to what Pedersen called “a flagship center from the University of Montana Law advocate general for civil law.
attend class for the 2010-2011 for the administration of justice on the School before reentering the Army as Babbitt is survived by his widow
academic year is June 16. For peninsula.” a judge advocate in 1949. Mary, who sent a note from her
more information, call 730-6444. Babbitt’s career spanned World War Following his service on the Korean Florida home thanking the division for
II, the Korean War and Vietnam. He peninsula, the Livingston, Mont. honoring “the best man I ever knew.” x

Cpl. Park Hyun-jun with 3-2nd Aviation Regiment takes a practice run under the watch of Sgt. 1st Class Fred Cady, an operations noncommisioned officer, with Headquarters
and Headquarters Troop, 4th Squadron, 7th Cavalry, on the second day of Best Warrior Competition at Warrior Base May 18. — U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Choi Jung-hwan

Division Soldiers compete for Best Warrior

By Pfc. Choi Jung-hwan brigades. Three - one NCO, one junior opportunity to learn combat skills,” “The winners will go on to compete
2nd Infantry Division Public Affairs enlisted, and one KATUSA - with the said Cpl. Park Hyun-jun, a supply clerk in the Eighth Army competition and
highest points advanced to the Eighth with 3-2nd Aviation Regiment at K-16 there are no losers since they will go
CAMP RED CLOUD - This year’s U.S. Army competition, May 23-27. Air Base. back to their organizations and be
2nd Infantry Division Best Warrior Second Infantry Division Command “This is not an everyday opportunity, better Soldiers, help with training
competition was conducted from Sergeant Major Michael P. Eyer visited so I am going to try my best in this and elevate the level of competencies
May 17 to 20 at Warrior Base to boost Warrior Base to encourage the Soldiers. competition and hopefully win in the within their organizations”
morale and provide a great learning “It is more than a competition since end,” he said. The winners are Staff Sgt. Sean
opportunity for Soldiers. it motivates Soldiers to do well during This year’s competition was Swint, B Company, 1st 38th Field
Selected Soldiers from the 2nd their daily activities with their units to coordinated to include the most up- Artillery Regiment, 2ID NCO of
Infantry Division competed in several achieve higher standards,” said Eyer. to-date military skills. the Year; Pfc. Robert Sanders,
tasks such as rucksack march, shoot- For some Soldiers this was a great “Many changes were made for Headquarters and Headquarters
house, land navigation, combatives, chance to get out of the office. this year’s event according to lessons Support Company, 3rd Battalion, 2nd
Army Physical Fitness Test and rifle “Since I work as a supply clerk in learned in Operation Iraqi Freedom Aviation Regiment, 2ID Soldier of the
qualification. The Soldiers participating an office, I don’t get to experience real and Operation Enduring Freedom,” Year and Cpl. Park Hyun-jun, 3-2nd
in the competition represent their combat training often. This is a great said Eyer, who designed the event. Avn. Regt., 2ID KATUSA of the Year. x

13 division Soldiers earn prestigious badge

By Sgt. Mark A. Moore II second to last day of testing. there, everyone just wanted you to
2nd Infantry Division Public Affairs The number of Soldiers fighting complete the training at that point,”
to earn a badge had been drastically said Sanders.
CAMP RED CLOUD – Eighteen- reduced. It was easy to hear the exhaustion in
days ago 170 medics from across “Only 40 soldiers are left out here,” his voice as he expressed how it felt to
Eighth U.S. Army and the Tripler Army said Sgt. Major Clayetea Stanley, a test receive an EFMB.
Medical Center in Hawaii stood in a board member and standards bearer “I was really happy to get it,” said
hard-packed-dirt staging area ready for the EFMB lanes. Sanders “I was so tired it was easy to
to begin what might be the most Sanders said, “I didn’t expect to stay calm when they pinned it on.”
exhausting 11 days of their lives. make it this far. I want to get it, but I After completing the EFMB lanes
In the May 13 edition don’t expect to get it.” Sanders took time to reflect on the past
of the Indianhead, a story He went on to complete 11 days and found that he had honed
detailed what Soldiers in three-testing lanes that far more than medical skills.
the medical field would day. At that day’s end, lane “I learned a lot about
endure during the EFMB scores were handed out (communications), how to talk on the
training and qualification and two Soldiers learned radios and how to fill them, also about
lanes. that they would not be (chemical, biological, radiological and
In that story Spc. David M. Sanders, competing in the final phase of testing. nuclear),” Sanders said. “These are
a medic with Headquarters and Only 38 Soldiers remained to start things we don’t do every day as medics.”
Headquarters Company, 1st Brigade the foot march on the following day, With the closing ceremony
Special Troops Battalion on Camp Sanders was one of them. complete Sanders and 27 other medics
Hovey, said only three percent of Sanders said he had one final proved their mettle, earning the right
medics currently have the badge. At obstacle to overcome, a 12-mile foot to wear an EFMB.
the time he seemed unsure of whether march that must be finished in less 2ID medics who have earned
he would have what it takes to earn an than four hours. the right to wear the EFMB are Pfc.
EFMB. “I walked as fast as I could and ran Wesly Arrison, Cpl. Yong Bae, Capt.
However, Sanders remained down the hills,” said Sanders. “I made Jared Brynildsen, Staff Sgt. Thuan
optimistic. He also expressed his it with nine minutes left.” Cao, Sgt. Justin Cauthen, 2nd Lt.
enthusiasm about having the He went on to explain that it was Brian Clever, Pfc. Franklin Gag, Pfc.
Cpl. Yong Bae, Company C, 302nd Brigade
opportunity to receive the training. easy to stay motivated because of the Charles Kim, Pfc. Michael McKinley, Support Battalion, rinses his eyes during
The EFMB lanes continued, and instructors that ran beside them and Sgt. John Offineer, Spc. David Sander, the CBRN decontamination portion of the
on May 18 Sanders and the other encouraged them to continue. 1st Lt. Daniel Spratt and Sgt. Jeffery Expert Field Medical Badge test. — U.S.
remaining candidates began the “It was like rank didn’t exist out Thompson. x Army photo by Sgt. Mark Moore

It’s about honoring our commitment to Soldiers and Families.

Visit to see what the Army Family Covenant can mean for you or someone you know.

Bupyeong Pungmul Team performs Korean traditional dances during the Korea and America Intercultural Program of the 2011 Incheon Bupyeong Pungmul Festival at Camp
Market, May 25. - U.S. Army photo by Cpl. Hong Moo-sun

Yongsan celebrates Bupyeong Pungmul Festival

By Cpl. Hong Moo-sun years ago and blossoming now with exchanges such
as today.”
YONGSAN GARRISON - As a part of the 2011 “Today is such a meaningful day that our two na-
Incheon Bupyeong Pungmul Festival, Camp Market tions hold this festival together in this lovely spring
invited Good Neighbors for the Korea and America season,” said Hong. “I’m really expecting the special
Intercultural Program May 25. and meaningful festival and performance today. I
Celebrating it’s 15th anniversary this year, 2011 hope this festival will be the best opportunity that
Incheon Bupyeong Pungmul Festival was held to cel- you can share each nation’s culture and enjoy the time
ebrate the agricultural culture of Incheon and Bupy- here.”
eong and expand the base of cultural heritage Pung- The celebrating performances were provided by
mul, instruments for Korean traditional percussion the EUSA Band and Bupyeong Pungmul Team. EUSA
music. Band played various songs including some Korean
The ceremony kicked off with a pre-performance pop music sung by Korean Augmentation to the U.S.
Gilnori and Pangut from Bupyeong Pungmul Band. Army soldiers.
Gilnori is the parade of the band moving to the main Bupyeong Pungmul Team then took the stage to
stage and Pangut is the performance of various kinds showcase other Korean traditional performances,
of Pungmul. carrying on the excitement they had during the pre-
Following the pre-performance, each nation’s rep- performance.
resentatives, Bupyeong-gu Mayor Hong Mi-young The performance was so exciting that the crowd
and U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan Commander Col. even stepped onto the stage and participated in the
William Huber delivered opening remarks, empha- performance by dancing together with the Bupyeong
sizing the importance of the event. Pungmul Team.
“I understand your city has held this festival for “Garrison Yongsan values relationships with out-
nearly two decades. It is an honor for the 8th U.S. side organizations to help us improve our quality of
Army Band to participate for the first time this year at life,” said Huber. “Deepening our non-governmental
Camp Market,” said Huber. “Taking time out to enjoy organization relationships is just one way we are
our host nation’s culture first-hand helps strengthen supporting the Installation Management Command
our alliance. A friendship forged from necessity 60 Campaign Plan.” x

Bupyeong Pungmul Team marches in a parade to the

main stage with the flags on front.


USAG Yongsan Commander Col. William Huber and Bupyeong-gu Mayor Hong Mi-young enjoy Korean traditional
dances during the Korea and America Intercultural Program of the 2011 Incheon Bupyeong Pungmul Festival.

News & Notes

Registration for bicycles
From May 27-July 4, the USAG
Yongsan PMO is requiring all
personnel to register their bicycles.
Registration for bicycles can be
conducted at Camp Kim Vehicle
Registration, Hannam Village, at
the Memorial Day Fair, and at the Scan here for more
4th of July Fair. All bicycles must scenes on Active Shooter
be registered by July 4. Bikes that
are not registered will be tagged
as abandoned and picked up from
July 5-8. The bicycles will be held
in the MP impound lot for 15 days
and then destroyed if not claimed.
For more information, call the MP
Provost Marshal Office at 724-
6695 or Vehicle Registration at

CYSS Renovations A Soldier from the 121st Troop Medical Clinic treats a gunshot wound casualty during the Active Shooter Force Protection Exercise
CDC: April-June, playground turf at Commiskey’s May 26. The exercise allowed emergency responders to evaluate their techniques in dealing with an active shooter
(except Kindergarten area) will be and give them insight on how to improve. - U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Cody Harding

Yongsan trains for worst-case scenario in exercise

replaced. Some minor repairs to
window screens, door guards and
door knobs.
SAC: April-May, playground turf
By Staff Sgt. Cody Harding By training using a similar scenar- the front door, only to collapse.
will be replaced. Drop-off zone io, the Yongsan first responders incor- Less than a minute after they ar-
will be off limits during repairs.
porated real-time scenarios in a safe rived, the threat was eliminated and
MST: April-June, middle school
YONGSAN GARRISON - Prepara- training environment, said Staff Sgt. Military Police began to survey the
section will undergo repairs to
tion is the greatest weapon one can Nicholas Cunningham of the 142nd area. An ambulance was called in, the
become ADA handicap compliant.
have against the unknown. With this Military Police Company. area sealed off and those still ‘alive’
All facilities will undergo some
in mind, U. S. Army Garrison Yongsan “It gives Soldiers an adrenaline after the attack evacuated to the hos-
upgrades to restrooms to become
emergency services, including Mili- rush to see how it would actually take pital.
ADA handicap compliant. Parking
tary Police, Criminal Investigation place,” Cunningham said. “Hopefully The scene outside Commiskey’s
may be limited in the SAC/MST
Division and the 121st Troop Medical not, but it might take place. So this was just as hectic. The Yongsan Fire
back parking lot while DPW crews
Clinic, conducted an ‘active shooter’ gives them experience with it.” Department and MP K-9 units were
install one handicap space.
Force Protection Exercise at Commis- The exercise began with a call called in to assist, making sure the
key’s club May 26. placed to the Yongsan Police station, attacker didn’t place a bomb in the
CYSS Job Opportunity
The exercise, simulating a lone followed by several people calling in building. Across the street, USAG
The CDC is actively recruiting for
gunman staging an attack on a club at once. Yongsan Commander Col. William
Lead Child and Youth Program
filled with Servicemembers, was mod- The callers screamed, cursed and Huber, gave a press release describing
Assistants (CYPA). This position
eled after tragic shootings such as the begged for help to arrive as the gun- the attack.
requires a minimum of 12 hours
Fort Hood and Virginia Tech attacks. man shouted in the other room, using Staff Sgt. ShaVonda Douglas, a
of relevant education, a Child
In those scenarios, a lone gunman at- his Air-Soft gun to fire on the wound- CBRNE NCO for Headquarters and
Development Associate, or AA
tacked unsuspecting groups without ed and dead on the floor. Within min- Headquarters Company, USAG Yong-
in ECE. Starting pay is $15 an
warning in a crowded area, causing utes, Military Police arrived to find san, said that the realism of the train-
hour (negotiable). For more
several casualties. one of the victims escaping through — See ACTIVE SHOOTER, Page 12 —
information, call 738-2311.
We are also looking for Family
Child Care (FCC) Providers. Earn
$26-40,000 a year while staying at
Expectant parents learn from Baby Shower
home and building a long-lasting By Pfc. Jeong Yee-taek
and portable career. For more parents as part of the Family Advocacy shower as a token of appreciation for and New Parent Support Programs. our new and expecting Active Duty
information, call 738-3406.
CYSS benefits include tuition At the beginning of the ceremony, Soldiers and their spouses,” she said.
assistance and employee discounts YONGSAN GARRISON - U.S. Mona Abukhaled the host of the Baby “This event is even more important
of up to 50%. Applicants must go Army Garrison Yongsan hosted it’s an- Shower gave participants an enthusias- due to the fact that we are all away
to to apply. nual Baby Shower at Seoul American tic welcome. from loved ones.”
Local or worldwide applicants are High School gym May 21 for expectant “We are hosting this annual baby For expectant parents, this baby
welcome. shower provided many kinds of educa-
tional games. Games included activi-
Yongsan Retiree Council ties such as a race for who will be the
The USAG Yongsan Retiree fastest to change a diaper, a baby foods
Council would like to invite all tasting competition that required ac-
Military Retirees, their spouse curate guessing, a challenge to see who
and Retired Widow by attending can be the first to unscramble words
a monthly meeting on the second while listening to a baby cry, and many
Thursday of the month at the more.
USAG Yongsan Headquarter Each of the games rewarded par-
Conference Room in Bldg. 4305. ticipants with prizes such as baby toys,
first aid kits, baby hygiene necessi-
Healthcare Advisory Council ties, and infant clothing. They also
Please join us the 3rd Wednesday provided participants a chance to win
of every month to discuss how door prizes including a crib and mat-
we can improve health care. The tress, a jogging stroller, diaper pails,
meeting is held at Brian Allgood eight custom-made diapers, cakes and
Army Community Hospital a complete emergency safety kit.
Command Conference Room. For Organizers hosted two workshops
information, call 737-3045. titled, “baby makes 3” and “baby on
a budget.” “Baby makes 3,” discussed
For a complete list of community infor- how the baby will affect the relation-
mation news and notes, visit the USAG Jennifer Rentree, spouse of Maj. Glen Rentree, Operations officer at EUSA (right) and ship of couples expecting their first
Yongsan Facebook page at Pfc. Tanya Tanguay at Special Operations Command Korea (middle) compete in”time baby and how to maintain a strong re- for a change” race at SAHS gym May 21. - U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Jeong Yee-taek — See BABY SHOWER, Page 12 —

Favorite Korean
Food Recipes
By Sgt. Choe Yong-joon
Which Korean foods do you know how to
make? Are there any Korean food recipes
you want to know, entering the summer sea-
son? Find out what more than 7,500 Yongsan
community members are talking about by
becoming a USAG Yongsan Facebook Fan at! (Comments are
kept in their original form)

Ron Buss
Facebook Fan

Pfc. Han Eol, Pvt. Kim Hyun-min and Sgt. Jermaine Bradley from Headquarters and Headquarters Company, USAG
Cucumber Kimchi! Tastes great with grilled food.A Yongsan sweep up dirt and debris at Commissary parking lot May 16. - U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Choi Sung-il
perfect summer picnic side dish.
Garrison spring cleans for monsoon season
Maggie Scoville By Pfc. Choi Sung-il
portantly to prepare for the upcoming monsoon sea-
Shermer son. They cleared away debris from assigned areas
and went into action based on the mission schedule.
Facebook Fan YONGSAN GARRISON - U.S. Army Garrison “This is a great event. Units should take pride in
Yongsan community members got down and dirty maintaining their areas. First impressions are last-
during the annual Spring Clean-Up Exercise focus- ing impressions and it sets the tone of how the unit
ing on unit, activity, troop billet areas and Family operates,” said Sgt. 1st Class Ronald Nagy at Head-
Quarters May 16-20. quarters and Headquarters Company, USAG Yong-
I know how to make Muhl Kimchi, and it’s the perfect
All units at Brigade, Battalion and Company lev- san.
kimchi for summer - cool and refreshing! I also make
el, Family Quarters, Bachelor Enlisted Quarters and The event included a wide range of tasks in prepa-
killer bulgogi. I would love to have a good recipe for
Bachelor Officers Quarters occupants and USAG ration for monsoon season bringing about torrential
Muhl Nangmyun, though I have no idea how to make
Yongsan staff used good old fashioned elbow grease downpours, flooding and high winds. Participants
that broth.
to not only ensure area beautification, but more im- — See SPRING CLEANUP, Page 12 —

Flemister Girl Scout Troop hikes for unity of two nations
Facebook Fan

It really is just grilled pork belly. Here is a website I


Heather Dunlop
Facebook Fan

A Korean friend taught me how to make jjapchae

(glass noodles with veggies and a little meat) and
ddok-bok-ki (short fat rice cake noodles with spicy
red sauce). I would love to know how to make some
meat dishes like bulgogi or a grilled pork dish.

Dennis Pugh
Facebook Fan

Chuncheon Dak galbi, chicken, sweat potato, cab-

Seoul American Elementary School students from Mr. De Leon’s 4th grade class on a field trip to Korean War
bage, and rice cakes in spicy sauce. Learned how to Museum at Yongsan, Seoul. — Courtesy photo by Colleen Powers
make this from the recipe provived by the USAG Yong- See yourself in the Morning Calm when you become a USAG Yongsan Facebook Fan. Just post your travel photos
san Facebook page. Friends and family love when I to our page with a quick description covering who, what, when, where and why and we’ll see you in the paper. -
make this dish. Your Yongsasn PAO team


ing is what made the exercise run well. together, it’s going to be awesome.”
“When you have the actual event In less than two hours from the
going on, you’re not just doing it on a first call, the exercise was finished.
table top,” Douglas said. But with lessons learned, the first re-
“You have the bodies who will be sponders knew that one exercise was
yelling and screaming, you have the only the first step in remaining pre-
simulated weapons, and you have the pared for whatever they may have to
response. So when you see that come face. x

BABY SHOWER from Page 10

lationship. community of new and expectant par-

“Baby on a budget” detailed special ents in Yongsan; this is a small gift we
considerations including how to be can provide for our military families in
smart with money, buy what is neces- helping them welcome the new addi-
sary and not to be too liberal with the tion to their family.”
many alluring baby products on the This is an annual event for expect-
market. Classes also provided insight ant parents and runs every year in the
on how much it costs to raise a child in spring.
the current economy. “Garrison Yongsan and the Instal-
Abukhaled said she was happy with lation Management Command will
the success of the event. ensure families are prepared and sup-
“I’m so happy that we have a lot of ported throughout their tours here in
participants and our community re- Korea,” said Garrison Commander Col.
sources really pull together to make it William Huber said. “That is my prom-
successful,” she said. “We have a large ise to the community.” x


were given missions to remove all the Luz Marin at HHC, USAG Yongsan.
sand, debris and dead leaves from “It’s an opportunity for us to come
roads and weeds from joints in cement together and feel a sense of team work
and asphalt, etc. They also focused on and ownership of our environment.”
cleaning drainage ditches; digging up All units are responsible for their as-
accumulated mud and foliage sedi- signed areas throughout the year and
ments which slow the flow of the water Self-Help assists by issuing tools and
in rainy season. equipments to units, activities and in-
Spring Clean-Up covered Hannam dividuals.
Village, Koryosan Site, Religious Re- “Garrison Yongsan proactively and
treat Center, Sungnam Golf Course, aggressively ensures a safe and secure
Camp Market, K-16 Airfield, Incheon workplace and home for Soldiers,
Mail Terminal as well as Yongsan. Families, and Civilians by making
Full clean up is more than just a la- safety everyone’s responsibility,” said
bor and it taught more important les- USAG Yongsan Commander Col. Wil-
sons and meanings according to Sgt. liam Huber. x

USFK Good Neighbor English Camp held in Seoul

Korean youth get dall, who hosted of two Korean stu-
dents for this camp.

taste of American At the graduation ceremony, Gen.

Walter L. Sharp, commander of Unit-
ed Nations Command, Combined
lifestyle in Seoul Forces Command and U.S. Forces
Korea, ROK Army Gen. Jung Seung-
By Pfc. Park Young-ho jo, deputy commander of Combined
8th Army Public Affairs Forces Command, and Command
Sgt. Maj. Robert A. Winzenried, the
cal students from around the Korean command sergeant major, presented
Peninsula stayed with American host certificates to the Korean participants
families here May 16-23 as a part of the and awards to the SAHS student es-
2011 Good Neighbor English Camp. corts.
This year, 66 high school students During the ceremony, Sharp spoke
from Seoul, Pyeongtaek, Daegu, to the students, calling them the fu-
Busan and Mokpo were selected by ture of ROK-U.S. Alliance.
the Republic of Korea Ministry of Ed- “I also want to thank you to Korean
ucation, Science and Technology to be high school students who volunteered
a part of the English Camp. and participated in this program,” said
The program is designed to intro- Sharp. “Your openness to experience
duce Korean students to U.S. Forces another culture is truly remarkable. I
Korea, its personnel, missions and Korean high school students play basketball on Yongsan Garrison during the 7th An- challenge each of you to continue to
policies through a series of organized, nual Good Neighbor English Camp. — U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Park Young-ho contribute to the Republic of Korea
interactive and educational activities and U.S. Alliance.
conducted on U.S. installations. High School voluntarily escorted the Hyo-yun of Mokdong High School. “I “I hope this week is just a start for
Most of the students have not lived Korean students. was very satisfied with this program you to engage our community and
in the United States or another Eng- “A lot of things made me decide to and hope more students have chance United States Forces Korea for many
lish-speaking country. be involved in this event,” said Danari to take this program.” years to come.”
Selection was based on their Eng- White, a SAHS 9th grade student es- “It was very nice opportunity, in- The Good Neighbor English Camp
lish-speaking ability and willingness cort. “I learned a lot about Korea.” cluding field trips to JSA and the evolved from a recommendation
to participate in a home-stay program. On the last day, participants and Cheonan ship. All the staff, including made by the Korean Advisory Council
Throughout a week, students took student escorts played basketball and the Korean augmentees and host fam- to the U.S. Forces Korea commander
classes at Seoul American High School dodge ball. Lunch was catered by the ilies were kind to me,” said Ko Young- addressing the need for a special pro-
and visited to the Joint Security Area, Army and Air Force Exchange Service min of Mokpo High School. gram to immerse Korean youth in an
Camp Humphreys, the wreckage of and the Korean students enjoyed their “In general, we enjoyed volunteer- English-speaking environment with-
the ROK Navy Ship Cheonan and the last meal on post. ing and bringing a high school stu- out flying across the Pacific Ocean.
Korean War Memorial Museum. “It was too short for me compared dent into my house was different and This was the seventh annual Good
Students from Seoul American with a week in a school,” said Eom kind of adventure,” said John Kuyken- Neighbor English Camp. x

Koreans tend to U.S. veterans’ cemetery in Korea

By Master Sgt. Gary L. Qualls, Jr.
8th Army Information Operations

YONGSAN GARRISON — Koreans and Ameri-

cans joined together to pay respect to 37 graves be-
longing to American veterans of World War II, the
Korean War and the Vietnam War in a Memorial Day
ceremony at Yanghawgin District Seoul Foreigners’
Cemetery May 27.
The cemetery is a place where the graves of com-
batants, until recent years, have been largely forgot-
ten and obscured by tall grass in unkempt grave sites.
One hundred and twenty-six children of veterans are
also buried at the cemetery.
The Association of Korea-U.S.A. Friendship Al-
liance has done much to improve the grave sites in
recent years, carrying out the arduous work of re-
pairing the burial mounds, planting and cutting
grass, helping reset the tombstones (a project which
area Masonic lodges took on), and providing for the
general upkeep of the grave sites. And, 23 personnel
from the 8th U.S. Army Judge Advocate General of-
fice prepared for the Memorial Day by placing flags
and flowers and picking up debris on the American
grave sites that morning.
On a serene Seoul day, Korean and American
friends, both military and civilian, incl. Deputy
Commanding General Brig. Gen. David J. Conboy
, 96-year-old Korean War hero Park, Yung-Chang,
and Chairwoman Hong, Seung-Ok, Chairwoman of
the Korea-U.S Friendship Alliance, sang hymns, of-
fered prayers, read scriptures, spoke, and otherwise
paid homage to the American heroes. The keynote Chaplain (Col.) Arthur. C. Pace honors the memory of a Korean war veteran at the Seoul Foreigners’ Cemetery in a
address at the ceremony was offered by Rev. Park, Memorial Day ceremony at Yanghawgin District in Seoul May 27. — U.S. army photo by Pfc. Park young-ho
Jinchul, who delivered a message about finishing
well. Park talked about the importance of examples commitment to their country. “They are good exam- the ceremony there would be many similar ceremo-
in his address, noting that many men and women ples. We should do our best too.” nies in America on Memorial Day weekend to honor
have devoted themselves nobly to the Republic “Love motivates us to finish, to keep on, to never and remember their veteran heroes. The general said
of Korea government and to the United States. He quit,” said Park. Friday’s ceremony at the Seoul Foreigners’ Cemetery
pointed out that the Bible instructs that we should Other voices echoed Park’s emphasis on love dur- represented the “continued close friendship of the
“observe carefully” leaders such as this and “imitate ing the ceremony. “These heroes hated war, but they United States and Korea” and the “blood, sweat,
their faith and devotion.” hated tyranny and oppression even more. They loved and tears” sacrificed by men and women from both
Finishing well begins with “recognizing what God their lives, but they loved others more,” said Rev. countries.
has done for the U.S. and Korea,” Park said. Secondly, Yung Chang Park. “We need to pay homage and give thanks for our
the alliance needs to have complete commitment, he Eighth U.S. Army Deputy Commanding General good camaraderie and relationship. God willing this
said, pointing that the men and women who died for Brig. Gen. David J. Conboy, also spoke at the cere- relationship will remain strong forever and over-
Korea and America had tremendous dedication and mony. Conboy told the Koreans in attendance and come any challenges or any threat,” Conboy said. x

Exchange Smooth Move web resource designed to ease PCS stress

Exchange Pacific Public Affairs on money saving offers, planning a The PCS Headquarters web page The Military Homefront Plan My
move, financial services, checklists features an Exchange “Welcome to the Move link gives military families ac-
CAMP FOSTER, Japan – As school and points of contact for education Neighborhood” coupon book full of cess to benefit and entitlement infor-
lets out at locations throughout the and employment at their PCS destina- special offers aimed at helping mili- mation and checklists for planning
Pacific Region in June, many military tion among many other PCS tips. tary families save money during a PCS a move as well as points of contact to
service members and their families “The Exchange realizes how hard it move. consider when time to PCS.
will be choosing summer as the time can be when military service members Military service members can also If military families are seeking as-
to make their permanent change of and their families PCS, and that’s why find a link to the Exchange Credit Pro- sistance with their finances, child-
station (PCS) moves. we designed our PCS Headquarters to gram which provides special promo- care or need to talk to someone due
With this in mind, the Army and help them experience a truly smooth tions revolving around refurnishing to emotional stress, they can also use
Air Force Exchange Service designed move,” said Sgt. Maj. James Pigford, a house or apartment or replenishing the PCS Headquarters page to link to
a web-based resource with the goal senior enlisted advisor, Exchange Pa- household goods. Military One Source, a Department of
of making this transition time a little cific Region. Along with money saving offers Defense resource, which provides sup-
easier for the military family, especially “It was important for us to provide and promotions, the PCS Headquar- port 24-hours a day, seven days a week.
during the busy summer PCS season. them with a resource that not only ters page links to the Military Moving To access the Exchange’s Smooth
The Exchange’s Smooth Move PCS makes their PCS a little more afford- Center site which provides online sup- Move webpage, visit www.shopmy-
Headquarters page, found at www. able but also gives them an all-encom- port to military families who need to, scroll to the bottom, connects mili- passing support system, providing switch their utility services or compare of the page and click on PCS Head-
tary service members to a host of vari- them with access to anything they may the prices of utility services in the loca- quarters under the Community Info
ous sites which provide information need during this transitional time.” tions to which they will be moving. heading. x

Area I Worship Schedule Area II Worship Schedule Area III Worship Schedule Area IV Worship Schedule

Worship Services Worship Services Worship Services Worship Services

Collective Liturgical Sunday 8 a.m. Memorial Chapel Collective Protestant Collective Protestant
Sunday 10 a.m. Stone Chapel Traditional Sunday 9:30 a.m. Brian Allgood Hospital Sunday 11 a.m. Freedom Chapel Sunday 10 a.m. Camp Carroll
Sunday 10 a.m. Stanley Chapel Contemporary Sunday 9:30 a.m. South Post Chapel 10:30 a.m. Camp Walker
Sunday 10:30 a.m. K-16 Chapel Gospel 1 p.m. Freedom Chapel
Sunday 10 a.m. West Casey Chapel Church of Christ 5 p.m. Camp Walker
Sunday 11 a.m. Hannam Village Chapel Spanish 3 p.m. Freedom Chapel
Sunday 11 a.m. Warrior Chapel Gospel 12:15 p.m. Camp Walker
Sunday 11 a.m. Crusader Chapel Nondenominational Church of Christ 5 p.m. Freedom Chapel
Sunday 11 a.m. Hovey Chapel Sunday 11 a.m. South Post Chapel Contemporary
Gospel Sunday 12:30 p.m. South Post Chapel ChapelNext 5 p.m. Freedom Chapel Wednesday 7 p.m. Camp Carroll
Gospel Catholic Mass Friday 7 p.m. Camp Walker
Sunday 11 a.m. Memorial Chapel, Mision Pentecostal Hispana Sunday 9 a.m. Freedom Chapel KATUSA
Casey 12:30 p.m. Camp Sunday 2:30 p.m. South Post Chapel M, W, T, F 11:45 a.m. Freedom Chapel Tuesday 7 p.m. Camp Carroll
Stanley Chapel Saturday 10 a.m. & 5 p.m. Freedom Chapel Tuesday 6:30 p.m. Camp Walker
United Pentecostal Sunday 9 a.m. & 6:30 p.m. (youth) Freedom Chapel
COGIC Sunday 1:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel Catholic Services
Sunday 12:30 p.m. CRC Warrior Chapel KATUSA Mass
KATUSA Tuesday 6:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel Tuesday 6 p.m. Freedom Chapel Sunday 9 a.m. Camp Walker
KATUSA 11:45 a.m. Camp Carroll
Sunday 7 p.m. CRC Warrior Chapel Seventh-Day Adventist
Tuesday 6 p.m. Camp Hovey Chapel Saturday 9:30 a.m. Brian Allgood Hospital

Episcopal Sunday 10 a.m. Memorial Chapel

Catholic Services/Mass The Command Chaplain’s Office is here to perform, provide, or coordinate total
Sunday 9 a.m. CRC Warrior Chapel Catholic Services religious support to the United Nations Command, U.S. Forces Korea and Eighth
Sunday 12 p.m. West Casey Chapel U.S. Army Servicemembers, their families and authorized civilians across the full
Sunday 9:30 a.m. Camp Hovey Chapel Catholic Mass Saturday 5 p.m. Memorial Chapel
Sunday 8 a.m. South Post Chapel spectrum of operations from armistice to war.
Latter-day Saints Worship Sunday 11:30 a.m. Memorial Chapel
Sunday 4 p.m. West Casey Chapel M, W, T, F 11:45 a.m. Memorial Chapel Visit the U.S. Forces Korea Religious Support site at:
1st Sat. 9 a.m. Memorial Chapel
for helpful links and information
Jewish Friday 7 p.m. South Post Chapel

Korea-wide Army chaplain points of contact

USAG Yongsan Chaplains USAG-Humphreys Chaplains USAG-Red Cloud Chaplains USAG Daegu Chaplains

Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Jeffrey D. Hawkins: Chaplain (Maj.) John Chun: Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Suk Jong Lee: Chaplain (Maj.) Milton Johnson:, 738-3009, 754-7274, 732-6169, 764-5455

Chaplain (Maj.) Terry E. Jarvis: Chaplain (Maj.) Anthony Flores: Chaplain (Maj.) Alfred Grondski: Chaplain (Capt.) Mike Jones:, 738-4043,, 732-6016, 765-8991
September 3, 2010 FEATURE IMCOM-K • PAGE 17

SpringFest 2011

Left, a mechanical bull is just one of many amusements available to

SpringFest patrons.

Right, Kim, Yu-jeong performs for an appreciative crowd. — U.S. Army pho-
tos by Mike Mooney

Michael Weber gets in front of the pack at the opening of the five-kilometer run on May 28.
The run kicked off the inagural SpringFest, an all-day event featuring games, food, music,
dancing, inflatables, and much more. The event celebrated 60 years of cooperation be- A youngster makes her way across the pool using an unorthodox method of
tween the United States and the Republic of Korea in the K-6/Camp Humphreys area. — transportation. — U.S. Army photo by Mike Mooney
U.S. Army photo by Mike Mooney

Asian Pacific heritage celebrated

Dances, games, luau ing which Soldiers with painted face and grass skirts
demonstrated several traditional numbers.
“I think we have successfully raised the cultural
of war through body movements and vocals.
In addition to the dances, Soldiers also tasted eth-
nic food, such as Kimchi Pancake, Tahiti drinks, and

highlight observance awareness of the public this afternoon by introduc-

ing the Soldiers to a few traditional dance art forms
and they have never seen before,” Fiaui added.
two Samoan-style roasted pigs.
“This is a great event commemorating the Asian
Pacific Heritage Month,” said Lt. Col. William Darne,
By Capt. Austin Liu The crowd went wild during the Fiji Warrior 6-52 commander. The Iron Horse Soldiers never
6-52 ADA Public Affairs Dance as the performers enthusiastically told a tale cease to amaze me.” x
SUWON CITY — Through dances, games, food,
and a luau, Soldiers of the 6th Battalion, 52nd Air
Defense Artillery Battalion celebrated Asian Pacific
American Heritage Month this week with creativity
and enthusiasm, not to mention satisfied appetites.
The celebration attracted hundreds of Soldiers
and Families, as well as local nationals from Peo-
ple to People International and Korean American
Friendship Alliance, as they gathered in front of the
Suwon Community Activity Center to enjoy an after-
noon filled with fun and culture.
According to Spc. Pavela Fiaui, the primary orga-
nizer of the celebration, the intent behind the cel-
ebration is “to showcase the richness and uniqueness
of the Asian and Pacific culture to the Soldiers and
Families of the Iron Horse Battalion.”
Indeed, the culture of Korea, Samoa, Philippines,
Fiji, Tahiti, and Hawaii were vividly and faithfully
portrayed through sight, sound, and taste, as the vol-
unteers eagerly interacted with the audience.
“What I really love about this event is that it is
completely run by Soldier volunteers who loved their
cultural background so much that they cannot wait
to share it with the rest of the world,” said Fiaui, who
is of Samoan descent. “And you can tell their passion
just by looking at them.” Soldiers from the 6th Battalion, 52nd Air Defense Artillery dress as Fijian warriors and perform a traditional dance
The celebration included a dance showcase, dur- during the Asian Pacific American Heritage Celebration on Suwon Air Base. — U.S. Army photo by Capt. Austin Liu

News & Notes

Volunteer Dinner
The 2011 Volunteer Award and
Dinner Ceremony for Camp
6-52 plays it safe
Humphreys and Area III volun-
teers is scheduled for June 3 from
5:30 to 8 p.m., at the Community
Unit puts emphasis and more equipped next time I go into
the water.”
“We paired inexperienced riders
with experienced riders to foster a cre-
In addition to water sports, motor- ative environment for responsible rid-
Activity Center. Cost is $11 at the
door and $5 for children. Reg-
on caution while cycle riding is another popular sum-
mer past time here on the Peninsula.
ing,” said Capt. Jeffrey Freeman, officer
in charge of the battalion’s motorcycle
istered volunteers eat free. For
more information, call 753-8401. cycling, swimming First Lieutenant Steve Voglezon
has been riding motorcycles for over
mentorship program.
As the team of Harleys and Japanese
a year now and is planning to explore sports bikes cruised through the wind-
Main Gate Closure the beautiful Korean countryside this ing roads of Osan and Pyeontaek, par-
The Main Gate will be closed to By Capt. Austin Liu summer with his Hyosung GT650R ticipants also learned valuable lessons
all vehicle traffic from June 4 at 7 6-52 ADA Public Affairs motorcycle. on group riding techniques.
a.m. through June 6. During the motorcycle safety por- “There is a common misconception
SUWON AIR BASE — With the tion, Voglezon goes over his safety that it is dangerous to ride in Korea,”
White Water Rafting summer season just around the cor- checklist three times to make sure he said Lt. Col. William Darne, 6-52 com-
Better Opportunities for Single ner, Soldiers from the 6th Battalion, and his bike are ready for the road. mander and a motorcycle enthusiast.
Soldiers is sponsoring a White 52nd Air Defense Artillery recently Voglezon is participating in the bat- “However, through the motorcycle
water rafting and all-terrain ve- went through a comprehensive sum- talion’s motorcycle mentorship club, mentorship program, we want to edu-
hicle riding trip June 4. The cost mer safety training here, learning how which teaches riders safety lessons on cate everyone that by wearing the ap-
is $50 and the bus leaves at 8 a.m. to prevent and react to some of the conducting inspections and checks, as propriate protective gear, practicing
from the Community Activity common safety hazards associated well as donning appropriate protective defense riding techniques, and main-
Center. To sign up, or for more with this time of the year. gear. taining constant situation awareness,
information, call 753-8825. The training, from May 23-25, con- An essential part of the motorcycle riding motorcycle in Korea can indeed
sisted of classroom instruction and training included road familiarization. be fun, fulfilling, and safe.” x
End Of Year Concert practical exercises on topics such as
On June 7 from 6 to 7:30 p.m., fire and grilling safety, hot weather
Humphreys American Middle injury prevention, survival swimming,
School will host its End of the and motor vehicle safety training.
Year concert, featuring the Mid- Sergeant Keith Myles is an avid
dle School Chorus, Beginning swimmer who is looking forward to
Band and Intermediate and Ad- the wide variety of water sports avail-
vanced Bands, on the middle able in Korea. So he welcomed the
school’s north lawn. Those at- chance to hone his skills at the surviv-
tending should bring lawn chairs al stroke, a technique which conserves
or blankets for seating. energy and prevents muscle fatigue in
case a swimmer needs to stay afloat for
Father-Daughter Dance a prolonged time.
A Father/Daughter Dance is “This is great training,” Myles said.
scheduled for June 11 from 6:30 “Soldiers are learning how to prevent
to 8:30 p.m. in the Tommy D’s overexertion and increase survivability
ballroom. Cost is $10 for adults, in the water if they ever fell overboard
while daughters attend for free. on a boat or hurt themselves during
Food, drink, and prizes will be water sports.”
available. For more information, According to Myles, all swimmers,
contact Lisa Hogue at 753-8189. no matter the skill level, are “suscep-
tible to muscle fatigue,” so it is cru-
Everland Trip cial for everyone to learn the survival
Better Opportunities for Single stroke.
Soldiers is taking a trip to Ever- The instructors separated the ad-
land Theme Park on June 11. The vanced swimmers from less skilled
cost is $32, which includes trans- ones and provided individual feed-
portation. The bus departs at 8 back on ways to improve.
a.m. from the Community Activ- “I cannot emphasize how impor-
ity Center. To sign up for the trip tant water safety training is, especially
or for more information, call 753- as we head into summer,” said 1st Lt.
8825. Steve Bonner, one of the primary in-
structors and a former Army diver.
Gym Closure Myles concluded, “The training has
The Super Gym will be closed definitely made me feel more prepared
June 12 for fumigation.
Top, under the supervision of 1st Lt. Steve
Update Brief Scheduled Voglezon (right), 2nd Lt. Thomas Bentley
A Community Update Brief is checks his motorcycle’s tire pressure be-
scheduled for June 14 at 1 p.m. in fore heading out for an off-base ride dur-
Conference Room B of the Super ing the 6th Battalion, 52nd Air Defense
Gym. Artillery’s motorcycle mentorship training
May 25 at Suwon Air Base. Besides mo-
OPSEC Officers Course
torcycle safety, Soldiers were also drilled
A course for OPSEC Officers
(Program Managers and Coor- in the importance of staying safe while
dinators) will be held on Camp barbecuing, swimming, and engaging in
Humphreys from June 21 to 24. other warm weather activities. Also, bat-
For more information, call 723- talion leadership offered tips on how to
2149 or e-mail opsec@korea. avoid heat injuries.
Left, Capt. Eric Blewett (at right), com-
Sesame Street Production mander of A Battery, 6th Battalion, 52nd
The Sesame Street USO Experi- Air Defense Artillery, teaches the survival
ence for Military Families will be stroke to a student during water safety
performing June 16 at the Com-
training May 24 at the Community Activity
munity Activity Center at 2 p.m.
and 7 p.m. The show is free for Center. The stroke helps swimmers sur-
military families. Fore more in- vive by lessening muscle fatigue. — U.S.
formation, call 753-8825. Army photos by Capt. Austin Liu

BOSS patrols win ‘best event’

By Pvt. Han, Jae-ho walking patrol which began in March clubs off post to guard against possible the patrols report that they appreciate 2010. sexual assaults. BOSS vehicles also pa- it.
The patrols take place twice a trol on-post areas that buses cannot “The program has been very suc-
CAMP HUMPHREYS — The month, on Fridays during payday reach. cessful because it is reaching the Sol-
Better Opportunities for Single Sol- weekends, and are intended to raise As evident from the award, the pro- diers on a peer to peer level. This is
diers (BOSS) program here won the awareness of a battle buddy system, gram has been very successful. The not something that is mandated or
medium category best event award at as well as decreasing the risk of sexual number of volunteers is increasing commanded,” former BOSS chapter
the Department of Army BOSS confer- assaults. Volunteers from the instal- each week, and the program has led to President, Spc. Donna Leis said. “Vol-
ence in San Antonio on April 21. lation, including single Soldiers, ser- increased awareness of the importance unteers really enjoy helping to prevent
The award recognized the results of geants and civilians, participate in the of taking care of Soldiers and Families. sexual assaults, and we have seen some
the “I Am a BOSS” Buddy Program, a program. Volunteers visit bars and Those who have been escorted by really amazing results.” x

Talon cooks prep for competition

IMCOM-Korea contest petition will then compete at the Department of the
Army level. He said a few of the key areas are the
ordering and inspection of the food, creation of the
follows Connelly victory menus and the food preparation. Murillo said the
competition does not evaluate anything aside from
normal operations. he competition also
By Sgt. 1st Class Robert People “The competition also ensures that we are follow-
2nd CAB Public Affairs ing the basic guidelines of food service preparation,” ensures we are following basic
he said. guidelines of food preparation.”
CAMP RED CLOUD — After winning the Specialist Lesean Ford, a member of E Co., 4th
Camp Humphreys Philip A. Connelly award April 11, Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment., said she enjoyed - Sgt. 1st Class Iriving Murillo
Soldiers from the Talon dining facility are preparing the experience of being able to teach the new Sol-
for the Installation Management Command-Korea diers as they all prepared for this competition.
Talon DFAC manager
competition June 21. “I’ve been in the Army for almost seven years and
The Philip A. Connelly Awards Program’s goals this is my third duty station,” Ford said. “This is the Bogle said while the Soldiers received great train-
are to: improve food service professionalism; provide first time I’ve had the opportunity to teach other Sol- ing and instruction from the noncommissioned of-
recognition for excellence in food service and prepa- diers.” ficers, he hopes that this will help them to gain the
ration in both garrison and field kitchen operations; Ford said while she didn’t observe any areas of confidence for the IMCOM competition and in the
and to provide a higher level of competition and ap- substandard performance, she would like to see future.
propriate recognition at installation and Army levels. some improvement from the Soldiers in the area of “One of the biggest things I hope the Soldiers gain
Sergeant 1st Class Irving A. Murillo, the Talon food preparation time. before our next competition is the confidence level,”
dining facility manager, said the dining facility was Sergeant Jeremy Bogle, a member of E Co., 4-2nd, he said. “The NCOs were really hands-on with them
evaluated by the Camp Humphreys installation food said new Soldiers were good for this competition be- providing a lot of guidance and I hope that by the
program manager, David Duffie, and the installation cause they are learning many of the standards for the next time, the Soldiers will have developed enough
food management specialist, Ms. Jimelyn E. Neal. very first time. self-confidence to say, ‘I got this.’”
“The competition was to evaluate food prepara- “They’re young, they’re not stuck in their ways Murillo said while this is the first duty station of
tion, presentation and taste,” Murillo said. “It also and they can be more easily taught that this is the many of his Soldiers, this competition has been a
evaluates administrative documentation and cus- standard,” Bogle said. “They do not have the bad great learning experience. “My hopes,” he said, “are
tomer service.” influences that we sometimes have to try and fight that from these competitions, my Soldiers gain the
Murillo said that the winner of the IMCOM com- against.” basic food service knowledge.” x

Vet clinic opens

Extensive pet care Carlson added she is pleased to be
able to give back to the Humphreys

now available on community in the form of a clinic that

will allow Soldiers and Families to have
their pets taken care of without travel-
Camp Humphreys ing to Osan.
“On behalf of my team, I want to
say ‘thank you’ and I look forward to
By W. Wayne Marlow providing the Camp Humphreys com- munity with the veterinary care it de-
serves and has waited so patiently for,”
CAMP HUMPHREYS — Pet she said.
owners here will no longer have to take Colonel Joseph P. Moore, United
their animal companions to Osan Air States Army Garrison Humphreys
Base for care. commander, noted that recent prep
On May 25, the Camp Humphreys for noncombatant evacuation demon-
Veterinary Treatment Facility officially strated the importance of pets to fami-
opened, although it had been operat- lies and that the vet clinic’s $1.5 million
ing since February. In the clinic’s first price tag demonstrates commitment
month, 106th Medical Detachment to Soldiers and their Families.
workers provided care for 240 pets. “That’s the kind of Army I want to
Captain Amy Carlson, the clinic’s be in,” he said. “It’s been a long time
officer-in-charge, said she welcomed coming, but it was worth the wait.”
the challenge to help bring a new vet Colonel Honadel, 106th Medical
Brigadier Gen. Kelly Thomas (left), 2nd Infantry Division assistant division command- clinic to Humphreys when she arrived Detachment commander, added, “This
er-support, and Pfc. Jessica Cooper of the 106th Medical Detachment, lower a cer- a year ago. And after seeing the dedi- facility ensures we can provide high-
emonial sword into a cake in celebration of the Camp Humphreys Veterinary Treatment cation of her leaders and Soldiers in quality care. Captain Carlson and her
Facility opening on May 25. The clinic allows Soldiers and Family members on Hum- making the facility a reality, she said. “I team have done an outstanding job,
phreys to have their pets taken care of without traveling to Osan Air Base. — U.S. Army couldn’t even imagine being stationed and the team is excited to move for-
photo by W. Wayne Marlow anywhere else.” ward.” x

e a n s we e p !
Making a cl
Soldiers and KATUSAs make Spring Clean-up around USAG Daegu and the Southeast Hub a team effort making everything look better and preparing for monsoon season.
– U.S. Army photo by Cpl. Jang Bong-seok

t News & Notes USAG Daegu leaders discusses health and Soldier fitness
Photo and story by Im Hae-na
Financial Counseling Services USAG Daegu Public Affairs
Financial counseling for Soldiers
and family members with emphasis DAEGU GARRISON — In
on managing personal finances and recognition of National Women’s Health
tracking spending habits. Development Month, I sat down with Col. Kathleen
of a personal financial plan, retirement Gavle, Commander, USAG Daegu in a
plan, and college saving plan. Call the brief interview about the importance of
ACS financial readiness program office, good health, and how being physically
768-8127 or 768-7112. fit is so important to the Soldier and the
Army’s mission regarding readiness and
FMWR Marketing preparedness. The following represent
Can’t find your favorite menu at the some of the high points from that
club? Got a party theme your friends interview
would love? Have a program idea for Q : How important is women’s
teens? Tell us what you would do if health in the U.S. Army?
you could reach out and touch FMWR A : It’s important for all Soldiers to be
programs, events and activities and healthy. It’s a part of readiness that is an
you could win $100 in FMWR gift inherent responsibility of all Soldiers.
certificates. Suggestions can be e-mailed Maintaining healthy habits for eating,
to exercise, and medical care ensures we can Col. Kathleen Gavle, Commander, USAG Daegu, exchanges health points with Kendra
accomplish our mission, but also ensures Ricketts, Administrative officer, Command Group, USAG Daegu. The Commander is
Say it on ICE a better quality of life over the long term. very supportive of efforts to educate the USAG Daegu and Southeast Hub of increased
Ever wonder if your voice is heard. Say it Soldiering can be harder on the body than fitness and health awareness.
on ICE, we’re listening. Fill out an online many professions – regular maintenance
comment card today our response is keeps us able to absorb those stresses and failure to accept that responsibility can to women and their families?
guaranteed. http://ice.disa mil minimize any long term impact. affect a Soldier’s ability to contribute to A : Take it seriously – has so much of
Q : Why the does the Army his/her team. Poor heath can lead to an impact on self-image, energy to care
Night Glow Golf Tournament any number of problems for a soldier, for Families, long term quality of life.
Can’t get enough golf from dawn ‘til emphasize women’s health?
A : The Army emphasizes health for including a lessened ability to deal with Appreciate your family’s health history to
dusk? Sign up for the Evergreen Night every day stresses. Every Soldier makes understand your personal risk factors. It’s
Glow Tournament at Evergreen Golf all Soldiers, but we recognize that there
are some risks and challenges that are a difference in a unit - we need them to important to be a role model for children.
Course, June 24, from 5 p.m. to 10:30 take their health seriously. Q : How important is health to
p.m. If your game isn’t up to par during unique to women, just as there are those
that are unique to men. Women need to Women, of course, have the challenge work performance?
the day, may be you play better at night. of pregnancy that significantly impacts A : Very important. Go back to basic
Entry fee is $15 and space is limited. Call be aware of what is required to take care
of themselves throughout the different combat readiness. When a Soldier is readiness. Energy and strength to do a
764-4628 for more information. pregnant, it’s critical for her to maintain job and to accomplish the mission in any
phases of life.
Texas Hold’em Q : How could a woman’s health, or establish healthy habits to give her condition, to include combat. Also to
Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. at Camp Carroll impact on her Army responsibilities? baby the best possible start in life. It’s contribute to the team, squad, platoon,
Hideaway Club. Weekly prizes for the The same question can be asked also critical for the Soldier’s ability to company --- the Army is a team sport,
top 3 players. $20 per person. Free meal regarding the male soldier. care for her child and for her ability to and all have a role in making the team
for players. Points awarded for every 8 A : A Soldier’s health is a key factor of recover to the Army’s fitness standards. successful.
weeks of play toward the final game and readiness for men and women. We are Pregnancy does not absolve us of our Q : When is a good time to start a
a $1,000 prize. Calll 765-8574 for more expected to maintain readiness for any responsibilities as Soldiers. fitness plan?
information. mission anywhere, and time. Much of Q : What advice or guidance would A : Any time. Every little bit helps
this is an individual responsibility and you give to promote health awareness the cause.
Kids Club
Register your child for our Jr. Membership
Program. Program benefits include Discard those habits you do not need and begin the ones you do need
quarterly appreciation nights, $5 gift By Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Milton Johnson Like Moses, choose rather to suffer
coupon for thier birthday and other USAG Daegu Garrison Chaplain than to enjoy the pleasure of sin for a
great events. Open to kids ages 5-12. For season;
more information, call the Evergreen DAEGU GARRISON — Dr. John Like Daniel, commune with God
Community Club, 764-4060. Maxwell, from Enjoy Life Ministries at all times;
in Bonita, California, wrote the Like Job, be patient under all
Camp Carroll Paintball Range following: “You may know me. I’m circumstances;
Now open on Saturday and Sunday your constant companion. Like Caleb, and Joshua, refuse to
12 p.m. to 5 p.m. $15 per person and it I’m your greatest helper; your be discouraged because of superior
includes first 500 pellets. No reservations heaviest burden. I will push you numbers;
or teams required. Eye Protection, Long onward or drag you down to failure. Like Gideon, advance even though
Sleeves, Long pants, Sneakers or Boots I’m at your command. Half the tasks my friends are few;
covering ankles are required. For more you do might as well be turned over to Like Aaron and Hur, uphold the
information call 765-8325/7062 or 764- me. I’m able to do them quickly, and hands of my leaders with prayer and
7484. I’m able to do them the same every practical support;
time, if that is what you want. I’m Like Andrew, strive to lead my
China Beijing Tour easily managed; all you have to do is brothers and sisters to God;
Visit the Great Wall, Tienanmen Square, be firm with me. Like Stephen, express a forgiving
Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Heaven Show me exactly how you want it spirit toward all who seek my heart;
Temple and enjoy a silk Street Market done and after a few lessons I’ll do his knees and prayed, giving thanks Realizing that I cannot hope to
Shopping Tour as well. From July 2 to it automatically. I am the servant of to his God as he had done before!” achieve those objectives from my own
July 5. $740 for an Adult (2 people p/ all great men and women; of course Daniel had a habit of prayer. Earlier in strength. I shall rely upon the power
room) ($610-child under 12). $300-Infant the servant of failures too. But I work the book of Daniel we learn that out of God, for I can do all things in Him
under 24 months. $840-Adult Single with all the precision of a marvelous of habit Daniel listened to God and who strengthens me.
Occupancy room. For more information computer, with the intelligence of a ate things that were good for his body. We all have habits. Some are good
call 764-4124. human being. Listen to the following concerning and some are not so good. Habits
You may run me for a profit, or habits: should help build us up and not tear
you may run me to ruin; it makes no Like Paul, I shall forget those things us down. Take a few moments to
difference to me. Take me. Be easy that are behind and press forward; examine the habits you have.
with me and I will destroy you. Be firm Like David, lift up mine eyes unto Are there some that control you?
with me and I will put the world at the hills whence cometh my help – Are there some that hinder your
your feet. Who am I? I’m habit” help comes from the Lord; relationship with God? Are there some
In the Bible, Daniel 6:10 states: Like Abraham, trust implicitly in you have been meaning to start and
“Now when Daniel learned the decree my God; have not?
had been published, he went home to Like Enoch, walk in daily fellowship After you take this habit inventory,
his upstairs room where the windows with my heavenly father; ask God for courage and will power to
opened toward Jerusalem. Like Jehoshaphat, prepare my heart discard those habits you do not need
Three times a day he got down on to seek God; and begin the ones you do need.x

AAFES brings the comfort of home to Soldiers serving abroad

Photo and story by Lee Seung-bin and if it is a successful product, it may
USAG Daegu Public Affairs be added to our regular assortment. We
DAEGU GARRISON — This is Part will only buy well-produced, high quality
I in a two -part interview with Paula merchandise, and if a product does not
Henderson, AAFES General Manager, meet safety standards, it will not be
USAG Daegu and the Southeast Hub. purchased. We also listen to customer
The soap you use for washing in the feedback about items they would like
morning, the foods you eat for lunch, to see in their stores and forward that
the books you read and the bed you feed back to our Dallas headquarters.
sleep in at night --all of these are among We supplement our centralized buying
the many items that can be found and with some local procurement such as
supplied by Army & Air Force Exchange electronics manufactured in Korea,
Service (AAFES). For more than 115 years, Korean foods and Korean souvenirs.
AAFES has not only brought to us merely Q: If the AAFES doesn’t have
material pleasure, but a spectacular joy something the customer needs, what
of life that contributes immensely to can you do to satisfy them?
goodwill and happy companionship. A: We can get merchandise in two
Paula Henderson is the general ways. We have something called ‘The
manager at the Korea Southern Shuttle Program’. If we don’t have
Exchange. She is responsible for all something a customer wants, we can
AAFES activities on the installations. get merchandise from Osan or Yongsan
As such, she supports providing the brought here for our customers. The
troops with merchandise and services other is ‘The Special Order’. Customers
vital to maintaining their quality of come to us and tell “what they want” we
life in peacetime, contingency, and check the bigger stores and bring it to
wartime environments. I set down with here. We try to get it here for them. Just
Paula Henderson and asked her some they can come to our store and buy it.
questions I thought would arouse the We try to do that within approximately
reader’s curiosity. five days.
Q: How do you determine whether Q: From beginning to end, what
new products are of value to or for the procedures are followed to bring
U.S. Army community? such products as foods, books,
A: There are many things we take into DVDs, electronic appliances that are
consideration when selecting what we brought into and displayed in the
sell in our stores --pricing, value, size of AAFES?
community, demographics, community A: Headquarter buyers scout the
classification. industries to find goods for our stores.
There are buying teams for all Goods must meet our safety standards,
departments and sub departments of our cost of goods, sell price and value. The
AAFES facilities. We have a centralized items are contracted by our headquarter
buying office in Dallas and vendors buyers and contractors, added to our stock
can come to us there and present new assortment, set to POG (Plan-o-grams)
products to us. Also, our buyers scour and by store stocking levels, brought into
trade magazines looking for the latest our stores through AAFES warehouse or
and greatest products for our military vendor direct deliveries, delivered and
received by stockroom employees at
Paula Henderson, General Manager, Korea Southern Exchange shares information
customers. They do site visits to other about AAFES products and services during an interview with USAG Daegu Public
retail facilities throughout the U.S. to stockroom/store level, stocked by store
stocking teams, shelf labels made and Affairs Office.
see the items they offer. New items are
either added on a trial basis as a one-time scanned, ready for customers at store Q: What merchandise is the best you live. If you live in the U.S or big
purchase or it will be added to our regular opening. As items are sold at the register seller in AAFES stores? city, the best seller item might be
stock assortment. If added as a one-time (scanned electronically) the item is then A: This is according to where you different. But for us in here, best seller
purchase, sales of the item are monitored re-ordered bringing it back into the store. might live. There is recording of where is electronics area --TVs, DVD players,
cameras things like that. The second
highest department is health and beauty
area. Cosmetics, vitamins, deodorants
and shampoos things like that.
Q: Which AAFES facility usually
has the highest sales?
A: Osan and Yongsan AAFES facilities
now have the highest sales in Korea right
now. The Camp Walker main store is
the highest sales in the Southeast Hub.
The second highest sales are the Camp
Carroll Exchange.
Q: Only the customer who has
a U.S. ID card can enter the AAFES.
What is the reason?
A: The U.S. government has
the SOFA agreements with Korea
government, saying that only ID card
holders are allowed to enter and buy the
merchandises in our facilities. Also, the
U.S. basically same thing is that only ID
card holders are allowed to shop in our
facilities. This is because of a law the U.S.
Government put together that stipulates
only ID card holders are allowed to shop
in AAFES facilities.

**Note: Look for Part II of the

interview with Paula Henderson, AAFES
general manager for the Korea Southern
Yi, Su-yong, Store Manager, Camp Walker Main Exchange, discusses customer feedback and satisfaction with Paula Henderson, Exchange, in the June 10 issue of the
Morning Calm.
AAFES Korea Southern Exchange General Manager.

Vehicle fires and summer safety things to keep in mind

Story and photos by Andrew Allen know it, teens and young adults face
USAG Daegu Deputy Fire Chief the highest risk of dying in a highway
vehicle fire.
DAEGU GARRISON — As an eighteen When we look at vehicle fires, not just
year old rookie firefighter, I watched a vehicle fire deaths, what are the causes
fire consume 4 teenagers on a farm road of these fires? Nearly half the time,
after they had gone joy riding and rolled mechanical failure or malfunction,
their car; they had ditched school that such as leaks, breaks, backfires or worn-
day after lunch period. No one else for out parts are to blame. Nearly one out
miles, straight road, clear cut fields on of four were from electrical failure or
both sides; a farmer called it in when he malfunction. Equipment failure is a
heard the wreck from his home. They more common cause of fire among older
were alive and awake when the fire killed vehicles. Two-thirds of highway vehicle
them, they were pinned and could not fires start in the engine compartment,
get out, I know, I will not ever forget; the or wheel area. Last, summer time is the
20lbs fire extinguisher on the patrol car I time for the most car fires; make sure you
had was no match against the fire; and your vehicle are ready for long road
We as leaders, supervisors and friends trips her in Korea or home on leave.
need to be aware that we are all Here are some safety tips:
susceptible to vehicle accidents and 1. Wear your seat belt & Drive to arrive.
fires. No matter how good the driver 2. Maintain your car to arrive in style,
is, that other guy is not; that guy will not behind a tow truck. An ounce of
slam on the breaks, swerve, cut in prevention is worth a pound of cure.
front, or any other crazy thing when 3. Have any mechanical or electrical
you least expect it! Driving, passenger, problems repaired promptly, even on
chauffeured around, riding in a taxi or your “Hooptie”.
bus, we must be mindful of our safety. If you are involved in a car accident
If you do not take action to correct a and/or a car fire:
The experts at the Auto Hobby Shop like Mr. Chu Young Kwang can help keep your car
problem, even if that means getting out 1. Stay calm – Think clearly – Take action fire safe.
and walking, you are lining yourself up 2. If a fire starts in the car you are a. Turn off your car by removing the keys attempt to open the hood or fight an
to participate in a vehicle collision and driving, pull over to the side of the road b. Check yourself; self aid any bleeding engine compartment fire on your own.
possible fire. if possible, stop the vehicle, turn off the c. Look and asses your passengers, keep On base, call 911 from a military phone
Most deaths involving vehicle fires engine, get out of the vehicle and move them calm. or 0505-764-5911 from your cell phone.
occur after a survivable vehicle accident. away quickly. d. Determine if you can safely self extract. 5. Off Post, call 119 for Fire and Medical
As in building fires, most vehicle fire a. Stay up hill if possible If there is no fire, and you think you (02-1339 for an English speaking operator)
deaths occur in ones and twos; you and a b. Stay out of the smoke may have severe injuries, remain still, Never – Ever, try to reenter your vehicle
friend. We as individuals can help reduce c. Watch out for oncoming traffic ensure help is on the way and wait for once you are out! Everything can be
the loss of life due to vehicle fires by just 3. If you are involved in an accident, look professional help. replaced except you and your family.
being safer drivers and always wearing around, size up the situation. The white e. If there is a fire, get out and stay out If you have any questions about Fire
your seat belt. smoke you see is most likely the powder just like a home fire. Safety, please contact your local Fire
Who is the most susceptible; you from the air bag, so do not panic. 4. Call the fire department. Do not Prevention Office. x
Shop, Save and thrive

COMMISSARY BENEFITS are part of the Army

Family Covenant’s commitment to provide a strong,
supportive environment where Soldiers and
Families can thrive.

• Through the ‘Bringing the Benefit to You’ campaign,
Guard and Reserve Soldiers and their Families
have shopped on-site at more than 100 remote
locations and purchased $14 million worth
of commissary products.

• An average of 30% SAVINGS OR MORE on

purchases compared to commercial prices.

• Within the next three years, more than

$200 million will be spent on building
new commissaries and enhancing
existing commissaries to
better serve customers.

Visit to learn more

about the Army Family Covenant.

레드 클라우드 사령관

워터 슬라이드와 함께 업그레이드 된 한슨 수영장 재개장

이야기 했습니다. 또한 탁자들과 의자들을 컨트리 안에서 생활하는
우리 지역은 ‘한국에서 수영장 둘레에 맞춰 추가 당신에게 가능한 더욱 나은 삶을
살면서 근무하고 또 여가를 했으며, 수영장 전체에 음악이 제공하기 위함입니다.
보내기에 더 없이 좋은 새로운 흘러나올수 있도록 음향 FMWR의 책임자 크리스
장소’로 변화 하고 있습니다. 시스템도 설치했습니다. 브래드포드와 그의 직원들은
지난주 캠프 케이시에서 열린 우리는 새로운 시설을 2008년 12월에 tour
5월 축제에서 우리는 워리어 개장했을 뿐만 아니라, 우리 normalization의 시작과 함께
컨트리의 가족들을 위한 또 다른 지역의 모두를 위한 라이브 워리어 컨트리의 군인들과,
엄청난 시설을 공개했습니다. 밴드공연, 자동차 모델쇼 심지어 직원들 그리고 그들의 가족들의
한슨 필드 하우스에 있는 세계적으로 찬사를 받은 한국의 요구를 충족시키기 위해 시설물
새로운 모습으로 다시 개장한 대표 공연 ‘난타’를 제공하면서 개선에 엄청난 노력을 쏟고
실외 수영장은 한국의 뜨거운 지역사회를 하나로 뭉치게 있습니다.
여름동안 많은 시간을 가족들과 했습니다. 이 모든게 제 개인적인
함께 이곳에서 즐길수 있게 우리는 또한 전통춤 루아루와 의견일수도 있습니다만 2
하기 위하여 워터 슬라이드를 카니발 행렬 그리고 아이들을 사단 사단장인 마이클 터커
갖춘 여느 워터파크로서 손색이 위한 거대한 모형 풍선을 가지고 사령관 또한 지난 4월 5일,
없는 시설로 탈바꿈하였습니다. 아시아 태평양 문화 유산의 달을 캠프 레드클라우드에서 있었던
작년 가을에 착공 시작한 기념했습니다. 타운홀 미팅에서 우리 워리어
백오십만 달러 짜리 이 우리는 또 몇 가지 다른 컨트리에서 일어나고 있는
행크 닷지 대령 프로젝트를 이번 전몰자 프로젝트를 진행중 입니다. 변화에 대해서 믿기 어려울
추도기념일 주말에 맞춰 완성 캠프 스탠리의 체육관 공사가 정도라며 칭찬을 아끼지
USAG Red Cloud 사령관 시켰습니다. 진행중이며 새로운 농구코트와 않았습니다.
수영장에는 수질 여과 한층 개선된 락커룸은 이번달 말 우리는 이 지역의 시설들을
레드 클라우드 위수 사령부 시스템과 새로운 라인들을 부터 공사를 시작할 것입니다. 관리, 운영하고 있음을
– 지난 4개월간, 저는 3번 추가되었고, 새로운 워터 캠 프 호 비 와 캠 프 자랑스럽게 생각합니다. 지금껏
이 칼럼을 통해 우리 워리어 슬라이드는 42인치 이상 레드클라우드의 실내수영장 역시 개선된 모든 시설들은 워리어
컨트리가 앞으로 어떻게 남녀노소 누구나 사용할 수 있고 기능적인면과 미적인면에서의 컨트리가 날이 갈수록 가족
발전하고 더 나은 방향으로 이들은 수영장 근처에 설치되어 공사가 계획되어 있습니다. 친화적으로 변화하고 있음을
나아갈수 있을지에 대해서 있습니다. 이러한 시설들은 워리어 명백히 입증하고 있습니다.