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Jennifer Verling-Chung

36-C Oliva Drive . Novato, Ca 94947 . Cell-415-328-3653 .

Registered Nurse # 697549 . Public Health Nurse #71510
Qualifications Summary:
Dedicated and patient-focused Registered Nurse with experience in acute patient
care and safety,
leadership, and family advocacy. Capacity to multitask: manage patient care prio
rities and delivery of care.
Administrative experience including admissions, assessment, treatment, referral,
and patient education. Strong interpersonal and communication skills including
patient charting and documentation. Collaborated with physicians, physical, occu
pational, speech therapist and dietitians. Proficient in the five rights in pati
ent medication administration. Able to initiate code blue, rapid response and si
tuate crash cart to indicated area.
Certifications and Proficiencies:
- Staff Nurse/Shift Lead Nurse - BLS
- Pneumostat Chest Drain
- NG/Sump and Peg tubes care - Intravenous therapy - Pat
ient/family education
- Phlebotomy and lab draws - Picc line care
- Foley Catheter insertion/ care
- Bladder scanning and ICP care - Colostomy/Urostomy care - KCI wound
- Team member on code team - Palliative/Hospice care - Train
ed/Oriented new staff
- Administer EKG - Ventilator/Trach care
- Care Plan administration
- Oxinet/Ventilator monitor - Training and inservices - A
ssisted on patient transport
- Complex wound care - Removal of staples/sutures - IV
pumps/Tube Feed Pumps

Employment Experience:
California Department Correctional Rehabilitation: San Quentin State Prison
TTA (Treatment, Triage, and Assessment). Provided urgent care on site and out in
prison cells.
Mental Health Crisis Ward.- Monitored, assessed, and charted on Inmate/Patient m
ental status. Including
Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Psychosis, Depression and Suicidal Ideation.
Medical floor.- Monitored patient care, administered scheduled medication, and c
ompleted nursing charts.
Kentfield Rehabilitation and Specialty Hospital, Kentfield, Ca. 6/2007-9/2
010 and 10/2010-present
A Long Term Acute Care Hospital-Position, Registered Nurse/Shift Lead.
Managed patients with spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries, post-operative s
pine operations, diabetes, end-stage renal patients on in-house dialysis treatme
nts, and infection control of patients with MRSA, ESBL, VRE, and VAP.
Pulmonary disease management and care for patients with bronchitis, emphysema, a
cute/chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and neuromuscular respiratory paraly
Assisted physicians during patient admission examinations and treatments.
Monitored critical acute changes in patients health and implemented prescribed t
Educational Background:
Dominican University of California, Bachelor of Science Nursing
University of California, Davis, Bachelor of Cultural Anthropology