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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Early Initiatives by TATA Group

1912 Eight hour working a day

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1915 Free medical aid

1917 Schooling facilities for children

1979 Rural Development Society is involved in various social development programmes aimed

at helping the rural communities living around Tata Steel's operational units.

Initiatives by TCS

TCS has always well recognized and responded to the responsibility corporate should

have towards the communities they operate in. Gird child education in collaboration with

UNICEF, adult literacy programs, addressing environmental and civic problems, pollution

reduction and healthcare, waste management in office environment, planting trees and water

purifying are the areas where reasonable efforts

TCS has always endeavoured to use its core competence to address large scale societal

problems. They had been engaged in a variety of initiatives that aim to have a transformational

impact on the society. TCS is karmayog CSR rating 4 company. Only 13% Indian Multi National

Companies are at this level. Also TCS contributes a fortune of Rs. 375 cr towards social welfare

in 2008.

Tata Council for Community Initiatives

Reinforcing the organizations implicit beliefs, the Tata group brings a mission of

sustainable development is an explicit set of structures, embodied by the Tata Council for

Community Initiatives (TCCI). TCCI is an agency which is administered centrally and helps Tata

companies through specific processes, TCCI's charterprerogative embraces employee

volunteering, environmental management, climate change initiatives and social development.

The significant idea behind creating Tata Council for Community Initiatives was to give the

group’s community activities greater focus and cohesion.

Giving Back to Society

In the Tata tradition of “giving back to society”, TCS’s focus on:

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Maitree majorly focuses on providing education/skill development for the rural

community. Maitree has an objective of bringing TCS associates and their family’s closer

and making them feel the very part of the TCS extended family. The scope of Maitree

was enhanced to include socially relevant activities and endeavours, soon after, with a

view to carry on the TATA tradition of enabling the community. It was formed in 2002,

by the first lady of TCS Ms. Mala Ramadorai. Maitree is a division within TCS Global

HR, Maitree means Friendship.

• It was initially established to foster bonding among TCS staff and also between

staff and families.

• Over the years it progressively expanded its activities to include a number of

"Corporate Sustainability” initiatives in diverse areas like Rural Empowerment,

Education, Health & Environment.

• The various related projects are undertaken autonomously by TCS Maitree.

In FY05, Maitree partnered with 'Sanctuary Asia', a non-government organisation

(NGO) that promotes wildlife preservation and supports nature.

 Advanced Computer Training Centre for Visually Impaired

TCS launched an Advanced Computer Training Center it is one of the first of its kind

in India for those who are visually impaired. Launched at the MN Banajee Industrial

Home for the Blind and it offers courses that are in sync with industry requirements, it

provides the visually-impaired with life-affirming employment opportunities.


 Rural Development Initiatives (at Panvel)

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A village named Wazapur near Panvel. In spite of being close to the city, the village is

on lack of the most basic amenities. Maitree has worked over the last three years to

bring about the sustainable development in this village. A sustainable model has been

built to improve the education, the healthcare, and the environment in the area.

TCS-Maitree also launched the WEP (Women Empowerment Program) where

women of the village were taught basic arithmetic and created awareness in health

and hygiene (TCS Corporate Sustainability Report Jan 2009). A new Gram Vikas

Abhiyaan Kendra was inaugurated to facilitate the income generation for the rural

women. ( )

 HIV AIDS Awareness Program

Maitree initiated TCS’ first involvement in the area of HIV/AIDS Sensitization and

Awareness a few years ago. Prime focus of this initiative is to treat HIV as a major

challenging social issue, as against treating it as a solely medical prerogative.

Associates across the TCS participate in TCS-Maitree's aim to spread awareness and

sensitize people about HIV/AIDS.

For rural women it holds a workshop focusing on skill development for income

generation. Apart from this it provides initiatives for urban women as well, some of

which are;

• Cancer awareness

• Stress management

• Yoga and Art of living

• Rearing children and nurturing talent

( )

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TCS considers environment to be an integral part of its strategic development

model. Health Safety and environment team (HSE) originated in 2006. Top

environmental objectives are:

• To minimize the consumption of resources and prevent pollution.

• To comply with all applicable legal and other requirements.

• To demonstrate continual improvement.

The environmental awareness program is carried out through Web based trainings,

Instructor Led trainings, Display of posters and campaigns, screening movies, induction

trainings, internal magazines and portals etc. TCS is also working towards green

infrastructure. Optimum resource utilization, energy efficiency, best environmental

technologies are being prioritised. Sewage treatment plants were installed at different

practicable locations and are running efficiently.


TCS Receives Golden Peacock Global Award for Corporate Social Responsibility - 2007

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Tata Consultancy Services was awarded with the winner of the ‘Golden Peacock Global Award

for Corporate Social Responsibility-2007’ for CSR in the ‘Large Business’ category by the

Institute of Directors, the international body of company directors. (Free Press Journal | June

08, 2007)

TCS gets Asian CSR award

Tata Consultancy Services has received the Asian Corporate Social Responsibility Award in the

support and improvement in education category. The Tata group company had designed a

computer-based functional literacy model, a multimedia-based teaching method, and had set up

an adult literacy programme to help the government eradicate illiteracy (Free Press Journal |

Sept 27, 2003)

EMPI Indian Express Innovation Award

Tata Consultancy Services was awarded a Gold Trophy for TCS Literacy Program in 2008

Corporate Citizen Award from Rotary Club

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