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6598 S. Niagara Court, Centennial, CO 80111(720)270-1595 kmfdb620@westpost
Multi-Site Operations / Turn Around / Program Management / Capital & Operating B
udgets Strategic & Tactical Planning / Employee Relations / Quality Control / Ad
ministration / Sales
Directed restructuring operations for multi-site and multi-team organization to
eliminate debt and restore profits. Evaluated operational strategies and redesig
ned operational infrastructure to reduce costs. Consolidated and managed operati
onal procedures leading to increased revenues for small and medium cap for profi
t and not for profit companies.
a Deanas Gold Star for teaching excellence a" awarded Summer and Fall 2010 fo
r teaching excellence in Business law
a Awarded Title of Accredited Associate, September 19, 2008 by the Institute fo
r Independent Business.
a Reorganized financial operations for 15 business entities owned by JSM Holdin
a Amended JSM Holdings ownership structure savings $1M over ten yeas
Key Skills: Experienced negotiator with legal and financial issues. Seasoned tax
and budget auditor. Executive manager reorganizing multi-million dollar company
with financial confusion, bank debt, negative cash flow and poor sales. Relatio
nal and empowering with team building expertise. Business and market analyst. En
ergetic, positive leader. Experienced general counsel, creative, focused.
BS, Accounting (with Honors), The Ohio State University. JD (with Honors), The O
hio State University School of Law. LL.M, Taxation, GPA 3.3, New York University
School of Law. Judge William Drenner Award 1989 and 1990 (highest average in t
ax curriculum each year). Currently licensed to practice law with the states of
Ohio and Illinois.
Selected Accomplishments
Reorganized financial operations for 15 business entities owned by JSM Holdings.
Location-specific entities meant multiple bank accounts, legal issues and banki
ng lines of credit. Evaluated financial processes, recommended solutions. Create
d company-wide accounting policies and procedures. Eliminated redundancies, redu
ced bank account reconciliation time, consolidated legal and financial practices
with overall the goal, the reduction of federal, state and local taxes.
Amended JSM Holdings ownership structure saving $1M over ten years. Disconnected
ownership structure meant filing some 80 federal and state tax returns. Reviewe
d applicable IRS rulings. Consulted outside legal counsel. Evaluated restructuri
ng options, proposed solution. Managed change process leading to significant sav
ings, eliminated need for some 40 federal and state tax returns.
Created two dozen different new companies with general ledgers for JSM Holdings.
Company executives overlooked unification of financial processes following busi
ness acquisitions. Evaluated all legal contracts and financial accounts. Created
accounting and operations procedures, directed cross-functional teams to analyz
e results, developed proprietary software to manage new companies once establish
Responded to Small Business Administration audit of JSM Holdings saving millions
of dollars. SBA investigated to insure compliance within asmall businessa regul
ations. Interviewed and selected expert legal counsel to lead companyas response
. Negotiated with SBA, gained favorable response, eliminating potential fines, r
etaining military contracts, restoring company reputation with military traffic
command and retaining profitability.
Career History
Affiliate Professor - Colorado Christian University a" Affiliate professor for c
ourses within the masters of business administration curriculum, business Law an
d accounting within the undergrad curriculum. 2009-Present.
General Counsel Associates, LLC. Consulting on business and tax law. Negotiate
d sale of business interest from 2002-2006 of partnership/ownership interests in
37 businesses nationally.
CFO, General Counsel, EVP Sales, JSM Holdings Co., 1995 to 2002. Organized natio
n-wide sales and financial strategies for $40M/year company with more than 300 e
mployees. Consulted and directed legal aspects for 37 unique business entities.
Advised corporate partners on their business interests and respective legal and
tax positions. Managed all real property owned by JSM.
Associate, Altheimer & Grey Attorneys at Law, 1992 to 1995. Consulted with high
net-worth individuals, corporations, partnerships, and limited liability compani
es, performing due diligence as assets were purchased. Handled client disputes w
ith local, state and federal taxing authorities. Negotiated, drafted and reviewe
d agreements. Demonstrated expertise in negotiations with federal, state and lo
cal taxing authorities including negotiating taxpayer success with respect to IR
S and Sales & Use Tax audits.
Associate, Price Waterhouse and Coopers, 1990 to 1991. Reviewed federal and stat
e tax returns for high net-worth individuals, and small, medium and large for pr
ofit and not for profit companies for this multi-billion dollar accounting firm.
Managed IRS audit processes relative to clients. Consulted in state and local t
ax group (SALT).