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Timothy Eisenmann

8667 Wiese Road, Brecksville, OH 44141

Res: 440-526-8492 a Cell: 440-212-9164
General Management / Operations
Distinctive Qualifications a" Strategic and results-driven leader with demonstra
ted ability to administer complex operations and direct the activities of execut
ives across a variety of departments, including finance, administration, human r
esources, and information technology. Comprehensive understanding of budgeting,
controls, costs, and cash flow to lead the organization in a fiscally prudent m
anner and to be able to provide for contingencies and the future. Track record
of success in improving processes and systems.
Potential Contributions a" (1) Provide operational leadership and management exp
ertise to meet financial and overall performance objectives, (2) Assess and upgr
ade business processes, create innovative and efficient procedures, and establis
h consistent standards throughout the organization to facilitate revenue growth,
cost control, and increased profitability, (3) Develop and motivate employees,
set targets for performance at all levels and foster teamwork and commitment wit
hin the organization to achieve corporate goals.
Experience, Key Contributions and Performance Milestones:
Ogden Benefits Administration
Variable Protection Administrators, Inc., Cleveland, OH 2010
Operations Director (1992 to 2010)
Highly visible leadership role serving as a partner to the President, with major
emphasis on developing and managing the best interests of the Company. Manage
a broad range of functions including Finance, Operations, Human Resources, IT, C
laims, Underwriting, Billing, Collection, Policy Services, Communications, Compl
iance, Licensing, Reporting, Purchasing, and Facilities. Responsible for staff
of 50.
Maximized Revenues & Profitability. Provided strategic and financial insight in
to all financial and key managerial decisions. Focus on improving efficiency, i
ncreasing revenues and reducing expenses throughout the company, and evaluating
new business and expansion opportunities.
Directed budget development and implementation with department heads, reducing o
verall costs 4%. Ensured that the organization is managed with strong financial
accountability and integrity.
Initiated annual review of corporate insurance coverageas and selected more favo
rable provider, minimizing premium dollar purchases.
Reduced Costs, Increased Efficiency & Improved Customer Service through the Effe
ctive use of Technology. Continually evolved information systems, upgrading sys
tems and software, significantly improving business processes and workflows, whi
le gaining strategic advantage.
Enhanced actuarial reporting capabilities to improve rate adjustment analysis, g
enerating an average annual profit of 4% (after tax).
Introduced electronic funds transfer (EFT) to corporate clients, insurance compa
nies and agents, reducing float and increasing annual corporate interest income
Led the development and purchase of corporate EDI translation software, saving 6
0% compared to market projections. System eliminated inventories of company-spe
cific policy forms and applications by enabling users to access documents on dem
and when needed.
Established Call Center to support individual and corporate customer service iss
ues, with key features including: a single converged voice and data network, sim
ple and understandable 800 number access for agents and policyholders, and intel
ligent call routing. Reduced complaints 90%, time-to-process 80%, and open file
s 98%.
Operations Director - Variable Protection Administrators, Inc. (continued)
Optimized Operational Effectiveness. Developed policies, procedures and other i
nitiatives related to all day-to-day operational issues. Focus on creating a un
ified "customer focused" culture and developing a flexible workforce capable of
responding quickly and professionally to customer requirements.
Implemented policies and procedures to ensure state and federal corporate compli
ance: (i.) created corporate HIPAA compliance policy manual, (ii.) designed repo
rting systems for insurance company annual reports, which also provided more eff
icient notification of license renewal in 40+ states, as well as agent licenses,
(iii.) directed design of Plan Documents/Summary Plan Descriptions for health a
nd welfare plans nationwide, working closely with attorney.
Led all aspects of headquarters relocation on five separate occasions to adjust
to growth as well as support streamlining initiatives. Determined space require
ments and identified alternative locations, negotiated lease and all vendor cont
racts. Ultimately, reduced overhead 23% through allowing the company to consoli
date many of its corporate departments and create a true collaborative environme
Developed Corporate Policy Manual to ensure fair and consistent communication an
d business conduct across the organization. The Manual states the principles of
enforcement and outlines specific guidelines for disciplinary actions.
Fostered a culture that builds and enhances a positive and professional atmosphe
re, while developing staff and mentoring direct reports to perform at the highes
t level.
Operations Manager
Worked with executive management and the President in supporting the targets for
yearly budgets, business plans, sales plans, new program development and resour
ce needs to ensure continued, long term growth and profitability. Managed clien
t health and welfare regulations, including communication, accumulation and rete
ntion of required data. Directed group and individual underwriting, policy serv
ices and rating.
Ensured Quality & Process Efficiencies. Applied in-depth knowledge of all depar
tments to establish and implement disciplined workflow and systems to effectivel
y manage business processes.
Managed systems upgrades and centralized equipment purchases with a budget of $1
50,000 annually. Provided technology leadership based on a keen understanding o
f strategic priorities and the ability to anticipate the Companyas requirements.
Continuously explored and presented new technologies and best practices to imp
rove efficiency, customer service, access to data, and reporting.
Established centralized process for recruiting, staffing and training for all de
partments, eliminating duplicated and redundant processes.
Director of Claims
Fast track promotion through increasingly responsible leadership roles, with key
role in team leadership, process improvement, and timely resolution of claims a
nd litigation to achieve business results.
Education: BS, Business Administration a" John Carroll University, University H
eights, OH (1983)
Society of Professional Benefits Administrators
Self-Funded Association, MSA designation
Health Insurance Association, HIA designation
International Claims Association, ALHC designation
Greater Delaware Corporation, Dover, DE, Board of Directors
VPA Insurance, LTD. (Reinsurance Captive), Board of Directors