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Leo Duckworth

522 N. Pearl Avenue

Compton, California 90221
OBJECTIVE Seeking a responsible position in Human Services
Community that will utilize my education and experience as
a Substance Abuse Counselor in working with
adults who have problems with drugs and alcohol.
L.A.C.C. Associate of Arts Degree June 2008
L.A.C.C. Human Services Certificate June 2008
Current Student University of Phoenix
HONORS Deans Honor List - Spring 2002, Fall 2002, Fall 2004
Healthcare Services, Inc
06/08 - 12/09 Position Substance Abuse Counselor
Duties: Facilitate Drug/Alcohol Rehab Classes, Conduct
weekly one on one's with caseload, Review all revised client documents,
Document caseload 3 times per week, Attend weekly staff meetings,
Coordinate meeting with parole officers, make all referrals for medical
And dental needs for the clients

S.R.H.T., Inc.
02/05 - 12/07 Position: Property Manager
Duties: Maintain property, report/document maintenance
problems, interview prospective tenants, collect rents,
complete monthly reports, schedule building inspections
with HACLA, build professional relationships with all
tenants, conduct monthly meetings, schedule weekly meetings
with Case Manager. All tenants have 3rd party documentation
as disabled either mentally, physically, or drug dependent.
Salvation Army
Harbor Light
05/02 - 11/04 Position: Substance Abuse Counselor
Duties: Facilitate chemical dependency education classes
such as Male Sexuality, Coping Skills, Relapse Prevention,
Step Study, and Feelings Groups. Supervised caseload of 22 men
assigned to the floor where I participated in weekly one-on-one's,
maintained appropriate charting through the monitoring of daily
changes in overall behavior. Implemented random drug testing
and supervised assigned daily task and in-house duties.

Johnson Controls
Mt. View, CA
01/99 -09/99 Position: Y2K Coordinator
Duties: Coordinated and implemented location, testing, and
upgrading of all equipment operated by Sun Microsystems
with embedded computer chips. This included all lighting
systems, fire and emergency systems, electrical power for
their commercial buildings, all computer controlled equipment.
University Houston
Houston, TX
08/98 - 12/98 Position: Student Assistant
Duties: Conducted campus tours for incoming freshman
students and their parents. Answered all incoming phone calls to the university,
student class, course number, and instructor information
into computer to maintain up to date college information system.
Pepsi Bottling Co.
Houston, TX
05/98 - 08/98 Position: Production Line Assistant
Duties: Maintained production line in the production of all
Pepsi Bottling Company products.
Loaded trucks with fork lift for delivery to remote locations.
The Palm House
Carson, CA
02/08 - Present Position: Counselor/Intern
Duties: Giving orientation to new clients, provide
referrals to outside health agencies including mental &
physical professionals, facilitate groups & co-facilitate
one-on-one's, documentation of client progress in all areas
i.e. health, mental processing, behavior, and interaction with other clients & s
Mt Carmel
Los Angeles, CA
09/04 - 12/04 Position: Counselor/Intern
Duties: Answer incoming calls and screen new clients for
intake into the program. Facilitate groups on Relapse
Prevention, Crisis Intervention, Coping Skills, and 12 Step
Study. The general population includes gays,
lesbians, transgender, individuals with
HIV/Aids, disabled, homeless, and court ordered clients.
Castle East
Los Angeles, CA.
02/04 - 06/04 Position: Counselor/Intern
Duties: Provided individual and group counseling for
clients with substance abuse problems.
Performed intake and assessments, monitored and documented
the behavior of 10 clients, co-facilitated
groups which included both female & males clients.