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Charles E. Coco Jr.

7562A Oxford Drive St.Louis MO 63105

Cellular: (314) 677-7031 Email: cce9b0da@westpost.net http://laboratorymanager.w

Accomplished and reliable MS degreed Analytical Chemist offering years of experi

ence and education to the organization. Focusing primarily on Staff Development,
Laboratory Efficiency, Raw Material, In-Process and Finished goods release, Ana
lytical Methods Development and Laboratory Quality Improvement Measures.

Biotest Pharmaceuticals, Boca FL 2008-2009

Biopharmaceuticals - Monoclonal Antibodies and Plasma Products - 250 employees o
n site
Director of Quality Laboratories
* Managed work flow and development of 30 Med techs and analysts (BS, MS, PhD's)
; 3 direct reports.
* Supported 13 US Plasma sites, daily on-site manufacturing operation and produc
t transfer support from EU.
* Responsible for: Staff development, methods transfers, methods development, d
aily QC testing, Raw material testing (standard USP/EP methods, purity, etc.), i
n-process and production support and project management of Mab scale up from Dre
ieich Germany; Review, assistance, troubleshooting of methods when applicable.
* Assistance, teaching and mentoring support for development chemists primarily
with separation science methods of analysis (HPLC, GC, Elisa, SDS-Page, etc.).
Baxter Healthcare Corporation, LA CA 2003-2006
Biopharmaceuticals - Plasma, albumin, blood bank, coagulation etc. products
Manager II, Quality Laboratories
* Managed work flow and development of 50 Med techs and Chemists (BS, MS, PhD's)
; 5 direct reports.
* Quality Control and Analytical support for daily on-site 24/7 manufacturing op
* Troubleshooting bench issues during daily analysis of production material.
* Responsible for: Staff development, project management, daily QC testing, Raw
material, in-process and production support under US regulatory compliance.
* 21 CFR 640 compliant laboratories (participation in two FDA and monthly custo
mer audits)
* Utilized six sigma tools for cycle time reduction projects.
Lonza Biologics, Portsmouth NH 2002-2003
Biopharmaceuticals - Monoclonal antibodies, scale up, manufacturing and producti
on support
Director of Quality Control Operations
* Managed work flow and development of 75 Med techs and Chemists (BS, MS, PhD's)
24/7; 5 direct reports.
* Responsible for the LIMS deployment, Raw Materials quality, stability, Environ
mental Monitoring programs and daily 24/7 manufacturing Quality Control and Anal
ytical support.
* 21 CFR 316 compliant laboratories (participation in one FDA and multiple custo
mer audits.
* Managed the successful relocation of all laboratories from 4500 sq.ft. to 17,0
00 sq. ft. without adding additional staff (example 6 HPLC's to 18 HPLC's; 8 GC'
s to 12 GC's).
Genzyme Diagnostics, San Carlos CA 2001-2002
Medical Device - manufacture of clinical and personal use diagnostic test kits
Quality Control Manager
* Managed work flow and development of 5 Quality Control Analysts (BS).
* Responsible for 21 CFR 809 compliant laboratory.
* Managed stability programs, proficiency studies, raw material and finished pro
duct release, equipment and instrument validations, customer and FDA laboratory
DSM Catalytica Pharmaceuticals, Palo Alto CA 1999-2001
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) manufacture
Quality Control Manager
* Managed work flow and development of 15 professional chemists (BS, MS) and 1 I
S supervisor in a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant 24/7 Quality Control laboratory.
* Directed implementation and maintenance of site Statistical Process Control (S
PC) and Statistical Quality Control (SQC) program.
* Reduced permanent and temporary staff turnover by 90% in 6 months through effe
ctive coaching and counseling.
BetzDearborn-GE, Trevose PA 1993-1999
Specialty Chemicals; Emulsion and solution Polymers
Research Scientist
* Managed work flow and development of 4 employees; 3 Chemists (BS, PhD) and one
off site 24/7Laboratory Supervisor.
* Managed quality control, corporate technical services, and Corp contact for th
ree international satellite labs (International travel, methods development and
tech transfer to supporting laboratories).
* Promoted from Scientist to Sr. Scientist then to Research Scientist over the c
ourse of approximately 6 years.
* Responsible for implementation of Laboratory ISO 9001/14000 compliance program
* Provided QC support for corporate R&D organic synthesis and polymer chemists,.
Huls America, Specialty Chemicals; Silicones and Silanes 1990-1993
Analytical Development Chemist
Responsible for Raw Materials, in-process and finished goods methods development
and release testing.
MS Chemistry Instrumental analytical concentration 1996
St. Joseph's University
BS Chemistry 1989
Eastern University
Taught non-majors chemistry lab to Hahnemann nursing students during undergradua
te studies
Intern for Esschem Corporation; Dental Monomers and polymers as Analytical Techn
Project Management skills includes: Six Sigma/Lean Mfg support, Global Methods D
evelopment and Tech Transfer, Scale Up support, Implementation and maintenance o
f SPC/SQC programs, etc.