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From the bestselling author of Patriots, comes the next

lightening-paced thriller about survival in America after an

apocalyptic socioeconomic crash.
Publicity James Wesley, Rawles
 A true Survivalist, James Wesley, Rawles
will be doing all publicity from the seclusion A life-long survivalist, Rawles gives us
of his compound in an undisclosed location. cold-hard facts about staying alive in the
face of mass riots and anarchy as well as
a chilling read that will keep readers
 Cross Promotion with Author’s Website: turning the pages.
 SimonandSchuster.com newsletter Feature His self-published phenomenon How to
 Promotion on Atria Social Media, including Survive the End of the World as We Know
#survivors twitter campaign It hit #4 on Amazon with 50,000 copies
in print.
Advertising Campaign
 Online Advertising, including Facebook The Daily Beast called his bestselling
Campaign novel Patriots “The most dangerous
novel in America.”
The impetus for his first book How to Survive the
End of the World as We Know It, Rawles’s website Survivors
brings in over 250,000 viewers a month, giving
him a successful platform to draw attention to his Author of 2 Bestsellers, James
books. Utilizing SurvivalBlog, Rawles will reach his Wesley, Rawles brings readers the
readers and generate anticipation for Survivors.
next shockingly real and fast paced
thriller about the impending
implosion of America as we know
ISBN: 9781439172803
ebook ISBN: 9781439172841
$24.00 ($27.99 CAN)

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