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Hector Hugo Chaparro

3883 Heirloom Rose Place Oviedo, Florida 32766,United State

Home : 321-765-4690 Cellular: 407-242-4166 Hector.Chaparro@siemens.com
Skilled at concentrating on data while seeking best method to solve problems in
a creative and an objective manner. Patient and persistent in approach to achiev
ing goals. Service-oriented. Respond to challenges in cooperative manner. Dedica
ted team player; build good relationships. Display acute awareness of social, ec
onomic and political implications of decisions. Results of career testing show s
pecial aptitude in communication, professional services and business.
Great experience in commercial, contractual and business matters. Over 18 years
of business, contract, personnel and financial analysis in private and corporate
legal counsel. Seasoned writer and discerning researcher, capable of reducing l
oss and liability of both individuals and industry-leading corporate clients. Ex
perience includes small and large-corporate transactions, contract resolution, p
olicy development and establishment of operational procedures.
Career Achievements
Selling Policies in Latin America in Place: organization, support, analysis and
implementation in a short time. Coordination with 8 Regional Entities, Andina Cl
uster and Orlando Management. Supervised Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payabl
e department. Provided training to develop and enhance quality customer relation
s. Ensured and maintained ethical accounting practices.
Introduced the concept of secured debt percentage and produced easy-to-understan
d spreadsheet/reporting system that provided management with information on secu
red debt. Mediated/negotiated special payment terms, restored customer confidenc
e, and preserved strong alliances.
Institutionalized legal review of product development strategies to identify pot
ential issues.
Monitored expenditures, oversaw paralegals and administrative staff, and consult
ed with colleagues as a primary source of information for complex corporate liti
gation matters.
Siemens Energy Inc Orlando, USA Jan 2010 to present
Marketing and Contract Support, ES SO: Dealing with financials, administrative,
legal and contractual issues: payment structures, new collaboration model: Regio
nal Entities responsibilities and avoiding Permanent Establishment of headquarte
rs or affiliates.
Preparation of offers, Letter of Intents, Draft of contracts, Internal Agreement
s, Customer Letters, Confidentiality Agreements.
LOA analysis, application, risk mitigation. Provide training to members of the R
egional Entities.
Contract Negotiation in Venezuela, Peru, and starting in Bolivia and Chile.
Preparation, coordination Selling Policies for several countries in Region Latin
Farmed S.A. Buenos Aires, Argentina 2001 to 2009
Legal External
Consultant on-line in Commercial Law, Bankruptcy Law and Law of Associations. As
sociation's books.
Contracts in General with suppliers. Purchase's Contracts. Risk mitigation, draf
ting and contract analysis.
Lawyer's Office Buenos Aires, Argentina 1999 to 2001
Associate Attorney
Professional advice in own Lawyer's Office.
Specialties: Bankruptcy Law, Commercial Law and Civil Law. Contract's negotiatio
ns in behalf of customers.
Mediations. Judicial Claims.
Advice in Administrative Law and Business Law.
Advice in Labor Law and Family Law.
Sensormatic Argentina S.A. Buenos Aires, Argentina 1996 to 1999
Legal Intern
Lawyer. Consultant in cases for Commercial law (Insolvency and Bankruptcy). Rene
gotiations of Debts with Debtors (defaulters and low payers).
Judicial and Extrajudicial claims.
Siemens S.A. (Argentina) Buenos Aires, Argentina 1980 to 1995
Legal Department: from 1990 to 1995:
Customer's control in judicial process situation. Negotiations with customers in
behalf of Siemens.
Advice in Associations and Business Law.
Financial Department: from 1987 to 1990:
Commercial's credits, debtor's claims (extrajudicial)
Sales Department: From 1980 to 1987:
Information & Communication.
Administration and Financial Activities
Gotuzzo S.A. Buenos Aires, Argentina 1976 to 1980
Administration activities
Doctor of Laws University of Law and Social Sciences, Buenos Ayres, Argentina 1
Administrative Skills
Financial: Evaluating New Account Credit Risks. Accounts Payable. Financial Acco
unt Analysis.
Customer Relationship Management.
Credit Management.
Debtor Negotiations. Feasibility Analysis.
Language: Spanish: Native Speaker, English: Advanced Level and German: Middle Le
LOA training Internal at Siemens 2010
New Collaboration Model Internal at Siemens 2010
Negotiation and Business Law University of Law and Social Sciences 2001
Contractual Law University of Law and Social Sciences 1997
Bankruptcy law University of Law and Social Sciences 1996
Civil Law: Contractual and Extra contractual liability, University of Law and So
cial Sciences 1995
Business Administration UADE (University Argentina of the Company) 1976 to 1978

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