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Brett Patterson, M.A.

1819 Bayou Grande Boulevard

St. Petersburg, Florida 33703
Telephone: 727.522.4536

Client Service and Management; Expertise in the field of Social Sciences; Resear
ch and Analytical Writing; Government Regulatory Compliance; Professional Presen
tations; Cultural Competency Compliance; Individual Motivation and Team Building
; Development of Relational Skills; Mentorship and Leadership; Risk Management;
Creative Task Resolutions; Communication of Sensitive Issues.

Pinellas Park High School, Teacher, Largo, Florida - 2003 to Present
Teacher - 2003 to Present
Hired by Pinellas County Schools in 2003 to teach American History at the honors
level to 11th grade students in Largo, Florida. Organized content in accordance
with state and county curriculum guidelines; prepared and presented comprehensi
ve material to a diverse audience ensuring mastery. Created enjoyable, safe and
dynamic environment engaging all participants.
Responsibilities encompass all aspects of education and the social sciences, inc
* Creating safe productive environment;
* Communication with a broad spectrum of stake holders;
* Adherence to all requirements of multiple government agencies;
* Development of individual success and that of the institution;
* Effectively conveying the impacts and relevance of the social sciences;
* Participation on committees to assess methods of continued improvement.

Student engagement has increased each year from 2003 to present with high percen
tage of students moving to advanced placement classes. Teaching social studies
directs students to examine the impacts of their social and natural environment
on their interaction with other members of society. This examination details th
e mutual dependency of social systems and how one event can have anticipated and
unintended outcomes.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Examples include:

* Created and implemented electronic method of recognizing and tracking posit
ive student actions to convey the importance of responsible student choices. Th
e tools design promotes communication with parents/guardians to increase student
support and success.
* Developed school communication plan designed to increase parent/guardian in
volvement proven to increase student achievement and decrease absenteeism and be
havioral challenges.
* Invited to participate in multiple talks aimed at informing incoming studen
ts in grades 6-12 and at the collegiate level the challenges in the field of edu
cation and the social sciences. Discussions provide guidance, time management d
irectives and goal related objective tools and techniques.
* Ongoing communication with students, parents/guardians, faculty, management
at all levels and members of the community. Goals of communication are to prov
ide and receive assessments of the student population as well as the institution
s performance to create solutions to better serve all stakeholders.
* Participation in discussions and presentations at the master's level in the
attainment of Masters in Social Science Education degree and the pursuit of a s
econd master degree in Administration and Leadership. Both masters programs req
uire high level of written and verbal communication to demonstrate mastery of va
rious topics and the process of presenting research to effectively resolve compl
ex issues.
Direct performance and management assignments. Recent examples include:
* Selected by peers and administration to head a Small Learning Community to
assess the effectiveness of traditional social studies methodologies in the lear
ning environment and to coordinate content, resources and create timelines to me
et required objectives.
* Invited to participate in a leadership role with the school's Response to I
ntervention Team to analyze data reflecting school wide deficiencies in student
performance. Developed the Positive Rewards Program designed to reward student'
s positive behavior in conjunction with traditional methods of negative behavior
modifications. Program has been widely accepted and highly praised for its use
fulness and practicality in having a direct impact on student behavior.
* Daily management of student population while incorporating the relevance an
d impact of the social studies and how environmental pressures influence social
* Provide procedural and policy guidance to faculty members to ensure the ins
titution abides by set mandates and to exceed the expectation of the community.
Grants at the local and national level, Grants awarded:
* Selected by the Teaching American History Grant Program, a federally funded
program with awards exceeding $100 million annually, to receive additional tech
nology in the classroom with the installation of a SMART board and supplemental
applications 2009.
* Awarded classroom funding through the Pinellas County Education Foundation
for lesson plan writing. The activity described the technique of implementing t
echnology into classrooms with only one computer 2009.
* Chosen by the Teaching Tolerance Grant to fund a student created traveling
billboard collection of artwork demonstrating the concept of tolerance and cultu
ral sensitivity. The project was designed to bring the artwork and ideas of stu
dents into varying venues showing the impact of the social environment on today'
s youth 2006.

Sarasota School of Arts and Sciences, Teacher, Sarasota, Florida - 2003 to 2006
Hired by school's Director to teach American and World history as well as develo
p the new class Mock United Nations. Responsibilities included meeting governme
ntal guidelines for teaching curriculum and providing a safe atmosphere for midd
le school students to experience the importance of the social sciences. The Moc
k United Nations class was developed with global education as a template. Using
Robert G. Hanvey's model of global dynamics, students were required to examine
human interaction within cultures and the environment to determine where they ca
n make a positive impact on society.
Chosen by the school's Director to lead the 6th grade team to streamline curricu
lum and monitor over 200 students to ensure their proper placement and advanceme
nt. Responsibilities included communicating with 6th grade parents/guardians an
d provide information on the progress of their student and the events within the
Selected by the Director to represent the school at local parent association mee
tings, in a town hall format to effectively convey the direction of the school a
nd to provide concerned parents/guardians a contact to present questions and voi
ce concerns.

* General business applications including MS Office 2007
* Microsoft Windows OS Platforms


* M.Ed. Educational Leadership, University South Florida St. Petersburg, Florida
, expected graduation date: 2011.
* M.A. Social Science Education, University of South Florida, Tampa: 2003
Core Curriculum: Social Science Education 2009.
* B.S. Education, University of South Florida, Tampa :2003
Core Curriculum: Education and the Social Studies.
* High School Graduation: Lawrence, Kansas 1986.
* Florida Certified Teacher, 2003-2015.
* Cooperative Teacher Training, Pinellas County Schools, 2010.
* More than 200 hours of education and social science training through Pinellas
County Schools in addition to academic work with University of South Florida.