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Offensive Line - Wing-T Drills

Introduction and Setup

These drills assume the linemen have a solid

grasp of first step mechanics for each of the basic
line steps (power, reach, flat, bucket).

Setup four bags parallel to each other, about 2

yards apart. Have a grid line or hose about 1 yard
off the end of the bags.

Drill 1 - Get-Offs
The purpose of these drills is to teach the linemen to be able to move out of their
stance. Focus on the concept of a wide base - in all of the steps, the lineman must
come off the ball with a wide base or "duck" demeanor. Line up four at a time with
their stance at the line in front of the bags. Go as deep as you need to run all of the
linemen through the drill.

Power Step Get-Off

Lineman offsets in a three-point stance one half-man to the side so that the foot the
player is stepping with is down the middle of the bag. The lineman then explodes out
of the stance and sprint as fast as possible in a forced duck sprint over the bag. As
you teach this drill you can have the first two steps be on command, and begin the
sprint on the third step. Complete a full sequence with right and left power.
Commands are "Power right, get-off on sound..., 'set'."
Reach Step Get-Off
Same as power step get-off but have the lineman set one
whole man to the side so that the foot the player is stepping
with is at the corner of the bag. The player can also turn
their body about 30 degrees away from the bag.

Flat Step Get-Off

Linemen align themselves with their feet parallel to the bag, Right Power Right Reach
behind the bag in a three-point stance. Players must rip
the corresponding elbow through the hip. Have a flat back
as they explode from the stance.

Bucket Step Get-Off

Linemen align themselves with their feet approximately
parallel to the bag, but with their backs about 30 degrees
turned towards the bag.

Right Flat Right Bucket

Offensive Line - Wing-T Drills

Drill 2 - Strike a Blow

From the same position relative to bags, each player
begins in a 6 point stance with his laces flat on the
ground. Facemask should be six inches from the bag,
which should be directly between the knees. On
command, explode into the bag, displacing it from the line.
Finish with eyes to the sky and the elbow high. Squeeze
the bag with the shoulder and neck. Keep the hips to the
dirt and laces flat, forcing an explosion from the hips.
Command is "Strike a blow, right shoulder on sound...

Drill 3 - Individual Blocks

This is where we put together the basic steps and blow in drills 1 & 2. Continue to
reinforce the fundamentals: great first-step get-off, second foot on the ground, violent
and correct shoulder contact, driving of the bag with the knees, flat back with eyes up,
and a wide base with the bag between the legs.

Use the same setup as prior drills, but have players rotate through holding bags.
Stance, alignment, and blocking direction vary for each but the basics are the same.
Players can substitute for bags once the basics are grasped. Command is "Fire
right, left shoulder block on sound... 'set'."

Fire Right Reach Right Gap Right Down Right

Backer Right
Offensive Line - Wing-T Drills

Drill 4 - Cross Block

This drill teaches and reinforces the key combination
block used for trap, ISO sally (switch), and down. Two
adjacent linemen begin in a normal split with a heavy bag
aligned between the blockers. A second heavy bag is
aligned outside the non-pulling (angle blocking) lineman. P A
The angle blocker performs a down or gap block and
always goes first. The pulling lineman executes a slight
bucket or reach step then pulls and kicks out the outside
bag. Repeat both left and right. Command is "Cross
block right on sound... 'set'."

Drill 5 - Double Team Lead Post Inside-Out (LPIO)

This is the traditional combo block, used primarily to get a two-on one situation at the
line of scrimmage with a trapping third lineman. This is a lateral double-team down
the line with two main components: a post block and a lead block. There's also a kick-
out blocker who traps to complete the LPIO drill.

Three linemen work this drill - a trap, post, and

lead blocker. We will work three different
Scenario 1 - No line movement
The post defender is down and lines up
outside shade on the post blocker. The backer
is stacked over the trapper and will flow over Trap Post Lead
the top as if reading the pulling lineman. The
post player performs a left power step and
makes contact with the right shoulder/arm.
The lead player steps down with his let foot
and makes contact with his left shoulder.
Because there is no line movement the post
and lead players drive the defender down the
line. The trapper takes a right flat step and
stays tight to the tail of the post blocker. He
Trap Post Lead
proceeds to kick out the other down defender
with his right shoulder.
Scenario 2 - Post defender slants hard to outside of post blocker, backer flows to fill
slanting lineman. With the hard slant to outside, the post blocker will not make contact
with lineman and will instead climb to next level and block the backer with head
across the front. The leader blocker single blocks the down lineman ensuring no
penetration through the gap. The trapper takes a right flat step and kicks out the
defender with the right shoulder.
Offensive Line - Wing-T Drills

Drill 5 - Double Team Lead Post Inside-Out (LPIO) (continued)

Scenario 3 - The post defensive lineman is

executing a hard slant to the inside. The
backer flows over the top. The post player
executes a left power step and will meet the
defender immediately as he slants in. He will
take the lineman with a single block (gap or
down). He should turn the lineman down the
line. The lead blocker will execute a left flat
or reach step and be ready for contact but Trap Post Lead
will find the lineman has left his area. Lead
will then adjust quickly and head upfield to
see if there is a backer on his path and block
him. The trapper executes a right flat or
bucket step and blocks the other down

Drill 6 - Sweep Drill

This drill should be run identically to each side and is meant to teach the proper
timing and footwork for the buck sweep play. The playside guard steps for depth at
45 deg, 45 deg, then turns hard to downhill to kick out first defender that shows.
Kickout on the right is made with right shoulder (same-same). The backside guard
pulls flat down the line and must immediately locate the frontside backer. He will
need to get some depth around the playside tackle, dip shoulder, then wall off
linebacker with the left shoulder (opposite).

This drill can also be run with QB and

running backs to fine tune timing and

3 yards
Offensive Line - Wing-T Drills

Drill 7 - Boot Drill

The blocking is different enough for the weak-side boot play (aka waggle) that it should
be practiced in addition to the sweep. The playside guard pulls flat like he is trapping
but will log block the #2 defender on the line of scrimmage. If defender gives hard
penetration then he may kick-out with a gap block. The backside guard pulls with
crossover footwork, getting depth to handle an outside blitz but also be ready to turn
upfield for kickout.