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Top-functioning executive with expansive operations management, business develop

ment, and leadership skills used to successfully launch and grow start-ups and w
ell-established international corporations. Analyst able to identify, understand
, and craft viable solutions to wide-ranging challenges as part of daily busines
s management. Open-minded, honest leader with a direct communication style. Moti
vator skilled in championing high-calibre service delivery as the seasoned manag
er of up to 7500 personnel. Level-headed decision-maker equipped to successfully
manage budgets as well as formulate and execute strategic plans. Untiring catal
yst for continual process improvement as part of innate commitment to high-level
Business Start-up, Expansion * Operations Management * Large-Scale Staff Develop
Contract Negotiations * Vendor Relations * Strategic Problem-Solving * Customer
Process Improvement * Budget Accountability * Marketing, Sales * Start-Up Opera
Executive Leadership * Performance Improvement * Overhead Reduction * Revenue Gr

99 Ventures LLC- Miami, Florida, November, 2009-Present
Venture membership company, offering investments in a number of business opportu
nities within the USA. Managing and responding with returns of investments.
Avolus, Dubai, UAE - August 2009.
Managing Director Middle East
Leading the company in the Middle East to be a strong contender in the VIP trans
portation industry within the region. This encompasses, marketing, sales, quotat
ions and operational activity.
JET AIRWAYS, Mumbai, India * 2008 Salary USD 240,000
Company known as one of India's best independent airlines with domestic and inte
rnational flights.
Vice-President, Airport Services
Directed daily airport operations of 6 metropolitan locations, continually maint
aining and elevating high-calibre service quality and on-time delivery. Broadene
d the vision and view of management staff, advancing them beyond traditional thi
nking to a more flexible leadership style. Motivated a 4K-person staff to consis
tently improve customer service as part of overall strategy to outpace competito
rs. Company won 4 awards during tenure.
Operational Achievements:
* Cut employee overtime by 35% with no loss of service quality.
* Boosted on-time performance to 96%.
* Facilitated the integration of Jet Lite, a sister company, deftly managing cos
ts and staff cuts in conjunction with other key personnel.
DNATA (Emirates Group), Dubai, United Arab Emirates * 2001-2008
Largest supplier of air travel services in the Middle East with 27K employees.
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Vice President Passenger Services salary USD160,000

Executed passenger handling functions & Ground handling services, for 74+ airlin
e carriers as the manager of 1600 direct and indirect managerial and staff repor
ts performing such services as check-in, flight editing, gate boarding, special
handling, and arrivals. Administered an AED $44M budget, maintaining corporate o
bjectives amid a decline in business. Formulated a 5-year corporate strategic pl
an as an active contributor to the overall process. Resolved service disruptions
in cooperation with the Movement Control Incident and Accident desk. Strengthen
ed staff retention rates by promoting a positive yet
accountable environment. Maintained employee relations through personal visits a
nd online interaction. Company honoured with the "Best Passenger Handling Award"
for 2008 by Aviation Magazine.
Operational Achievements:
* Transformed department operations, including by recruiting multi-lingual staff
to enhance airline customer service.

Operational Achievements Cont.

* Launched aggressive personnel hiring initiative, achieving an average vacancy
rate of 10%.
* Originated such motivational measures as an Employee of the Month program, and
a green/red card empowering managers to reward or correct personnel as necessar
* Pioneered a management program to leverage and improve the leadership skills o
f 380 supervisors and senior managers.
* Promoted several times, including from Airport Operations Manager to Airport S
ervices Manager and Manager of Passenger Services before becoming VP of Passenge
r Services.
* Advanced the skill and performance level of direct reports through counselling
and operational management changes as part of interdepartmental collaboration.
* Met all regulatory and Office of Transportation Policy (OTP) guidelines throug
h consistent support to the ground operations crew. Introduced and enforced top-
level standards via internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Service Lev
el Agreements (SLA).

CONNEX CARIBE, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic * 1992-1999

Provider of inbound tour management for its Austrian parent company before its e
ventual closure.
Vice President, Operations and Marketing
Boosted the growth and revenues of a start-up tour company, continually expandin
g client base and securing new hotels for inclusion in customized packages for t
ravellers worldwide. Hosted airport "meet and greets" as part of hospitality ser
vices to arriving and departing clients. Oversaw the bus fleet used for varied f
unctions, including client tours. Additional services offered included air chart
er tours. Maintained high-quality service levels at the hotels in collaboration
with the General Manager.
Operational/Financial Achievements:
* Grew start-up sales from $0 to $400K per month within 6 months, quickly emergi
ng as the number one operator within 18 months of company launch.
* Directed the construction of a 5-star hotel and 65 houses, including the procu
rement of financing from the World Bank and daily oversight of key personnel to
ensure timely project completion.

* Doubled the size of a 4-star hotel by spearheading expansion efforts.

* Tapped to lead flight operations for Cancun clients in addition to those arriv
ing from Austria.
* Overcame such challenges as language barriers by resurrecting rusty German ski
* Contributed to the purchase of 2 hotels during tenure in position.

Note: Additional work history includes President/Owner of Airtik/News Travel. De

tails upon request. Hotel Management early 70's in London.
Dual nationality British/American.
Owner/Partner: 02 successful restaurants in Gainesville Florida. 101gainesville

Coursework in History, Geography
University of Lusaka, Republic of Zambia, Africa